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Private/Closed The Law of Club and Fang: Call of the Wild RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by RenzFlintrock, Jul 4, 2019.

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    At a Yukon dog dealer:

    Jack was curled up in his kennel, half asleep. The building he had been brought to smelled of dogs, and the room was filled with crates. It was rather chilly... he curled up closer as the man who had bought him opened the door and a gust of cold air blew in.

    Unbeknownst to Jack, he was brought to this place to pull sleds. His size, long coat, and breed would make him a good sled dog, once he was trained. The German Sheperd sniffed the air, and the scents of evergreens, men, and dogs were the primary scents.

    The dog dealer seemed to be up to something. He walked out of the room where the dogs were kept and into a back room.
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  2. The steady beat of a pounding sound was created from the back of Ace's cage, the young dog's tail whipped from side to side without him even realizing he was doing so. While his chin rested on his paws, one crossed over the other, his eyes looked down his paw and glistened each time a pair of feet made their way across the bars to his cage. He would whimper slightly, before quieting down upon noticing that they were ignoring him- and he'd whimper again at the next set of feet. The male's large ears swiveled back and forth, and his large nostrils took in the many scents of this place he had been brought to. Ace didn't seem to mind that he was much too large for the cage he was cramped in, and certain spark of hope lingered in the dog's sapphire gaze.

    Duchess's petite figure fit quite nicely in the small metal cages. While she was much used to the luxurious pet bed by a warming fire she had at home, the female did not complain. The room they kept her in was dark and cold, and she could smell other dogs though she could not see them. Frankly, she was not comfortable at all. She was sure that sled-pulling had nothing to do with sitting in cold, dark cages- yet here she was none the less. Letting out a huff of air, Duchess placed her short maw on the concrete floor of the crate and closed her eyes. The female's ears flicked back and forth intensely, and she flinched every time the door slammed- but her eyes remained closed as she attempted to imagine herself in a place much nicer than the room she was in.

    Kaeden's truck roared it's engine coughing slightly as if proving to it's owner that it was a bit past it's prime. The young man didn't pay attention to the vehicle's pleads, pulling it closer to the edge of the parking lot before stopping it completely. From the windshield, Kaeden could see the large, desolate warehouse where he was supposedly going to get a dog sled team. To the side of the man was a small, white husky- his best friend for the last 3 years. The man gave Snow a gentle pat on the head, bringing his hand down her cheek to rub her chin before he pulled the keys from the truck's steering wheel and opened his car door to unload. "Come on Snow- alright then. You're gonna be our judge of character, then? Tell me who you like and who you don't." Kaeden rubbed the Husky's head again as he pushed upon the large doors to the building. He often talked to Snow that way, not like a senile old lady- and of course he knew she wouldn't respond- but no part of him doubted that she wasn't listening to everything he said.
  3. Eve stood alert in her kennel, on edge. Being caught by dog dealers up North wasn't a new thing to her - but something seemed off this time. There was a strange scent in the air, that she just couldn't place.
    She noticed another dog curled up in a kennel. She guessed that he was a German Shepherd, from the looks of him. Keeping to herself, she laid down, keeping her head up and watching her surroundings intently.
    She desperately wanted to socialize with someone, but couldn't figure out how.
  4. ((This was ever so slightly rushed so I will go through and check it pretty soon, but I have a couple of big things to do today so if you see any errors try to ignore them. Thanks.))

    Husk yawned loudly; his large mouth gaping open to reveal the rows of menacing teeth that could pose a threat to anything (or so he thought). He maintained the oral position for longer than it should naturally last; as to show off his pride and power. His head flicked gently up and down as the car jumped across the road. Ever since they arrived in Yukon, Husk had not liked the place; it was too wet, and cold and misbegotten. The coat that was given to him by a friend of his master was a shield, uncomfortable and unnatural, but a shield at the very least. Echoed sounds of the odd tongue of his master's people trailed from the front of the car and then it jolted to a stop. Someone who wasn't his master came and opened the back, he snarled menacingly and glared at the man. Then there was darkness...

    He woke up in some form of cage, it was ugly and old and very unlike his usual pleasantries. He wondered whether this was of the other dog's doing, and he stood up and barked expectantly, only to see the empty abyss of a warehouse. I will tear there limbs from their body and then force them to work for the rest of the week. He thought to himself as he envisaged their fear. He turned himself and pushed gently at the cage door only to find it locked. He smashed his body painfully against it repeatedly before another man came, and there was darkness...
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  5. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Judy looked around in her kennel. Seemed like she wasn't the only dog in here. She sniffed the air, trying to catch any sents that she might recognize. Unfortaintly she was far from the south of the US, so nothing was familiar except for the metal bars that kept her inside. The lab/shepherd mix laid her head on her white paws. She longed for the love of a human that she could call master. To hear their soft coos as their hand stroked her yellow and white fur. She closed her brown eyes and waited for someone, anyone to come and rescue her from this prison-like place.

    Snow barked in response. She was glad she was her master's first choice. She was a loyal sled dog, through and through. She jumped out of the truck and sniffed the ground. Afterward, she wagged her tail and barked at Kaeden. She followed him inside, waiting to see her possible teammates. The snow-white husky, from hence her name, sniffed the building's air. It was filled with the stench of other dogs. Most not coming from the north, which angered her slightly. She exhaled. As long as they would listen to her, they would be fine.
  6. Hearing the noises of the truck, the dog dealer came out of the back room. He walked to the front door, looked out for a moment, then beaconed for the person to come inside. He held the door only partway open, and opened it fully only when the person was ready to come in.

    Jack whined slightly as he saw the person go to the door. He didn’t like this... he missed his old home in the far south, and the love of his family. He stretched himself out, stood up, turned around a few times and then laid back down.
  7. Kaeden walked slowly, treading the path with caution as he entered the sketchy building. The young man kept close to Snow, almost resting a hand on her rotating shoulder blades as she walked. He nodded politely to the dealer and scrunched his nose slightly at the smell of the place. "These are all sled dogs?" Kaeden asked nobody in particular as he squatted next to one cage and leaned over to look at the one beside it. The boy kept looking as he asked questions, "How much per dog. I need 6." Kaeden added. He came across a wide variety of dogs in just the first few cages, choosing would be harder than he imagined. Bending down next to what he could only assume was a German Shepherd, a big dog- perhaps the closest breed to an actual husky that he would be able to get. Kaeden flashed the dog a reassuring grin before stepping away from the cage and moving on. Another set of dogs that stood out to him was a large yellow dog; who'm he couldn't quite guess the breed of, a poodle mix; the largest dog in the building by far, and a petite fluffy dog; which he recognized as a Canadian Eskimo Dog. He made a sort of mental list in his head as he looked into each cage.

    When Kaeden's face popped, suddenly, up behind the bars- Duchess's tail curled over her back and her ears pinned to her head defensively. Slowly, her features became more relaxed when she realized what he was there for. From her days of showing and breeding, the female was used to being examined. She stood in the cage as if to give the man a better look as she took a fairly well placed stack, but Kaeden had already moved on.

    As Kaeden peered into Ace's cage, the male jumped to is feet with excitement- causing the young dog to hit his head on the top of the cage and offer a whimper. Then, almost immediately, dropping back to a laying position with his tail beating widely in the background. Kaeden clearly chuckled at the dog, causing Ace to get even more excited- but before the dog could even make eye contact with Kaeden he was gone and looking at other dogs.
  8. The shop owner grinned.

    “D’pens awn de dog.”

    He slouched against a wall and watched his customer examine the dogs. He was pretty sure the dogs the man had looked at so far were not the greatest for sledding, so he would sell them for a slightly lower price.


    Jack looked up at the man and whispered softly, almost inaudibly, and wagged his tail gently back and forth. The man seemed nice... but he reminded Jack of his family back at home In Mississippi, and his tail stopped wagging.

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