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Ask to Join The Law of Club and Fang: Call of the Wild RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by RenzFlintrock, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Good day, fair ‘Charmers! I have decided to make a Roleplay. It will be loosely based off of Call of the Wild, by Jack London. In case you don’t know anything about the book, (I’ve only read part myself, as part of school. I intend to finish it soon.) the RP will be the tale of you. A dog. Whether you are a dog of the sunny south land, and have been abducted from your home to pull a sled through freezing cold, or are a Husky of the north, born to run and pull the bobsled, you will find yourself in the Yukon.

    You have been chosen as a durable dog who can stand the cold, with enough strength to pull heavy loads and the stamina to run for days. Welcome to the Wild.




    2. Minor gore is allowed, dogs tend to be hostile. You can describe injuries, but don’t go around every single post like: ‘his eyeball was missing and he was dripping blood from the empty socket, his stomach was ripped open, and his guts were beginning to spil out’

    3. Romance is allowed, but keep it PG.

    4. GRAMMAR is key. Please, this is not the Badific Contest.

    5. Make sure to follow rule no. 1.

    6. Cross-breeds of dogs are allowed.

    (I will add more rules as I find them nessescary.)


    Character sheet (Dog):




    Breed: (no. You cannot be a Chiwawa, much too small. And as much as I love Weimareiners, you cannot be one of those, as they have very short fur. Please choose a dog with the ability to withstand cold and with enough strength to help pull a sled. If in doubt, go with a Husky.)





    Backstory: (Please include how you got where you are, if you are not from the north.)

    RP Example: (a paragraph or two so I can judge your skill level.)


    Character Sheet(Human)








    RP Example: (a paragraph or two so I can judge your skill level.)

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  2. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Judy
    Age: 4
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Labrador Retriever/German Sheperd mix
    Appearance: Judy is a large dog, being the average height of a German Sheperd. She has fox-colored flop ears that turn into a yellow color that spans her body. She has a white star marking (horse terminology) on her forehead, white belly, paws, and the tip of her tail. She has chocolate brown eyes and a muscular body. Her paws are very webbed (To her white claws). She has a mane around her neck.
    Personality: Judy is a timid dog that is kinda a doormat. She hates to get into other people's way and will try to serve her masters the best way possible. She is very intelligent, but she acts stupid to make the others feel better about themselves.
    Likes(optional): Fire (at a distance), swimming, having friends
    Dislikes(optional): Fighting, other dogs being upset, Upsetting her masters
    Backstory: Judy was a part of an unwanted litter due to her mother not being spaded. She was the only female in her litter and the only one that looked like her mother. The rest looked like a German Sheperd. She was adopted by a hunter that wanted a new hunting dog but didn't have the money to get one from a breeder. However, she could never get used to the gun noises, so she ran away at the age of two when he started to train with her. She lived as a stray and begged for food from friendly strangers. When she was four, she got captured and was sent to the north due to her winter coat still being on.
    RP Example:
    Judy didn't like the bumps in the road, nor did she like the metal cage she was in. She rested her head on her paws as she waited for them to stop. Maybe then they would give her some food, or a nice petting. Petting always felt nice. The yellow lab let out a small whine and hoped that the humans had a little sympathy for her. They did nothing, so Judy guessed they didn't hear her, well she hoped. Of course, she had a little nagging voice in her mind telling her that was not the case. She ignored it. Judy thought it would be best if she just closed her eyes and went to sleep. As she did that, she found it was going to be harder than she initially thought, but that didn't deter her. No, she just had to stop thinking then she would fall asleep.
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  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I modeled her after my dog... he is also a Lab-Sheperd mix! But he is more stubborn and more of a hog. He isn't a pushover either. He is the closest thing to perfect there is.
    Anyway, I'm going to tag a few people...

  4. @PlayfulFox47, you have summoned my most regal presence. Therefore, I shall grant you three wishes, no matter how bizarre or extrordinary.
  5. Ooooooo. Ask for a puppy! Or a big thing of chocolate!!! Orrrrr you could as for a Kitty!!!!
  6. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    No, all of those are temporary. Besides I think my family has enough dogs and my little brother is deathly allergic to cats (My brother is allergic to everything) I think I'm going to wish to pass my upcoming driver's test. I really need my permit.
    Anyways, how many people do we need to start? I really want to play with my sweet dog...
  7. Your wish is my command.
    *You get your driver's permit, but you forget everything you learned right after.*
    You didn't specify that you wanted to remember it though...

    (seriously though. Good luck on your drivers test.)

    This is based on my real life dog (not including name and backstory). Thought it might be fun.
    And @PlayfulFox47, in my family I'm the one who's allergic to everything. I'm anaphylactic to gluten, dairy, and peanuts. So my diet is fairly limited. XP


    Age: 3 (I'm assuming this is dog age and not relative to human lifespan?)

    Gender: Female

    Breed: Standard Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog/Poodle mix. They're actually quite strong.)

    Appearance: She's relatively typical for her breed. She has a black coat with a white stripe running down from her chin to her chest. She has dark brown eyes and a relatively stocky build.

    Personality: Fiercely loyal and a bit sassy, Eve is the epitome of "active teenager". She's very athletic and a bit mischievous, and a massive rebel. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and she likes it that way. She sometimes wants to watch the world burn - particularly when she's upset. Actually, she kinda wants to destroy the universe when she's upset.

    Likes(optional): Everything that's not in her dislikes.

    Dislikes(optional): Being ignored, ridiculed, or abused, hot weather, fighting/conflict

    Backstory: Born in a litter of 10 pups, Eve left her home in southwestern Canada at a young age to see the world. Eventually, she wound up in the north after years of traveling.

    RP Example: (a paragraph or two so I can judge your skill level.)
    Eve was not happy.
    She'd been insulted by a bigger and stronger dog, much to her distaste. She flicked her large tail at another dog, essentially saying "Stay out of my way".
    Ugh, so annoying!
    She growled in a low tone, warning all dogs in the vicinity to stay away or pay the price. She was normally very bouncy and sweet, but she was dangerous when she was mad.
    They'll see. I'm not just a goody two-shoes poodle. I was born for this.
  8. Man I so wish I could use my little chorkee for this rp. He would make a great character to play in this rp. I can not see any other breed acting like does.
  9. @EeviumZ Accepted!

    @PlayfulFox47 , Good luck on your test! You can do it!

    And in general, I can make the RP pretty soon, I think. I would like a few more dogs, and I will probably make Human as well unless someone else wants to.
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  10. ((I filled half of it in with a rough draft. Again, I have to go pretty soon but I should be more active. Therefore most of the information here is subject to change and completion.))

    Name: Husk

    Age: 5 (Human Years. 36 for dog years I think.)

    Gender: Male

    Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Appearance: Husk has short, trimmed fur that is a golden brown. He carries several scars that deform his face and flank. His eyes are deep brown and he has a muscular complexion. He is usually seen wearing a man-made fur coat when in cold areas.

    Personality: Husk is gruff, unforgiving, manipulative and very loyal. He usually maintains a hard shell around himself in which he uses to enforce others. He always wants to be on top of the other dogs. Constantly tries to prove himself to his owner.

    Likes: He enjoys having lots of attention and respect. He enjoys violence and will not hesitate to get into a fight. (Most other things that are not in dislikes.)

    Dislikes: He hates other dogs receiving more attention than him and will try to control other animals around him. He also dislikes cold weather but can easily manage to create his own body-heat.

    Backstory: Husk was taken to Yukon from Central America after his wealthy owner decided to seek more money there. The journey was long and difficult and Husk grew to be more aggressive, this continued even more after he reached the new state in which he had been placed. There, he dominated over most of the Husky dogs and other labour dogs that were nearby.
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  11. Let me know when you are finished. Looking good, although Ridgebacks do not have the longest hair. Should be fine, though.
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  12. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Labs and German Shepherds don't have the longest fur either, but a Lab's coat is meant to be water resistant due to the fact they are water-dogs
  13. Name: Jack

    Age: 4

    Gender: Male

    Breed: Purebred German Sheperd

    Appearance: He has rich, golden brown fur with dark brown patterns. Normal appearance of a German Sheperd, except he is slightly larger than average.

    Personality: Definitely not an alpha. He likes to run, but there may be some problems with the traces at first... if anyone is behind him he wil feel like he is being chased... anyway, generally similar temperament to Playful’s character in his behavior towards others. (I promise that was the general personality I was thinking about while I wrote the RP.)

    Likes: Food, the warmth of a fire, attention

    Dislikes: Mean people or dogs, things that are too scary or new

    Backstory: Jack was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had a nice family who treated him very well. But during a major storm, he was lost and thought dead. But someone found him, ‘took him in’ , and shipped him off north for a good price.

    RP example: Jack sat in a crate, staring up at the two men. The one, the man who had helped him out of the water during that flood. The other, a stranger. The men were talking to each other, seemingly in a minor dispute.

    After a few minutes, the stranger handed the man-who-had-helped a small bundle of something, and then the two men walked over to his crate. He didn’t like the air around these men... by instinct he growled as they picked up the crate he was in and lifted it onto the back of a vehicle.

    With a jolt, the vehicle started and the stranger headed north, to another dealer in dogs who would buy his new purchase for a good price and bring the dog north.


    @RenzFlintrock accepted.
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  14. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Why do we make similar characters? I sware this is starting to get old... I might make a new one that is less... sensitive
  15. I was actually thinking about also making a Husky who already knows the ropes. And Jack isn’t exactly sensitive, but he is not super brave and doesn’t care for conflict. At this point he will be mostly confused. (My characters seem to get confused a lot...)
  16. My character is already fairly used to the environment.

    Could I make a second OC?
  17. Okay! And yes, that is fine. But I will not accept too many more, I don’t think we need tooo many dogs. But go ahead.
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  18. I will probably make a golden retriever. They are one of my favorite dog breeds.
  19. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Golden Retrievers are overrated. Now a good Labrador Retriever is where it is at! Anyway, I will be making one more dog, but that is it.
  20. You madam are overrated. You want to know what I call Labrador retrievers? I call them short haired golden retrievers.

    Lol. Really they are just basically the same with just one having longer hair the other.
  21. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Snow
    Age: 4
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Siberian Husky
    Appearance: Snow is averagely sized for her breed. She has a white pelt that blends into the snow and blue eyes. She has a long coat and has a black nose. Her ears stand upright.
    Personality: Snow is an uptight and proud dog. She won't discriminate though but she is short-tempered. She is the alpha
    Likes(optional): Her team succeeding, Praise
    Dislikes(optional): Her team failing, people questioning her authority
    Backstory: Snow was born and raised a sled dog. She was sold to the sled owner a while ago.
    RP Example: See Judy

    That is not exactly true Emo. Labs are very different from Golden Retrievers. I can give you tons of things if you really want me to go into detail.
  22. @PlayfulFox47 accepted, I like it! I will wait until we are ready to start, and if I feel like we need one more I will add one. Thank you for making the Alpha, btw. I’m assuming she is also the lead dog, unless human chars decide otherwise?
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  23. You guys are both so boring... Poodle/Sheepdog crosses beat both of them!
    (They're actually adorable... look up Standard Sheepadoodle.)
  24. That is very cute... I still hold by Weimaraners, however. The puppies have adorably oversized ears, as well...
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  25. My favorite cross breed is the chorkie. Look it up. They are very cute. I used to have on until he passed two years ago. If I could use a small dog for this he is the one I would use.
  26. I can't get a post right. Can I reserve a spot for two dogs, though. I have their bios half done- but I've got to go for now and finish the post later tonight- just wanted to know if I can reserve a spot in case the thread closes.
  27. Alrighty. I’ll save a spot for you...
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  28. Here we are, I guess it was already accepted:

    Name: Ace
    Age: 2
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Siberian Husky x Australian Cattle Dog mix
    Appearance: Ace is a slender dog with a youthful appearance. The dog's body is that much like a husky's, graced with long legs and think hips and shoulders. His large paws don't quite fit his body and suggest he still has some growing to do, but the young dog has rippling muscles under his pelt and a flexible build from that of his herding genes. His tail is long and banner-like, sporting a flowing brush of hair from his thick but slick coat. Ace's pelt lays silky across his body, he'd still relatively soft and isn't much of a shedder. While framed like a husky, Ace takes after his cattle dog mother in coat patterns. His fur sports an off-white base with a light variation of the common red speckles pattern, the specks appearing most dense on his rump and becoming less apparent as they spread down his legs. A white mask covers the entirety of Ace's face, stopping at his red-ears, which stand upright and are rather large- creating a rounded tip, and traveling down his neck to form a v shape at his chest. This white marking makes the dog appear rather exotic and brings out his bright blue eyes. Ace's eyes are enthusiastic and young, sparkling sapphire in color. His nose is a dark liver color with slightly darker speckles marking the top and bottom.
    Personality: Ace is a happy-go-lucky sort of dog, who's still considered a pup in most people's eyes. His lack of actual experience makes Ace soft and ambitious, a large grin always fits his maw and he talks the sort of way that makes it obvious he's never done the things he talks about. The young male is always positive and enthusiastic, there is almost too much energy wounded up inside his little body. He's always looked up to older dogs, and usually doesn't have a problem getting along with them- but some simply don't like his high strung energy. Ace strives to do his best in everything, he absolutely lives for praise. Though failure tends to leave the dog upset, his tenacity knows no bound. It's impossible to knock him down without him bouncing back even stronger.
    Backstory: Ace was born in the north, and accident between a wandering sled dog and a farmers working dog. When the female Australian cattle dog fell pregnant, and was unable to perform her duties- least to say the farmer wasn't happy. He got rid of the puppies as soon as he could, put them in a box on the side of the road. Ace was the only once of his litter who was really big, with a husky's build. The man who picked him up had every intention to train him to be a sled dog. When Ace's trainer got in a sled racing accident, he broke his hip. Feeling bad for Ace who he couldn't give proper exercise too, the man gave Ace away to another sled-dog trainer. The man didn't care much for Ace at all, and really just wanted to sell him. And while nobody was particularly mean or cruel to Ace, he's jumped from home to home since he was a puppy- so he never grew particularly fond of humans.
    RP Example: (a paragraph or two so I can judge your skill level.)

    Name: Duchess
    Age: 5
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog
    Appearance: Duchess has a rather petite figure. She is short backed, as her breed standardizes, with a thick neck and rump- making her a rather round looking dog. Her legs are thin, but relatively long and her joints are tightly wound together. In the summer time, when she sheds her coat, she looks especially small but her fur usually adds a solid couple of pounds. Duchess' tail curls over her back, the fine silky fur splaying over her rump in an almost purposeful fashion. She sports fur that is long and silky, but thick none the less. Tufts of her fur fall off her hind quarters and from her chest, she also wears a thick mane of fur around her neck and her paws are feathered with extra pieces of fur. The pattern on Duchess' pelt is rather solid and attractive, the blue agouti coloring is perfectly marbled- a saddle of dark blue which fades slowly to a lighter grey shade. The same agouti marking covers her face except the muzzle Just around her nose and chin is a patch of white, which matches the white tuxedo, or mantle, marking that wraps around her through and carries through her chest. She also sports even white socks on each of her paws and a white tail tip no long that an inch. Her nose is solid black, and eyes brown like tree bark.
    Personality: Duchess is a hard worker, with a nose for value. She's an elegant dog, despite being in the force of sled pulling, she holds high standards for herself. The female can often be caught bringing up her parent's accomplishments and her rich lineage, though this bragging can usually be backed up. Though she looks small and fragile, Duchess is an excellent swing dog- she always does her part and tends to act rather humble about that part. Though some may label her as spoiled or petty, Duchess has a truly caring nature. She is very supportive to other dogs on her team, especially those that are younger than her or typically timid. Duchess has a motherly instinct which she can't deny, and in the end she would do anything to help another member of her team.
    Backstory: Duchess was bred to be a racer- if not a show dog. Pure bred and rather expensive, she's always had a sort of self awareness and a feeling of superiority over mutts and strays. Her mother was a champion racer, her father a champion show dog. She was bred by a family who bred puppies like her all of the time, they made good money off of the business but never concentrated much on one pup. That was, until Duchess came along. She was a fine specimen indeed. The family decided to keep her- though nobody there was a sled dog racer so they had all intentions of breeding and showing her for life. Something about that idea just didn't sit well with Duchess, and when she was two years old she fled from home. She didn't get far before a man found her and read the collar on her chest, shortly returning her to her family. Still, this man was persistent and after a large sum of money was transferred he took Duchess to his place and began her training as a sled dog.
    RP Example: (a paragraph or two so I can judge your skill level.)
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  29. I like those characters a lot! Accepted! @Barefoot_Kittens


    I believe we are waiting for your characters before we begin. Just in case you missed alerts or something.
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  30. I don't think I would be interested in this. I love the concept, but I don't know how long I would want to rp this one. I will gladly read it though. So please tag me in the rp thread. Sorry.
  31. No problemo! See ya around.

    @Havoc_The_Gandalf accepted. Sorry, I didn’t see you had finished...
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  32. Hey guys... I’m planning to put up the RP thread soon, but I want to make sure y’all are okay with this:

    Everyone will start at a dog dealer in the Yukon, and a human will purchase them: @Havoc_The_Gandalf has a human in the making, so possibly that character, or I can make a human.

    What do you think?
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  33. There is currently 7 dogs. Assuming they choose 1 leader, 2 swing dogs, 2 team dogs, and 2 wheel dogs- we only really have enough to make 1 team. If you want to make them on different teams, however, I don't mind making a human as well.
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  34. I was planning on one team. It would break the flow too much if we had multiple teams... but if you want to make a human, that works. Havoc has not finished yet, and I’ll let you own the rest of the dogs, if you want.
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  35. You tagged Havoc, so we'll see what they say. If they don't want to make a human- I don't mind being the musher. But if they do intend on finishing, the position is all theirs :D
  36. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Can Snow already belong to the musher?
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  37. @PlayfulFox47 if I end up making the musher (I'll get on it if Havoc doesn't respond by the end of the day) I would be fine with that. I did intend on him having a dog to start with anyways- so he can start with Snow (she's the only full husky too! It's gonna be kinda a ragtag group of sled dogs, but that's okay).

    @RenzFlintrock seeing as Havok has been online, but has yet to respond- would it be alright if I move on to making the musher? I could privately message them if that would help.
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  38. Yeah, that is fine. Havoc messaged me on my profile, so go ahead.
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  39. I know the bio is weak... just wanted to get it done asap- I also left out the RP example because I was lazy (I'll add one if you want)

    Kaeden Battly
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Job: Beer Sommelier (Gives tours at a local brewery)
    Appearance: Kaeden is a bright-faced musher with a strong build. He's a naturally large person, standing at 6'5 and he's fairly well muscled. Kaeden's skin is fair and clean, though most of it is covered by heavy snow jackets and pants when he is mushing. The man has a square face and gentle expression. His thin lips are hidden by a bushy, but well groomed beard that reaches about 2 inches off of his chin- the beard is a reddish brown hue. His hair is of matching color to his beard and is shaven to a crew cut. Kaeden's eyes are bright blue and lively, often shaded by a fur-trimmed aviator hat.
    Personality: Kaeden is a gentle spirit with a large heart. He is rather easy going most of the time and prefers to just chill and relax, the only hobby he really has is sled dog racing. Kaeden is a generally friendly man, it's pretty difficult not to get along with him. He is agreeable and caring, and tends to make decisions based on others well beings. Kaeden loves dogs in general, but he has a special fascination with watching dogs work. Though not especially smart, Kaeden is adaptable and tends to be able to get himself out of tough situations.
    Backstory: Both of Kaeden's parents were sled dog racers when he was born. He grew up with almost 30 dogs in his home, and took up mushing for fun when he was in middle school. Though, as his parents got older and their dogs started passing away- they just sort of stopped racing. While Kaeden's parents grew disinterested in the sport, the young boy's dream to become a musher only grew and grew. When he turned 20, Kaeden's parents gifted him Snow- a purebred husky who was a little over a year at the time. She was fully trained when he got her, but he kept her as a regular house dog for some time- putting his dreams on hold while he worked a real dog. Kaeden never quite had enough money to follow his dreams, and while his parents were supportive they warned him that it was a very temporary thing. It was only a few months before Kaeden walked into the Yukon dog dealer and bought a full sled team, that he decided he was ready to do what he loved. In just 3 months, Kaeden bought a sled (with the help of his parents) and all of the musher gear. All he needed was dogs.

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