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The Legend of Zelda ; Twilight Rebirth

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by PhantoAce, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. ((Ok, so I know there have been several LoZ Rps before this one, but let me assure you, this is different from the others. Basically, it'll be explained mainly in my first post. Oh, and by the way, if you join then you can have a Sword, Shield, Bow and Arrow, Clawshot, and Potions/Fairys. There are certain banned items such as the Master Sword, Spinner, Dominion Rod, Hero Tunic, Hero's Bow and any other items that are Specific for Link (PM me if you have any questions about items) So, if you join, then make sure you DONT have those Weapons/ Items))

    Many years have passed since the events of the Connection between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm. The king of Twilight, Zant, and his God, Ganon, were both defeated by a hero chosen by the Godesses of Hyrule, Situated throughout there Shirines in Hyrule such as Faron Woods, Ordon Springs and Lake Hylia. But, there is one other tale told... It is said that before the Twili King Zant was defeated, he claimed that his God Ganon would Rencarnate him. Althought the Princess of the Twilight, Midna, Destroyed him, the Mystery of his survival lives on. and that tale, is about to come to sense.

    Princess Midna sat proud on her throne, watching over her people. She smiled. A Knight in Black armour entered the Throne room and approached her. "My lady, a letter has arrived for you." He handed Midna the letter. He tore it open and pulled out the letter. It read; 'Dear Princess Midna, How Dare you take my throne! I have returned, and I shall reclaim my throne. I am already on my way. Worst Wishes, Zant.' She began to rise and run. The knights chased after her and saw where she was going.

    She ran into the Twilight Chamber and gassed at the mirror in the corner. A beam of light shot from her hand and onto the Mirror. Slowly, it began to glow, releasing a giant portal of Twili, leading the the realm of light. Suddenly, the door to the chamber barged down, revealing the mast of Zant. She fell to the ground, forced to revert to her altered form. She hovered into the Portal, escaping Zant, but not for long.

    Soul yawned as he looked over the waterfall of Zora's Domain. He slowly got up and dived through the waterfall and into the water. He was wearing Zora Armor, which gave him the ability to swin underwater like a Zora. He had grown up alongside Prince Ralis, now King Ralis, who he met at Kakakiro Village as a Child. He had gone to Zora's Domain with Ralis, and trained to be a great warrior. Ralis had gifted him with two ancient Zora Blades and the Zora Bow, which allowed him to shoot arrows even under water.Onc e Ralis was King, he immediately made Soul his BodyGuard, and ordered him to remain at the Domain. Soul was sick of the Domain now though. He wanted to travel Hyrule in search of adventure, to Ordon, Lanayru, Eldin, Gerudo and anywhere else he could imagine. Ralis had decided that he had a right to leave and trvel, so now was his time to. He continued swimming towards the waterway linking Zora's Domain to Hyrule itself.
  2. (Can my character be Princess Zelda's Niece? I understand if not I'll just change the info :))
    Her Name is Akiko she is 13 and rather than acting like a girl she acted like a guy and learned to use the sword.

    Akiko was walking around Hyrule Town singing her song. She couldn't wait to see her Aunt and become a knight like she always dreamed of. She came to from Eldin on her horse Morning Star. Her horse was White with what looked like a yellow star on the forhead.
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