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The Legacy League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. ((Hi guys this rp is based off of an amazing fanfic i read (its written better than the anime in most parts) basicly this rp is set in the legacy region and focuses around the legacy league, like every Pokemon region it has 8 gyms, an elite four and a champion however every one of them is an unbeliably strong Pokemon master.

    However unlike every other region, in legacy you don't travel alone you travel with four other trainers, each trainer chooses six Pokemon and may only use those six Pokemon.

    There are other rules and stuff but i don't have time to explain all of it, so i will put the URL of the story below. (You only need to read the first 3 or 4 pages but reading more will help. Please enjoy


    Dear (insert your name here)
    You have been invited by the Pokemon grand champion to be part of a team to travel to the legacy region and challenge the legacy league and if you are successful in defeating the elite four and the grand champion will be crown a supreme Pokemon master

    For further information and to meet your future team mates, the league has organised a meet and greet at the hotel Richissime in Lumiose city in the Kalos region.

    Attached to this invitation are two tickets one for a first class plane ticket from your nearest airport and the other a penthouse suite on a cruise from your nearest seaport both are open ended and work going both to and from the legacy region.

    Contained in the parcel delivered with this invitation is a set of six legacy league pokeball covers, a town map of the legacy region with full information on all cities, towns and attractions, a full deluxe legacy league issue pokedex with everything you need to know about all 721 Pokemon and finally a limitless cash card for use in the legacy region, the card is accepted by all businesses and comes free of charge courtesy of the league.

    On beharth of all the members of the legacy league we hope to see you soon


    As Jake read the letter he began to smile uncontrollably. He had finally done it, he finally had the recognition he had always wanted, he had traveled to just about every region on the globe and had challenged each and everyone of their Pokemon leagues, he had defeated every gym leader, beaten every elite four and befriended most of the champions.

    "Guys come have a look at this!" He yelled soon his multitude of Pokemon began to arrive, not even surprised by their trainers news.
    "We did it guys we finally get a chance to become a pokemon master, this invitation says I get to take six Pokemon to the legacy region and that i should be prepared for anything, now who to chose. well let's see Kangaskan your my right hand Pokemon of course i want you to come with me," the normal type nodded and gave a spirited
    "kanga Kangaskan!!"
    "Now who next um i need someone defensive yet versitile as well, so aegislash wanna go on another adventure?" Jake asked his steel ghost type
    "Aegis Aegislash" his response
    "Now some air support and firepower, charizard, gliscor you up for the challenge?"
    "Gli gliscorr!"
    "Ok now lets get some thing fast and powerful, greninja ready to kick ass?"
    "Gre greninja"
    "And finally something to balance us all out, Alakazam lets create a new future for ourselves"
    "Ok everyone else when I get back either I'll be a Pokemon master or the grand champion!" Jake said eunthiesiasticly


    Jake was the first to arrive at the Hotel Richissime the sun just starting to set, the meet and greet wasn't until 9 o'clock and it was only 6:30 so jake had heaps of time to spare he might as well go up to his room and hang with his Pokemon for a couple of hours.

    But just as jake was heading to the elevator he heard a familiar voice
    "Jake is that you?"
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  2. In Sinnoh - Platinum, a 15 year old boy, released a huff of breath, causing the short front of his white hair to blow up, as a letter came in to him, presented to him by one of the Elite Four.

    The boy sat on a seemingly golden throne - the young Champion of the Region felt it was necessary, due to his theme of battling and Pokemon was Grace and Royalty.

    Platinum eyed the letter, seeing it stamped in a golden official seal. It peeked his interest, causing him to move from his sideways laying position on the throne to a criss cross position, opening the letter. His blue eyes gazed over the invitation, a grin growing on his face. He felt both flattered and excited.

    "The Legacy Region..."

    The blue eyed champion had taken a few victory tour meetings with a few other champions in the Unova, Johto, and Kalos Regions, but never got to visit Legacy. Platinum's jaw dropped as he read over the offers as well. Surely though, this journey would be much more challenging, despite his position as a trainer. Legacy was an entire new Region, with entirely new and powerful trainers.

    He had decided - he was definitely accepting the invitation.


    It was quite the bore and struggle to handle things out with the Sinnoh League Government about his soon to be absence, but eventually they had found a reasonable replacement for Platinum.

    He made it back to his quarters, and changed into a casual outfit for his journey - a white hoodie, black lining on the sides of the torso, black tight jeans, and his average black convers. Platinum looked at himself in the reflection of his Trainer ID.

    Platinum Carnet - Sinnoh Champion

    It read at the top, in gold font. He hoped he could just make a good name of himself in the Legacy Region. Platinum knew he was traveling with others - who could even be stronger than him. It would be fun though - no doubt.

    He slung his packed gym sack over his shoulder, heading out to the private helicopter. Platinum had to get to Kalos as quick as possible for the Meet and Greet in Lumios.

    After a couple hours of easy air time, the white haired boy thanked the pilot as he stepped out of the chopper, seeing that they had landed next to the Prism Tower. Platinum smiled seeing Kalos again. He adored this region - and luckily the Meet and Greet was held in his favorite Hotel of the Region. He had stayed at Richissme while he visited Diantha on his victory tour, so he knew how to get there by memory.

    Platinum checked his Poketech Watch, surprised how early he had arrived. He sighed, slightly annoyed at himself for rushing himself although he had plenty of time to spare. With another sigh, he entered the Hotel, seeing no one else really around. Not a huge shocker. But his eyes slight widening as he saw a familiar face - one of his closest friends he had made in Kalos.

    He called out to the boy as he saw him make his way to the elevators.

    "Jake, is that you!?"
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  3. The tall trainer turned around and began to smile
    "Platinum!, Long time no see, I had hoped you would be invited Mr bigshot Sinnoh champion" jake said in a joking tone
    "Honestly it's been ages why haven't you kept in touch?, If i had known you were coming I could have reserved us a battle arena in prism tower. It's been so boring here in Kalos I've got no one to challenge me here. dianthia is no challenge anymore so i am still techniclly Kalos champion but i gave her back the title after i beat her. I don't think i could do it sitting in a room all day doing nothing but wait for someobe to challenge me. besides most trainers can't beat our elite four here so the job of champion is pretty boring"
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  4. Dakota read the letter quickly, a slight smirk on her lips. She was being asked to go and battle. The Johto champion twirled her red hair between two fingers, thinking. But honestly with her Gardevoir behind her, giving her a 'if you don't go I will kill you' type of look. The red-head sighed and nodded, which her psychic/fairy type cheered in excitement. "This is going to be interesting.." Dakota muttered to herself. She got herself to Kalos, her Ursaring moved with her. As she walked into the hotel, she scared some of the only few people half to death, probably because they didn't expect to see or run into the large pokemon. She was here for a quick Meet and Greet. She saw Platinum and Jake.

    As anti-social as she was she kept to herself, trying to hide behind her large normal type as she checked in. She moved her hair so her bangs covered most of her face. As she checked in she noticed in the corner of her eye Ursaring look around more and began to walk away from her. Normally she would be fine with that, if she wasn't trying to hide. She quietly clicked her tongue which caught the normal type Johto pokemon's attention and quickly went back to his trainer's side.

    [ Sorry for sucky intro xc ]
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  5. Desiree, a Top Coordinator who loved Pokémon Contests decided to take on the League Challenge. She ended up earning 8 Gym Badges and took on the Elite Four, but around that time the Champion was too busy to schedule a battle in. One day Desiree walked into a Pokémon Center and there was Scott, looking to recruit skilled trainers to take on his Battle Frontier Challenge. Scott's face lit up when he noticed Desiree, as he's seen a lot of her in Contests, and again in some Gym Battles, he quickly asked if she would be interested in taking on his 7 Frontier Brains, with nothing else to do while waiting on the Champion, Desiree agreed to challenge. After beating her last facility, the Battle Pyramid, Desiree was offered to own her own facility, at the same time she received a message that the Hoenn Region Champion Steven was going to be ready for a battle. "I'd think about it." Desiree told Scott as she headed off towards home to prepare for that battle.

    Desiree arrived home, only to find Champion Steven at her house, she was confused as to why he was there, as he gave her a Letter. Desiree opened the Letter and read it, she didn't know how the Legacy Region even heard of her, but it turned out that Steven has been watching her too and recommended her. She really wanted it battle the Champion, but what the Letter stated, she knew she wanted to go there, it could be used for more training before her match. "This is awesome, I'll take my current Team with me, I know they won't let me down, I'll need to get changed and pack my bags and I'll be ready to head out." Desiree says as she agreed to go take on the Legacy League with whatever team of trainers they give her. She went to pack her bags and instead of calling in a ride, Steven offered a helicopter to take her all the way. Desiree was now finished packing and boarded the helicopter, she waved goodbye as she set sail for Hotel Richissme in Kalos.

    Desiree arrived at the Hotel, she had on a long Floral Pattern Dress, Pink Leggings, High Heels, and her Pink Purse, and a travel bag. She walked into the Hotel right behind another girl and her Ursaring, who stopped and started yelling. Desiree just walked past and headed for the check in desk to get her stuff settled down, before looking around.
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  6. "BEEP BEEP BEEP Legacy League invitation holders detected. Suggest introducing yourself and befriending Desiree, she has all eight hoenn badges, all frontier symbols and has defeated the hoenn elite four multiple times" beeped a electronic voice in jake's ear the AI of his UPD (universal Pokemon device)
    "Thanks for the heads up serena" jake replied as he began to walk towards the floral dressed hoenn girl
    "Hi I'm jake"
  7. Dakota checked in and returned Ursaring to his pokeball. She was wearing a black, strapless top that showed off some of her stomach, a leather jacket, and black ripped up jeans, along with black combat boots. She wrinkled her nose slightly as she avoided eye contact with anyone. The red-head found her area and set her bag down, stretching slightly. She sat down at her chair and looked through the latest newspaper.

    After reading the newspaper the female champion started getting bored. She tapped her foot against the floor. Looking at the others so far. She saw the Sinnoh champion Platinum, Jake a well known battle trainer. Then there were a male and female trainer she didn't recognize. Dakota knew and met most of the champions, friends with the Johto elite four of course, but knew other elite fours.
  8. After talking to the hotel receptionist, Desiree was approached by a trainer known as Jake.
    "Hello there Jake, I'm Desiree, I've came all the way from Hoenn after receiving my invitation. I've traveled to most of the regions already collecting and learning of the many different Pokemon." Desiree stated to Jake.
    "So if I read my letter correctly, there has to be 5 of us to form a team, right?" Desiree asks Jake.
  9. "Um yeah theirs ment to be five trainers in a team but enough about the league i hear you are only the fourth person to beat the battle frontier congratulations. I was the second so how did you go against Brandon's Regis" jake asked trying to seem friendly and social
  10. "Well, as a Top Coordinator, I just simply use those skills in my battles. It may not have been an easy victory, but you take what you can get. Plus of course with all the Regis having a weakness to fighting it wasn't that much of a problem for my Medicham, being able to use its psychic powers to defend and combine attacks was really helpful."
    "So enough about me, you received an invitation, what's your backstory?" Desiree asked.
  11. Where to start well
    My family are all descendants of the original kalosian king the old family castle is now used as the Kalos Pokemon league

    I beat all of the gym leaders in Kalos and the elite four before i turned 12 and i am now the holder of over fifty badges from around the world, I was only the second person to ever beat the battle frontier and i have defeated all the elite four of the six main regions
    But I was never awarded Pokemon master status because of my greninja and my alakazam
  12. "Amazing!" Desiree says. "At the most I've only traveled to other regions for shopping, didn't do much battling back then. I spent most of my time in a Hoenn and Sinnoh participating in Pokemon Contests, only then have I decided I could use those skills as a trainer and take on the Hoenn League. It all went really well since I ended up here."
    "Back in Kalos! It's such a beautiful place to be!"
  13. "Yeah it's amazing here, sorry if this seems rude but can i meet your team?" Jake asked smiling in a friendly manner
    "and then maybe i could show you around the city we still have over an hour and a half before we need to be back here, i can get you into the best boutique in Kalos and show you the best cafe's around" jake asked really trying to be friendly and not retreat back into his shell of shyness
  14. Dakota got up, stuffed her hands into her jacket's pockets' and walked out, her eyes trained on the ground. She skillfully avoided running into people and things without even looking up. She hasn't been in Kalos in forever but it wasn't her favorite region. She really liked Kanto, her father lived there. God, Dakota's family is all over the place. Her sister is in Sinnoh and her mother is in Hoenn. And she resides in her home region, Johto.
  15. "Oh, sure, no problem. I have brought with me, Medicham, Flygon, Feraligatr, Aromatisse, and Arcanine." She says as they all come out there Poke Balls.
    "I have a Steelix as well, but it may be better to show you him outdoors." Desiree tells Jake.
    She also accepted the tour around Lumiose saying, "sure, I'd love to go do some sightseeing, I haven't been here for such a long time, back when I got my Spritzee from here and look at it now, a darling Aromatisse. I might even can do some shopping before we go, who know I may see something I want or like." Desiree says.
  16. ( OOC: Geez sorry for my lateness, my notifications didnt even do their jobs >_< )

    After having some small chat with Jake, Platinum watched and introduced himself to the girl who had walked in. After listening to her, Platinum noticed how many big names seemed to be invited for this Legacy Region journey - which was quite the relief for him.

    The Sinnoh Champion looked around the very large hotel - designed very much like his quarters back in Sinnoh - wondering if any of the other trainers would show up, although the he didn't expect them to, since it was so early. The white haired boy checked his Pokewatch - it seemed to now be 30 minutes before the Meet and Greet, and that definitely seemed like enough time for the teen to quickly sneak his way to his favorite cafe of the region and grab something really quick.

    "Hey - I'll be right back." Platinum spoke to Jake and Desireee, exusing himself, and makin his way out of the hotel.

    As he went across the street, he stopped, noticing a familiar red-head.

    "Hey! Dakota!"

    Platinum had met Dakota a couple of months after claiming his title as Champion, when he had taken a tour to Johto and had met her as well. Johto was one of the few regions his mini-victory tour took place in.

    He caught up behind her, hoping not to startle her.

    "Hey it's me - Platinum, Platinum Carnet. I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met a little while ago when I visited Johto." The boy explained.
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  17. Dakota lifted her head slightly when she heard her name. She sighed, her plan didn't work about avoiding others. She turned quickly on her heels and stared Platinum down. She looked him up and down, noticing he didn't change much. "Hello Platinum," she mumbled and moved out of the way so she wouldn't be in others way. She grabbed onto the other champion's arm and tugged him with her so he also wouldn't be in the way.
  18. Platinum obliged and moved aside as well as to not be in the others way.
    He faintly smiled at Dakota.

    "So I guess you got here pretty early as well." Platinum commented, realizing the time.

    "So how is Johto nowadays? Any tough challengers?" The white hair boy striked in conversation.

    He had admired Dakota, seeing how he was also a younger champion. Platinum hadn't got to battle her yet - but made a plan for it - as he did for his other 3 companions.
  19. Dakota began walking to the cafe, not caring if Platinum followed or not. "Johto's been fine. Not many challengers because my Elite Four takes them down before I can most of the time," Dakota yawned slightly. She wasn't that much older than the Sinnoh champion, maybe a year or so.
  20. ((OOC guys if possible can we all please try to add a mega Pokemon teams))

    Jake had shown Desiree around most of the city and they were now heading back to the hotel. As jake walked in he was followed closely by a group of five people he instantly recognised the legacy elite elite four and champion
  21. After going out sight-seeing and getting a bite to eat, Desiree and Jake had arrived back to the hotel. Five individuals had followed in behind us. As Jake seen them, he immediately seemed to know who they were, but they kept walking right passed us. Desiree then went to sit on the nearest couch, holding a bag, which holds something she recently brought.
  22. Jake saw the elite four and champion and began to think about who he should team up with in the legacy league, obviously platinum -the sinnoh region champion, the sinnoh region was well known for having very strong trainers so the champion has to be that much stronger- Desiree -a top coordinator and only the third person to ever defeat the hoenn battle frontier- and Dakota - the johto region champion almost silent but very deadly- but who else?

    Legacy League elite four and champion

    Brad Summers -specialises in fighting, rock and steel type Pokemon. Originally from dewford town in the hoenn region Brock is tall and very muscularhe wears long red track pants and his bare chest exposed. His team consists of tyranitar, lucario, hawlucha, skarmony, steelix and a mega Agron

    Victoria Diana Elizabeth the III (Vicky Smith- specialises in ghost and dark types
    Born and raised in hearthome City in the sinnoh region, she is medium height and very slim and wears a dark purple dress and black crown which shimmers in light making her seem to appear then disappear. Her team consists of chandelure, honchkrow, gengar, greninja, sableye and mega banette

    Drake Jones -specialises in dragon types. Medium height and build with choppy red-brown hair gelled to small spikes all over his head Originally from city in johto. He wears ripped dark jeans, a red shirt and a leather jacket with the emblem of the johto dragon badge on the back. His team consists of
    Salamence, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Dragalge, Noivern and mega Garchomp.

    Lucy Rowan -specialises in psychic types. Short and thin with long blonde hair in a braid down her back . Originally from sinnoh she moved to Kanto when she was very young. She always wears a pink mini-skirt which stops just above her knees with rainbow stockings and a short sleeved white shirt with sleeveless black vest.
    Her team consists of Meowstic, Sigilyth, Bronzong, Claydol, Xatu and mega Slowbro

    Bridget Anistar -champion specialises in double battles with no favoured type. Tall with a medium build and long flowing black hair. She was born and raised in Kalos before being offered a chance to train under the former grand champion. She likes to wear a sleeveless pure white jacket with golden details over a plain grey shirt and black pants.
    Her team consists of Pangoro, Weavile, Gigalith, Volcarona, Pidgeot and mega Scizor
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  23. Platinum walked alongside Dakota to the cafe, listening to her. She had the same tone and posture she had when he had first met her. He smiled.

    The white haired boy responded.

    "Ah, I know what you mean. The trainers back in Sinnoh are pretty battle-worthy, but the final member of the elite four always takes them down before they reach me." He spoke, looking up to the sky, watching as the clouds float by.

    "I wonder who that one scamp not showing up is." Platinum said, to no one direct, just thinking out loud.

    He had remembered Himself, Desiree, Jake, as Dakota showing up of course, but who else wasn't there? The mystery of who it could possibly be excited him.
  24. After Desiree sat on the couch for 5 minutes, she instantly got back up, pushing back her long, orange colored hair, and put it in a ponytail.

    Desiree then headed towards her hotel room, hoping there'd be an announcement for where the League Participating Teams will gather for more information, and possibly team registration. Let's just hope everyone who left out to do things to past time by makes it back here on time for the announcing.
  25. Dakota found a table and sat down. She noticed Scythe and her eyes followed the Dusknoir. She huffed and looked away. Her green eyes traveled to Platinum and nodded. "Probably a new champion or something of one of the regions," she mumbled more to herself.
  26. (( @Frontier Master He'll post when he's back on monday.))

    Platinum ordered his casual coffee, before accepting it and sitting at the seat across from Dakota, agreeing.

    "From the looks of who've they have chosen so far, it will most likely be someone up high in some other region."

    The young champion took a sip from his drink, checking the time once more. Promptly 30 minutes before the Meet and Greet. Platinu sighed. The time had flown by, and he now only had half an hour to relax until the 5 trainers were rushed and interviewed by fans and reporters.
  27. Jake walked over to the table Dakota and platinum were sitting at and asked to sit down
    "Hi guys hope I'm not interrupting anything important because you need to hear this,
    the legacy league is going to be harder than anything you would have ever faced in any other region, gym battles are 6 on 5 each of us choses one pokemon to use against the gym leader's six.

    In Legacy the elite four and champion are tougher than you could ever possibly begin to imagine, if we are to have any chance of beating them, everyone has to pick one elite four member to take down and we will need to train like hell. Unlike with legacy gym battles the elite four matches are 6 on 6 two trainer battles and only if you guys can defeat your elite four member can i take on the champion.
    Now you would be asking why I get to take on the champion and not anyone else it's because i have a score to settle with Bridget and the other reason I need to defeat her is because she's my big sister
  28. Platinum smirked.

    He figured this would be a hard journey, and that excited him. Stepping out of the white haired boys comfort zone was something he had hoped to accomplish, and come out on top from. However, the Legacy Pokemon League seemed more complicated technical wise. All five of them would go against one Gym Leader together, but they only had one pokemon to battle with.

    That's what made it tough, he supposed. The process of a Gym Battle, according to what Jake said, was basically a sudden death match for them. So I if one of their pokemon fainted they didn't get the badge. This was definitely a challenge he was excited to take.

    "So, your sister is the Champion, huh." Platinum spoke, taking interest in that as well.

    He hadn't met this Bridgett, but wondered if Dakota had, but probably not, since it was the newest Region, with an obviously exclusive League.
  29. Rye was running down the halls, searching for the other region champions. Andafter defeating the Elite Four, and Team Plasma, he had decided to take a vacation.

    But that had been cut short when he had received a letter for the Legacy League. He gathered his Pokemon, Sylveon, whose name was Nike, his Venasuar, Venom, his Raichu, Volts, his Umbreon, Dusk, his Galvantula, Ranger, and his Aridos, Spyder.

    As he finnally found them, he regained his posture, and took a seat.
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  30. ((OOC ok guys i will be playing both Bridget and jake anistar in this next bit so if it gets too confusing just pm me with any questions))

    Bridget had seen rye walk in and sit down so she began her short speech
    "Well now that we are all here at last I would just like to introduce myself to you all, my name is Bridget Jane anistar I'm 24 years old and i am the grand champion of the legacy league.

    Now for those of you that dont already know the legacy league is the most prestigious and least well know of all the Pokemon leagues. The legacy league like all other Pokemon leagues consists of eight gyms leaders, an elite four and of course myself the champion. But the legacy region has its own rules and customs unlike any other region you would have visited for example gym battles are 6 on 5 with each member of the challenging team to chose one of their Pokemon to use to challenge the gym leader,

    but what you would not know is if the challenging team is to successfully defeat the elite four and champion they will not only become the new elite four and champion but will receive the title of supreme Pokemon master.
    However your time in the legacy league will not be easy there is only one rematch available to each team for the entire legacy league meaning if you lose two gym battle you are out of the legacy league!
    Now if any of you have any questions please dont be afraid to come ask Brad, Drake, Dawn, Vicky or myself for clarification on anything. and on behalf of myself and all the legacy league staff we wish you the best of luck" Bridget raised a glass of what seemed to be rainbow berry juice on ice and offered a toast "To tough battles and lasting memories!"
  31. "It's been a while jake are you still trying to find a way to stop living in my shadow?" Bridget asked mockingly as she sipped her berry juice and smiled
    "Tell you what in the impossible event that you and your uselessly weak team can defeat all of the legacy gyms i will personally award you the title of Pokemon master and make you a fully certified legacy league gym leader"
    "Then you better get the paper work ready bridge because there is no way I am not going to defeat all of the legacy gyms and then I am going to get revenge for my years in your shadow!" Jake replied after clearly losing his temper again
  32. Rye looked at the two bickering siblings and chuckled a bit. Dusk bit down on his hand to remind him to be polite. Ryes eyes watered as he silently screamed in his head. He quickly shrugged off the pain, before returning his gaze back to Jake.
  33. Platinum intently listened, hearing about how much more of a challenge this journey would be. He could tell that even though this Bridgete was a fellow Champion - he could tell she was much stronger than he and his partners, only giving him the motivation to get stronger as well.

    The 15 year old then smiled and signed autographs as fans and reporters came up to the table he and his companions were sitting at, trying to snap pictures and interview each of the 5 trainers.
  34. Dakota leaned back in her chair giving autographs. And glared at anyone that tried to take a picture of her or with her. She looked down next to the chair where her Umbreon was curled up and half asleep. She answered few questions, ignoring the other trainers. She will train to become stronger than she is but she doesn't want it to get into her head and mess with her. She wrapped a finger with her red hair and her green eyes stayed fixated at the wall.
  35. Desiree taking in everything she's just heard, just sits up in her chair looking around at everyone. Signing a few autographs and getting ready for what seemed like an interview was easy for Desiree as she's done that back in Hoenn enough times. But thinking about how tough this challenge would be, is what was on her mind, and if the group would be able to work together, since that would be needed if they plan on making it anywhere in this league. But most of all thinking about the different battling styles she'd see and how she will be adapting her.
  36. After his agrument with Bridget jake was instantly swamped by fans and reports
    "Jake, Jake whats it like to achieve so much in such a short time but still not recieving the title of Pokemon master?" Asked a pushy reporter from johoto

    "We'll its pretty annoying but it only serves as a reason to train harder and become stronger"

    "Jake we love you we have been your fans since like forever will u sign our holocasters?" Screamed three young blonde girls and they pushed their way to the front of the crowd with markers and holo casters in their hands

    "Um ok sure I guess" jake replied signing the holocasters 'to my great fans if at first you don't succeed train harder from jake'

    "Jake one last question, is it true your alakazam once belonged to the head of team rocket giovarni?"

    "That's yet to be confirmed if it was giovarni's Pokemon but it was used in the gangs experiments and because of which has some strange powers, but if thats ok with you I would like to change the subject" jake replied trying to brush off the question
  37. Nobody even noticed Rye, not that he didn't like that. He was a quiet person, who disliked commotion, and fan-girling, but for once he decided he could let it slide. However Dusk, his Umbreon, craved attention, amd was busy getting photos taken of him.
  38. (( OOC: Ok so I was just wondering if you were ok with me just adding this section of the meet and greet? I feel like it would be something done in a storyline like this, and that it would help keep the Roleplay moving ))

    Platinum then picked up the small schedule placed infront of him on the table, reading it over. Now most of the fans and interviewers have been pushed slightly back, so that they weren't crowding the 5 practical celebrities.

    The boy sighed as he saw it was the final segment of the Meet and Greet - each of the 5 Trainers were now to release their pokemon team that they would take with them on the. Journey - as the reporters were itching to get scoops on them. It has seemed Platinum was up first as he was announced.
    Platinum waved to the crowd of people that were before him as he stood infront of a designed backdrop on a small stage. He held 3 Pokeballs in each hand.

    "As most of you might have already guessed, I will be taking my Champion team with me." Platinum spoke, answering an interviewers question, soon throwing up all 6 Poekballs.

    After lights simultaneously flashed, each pokemon landed one by one on both sides of Platinum, resulting in instantaneous camera flashes.

    "Everyone, this is Milotic, Glaceon, Gardevoir, Togekiss, Lopunny, and Lucario." Platinum spoke, each of his pokemon striking a flash. The young champion smiled.

    Platinum's Champion Theme was Royalty, a Graceful Battle Style. Each movement was never wasted in a battle with Platinum. His ability to be in sync with his Pokemon and make widely evasive, as well as Knight-Like attacks devasted his opponents.

    After Platinum finished, he returned his pokemon, and returned to his seat as Dakota was called up next.
  39. Dakota huffed when she was called up. She walked onto stage, her hands in her leather jacket's pockets'. She scanned the crowd and tipped her head to the side, making some fans call out. She kept herself from rolling her eyes. The red-head scuffled forward and gave a crooked smile. "Let's cut to the chase, I know you guys don't want to look at just me. So why not let my champion team out to get some spotlight too?" Her voice was light but firm. She grabbed her six pokeballs and tossed them in the air. All of them ended up on either side of her. Dakota's champion theme was rock and roll. A exciting battle style. Her pokemon favored in strength more than anything. Which is why some of her pokemon could send shivers down people's spines. Lots of people knew how close Dakota and her team were. Each of her pokemon had a different relationship with her but they all had a strong connection with their trainer.

    "Let me introduce Typhlosion, Umbreon, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Ursaring, and Ampharos!" Dakota said flatly and kind of sassily. Each of her pokemon gave some kind of noise when they heard their name. Dakota stood there impatiently as people took pictures of her and her pokemon. She was probably found glaring in most of the pictures. Once everything was done she returned her pokemon and immediately left the stage.
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  40. ((OOC great idea platinum))

    "And next up Jake!"
    Jake walk up to the stage and pull his poleballs out of his jacket
    "Ok everyone I will be using the same team i used defeat both the sinnoh and hoenn battle frontier with, so with out further to do, guys its time to put on a show" jake yelled as he released his Pokemon, his team was about power, speed and precision Organised Chaos
    "Aegislash, Alakazam, Charizard, Gliscor, Greninja and Kangaskan!!" Jake yelled as each of his Pokemon emerged from their legacy league issued pokeballs
    Jake and his team all stood and waited as the press got their pictures then jake turned and sat down but as he walked away all of his Pokemon disappeared in a flash if red which stemmed from his jacket

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