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Private/Closed The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of the Wild

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Psymallard, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/link-just-couldnt-do-it.22647/

    Outside Gorko Tunnel, the Eldin Region:
    Phil began to chow down on his rock sirloin, with his weapon laying next to him. A fireproof lizard was snuggling in the shade of Gorko Tunnel beside him. During his meal, he watched the lizard out of the corner of his eye, enjoying his company. As he took another bite, the ground started to shake. At first, Phil believed it to be his stomach, but that proved to be false as he saw a magma bomb arc across the sky. Phil jumped to his feet, throwing his food to the side. The lizard was startled by the rumbling, and skittered off to find somewhere calmer. "Little buddy!" Caves where the safest place to be during an eruption, but the reptile didn't know that. Phil grabbed his lynel crusher and tucked it into himself as he formed a ball. He rolled after the lizard, which was headed right towards a magma bomb's destination. Phil unrolled, grabbing his weapon, and used his momentum to fling himself over his scaly friend. He twisted midair to detonate the volcanic meteor, taking the brunt of the explosion. Phil crashed down in front of the reptile, which fearfully ran the other way. The creature was speeding toward the Goron Hot Springs, and attracted two Fire Chuchus, which were quickly steamrolled by a following Phil. The lizard took a hard right at the springs (headed to the Bridge of Eldin), and then the magma bomb shower stopped. Phil splashed into the springs, attracting the attention of a Rock Octorok up the path to the Bridge of Eldin, which started to inhale air in preparation for attack. In doing so, it also ate the lizard. Phil got up and out of the springs, glad that the eruption had ceased. He didn't know where the lizard went, but he assumed it was okay. The Rock Octorok launched it's attack, and Phil took an explosion to his face. He took a step back, but Gorons are tough creatures. He gripped his club like a bat and entered a baseball stance, waiting for the Octorok to try that again. It did, charging up, and let fly. Phil smacked the exploding rock, following all the way through for a direct hit on the monster. The Goron, happy with his adventure, put his weapon in its magnetic holder and returned home. Behind him, a fireproof lizard escaped from an Octorok balloon and into a crack in the cliff face.

    Phil dreamed of a mountain with a large green column atop it. There was a voice beckoning him. It was soft and friendly, so he had no qualms with it. He woke up suddenly, and he was off of his bed. He got up and lumbered outside, to see a beacon of green light stretching into the sky. His unspeakable urge to go there was identical to that in his dream, and he knew he wouldn't be getting back to sleep anytime soon. Phil grabbed his helmet and club, then curled up to roll as fast as possible to his destination, unrolling to walk every so often.

    Satori Mountain, Central Hyrule:
    Phil arrived at the base of the mountain at sunrise, and the beacon has dissipated in the morning light. "What?! I just got here!" He was frustrated, but he heard someone coming up behind him.
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  2. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    East Reservoir Lake, Lanayru Region
    Dolson had spent the last thirty minutes staring at Divine Beast Vah Ruta, wondering if it would ever stop producing torrential rains. The reservoir's water level was getting dangerously high, and if it got to the point of flooding it could destroy Zora's Domain and send great amounts of water throughout Hyrule. It was certainly a depressing thought, but the Zora had to stay optimistic. All they needed was to find a Hylian, though Prince Sidon's attempts at recruiting them had been unsuccessful so far. Glancing at the gigantic machine one last time, Dolson dropped down into the waters of Zora's Domain, before swimming up a waterfall at high speeds and heading home.

    That night, he dreamed of a mountain, a green light coming out from the top. He had heard of this certain mountain from a few travelers- Satori Mountain was what they called it- but what was strange was that a female voice calling out to him. He woke up and looked out the window, that green light was barely visible over the mountains. He felt like he had to head there, so he quickly grabbed his armor and weapons, before jumping into the water and heading down Zora River. He had to get dangerously close to Hyrule Castle to make it to Regencia River, once there he jumped out near the mountain, before walking a bit and finally arriving at the mountain's base.

    Satori Mountain, Central Hyrule
    Dolson noticed a Goron nearby, a rather strange sight, seeing as Death Mountain was incredibly far away. The Zora walked up behind him, noticing that the green light had disappeared. "Wow, I didn't expect to see a Goron around here. Are you a traveler, by any chance? I assume this place caught your eye as well. Though the green light's gone now... Anyway, my name is Dolson, hailing from Zora's Domain. Nice to meet you." He said, introducing himself.
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  3. The forest outside Kakariko Village, West Necluda
    Shoda sat perfectly still, perched in a tree. He had been hunting this red tusked boar for a while now, and he wasn't about to leave without it. The Shiekah had planned for this, laying out some truffles he had found to attract the beast. And sure enough, it worked. The beast emerged from the undergrowth, sniffing cautiously. With the stealth natural to the Shiekah, Shoda silently drew and arrow and notched it in his bow. As if alerted by some third sense, the red tusked boar perked up. But it was too late. The arrow struck it square in the head, killing the creature nearly instantaneously. Shoda let out a breath, relaxing and lowering his Wooden Bow. It was not an impressive shot by any means, the young adult only being a tree away. But still, it got the job done. Shoda climbed down the tree, tussling up the boar to carry it back to the village.

    Child... sweet child....

    Shoda paused for a moment, looking back into the forest. For a moment, he could have sworn he heard a woman's voice... But as the few moments passed, there was only the sounds of the forest. It must have been nothing...


    "Lady Impa has been acting strange lately." Shoda looked over the horse he was taking care of, a large black haired stallion with white spots. His older sister, Shezia, looked up from the tan horse she was taking care of. She was taller than Shoda, with long white hair. Unlike Shoda, Shezia wore more traditional Sheikah clothing as well.
    "How do you mean?" Shoda asked.
    "It's almost like... I don't know how to explain it. She's anxious? Nervous?" Shezia said. Shoda went back to combing the horse.
    "Well, why shouldn't she be? There's a lot of things out there to be worried about. The monsters and Guardians that roam around outside the village. Then there's reports of the Yiga Clan becoming more bold. And of course, there's the whole Calamity itself. It hasn't moved from Hyrule Castle... ever, but it's still scary." Shoda said. Shezia sighed, sitting down and putting the brush on her lap.
    "I know. But she's usually so calm and confident about all that. If she's nervous... I just think that maybe we should all be nervous, you know?" Shezia said.
    "What, you think maybe she knows something we don't?"


    "Well, you know the time, kid. 3 a.m." Shoda blinked sleepily, looking over to Coda. The Shiekah warrior approached, fresh torch in hand, to relieve Shoda of his night patrol shift. The Shiekah teen rubbed his eyes, muttering a thanks to the warrior as he staggered off to his family's home. He was so exhausted, he didn't even bother putting away his weapons and gear. With a tired groan, the Shiekah threw himself onto his bed and passed out immediately.

    Strange dreams came to Shoda that night. Shoda was standing on top of one of the Pillars of Levia that surrounded Kakariko Village. It was a place he hadn't stood since he was a child. In the distance, he could see Hyrule Castle and the terrible dark energy surrounding it. Even in a dream, he still felt a shiver go down his spine at the sight of such an evil place. From the inside of the castle, however, there appeared a single point of yellow light. It shot from the castle like a shooting star, coming to a stop next to Shoda.
    "Help me... please..." The light said. It had a light, feminine voice, one that was tinged with desperation and sadness.

    "How?" Shoda asked. Suddenly, he felt his perspective begin to shift. He was now facing to the left of Hyrule Castle, and the land seemed to shape and pull Shoda in that direction. He passed over Nabi Lake and flew effortlessly over Hyrule Field. In seconds, Shoda was stopped. In front of him was a mountain with the Gerudo Highlands to the south of it. From the top of the mountain, Shoda could see an otherworldly green glow rising from it. The Shiekah turned to the point of light.
    "It's... it's so far away. It would take me days to get there." Shoda looked up to the mountain before shaking his head. "I don't know if I'd even be able to survive the journey. I want to help you, I really do. But surely there's someone stronger that you can call upon."
    The light seemed to hesitate for a moment.
    "Your travels will not be a problem. Others will be with you to help." With that, the light grew and enveloped Shoda. It was warm and pleasant, and everything faded to black.

    Satori Mountain, Central Hyrule
    Shoda yawned, sitting up. It was a little difficult to do so, since his sword, shield, and bow were all still draped across his back. A cool breeze blew through his hair as Shoda felt the warm sun on his skin. Warm sun on his skin... you couldn't see the sunrise from Kakariko Village. It was then Shoda became aware of where he was. Slowly standing up, the Shiekah looked across the sprawing landscape in front of him. Hyrule Castle was close, closer than Shoda had ever been. Granted, it was still far away, but for Shoda it felt very, very close. Across the Hyrule Field, he could see the Dueling Peaks. What was going on?! What was happening?! Slowly turning to his right, Shoda could see the sheer plateaus of the Gerudo Highlands. He himself appeared to be on some sort of... cliff, or outcropping with lots of trees and plants on the side of the mountain.

    Shoda couldn't contain the shocked gasp, and fell back onto his butt. The dream... the dream! The voice in the dream! How was this possible? Taking deep breaths, he began to calm down. To help get himself back into a good mindset, he looked around at the different plants on the outcropping. There appeared to be quite a few good plants here, a few Hearty Radishes, some Saffina of different types! Shoda hadn't had the chance to cook with that before!

    Having calmed himself down more, Shoda looked up to the swirling mass of darkness that surrounded Hyrule Castle. There was no sign of that yellow light. What had it said? Others will be with you to help you? About at that moment, Shoda heard the sound of voices in the distance. Carefully looking over the edge, Shoda could see around 40 below him were two people. A yellow-skinned Goron, and a blue-scaled Zora.
    "Um... Hello! Hellooo!" Shoda called down to the two, a bit of panic in his voice.
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  4. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    The Goron heard something behind him, something he could shift his attention to besides his misfortune. He twisted around to see a Zora. "Hey!" Phil mustered a face as friendly as he could. "Yeah, I saw the mountain glow before, but never that bright. Also, something told me to come here. First time outside Eldin. Anyway, the name's Phil." From the mountain came another voice. Phil turned around again to see a Sheikah peeking over a cliff. "Hey, kid! What're you doing up there?" Then he considered the previous events, and asked, "Did you see where that green beacon was coming from?"
    @Captain Cardboard @Manu456Alola
  5. Hebra South Summit, Hebra Mountains
    Fyton was waiting for the winds to turn in the perfect direction so he could glide down and bomb a Bokoblin camp. Though his mother told him not to, he was very skilled at taking out these creatures of "Ganon's creation." The winds shifted just right, and he dove. Every time he glided down somewhere like this, he would forget how really good it feels to do so. Repurposing himself to the task at hand, with the only three bomb arrows he had brought, he fired the arrows down into the camp, obliterating them all. "Ah, it feels good to shoot right on target," Fyton muttered to himself as he began to fly back home. But what is this? A green light... Is it hallucination? No, it must be real... As he thought of this, his body shifted towards it and he took off, full speed at that green light.

    Satori Mountain, Central Hyrule
    Fyton landed on the ground with a rather unpleasant "thud." Unconscious for a few moments, he awoke... strangely in one piece. However, he still began to think he was hallucinating, as there were three very strange creatures near him, none of which he had seen before. He got up and brushed himself off, hoping that the hallucinating would end so he could find the way back home.
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  6. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Dolson gave Phil a smile before he heard a voice above them. He looked up and was surprised to see a young boy really high up. "Whoa, young one! You alright up there?" He asked, before noticing a Rito land nearby as well. It seemed this mountain was more popular than he thought. The Rito appeared to have landed rather harshly, so he rushed over to his aid. "Hey, are you ok? That didn't seem like a very pleasant landing." He asked the now standing Rito.
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  7. Fyton was suddenly greeted by one of these hallucinations. "I've hit the ground harder. I'm fine," he said. "I've never seen someone of your kind before. All I know are the Rito and Bokoblins, Ganon's creations."
  8. The Zora and Goron had looked up to Shoda, speaking their greetings. But before Shoda had the chance to respond, something fell out of the sky! What Shoda had thought was a large bird turned out to have been much larger than he had thought. It was a bird-human person, a Rito! Shoda had never seen one in person before. The Goron and Zora seemed to be rather occupied by helping the Rito, leaving Shoda to attempt to climb down by himself. Nervously, the Shiekah scanned the cliff for the best route. Nearby, he could see that the cliff had two more ledges, each about 10 feet below the other. It would be a bit more safe to climb down that way, rather than the whole 40 ft sheer cliff. Swallowing nervously, Shoda began to climb down.
  9. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Gerudo Great Skeleton, Gerudo Desert

    “The plant life here seems to be limited, but does seem to be surviving,” Rya mused to herself as she walked around the giant plant bulb. “And despite having no visible water source. I wonder if it has anything to do with the shrine.” Rya glanced over to the shrine that was at the opposite end of the giant skeleton. She made her way over and examined the pedestal next to what she assumed was the entrance. She couldn’t see any mechanism that would possibly reveal the entrance and continued to inspect the shrine and the giant plant bulb. Eventually, the sun began to set and Rya decided it would be best if she were to head back to town and continue her adventure the next day.

    The moon was high in the sky by the time Rya neared Gerudo Town. She could see the walls of the town as she stood atop a dune. Readjusting her bag, she made her way across the sand. As she neared the town, Rya felt like someone was watching her. Her hand slowly found its way to the handle of her scimitar as she continued towards her home. Just about a hundred meters from the town, laughter could be heard around her. Rya pulled out her scimitar and shield and spun around, bringing her shield up just in time to block a strike aimed at her head. The owner of the sickle-style blade was clothed in red with white mask that had a red eye symbol on it. She pushed against the strike and swung her scimitar at the Yiga, forcing him to jump back. Another Yiga flanked Rya from her left, but the Gerudo was quick. She back flipped away from her assailant to dodge his attack. The moment she landed, she jumped back at the Yiga and delivered several hits with her scimitar. The Yiga collapsed on the ground and Rya turned to her last assailant. The Yiga hesitated before turning around and running away. Rya sheathed her scimitar and resumed her walk back to Gerudo Town.

    That night as she slept, Rya saw a mountain with a glowing beam at the top. Something about it was drawing her towards it. A soft voice spoke to her, telling Rya to come to the mountain. The next morning, Rya fathered her weapons and some supplies before heading across the Gerudo Desert via sand seal, and then across Hyrule.

    Satori Mountain, Central Hyrule

    Eventually, Rya saw the mountain in the distance and made her way over. As she arrived at the mountain, Rya saw several others gathered. She walked over to them with a hand on her hip. “Looks like we have a party going on up here,” Rya said as she approached the others.
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  10. Shoda carefully picked his way down the cliffslide. The first two 10 foot parts hadn't been too bad. But now the Shiekah was on the last part, a 20 foot straight wall to the ground. It was so close, yet still so high up. He was already feeling quite tired, and his arms were shaking.
    "Alright, Shoda. No problem here. You can do this." Shoda said, finding another foothold and lowering himself another few feet. Just when he was beginning to find himself in a safer range, one of the footholds he was standing on crumbled underneath his weight. Shoda fell the remaining 15 feet, rolling down the cliffside and towards the group.

    Shoda slowly came to a stop, groaning as he sat up. The arrows in his quiver had spilled everywhere, and his wooden bow looked in rather poor shape. Looking up, Shoda was surprised to see that he was sitting right in front of a new person. They must have approached while Shoda was focused climbing down the cliff. She was a tall woman with dark skin, not looking like any Hylian or Shiekah that Shoda had ever seen. In fact, this woman looked more like... Well, what Shoda would imagine a Gerudo woman to look like. Shoda looked from the woman to the three others before rubbing his aching head. A small cut had opened up on his forehead from his fall.
    "Where... Where am I?" Shoda asked, feeling rather dazed.
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  11. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Dolson smiled at the Rito, it looked like he was alright, even assuring him he'd had worse landings. He wasn't surprised he had never seen a Zora before, Zora's Domain was incredibly far away, after all, and having to fly through endless rain to even get there was probably troublesome. "I'm a Zora, my name is Dolson. Pleased to meet you," He said, bowing briefly before continuing. "I come from Zora's Domain, in the Lanayru Region. This mountain piqued my interest, so I came all the way here. I'd assume that's the reason you're here as well, isn't it?" The Zora asked, crouching to pick up a few of the nearby arrows that had spilled from Shoda's quiver.
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