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The Legend of Zelda: Beyond Skyloft

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dinova, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Skyloft, a shining oasis in an endless dessert of clouds. Hylia's final protection for the humans she loves so. But for a select few, the goddess' protection is not enough to sate their sense of adventure, or curiosity. A few have wondered what lies beyond the Goddess' protection, beyond Skyloft? Few have been brave or foolish enough to seek that answer, and none have returned. The hopeful might say that they found something better than Skyloft and did not wish to return. Others believe that they met with a much darker fate.

    At "The Edge of Nowhere", the farthest explored skyland from skyloft, there stands a sngle sign. It reads: Turn back all ye who value thine lives. Below that, it has become a tradition for Skyloftians who take this journey to carve their name into the sign then cross it off when they return. Of the names on the sign, none have been crossed off. Will you be brave enough to embark on this journey, to find what lies beyond Skyloft?


    Not exactly a thousand words, but it's surprising what a picture can inspire, no?

    Well this is a collaborative idea that Blazi and I have been working on. The basic idea is that a few skyloftians have decided to head off from the edge of nowhere and find out just what lies beyond. While there will be an over arcing plot, the Rp will mostly focus on where we find ourselves at the moment and what we find (or what finds us.)

    The Rp will take place both in the sky and on the earth below. The portions on the ground will usually explore environments that we'ren't explored in Skyward Sword (oceans, snowy mountains, etc.)While in the sky, we will mostly be discovering new skylands and the general dangers that inhabit them.

    While the Rp is called "The Legend of Zelda: Beyond Skyloft" it will have very little to do with Skyloft or Skyward Sword at all. Most of the world that we explore will be whatever we decide to create. That said, we'd appreciate any input on ideas for destinations or enemies to encounter. While Blazi and I have come up with enough ideas to fuel the Rp, we'd love to hear any suggestions you may have.

    This will be a relatively small Rp. With me and Blazi included, there would only be 4-5 people. Also, we'd prefer it if people that wished to join were familiar with how Rp's are run on charms, or charms regulars.

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