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Ask to Join The Land of Lata

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by CripsyPotatoChips, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    Discussion Here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-land-of-lata-sign-ups-discussion.21272/

    It was an early summer morning, just after sunrise. Ella exited her apartment building in Magnificum City, with a waffle in her hand. She made her way to her gym, finishing the waffle as she went. When she entered the gym, she flicked on the lights to make sure that everything was set. Upon doing this, she found that one of the ceiling lights had burned out. She sighed and grabbed the 'Closed for Maintenance' sign, and hung it on the door. Ella left her gym to find the hardware store, hoping that it would be open this early in the morning. Otherwise, she knew she'd be in serious trouble with her sister for not taking care of the gym.
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  2. Scar was clinging to the side of a nearly sheer cliff face. He was a mountain climber, but this wasn’t his sort of mountain climbing. Not that he couldn’t do it (he had been taught by one of the preeminent rock climbers in the world, Grant, a gym leader from Kalos), but he much preferred hiking up a mountain, especially if it was previously unexplored, than physically climbing it.

    By now, you might be wondering what cliff face he was climbing. However, most of the citizens of Magnificorum City were wondering why he was climbing it. It wasn’t like he was completely unsafe. He still had his Delibird, Saint, right near him, ready to catch him if he fell, as well as a large pool of water just below him. In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, Scar was climbing Novus Falls, not that anyone knew who he was. In theory it would be quite the achievement if he succeeded, since nobody had ever climbed the falls (not technically the falls, but the cliff the falls come from. In reality, he is just off to the side of the falls, because he can’t climb up a waterfall) without a pokemon’s help before. This had caused a rather large crowd to gather around and watch him, which definitely made the achievement even harder.
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  3. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    The screeching of an alarm clock woke Georgie with a start. "Woah!" She shouted, shooting straight up and nearly falling out of her double bed. Her long, black hair was a mess, jutting out at all angles, and she blew some out of her face before promptly slamming her hand down on the clock to halt the blaring beeping. She was surrounded by her pokemon, who had also woken suddenly from the onslaught of sounds. A Flareon by the name of Pepper lay on the pillow next to her, with a Vulpix--Ginger--and a Quilava--Winnie--cuddled up to him. Near the bottom of the bed in slight solitude was a cranky looking Houndoom, his name was Axel. An Arcanine lay beside the bed, too large to fit. That was Archie. In the doorway stood a beautiful Rapidash, Whiplash, who surprisingly managed to travel around the house without burning the place down. She neighed a soft good morning to the group.

    Georgie sighed, rubbing at her eyes sleepily before groping around her bedside table for her glasses. Once they were firmly in her grasp, she brought them to her face. "Mornin' guys." She mumbled groggily before dragging herself out of her bed. She went about her morning routine while her pokemon lazed about. Brushed her teeth, took a shower, got dressed. By then she was much more awake and ready to face the day.

    She made her way downstairs to check on the pokemon in the rehabilitation center. See, her Gym was quite unique in the sense that it was a three in one. It was her house, her gym, and a center for taking care of sick or injured pokemon all in one large building located in Calidi Town. Being a Gym Leader had it's perks, that's for sure.

    She spent a good amount of time making breakfast for all the pokemon, including her own, and giving her attention to each individual pokemon. Checking wounds and giving medicine when it's needed. Her usual morning activities. A lot of them were looking close to full health, and she was happy she could help them recover.

    Once everyone was attended to, the gym was open and in order, and her companions had rejoined her, she stepped outside, taking in a breath of fresh air with a confident smile. Today was going to be a good day!
  4. By most conventional standards, Libertas town was an... odd place to live. It was in a cave, for one, and it’s bioluminescent plant life didn’t help it look any less foreboding. But Angie wouldn’t have it any other way. Even after only four years in the Lata region, Libertas was home.

    The Gym leader sipped peacefully at her morning tea as she made her way to the gym, humming a tune quietly. She admired the lovely glowing flowers that were sprouting up this time of year, and wondered if she could possibly buy some to decorate the gym, all the while absently digging around her hoodie pocket for her keys.

    Once the Gym was opened, Angie began to make her rounds tending to the many plants (and even some special species of mushroom) that adorned the gym. With the help of Lombre, of course, who helped water the plants cheerfully. Angie always took pleasure in the Gym’s upkeep, it was her pride and joy of sorts. The displays were meant to give a sort of fairy-garden appeal. And while looks weren’t everything, she liked to see that it was well tended to each day.
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  5. Sarah spent her morning in the pool. She trained with her pokemon every morning in the water. She loved to wake up and feel the water rush past her. The gym pokemon all looked great. A Vaporeon swam right beside his trainer. His blue fur shined in the water.

    Sarah climbed out of the pool and dried off with the towel she had set aside on a lounge chair. She took the sheer wrap she had taken off and put it over the bikini she was wearing. She dried her hair as best as she could.

    Sarah had woken up very early for most people. She tends to be the person who is up at the crack of dawn. Her pokemon had already been taken care of as was her gym. She took the time to go to locker room to the side of the gym and shower. She changed into her more causal clothes. She carefully applied her make-up and walked out to where her Swanna was. She had her own nest. It rested on top of the gym. Sarah used a ladder to get up top. Swanna waddled over to her and nuzzled into her side. "Hey there girl you ready to go and see your favorite person?" Swanna gave her look that said. Really you actually believe that I like her. "Hey no need for that would you mind giving me a ride. I want to go check on some of the pokemon Georgie cares for." Sarah climbed on the back of the swan pokemon and they took off for the fire gym in Calidi town. It was a bit aways from where her gym was in Amica City.
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  6. As the sun began to rise across the lush lands of Rusticus Town, Brian began to feel the sunlight which crept through his curtains meet his eyelids, slowly he blinked them open. "Morning already...?" Brian rhetorically asked himself in a clearly sleepy tone as he reluctantly got up, stretched his arms and yawned. "What time is-oh." Brian said as he turned to look at his clock which said that it was around 6:30 am. "Well, showtime." Brian said as he slowly got out of his bed and looked around his room, he went to his wardrobe and collected his usual clothing before he made his way into the bathroom.

    After a good ten minutes or so, Brian came out of the now steam filled bathroom. His attire was now a black t shirt with a little white scarf, dark brown pants and black boots, he walked over to his curtains and opened them, almost caught off guard by how bright the weather was. "Wow, what a beautiful day, hopefully my job as a Gym Leader won't take up too much time of today; I'd love to relax in it and train my Pokemon." Brian said to himself before he turned to a group of Pokeballs all neatly placed on a holder. "Speaking of Pokemon..." Brian said to himself as he quickly went downstairs and looked in his fridge, only to discover it was almost empty. "Oh... right, I knew I forgot something." Brian said to himself before he grabbed a 'to do' list.

    "Food shop..." Brian said to himself as he wrote it down on the list before he put it in his pocket, he walked over to a coat rack to put on his fuchsia trench coat and matching fedora before he went back upstairs and put his Pokeballs in his pockets and began to walk out of his house. Now seen on the outside, he lived in a very nice house with a comfortable chair which rested upon the porch. "I'm sure my Pokemon will want to get some breakfast... I know I do." He thought to himself before he made his way over to his favorite cafe, as he walked, he smiled and waved at a few other people who did their morning routing, they instantly recognized Brian and greeted him.

    Upon arrival to his favorite cafe, he was immediately greeted by one of the waiters who greeted him like an old friend. "Morning Brian, the usual today?" He asked. "You know me so well, my friend. Same with my Pokemon as well." He requested as he sat at one of the outer tables and let out his Pokemon which consisted of a cheerful Flygon, a calm Espeon, a lazy Meowstic, a shiny Metang, a friendly Gothitelle and Brian's all time Pokemon partner, Gallade. When the Pokemon got their food, Brian got a plate of pancakes with butter, syrup and a side of blueberries, everyone happily ate their breakfast so they had enough energy to start their day.
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  7. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Georgina hasn't gotten sleep since last night and fell asleep on her Altaria in her gym, Georgina got up and patted her Natu, thinking it was an alarm clock, upon waking up, Georgina realized she was already in her gym,"hmmm, some crazy deja-vu, goin on here" she whispered suspiciously, she forgot about it soon, and asked her Altaria to get her some clothes, while Georgina was turning on the lights, still sleepy and yawning from the work, finally her Altaria came back with her clothes, she got dressed quickly, thinking somebody was watching her, after changing, she thought to herself, why didn't she just go home, eh, maybe she was just lazy, she sat on her throne, as what she calls it, and waited for a trainer to come.

    Upon minutes of waiting, Georgina got tired of this, with nothing to do, she started talking to her Altaria, while she was talking, she realized she hasn't given her Altaria a nickname yet, Georgina found this funny and embarrassing considering she had Altaria for so long now, yet still haven't given her a nickname, "I guess, I'll call you "Memory", due to the fact i remembered you, not having a name yet", she laughed at this moment, while "Memory" the Altaria, raised her head and tilted it, because of confusion.
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  8. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    After finding what she needed at the store, Ella was walking back to her gym. Many people called out cheerful greetings to her, which she returned with her signature smile. As she neared her gym, she noticed the large crowd near the Novus Falls and wondered what was going on. She checked her phone to see what time it was. "Yeah, I've got enough time to check this out real quick," She thought to herself, and she made her way to the crowd.

    When she got close, she heard snippets of conversation about a man and the waterfalls. Confused, she looked up at the falls and tried to see anything out of the ordinary. It just so happened to be the perfect time of the morning when the sun hit the water to create multiple rainbows, creating the usual spectacular sight. It was at this time Ella spotted the man clinging to the rock face, near the end of one of the rainbows. She wondered who he was, and why he was climbing the mountain.

    Suddenly, she remembered that her gym needed fixing, so she made her way out of the crowd and ran back to the gym. She grabbed the sign she had hung on the door earlier on her way back in. Once inside, she asked one of her employees to fix the light. She then took her place at the back of the gym, and awaited new challengers.
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  9. Just then, Scar slipped and hung by one hand off the cliff, which was also slipping. He knew he had Delibird to keep him safe. He tried to haul himself back up, but the gasp from the crowd watching him threw him off guard, and he fell down from the falls. He was so close to being the first one to conquer the falls...

    Soon after he was caught by Delibird and put back in the city, he managed to escape from the crowd (none of whom figured out his identity thanks to his large winter coat), and he sat down on a park bench. Then, he reflected on that moment. “I just wasn’t ready yet, I guess,” he said aloud to himself, “Well, I’ll come back when I am ready... tomorrow I have to go to Mt. Magna as planned. I do have all of the supplies for the trip already.”
    He continued, “I was hoping that would take all day... it isn’t even noon yet. I wonder what I could do now. I guess I could get a head start on my trip... or, maybe I should go challenge Ella? Yes, that sounds like fun.”

    Scar got up from the bench and began to walk over towards the Magnifcum City gym. When he arrived, he opened the doors and looked inside. It seemed rather bright to him, but he expected the actual challenge to be pretty easy.
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  10. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    (OOC: Just wanted to remind you it's Magnificum, not Magnificorum)
    Ella had taken out all of her Pokemon, and was taking care of them as she waited for a challenger. Most of her team was fluffy, so she made sure to brush them every day. She loved making her Pokemon look their best, and her Pokemon loved it too. She felt lucky to have a team with similar personalities to her own.

    As brushed Whimsicott, Flabébé was sitting on her shoulder, in its normal spot. Togekiss and Swirlix were flying through the gym, waiting for their turns. Occasionally, the two flying Pokemon checked out the windows for anyone approaching the gym. They both suddenly flew down to Ella, and alerted her that a Trainer was coming. "Alright," Ella called out, placing the brush down and picking up their Pokeballs, "Everyone, return!" All the Pokemon were sent back to their Pokeballs, except for Flabébé. It had become a signature thing for her to greet challengers together with Flabébé. She sat in her chair and faced the doorway, awaiting the challenger.
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  11. In a park in Calidi City, Robin slowly woke up. He had hiked into the city just as night was falling, and while he had wanted to simply stay at a hotel, his current funds said no. Blinking, the blue haired backpacker slowly sat up. Sure, it probably wasn't the most legal thing to squat in a public park, but it wasn't the first time for Robin. Hey, it wasn't too illegal. Robin would of had Rea use that special technique they had found in Hoenn to make a shelter, but it was dark when Robin had made it to Calidi City, and he hadn't been able to find a tree or bush or crack in a cliff that was big enough. So squatting in a park it was.

    Now that he was up, Robin began to quickly pack up his sleeping bag. Nearby, Robin's Pokemon (a Plusle named Cherry), had also woke up. Letting out a cheerful "Plu!", the Plusle jumped onto Robin's shoulder. Peeking out of the bushes, Robin made sure that no one (at least, no police officers or security guards), and quickly made his way to a nearby bench.
    "Well, good morning Cherry." Robin said with a smile. The trainer began to unpack his bag. It was something he did every time he made it to a new place, in order to take inventory and see what he needed.

    "Well... It looks like its good that we stopped when we did, Cherry." Robin said a few minutes later with a sigh. The trainer packed up his bag as his portable stove cooked up a quick breakfast of oatmeal packets. That oatmeal packet, and a packet of ramen were all that Robin had left for food. As for medicines, those didnt look so hot either. But medicines weren't a super big priority, being in a town with a Pokemon Center. What was a bigger priority was money. Robin was pretty much broke. He wasn't too concerned about the money, to be honest. But the food was a problem.
    "Alright, Cherry!" Robin said, standing up and putting his backpack on over his sheathed sword. "Let's check out the Gym here. Try our luck, maybe we won't have to pull out the ol' 'Move Tutor' gig here after all."
    "Plu!" Cherry said cheerfully, jumping onto her trainer's shoulder.

    Not long after walking through the town, Robin and Cherry came to a stop in front of the Gym. It seemed rather nice, and Robin noticed the Pokemon Rehabilitation Center sign as well.
    "Huh..." Robin said, glancing over at Cherry. "A Gym and a Pokemon Rehab center? Maybe whoever runs this place could give me some tips on taking care of Rea..."
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  12. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    In a Pokémon Center room, located in Calidi City, Kaylee woke up to the always obnoxious, loud sound of the alarm.


    Kaylee immediately slammed the snooze button, as she’d always do.

    “Five more minutes....” she groaned, as she stretched her arms in the air, yawning quite loudly as she got off the bed.

    “Ahh.. a new day in a new region. Welp, I better get going, I guess. I might want to try to battle the gym, as I quite like to in every region.” she then said, as she began to get ready and changed into her usual outfit, as she, of course, usually wears. After a breakfast at the Pokémon Center, she left, walking towards the gym.
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  13. “So,” Scar said, walking up to Ella, “what are the rules at this gym?”
    All of his Pokémon rattled in their balls, but one in particular. His alolan sandslash, which was a supereffective type to fairy, was pretty excited to pound some fairies into the ice for an ‘easy’ victory.
  14. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    Ella smiled, "Welcome, challenger. I assume you already know who I am." Flabébé on her shoulder greeted him with a cheerful "Fla!"
    Ella continued "The rules are simple. It'll be a three-on-three Pokemon battle, if that is alright with you."
  15. After Brian and his Pokemon ate their breakfast, he let out a sigh in satisfactory before the waiter came to collect the plate and bowls. "I assume you all had a good breakfast?" The waiter asked. "I know I most certainly did, what about you guys?" He replied as he turned to his Pokemon upon the second part, to which they all showed cheerful responses, this made Brian smile as he knew all his Pokemon were happy. "Excellent, let's get you all back inside for now." He said as he got out a group of Pokeballs and returned is Pokemon one by one, after he put the Pokeballs in his pocket, he turned to get out his wallet and pay for the meal... with an added tip.

    "Thank you, Brain." The waiter said with a clear smile. "No, thank you." Brian replied and smiled back before he walked off to check his Gym. "I wonder how many people are waiting for me..." Brian said to himself, upon arrival, it didn't seem that there were many people there, but he went inside to check regardless. "Welcome back, Brian." One security guard said with a smile. "And hello to you too, I'm only here to check how the Gym is, I've got a few things I wanna do before I get this show on the road. Let any upcoming trainers know this as well, please." Brian requested, his tone carried a sense of seriousness to it, the guard simply nodded as Brian went inside.

    The lighting in the Rusticus Town Gym was a faint pink with signs of incense in the air, the ground on the battlefield seemed like a simple stone flooring while the walls appeared to be decorated with framed images that an expert would see as the kind from tarot cards placed behind a ring of many seats, the entrance had two small pillars either side, both had Pokeballs decorated on the top of them, but the right one appeared to have a golden plaque sign on it, which read -

    "Rusticus Town Pokemon Gym
    Leader: Brian
    The Son of Destiny"

    - Brian nodded as he looked around and acknowledged everything was in order, but one last thing he checked was a small room on the side of the gym completely opposite to the entrance, inside was what appeared to be a type of office with a large desk which had papers in the middle, a crystal ball on one side while the other had a photograph of that looked like a young Brian behind a man with long purple hair and a curious robe and a lady with a long black coat, white scarf and a white fedora.

    "Looks like everything's in check, I'll do some battles here later." He said to himself before he walked back out of his Gym.
  16. “Ok”, replied Scar, “in that case, I’ll use these three Pokémon!”
    He sent out his alolan sandslash (Achilles), his Piloswine (Aeneas), and his father’s old Walrein (Breaker), now his own. He knew Breaker was a bit of a risk to rely on, as the Pokémon occasionally refused to follow him. However, he expected his Achilles to sweep whatever she sent out, and if he failed, Aeneas could finish the job.

    (I wasn’t sure whether if it was a triple battle or not, so I didn’t specify which Pokémon Scar is using first. If it is a single battle with three Pokémon each, then Scar will send out Achilles first)
  17. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    (Oh sorry I wasn't clear, it's a single battle)
    Ella frowned. An Alolan Sandslash had a clear advantage over her entire team, and this one looked strong. She chose a Pokeball carefully and sent out Swirlix.

    "This is going to be a tough battle, so just stay alert and try to move faster Swirlix!" Ella called to the Pokemon. She wished she could be using Togekiss, her strongest. However, she always paid attention to type advantages, and both Whimsicott and Togekiss were weak to both Steel and Ice. She beckoned over a referee, who announced the rules quickly, and signaled for the battle to start. "Alright Swirlix, use Round!" Swirlix sung out the move, directed right at the Sandslash.

    (Also I found out that Swirlix can learn Flamethrower by TM, do you think Ella's should know it, or would it make this too easy for her?)
  18. (I think flamethrower would be an interesting twist that could make the battle more fun)

    Sandslash immediately began cowering on the floor trying to cover its ears from the noise, but with a little encouragement from Scar, who was telling it to focus on moving forward and ignore all of the noise, Sandslash got up and ran towards Swirlix.
    “Metal Claw!” Scar shouted, as the Sandslash jumped into the air, its claws gleaming under the lights of the gym.
  19. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    "Dodge it!" Ella called out. Swirlix tried to move, but was still hit on the side, knocking it to the ground. Ella noticed that Swirlix didn't seem to have fainted yet, but it wasn't doing too good. After a bit of encouragement from Ella, it was able to get back up.
    "Great job Swirlix! Now use Flamethrower!" Ella commanded. She was sure this would be a surprise for the trainer. Swirlix blew out a stream of bright fire at the Sandslash.
  20. Scar didn’t notice it until it was too late. Achilles tried to dodge it but failed, collapsing onto the ground in a tiresome manner. Achilles managed to get up; he wanted to continue fighting, but Scar shouted, holding up the pokeball, “Return, Achilles! You can fight another day. Finish the job, Aeneas!”

    Aeneas the Piloswine landed on the ground from its pokeball with a loud thump. Then, it immediately set to work on it’s trainer’s command, “Hail, then Body Slam!”
    Scar knew his pokemon’s abilities well, and this one had Snow Cloak, which would boost its evasion in the hailstorm.
  21. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    The Body Slam hit Swirlix before it was able to react, knocking it back. "Swirlix!" Ella cried, "Come on, get up!" Swirlix tried to get up, but the hail beat it back down, casuing Swirlix to collapse. Ella sighed and returned Swirlix, as the ref called the match. Knowing that Piloswine was Ground-type, Ella sent out Togekiss second.

    "Let's go, Togekiss!" She called out, "Use Dazzling Gleam!" Togekiss began to shine brightly as it used the move.
  22. Aeneas was hurt by the blinding flash of light, but held faithful, waiting for his trainer’s next order.
    However, Scar’s next order explained his entire plan up until that point. Scar was a ruthless strategist, and Aeneas followed Scar’s commands to the letter as Scar shouted, “Blizzard!”
    Aeneas let loose a powerful icy freeze that was enhanced by the hailstorm.
  23. Jack were walking in the Venenum Forest, even though it was supposed to be scary and really dark, Jack didn't have a lot of trouble navogating in the forest. He had been living in darkness pretty much his entire life, so he was used to it. It was also usually very dark in the forge that he spent so much time in. His Lucario, Ares, were by his side, having a little hardere time navigating.
    "Don't worry Ares, we won't stay here for long. I just wanted to check out the forest. But if it is so scary or so hard to navigate, you can return to your pokéball." Jack said, pulling out Lucario's pokéball. But the Lucario shook his head, refusing to go in his pokéball right now. "That's what I thought." And they continued through the forest, soon arriving to Perditus City.
  24. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    "Fly away and dodge it, Togekiss!" Ella yelled. Togekiss turned to flee, but the move was too fast and hit her. Ella watched in horror as Togekiss fell to the ground. "Can you still battle?" She asked. The determined Pokemon struggled to its feet, but wasn't able to fly back up again.

    Ella realized that she was going to loose no matter what she did. Still, it was her duty to put up a fight, so she gave Togekiss its next orders, "Use Air Slash!" Togekiss' wings glowed, and it ran towards Aeneas to make the hit.
  25. The hit once again hurt Aeneas, and the Piloswine collapsed to the floor, fainted. Scar really didn’t expect this result, since Aeneas was generally one of his most bulky Pokémon, but, in a last ditch effort to win the battle, he sent out his final Pokémon, Breaker the Walrein. He knew it was a risk to send it out even though it might not listen to him, but he did it anyway because he also knew that the hailstorm would end soon, and this might be his best opportunity to synergize with his team, because Breaker has the Ice Body ability, which makes it heal in a hailstorm.

    He didn’t even have the time to give it a command before it went off on its own, attacking the Togekiss with another powerful blizzard. Scar didn’t like that his Pokémon wouldn’t listen to him, but he had to acknowledge that his father had trained Breaker well, and that the Pokémon might not even need his help in the strategy department. It was obviously smart enough to know that blizzard couldn’t miss in hail. “Maybe it is all of the wisdom that Breaker has gathered over the years,” Scar thought aloud (but quietly, so that his opponent might not hear), “he is a pretty old Pokémon after all...”
  26. "Welp, no time like the present!" Robin said.
    "Plu, plu!" Cherry agreed. The swordsman took a deep breath and approached the Calidi City gym. Outside the Gym was a young woman with long, black hair and relatively average clothes. She was rather short as well, and looked rather cute (in Robin's opinion). As the pair approached the Gym, Robin had a strange feeling that this lady was a lot tougher than she looked. Perhaps she worked at the Gym, or was from Calidi City? Or maybe she was a traveler like him? Well, only one way to know. Robin approached Georgie with his Plusle on his shoulder.
    "Hello!" Robin said to Georgie. "Is the Gym Leader in today?"
  27. Jack had thought that there were something fun going on in Perditus, but he was apparently wrong.
    "Well Lucario, guess we're going to Magnificum City, I heard that alot of trainers start their journey off there." Jack said and pulled out Metang's Pokéball. He jumped up on the Pokémon he sent out and helped Ares up. "Okay Hephaestus, take us to Magnificum City." Jack said to the Metang, as it took off and soon arrived in Magnificum City. Jack saw a battle going, and he decided to watch it from the shadows.
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  28. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie gave the blue haired boy that had approached her a challenging grin as he asked for the gym leader. "You're lookin' at 'er." She said cheerfully, her pokemon perking up curiously from their lounging positions in the yard. They all made their way to Georgie's side, looking ready for anything. Archie, the obvious alpha besides his trainer, stared the young man and his pokemon down as they waited for him to state his business.
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  29. Sarah landed near the entrance of Georgie's gym. She dismounted and walked over to Georgie and a boy she has yet to meet. Swanna flew up to the top of the gym and roosted. "Hey Georgie. Seems you have more then one vister today. I just wanted to check on some of the pokemon that are here."
  30. So this girl was the Gym Leader? Robin watched as the girl's Pokemon begin to stir and group around Georgie. Another girl on a Swanna approached and said something to the young gym leader, but Robin didn't really notice. He was too busy checking out Georgie's Pokemon.
    "Whoa..." Robin muttered, looking from Pokemon to Pokemon. It was quite clear that this girl's type of choice was Fire Types. A Flareon, a Houndoom, a Quilava... A Vulpix... But the two that really caught Robin's eye were the Arcanine and the Rapidash. When Robin had traveled through the Kanto region, he had seen a few trainers with them as well as a few Rapidash in the wild. They always looked so magnificent, and this girl's Pokemon were no exception. In fact, that Arcanine looked like that girl's ace.

    Robin shook himself out of admiring the girl's Pokemon and returned a smile. The girl was young, like him, but her Pokemon looked tough. That, and Robin knew that it was not a good idea to judge someone's battling skill based on their age. He had made that mistake too many times already.
    "Nice to meet you. I'm Robin." Robin said to Georgie. "It might be kind of direct, but I would like to challenge you to a battle for the Gym badge. "
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