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The Legend of Zelda: The Final Lights (Sign-Ups/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. RP Thread

    The world is in turmoil. A betrayal from within Hyrule's royal family has caused an inner decline of the kingdom. The usurper Ganondorf Dragmire has taken the royal throne. Princess Zelda has fled the kingdom. The Gerudo and Dark Nuts act as the Dark King's enforcers, cutting down anyone who dares to oppose their ruler. The Gorons and Hylians are being forced into slavery, while the Deku, Zora and Rito have practically vanished off the face of the earth. Very few villages remain free from Ganon's control. And worst of all, the Hero of Time has been captured and imprisoned by Ganondorf. Hope seems bleak, but maybe a few people from the outer villages can try to restore it...

    So that's the basic concept of the RP. I have more plot detail ideas, but that's for the plot team. This Zelda RP isn't just BoTW based - as a matter of fact, not very much of the RP is based on the new game. Most of it is based on games like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors (yes, the spin-off. I really like that game, sue me). Most of the characters will have to be original, but I have to approve them. And there are also some plot-important characters that MUST be taken. I'll list some stuff about the RP below. We're also going to need seven elemental sages, roles which will be filled out by OCs and NPCs.
    Link - Hero of Time: @koopa000
    Linkle - New Hero: @Crunchy-Cucumber
    Zelda - Princess of Hyrule: @Jagson
    Ganondorf Dragmire - King of Evil: @Eeveechu151
    Agahnim - Ganon's Faithful: @Rhabby
    Ghirahim - Ganon's Weapon: @koopa000
    Cia - Ganon's Witch: @Justalonelyaxew
    Twinrova - Ganon's Guardians:
    Impa - Protector of the Princess:
    Sir Raven - Father of Link and Linkle: @Eeveechu151
    Sahasrahla - Elder of Over 100 Years:
    Ghanti - Girl Without a Past:
    Fi - Spirit of the Sword: @Sky5372
    King Johannes Felron Hyrule - Fallen King: @Eeveechu151
    Sir Kale - Last Knight of Hyrule: @Eeveechu151
    Denzi - Warrior of the Deku: @Eeveechu151
    Ryker Knell - Lost Protector of the Defenseless: @Jagson
    Vex - The Impassioned Archer: @Justalonelyaxew
    Saur - The Fire Sword: @Justalonelyaxew
    Mina Lum - The Frost Mage: @koopa000
    Kyle Grant - The Destroyer: @koopa000
    Alexandre - The Dream Traveler: @project07
    Kade - The Lone Wanderer: @Rhabby
    Hyrule: The land of the Hylians, and the location of Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle Town, Kakariko Village, the Light Temple and the Shadow Temple.
    Faron: The land of the Deku and Minish, and the location of the Lost Woods, the Deku Tree, Deku Village, Deku Retreat, Minish Village and the Forest Temple.
    Lanayru: The land of the Zora and Rito, and the location of Lake Hylia, Mount Medli, Zora's Domain, Rito's Domain, the Water Temple and the Gale Temple.
    Eldin: The land of the Goron and Gerudo, and the location of Death Mountain, Mount Crenel, Goron City, Gerudo Desert, Gerudo Town, the Fire Temple and the Spirit Temple.
    Title: (i.e. Hero of Time, King of Evil, Girl Without a Past, Last Knight of Hyrule, etc. No using a title already in use)
    Age: (no less than 15)
    Species: (Hylian, Gerudo, Goron, Zora, Deku, Rito, Minish, monster)
    Role: (Sage, Knight, Hero, etc.) (optional)
    Personality: (optional)
    Weapon of Choice:
    Homeland: (Hyrule, Faron, Lanayru, Eldin - please specify specific location if filled) (optional)
    1) Follow regular PRP rules. Obviously.
    2) The central plot of the RP will be determined by the Plot Team, which will be (a max of) three people and myself who decide where the story should go and what should happen with plot points. Please respect our decisions.
    3) LIGHT cursing, violence and romance is allowed. But please keep it PG13/T for Teen.
    4) You'll have to be approved by me before you can join.
    5) This RP has a quality-assurance check - which means that you'll need to provide a sample of previous RP work before joining unless I've RPed with you before and know your skills.
    6) For the love of god, no Mary Sues.
    7) If you're creating an OC (as probably everyone will) write something about Midna in the "other" section of your bio to prove you read the rules.
    8 ) This RP takes place in the Child timeline, post-Four Swords Adventure. As such, the events of the games in the Adult and Fallen timelines are known to no one. Clever off-handed references are fine, but don't have the characters straight-up refer to those events as history. Because they're not.
    9) Please, for the love of Hylia, use proper grammar. And no one-liners, unless you absolutely can't help it.
    10) If there are any rules that you think SHOULD be here but aren't, feel free to tell me. Always listening to your suggestions!
    Sage of Light: Sahasrahla
    Sage of Shadow: Mina Lum [@koopa000]
    Sage of Spirit:
    Sage of Forest: Deku Princess
    Sage of Fire:
    Sage of Water:
    Sage of Gales: Kale [@Eeveechu151]
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  2. @Il Fantasma @Mewtwofan259 @Jagson @Stormursa @koopa000 @Ry_Burst @Fraseandchico Would you guys be interested?

    BTW might as well put down my character sheets for my OCs, to give the people who join an idea of how to make it.
    Name: Kale
    Title: Last Knight of Hyrule
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Hylian
    Role: Knight of Hyrule, Defender of the Royal Family
    Appearance: Has brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. Wears an armor chest-piece over his chest and back, and armor plates along his arms and legs designed for flexibility. Wears a grey headband with a white shirt and dark grey track pants with dark grey boots.
    Personality: Kind and noble, always willing to sacrifice himself to save another's life.
    Weapon of Choice: Dual short swords
    Homeland: Hyrule, Hyrule Castle Town
    Other: The last Knight of Hyrule, save for the retired-and-missing Sir Raven and the captured Link. Searching for his teacher, Sir Raven.
    Name: Denzi
    Title: Warrior of the Deku
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Deku
    Role: Hero and Warrior of the Deku
    Appearance: Wears a dark green tunic, wrist bands and boots. Also had a cape made of two leaves.
    Personality: Happy and chipper in all scenarios, except when something makes him sad.
    Weapon of Choice: Dual Deku boomerangs
    Homeland: Faron, Deku Village
    Other: The main warrior of the Deku, and best friends with their princess. Responsible for protecting his people.
  3. Cool. You want anyone else?
  4. I'll create some characters later
  5. Sure, but you want to take any other pre-mades? We need at least Link, Linkle and Zelda taken before the RP starts, and all the others have plot relevance.
  6. Name: Ryker Trell
    title: Outcasted knight and protector of those who can't protect themselves.
    gender: Male
    Age 22
    Role: Knight
    appearance: Dark brown hair and blue eyes. he wears the Knight armor with pride While he isn't on duety he wears a blue tunic and slacks.
    Weapon of choice: A long sword.
    Other: Midna is cute, controlling and not the best character to play as in Hyrule warriors.
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  7. This sounds interesting, Ill start thinking up a character
  8. @Jagson Kale and Raven are supposed to be the last Knights of Hyrule - Agahnim turned most of the knights into Dark Nuts and seemingly killed the rest. Unless Ryker went into retirement, as Raven did, it's really not that plausible that he's still alive and fighting.
    @Rhabby Glad to have you aboard! Don't forget about the pre-made characters, though - they're there because they have roles in the story.
  9. This Roleplay seems very interesting. I'll take the role of Cia (yeah, I liked that game so much... But I still should be finishing the additional maps), and I'll probably create other characters once I think about them (they'll be a Rito and... Probably a monster, maybe a Lizalfos)
  10. @Justalonelyaxew Hey, another HW fan! You can have Cia, and I'm happy to have you aboard. FYI, though, Monsters serve Ganon unless some circumstance dictates otherwise.
  11. Thanks, I'm glad to be here too. And don't worry about that. It's simply that I like monsters too, and I'll command as is told.
  12. I get that, and it's totally cool.
  13. @Eeveechu151
    How about Ryker did something terrible enough to make him be casted out of Hyrule before Agahnim turned the knights. Now he tries to atone for his crimes by protecting those who can't protect themselves
  14. Hmm... Certainly a plausible and exciting concept! Perhaps Cia and Agahnim could find ways to use that against him? Anyways, your idea works wonderfully. Accepted, Jagson! You gonna be taking any pre-mades?
  15. Oh, and Jag? I summed up Ryker's title to make it shorter.
  16. Hmm, seems interesting. I do have an OC who's design I like, willing to change her because I am unsure of how well she'd fit into this rp...

    And though I can take a spot that is needed... I am very unsure how I would play characters such as Link and Zelda... possibly because I have never actually used a cannon character before. But I'm game. Its been kinda slow on here for me lately.
  17. Sure. And if you guys need a view on recent history and how it affects the characters, I'll just "quickly" outline the recent lore of the RP.

    The kingdom of Hyrule was a thriving place, led by King Johannes Felron Hyrule. He had a daughter, Zelda Hyrule, a powerful mage, Agahnim, and an army of knights led by Sir Raven. Sir Raven did leave to care for his new-born daughter, who was born after his son, Link, and Princess Zelda. However, the knight returned to service for a while. He eventually became suspicious of Agahnim, who cast a spell to get Raven to forget his suspicions and resign from the knights. After Raven's resignation, his star pupil Kale became captain of the Knights. A year after Kale's promotion, Agahnim brought forth a man from the Gerudo Desert. This man was Ganondorf Dragmire, who led a violent coup. The King had been poisoned by Agahnim, and was killed by Ganondorf. The Knights of Hyrule gave their lives to allow Kale and Zelda to escape, so that they could run and warn the people of the world. Zelda alerted the Rito and Zora, and the three groups disappeared. Kale warned the Deku, who vanished, but was too late to warn the Goron. The Knights of Hyrule were turned into Dark Nuts, and enforce Ganon's rule across the land. A hero rose up to stop Ganon during this time - Link, the son of Raven - but was defeated and captured by Ganondorf. The coup happened three years ago, and Link was captured a year after that. Raven fled with the Shiekah to Kakariko Village, bringing with him his young daughter. Kakariko is one of the few remaining villages free from Ganondorf's rule, but Kale (and most of the RP characters) are forced to survive on the outside - in the wild. Under constant threat of being killed by any number of Ganon's minions. If Link was freed, they could have a chance. But as it is, it seems that no one will be able to defeat Ganondorf...
    ...unless the other Knight Child takes up her brother's mantle.
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  18. Huh... I think I'll take Fi. If by Fi you mean the MTS itself, and whatever is inside it that gives it a sentience
  19. I pretty much mean Fi the character, namely the one we see in SS. Make sure to give her some character with some robot sass, BTW! Oh, and there'll be a certain event in the story that reawakens Fi after her "eternal slumber" at the end of SS.
  20. *Mourns lack of SS*
  21. If you don't have the game then just watch Chuggaaconroy's REALLY GOOD LP of it.
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  22. Gotcha. See if I can get that done by tomorrow
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  23. ...it's a very long LP...
  24. Never played the game but I know what happens in it, basically. The only one I've come close to beating is TP and Link between worlds...i keep getting killed during the final fight
  25. You don't really need to know that much about Zelda to be part of the RP, FYI. I'm only telling Sky to study up since Fi is straight-up one of the old world characters, so he's GOTTA know about Fi's history. Pretty much the only case of this, though.
  26. Never mind. Maybe I'll just see if I can see some stuff about Fi
  27. Right, just read up on Fi. So this RP is going to take place after she falls back into her slumber?
  28. its only 74 episodes long
  29. Ahh... Right... Yeah, doing research was probably a better idea. Anyway, I gotta dash. Cya
  30. yeah man, but you're really missing out
  31. You are missing out. It's long, but a helluva good LP.

    And I already said this takes place at the end of the Child timeline. Skyward Sword is the first game in the timeline. SO...!
  32. Well, these are my other characters.

    Name: Vex
    Title: The Impassioned Archer.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 20.
    Species: Rito.
    Role: Archer.
    Appearance: Vex is a Rito with a Light Blue and white plumage. He has a crest at the top of his head, and that ends in a white tip. He also has some dreadlocks. He has some small scars all over his body, but most of them are covered by his plumage, staying hid most of the time. He wears the typical Rito clothes and ornaments.
    Personality: Vex is kind with the ones that care for freedom. He may look like a rebel, but he is very loyal and kind. He can't stand injustices.
    Weapon of Choice: Bow.
    Homeland: Rito's Domain, Lanayru.
    Other: He has a great accuracy.

    Name: Saur.
    Title: "The Fire Sword".
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 24
    Species: Monster, more specifically, a Lizalfos.
    Role: Warrior.
    Appearance: A Lizalfos that wears a helmet (similar to a Trojan one) and an iron armor. He has green scales, while the ones that he has in his underbelly are from a light yellow. A huge scar crosses his face.In his right arm, he also carries an iron shield with spikes on it.
    Personality: Grumpy, bad tempered and aggressive. He has no regrets for nothing that he had done.
    Weapon of Choice: Sword, though it is so big that is more similar to a club with a sharp edge.
    Homeland: Death Mountain, Eldin Region.
    Other: He is kinda slow, but he has great defenses. He likes playing tricks against his enemies, using his tail or his fire breath. He is known for using his fire breath with his sword, so his sword burns temporally burn damage. Under the command of Ganondorf or any other of his generals.
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  33. Name: Mina Lum
    Title: The frost mage(Future)
    Gender: Female
    Age: (no less than 15) 20
    Species: Hylian
    Role: Sage(Future)
    Appearance: wears blue tights, white boots, a blue tunic with a blue cloak, blue skirt and medium blue hair
    Personality: (optional): is very caring, strategic and intelligent
    Weapon of Choice: mage staff
    Homeland: (optional)

    Name: Kyle Grant
    Title: The destroyer(Future)
    Gender: Male
    Age: (no less than 15) 18
    Species: Half-Hylian Half-Human
    Role: None
    Appearance: wears brown pants and black boots, a white shirt and has short black hair
    Personality: (optional) Is kindhearted and always tries to become stronger to protect those he loves
    Weapon of Choice: A giant Great Sword (Like the Dragon Slayer from Berserk)
    Homeland: (optional)
    Other: half brother of Mina
  34. Name: Fi

    Pre-made character
  35. Name: Alexandre "Alex"
    Title: Dream Traveler
    Gender: Male
    Age: Seventeen to eighteen years old
    Species: Hylian
    Role: Possibly a hero role.
    Appearance: Stands at an even six foot, with a darker brown composure. He has some form of sun damage, causing freckles on his face only. He has a multitude of scars on his arms and hands, along with piercing blue eyes. His ears also have scarring upon them, along with a few typical piercings.
    Wears the traditional sort of attire that one from the Hyrule's main towns would wear. As such, it would consist of minimum armor, most of it made from leather. A leather chestplate, along with elbow and knee guards of the same material is all the armor that is needed.
    Most of his clothing is standard-grade for long journeys, mostly black long sleeved shirts and pants, and brown boots that are barely able to reach halfway above his legs normally. He actually wears a reddish-brown tunic of sorts as an overshirt, but this is often tucked away in his bag. He hides his hands with gloves that are black as well.
    His bag is a typical sack of the era, brown in colour, and no visible distinctions asides from there being several sewn symbols, mostly relating to older mythologies onto the inside of it.
    Personality: (tba i kinda make it up as i go)
    Weapon of Choice: Broadsword
    Homeland: Hyrule
  36. Approved! If anything, I'd think Lizalfos come from Death Mountain.
    Don't quite understand what you mean by "(future)", and there's no such thing as Human in the LoZ Universe. Think of Hylians as humans, for the most part. The closest thing to a straight-up human is the Gerudo. And will Kyle become a villain?
    Approved, but you weren't specific with your homeland.

    BTW, I'll need everyone's location in the eyes of the world before the RP starts. Kale's in Hyrule Field at the moment, Denzi is at Deku Retreat, and Sir Raven is at Kakariko Village.

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