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Ask to Join The Land of Lata (Sign Ups/Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by CripsyPotatoChips, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    RP Thread Here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-land-of-lata.21276/#post-781597
    [Credits go to @misterhipster for inspiring a lot of this]

    Lata is a very rural region, because of the rocky terrain and mountains. There is a lot of wildlife between each civilization, since the residents here care deeply about preserving nature. Professor Cherry has her lab in Rusticus Town, where trainers can receive any starter Pokemon from any region.

    -All Pokecharms RP rules apply
    -Your character can be a trainer or a Gym Leader, just ask me before becoming a Gym Leader
    -This is my first time creating an RP and I welcome advice and tips, please share your ideas!
    -All Pokemon are available for you to use, with the exception of legendaries
    -I love romance so that's fine, please nothing further than kissing

    Now, for the cities and towns!

    Magnificum City- The biggest and most populated city of Lata. It's a very popular tourist location, thanks to it being near Novus Falls. The gym leader is Ella, who specializes in Fairy types.
    Amica City- A very cheerful city, best known for Pokemon Contests. The people are friendly and love to spread rumors about the nearby Aqua Lake. The gym here is Water-type and run by Sarah.
    Furorem City- A city best known for its history of crime and evil. Today, criminals still run the area, and it's rumored that a certain evil organization holds their base here. Xetro's Dark-type gym is located here.
    Perditus City- A hidden city deep in the the Venenum Forest. It's tricky to find on foot, but easy to find in the sky. The people here are mysterious and keep to themselves. Georgina holds her Flying-type gym here.
    Neveis City- This city lies on top of Mount Lapis, and is chilly year-round. It's always covered in snow, except in summer. Of course, a vacant gym is here as well.
    Rusticus Town- A very rural and unpopulated town, which happens to be near great farming land by the coast. The place has quite a few famous bakeries, and a Psychic-type gym run by Brian.
    Calidi Town- This town was built on the side of Mount Magna. The people are proud to tell any visitors who will listen that their town has been standing longer than any other. Georgie, the Fire-type specialist, owns the gym in this town.
    Libertas Town- An unusual town that resides in a cave inside Mount Lapis. A special nutrient provides energy for plants and mushrooms that causes them to glow in the dark. Angie, the Gym Leader, specializes in Grass-types.

    Other Landmarks:
    Novus Falls- Waterfalls that crash down the side of Mt. Lapis near Magnificum City. When the sunlight hits them in the morning, dazzling rainbows are created that can be seen from the city.
    Mt. Magna- A volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years, and it is believed that it won't ever erupt again. Fire-types live around and in it, as it still holds quite a bit of heat. Calidi Town is built on it.
    Mt. Lapis- A higher peak than Mt. Magna, and a much colder one as well. The rocks are special to the mountain and create the nutrient that makes plant life glow inside the caves. Neveis City lies on top, and Libertas Town inside a cave.
    Aqua Lake- It is said that this lake was once the spot of an ancient city, but it was flooded and became this lake. Nobody has found any evidence of this yet, but the stories have always been passed down. It’s close to Amica City
    Antiquorem Lake- Many different fossils are constantly found at the bottom of this lake. Scientists and archaeologists are here very often in hopes of finding more fossils. This lake is near Furorem City.
    Venenum Forest- A foggy and dense forest, which is filled with Poison-type Pokemon. It’s difficult to navigate and spooky at night, so trainers only ever come here to get to Perditus City.

    Character Sheets!

    Name (last is optional):
    Age (16+ for leaders):
    Occupation (leader/trainer):
    Appearance (body and all clothing):
    Pokemon Team: (Not crazy strong, get stronger as you progress)
    Other Notes:

    My Character
    Name: Ella
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Gym Leader of Magnificum City
    Appearance: Ella has waist-length brown hair, kept out of her face with a black headband. She's pale and has a slim figure She wears a purple crop top tied in the middle, and short jean shorts. For shoes, she sports purple flip-flops, unless she's traveling, then she wears purple Converses with white socks.
    Personality: Being a relatively young gym leader, Ella is full of energy, very competitive, and trying to prove herself. However, she often makes mistakes, and she can be very vain and sassy sometimes. She is a well-known figure in Pokemon Contests.
    Pokemon Team: Whimsicott, Togekiss, Swirlix, and Flabebe.
    Other Notes: Ella shares the gym with her twin sister Isa. Isa takes care of the gym while Ella is traveling or at Contests, and vice-versa. (Isa is only an NPC)

    That's all for now, but I'll post info about a possible evil team idea if anyone is interested. I will also post an RP link once a few people have joined.
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  2. I would not mind making a bio for a gym leader. I am also going to tag a friend of mine.

    @Krisseon. Georgie would be perfect for the fire gym leader.
  3. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    @EmoKitty21 Go right ahead with the bio! And thanks for tagging the friend to help spread the word a bit.
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  4. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    somehow i recently find myself liking pokemon rps, so i'll be making a bio pretty soon.
  5. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    I just updated the character sheet, since I realized there wasn't a spot for personalities, so make sure you guys include a brief personality for your character as well.
  6. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Name (last is optional): Georgina
    Gender: Female
    Age (16+ for leaders): 18
    Occupation (leader/trainer): Gym Leader of Perditus City
    Appearance (body and all clothing): Georgina here, wears a light blue blouse, with a white skirt, and white high boots, with designs of an altaria, Her hair is a bob cut dyed in white, and she has dark blue eyes, she's pale and has a normal figure, she stands at 7'00
    Personality: Georgina is pretty friendly, and often makes friends everyday, she's also very talkative, some people even say, she talks to herself, when she's alone in her gym or house, but she doesn't, she's just talking to her pokemon.
    Pokemon Team: (Not crazy strong, get stronger as you progress) Altaria, Vespiqueen, Taillow, Natu.
    Other Notes: people often mistake her as an elderly, which she takes advantage of, sometimes:D
  7. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Hey there. Thanks for the tag Kitty!

    This actually sounds like a really cool made up region. It sounds like it would fit in well with the already existing regions of the pokemon world. So props for that!
    Georgie would totally be a great Gym Leader for Calidi Town, if you'll have her.

    Name: Georgie Bernard
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Fire Gym Leader in Calidi Town

    Georgie has long, wavy black hair that reaches her hips and vibrant ocean blue eyes featuring a pair of dark red, thin rimmed glasses. She's fair skinned with a thin but full frame, and stands at an unimpressive 5'5". Tiny but mighty! She wears a red and black horizontally striped t-shirt with a black hooded vest over it, ripped black skinny jeans and white and red converse high tops. (Left is red, right is white. Hey that rhymes!) Accessories include a black choker and various different bracelets along her arms. She also likes to paint her nails in a black and red pattern to match.

    Georgie is very energetic, getting excited over silly things. This often makes her very rash when it comes to decision making, never really stopping to think things through before barreling into something. She has little to no patience, and at times can be rather short tempered and even a little rude. Despite her disposition and stubborn attitude, she gets along fairly well with most people and can be quite friendly. Once she considers someone a good friend and learns to trust them, she's very loyal and protective of them, even if it's hard for her to verbally express such affections. She has the confidence of a leader, but tends to be a little too hard on herself if things don't go right. She can be a little angsty in these situations, but after going off on her own to blow off some steam she's back to her old self like nothing ever happened. She's gotten very good at rolling with the punches.

    Pokemon Team:
    [​IMG]Pepper the Flareon (M) (Partner)
    [​IMG]Winnie the Quilava (F)
    [​IMG]Whiplash the Rapidash (F)
    [​IMG]Axel the Houndoom (M)
    [​IMG]Ginger the Vulpix (F)
    [​IMG]Archie the Arcanine (M)

    Other Notes:
    - She has 2 sisters she grew up with in Kanto. Her older sister, Ami, and her younger sister, Anika.

    - She loves fire, loves watching things burn and bend to it's will. That's why she chose to be a fire type trainer.

    - She lost her parents at a young age, which is what triggered her fiery temper. She learned that being angry was easier than feeling sad, so anger is the only way she knows how to cope with things that upset her.

    - Her first pokemon was Pepper, an Eevee, which later evolved into Flareon. Being her first, she is very much attached to Pepper, and Pepper to her. More often than not, he travels with her outside his pokeball, as she prefers his company.

    - Her gym is a rehabilitation center for sick or injured fire type pokemon. She takes care of them until they're healthy again. Sometimes when she finds a worthy trainer who takes good care of their pokemon, she'll allow them to choose a pokemon from her center to take with them on their journey.
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  8. Name: Sarah Blackwell
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Leader
    Appearance: Sarah is a petite girl. She is slim but toned. She has a very soft face. Her eyes are a bright pink. It is a rare genetic from her father's side of the family. Her hair is a dark purple. It flows down to her lower back. It is slightly wavy. She is kind of short, 5'3". She tends to wear a bit of makeup. She wears a black smokey eye with a pop of gold in the center of the lid, long fake eye lashes, and a red lip. She never wears blush, and her skin always looks flawless. She has asian looking features. She has a tattoo on her right arm. It is a brick wall in gray scale. It covers from her shoulder down to her wrist. In front of the brick wall is vines in black and grey traveling up to her shoulder. On the vines are the only thing that has color there are red roses of different sizes. Her causal clothes are a black sleeve black sweater the sleeve almost cover her hands, black ripped at the knee skinny jeans, and red converse. When in her gym she wears black bikini with a lace over shit that covers her. When she competes in contest she wears a black dress. It comes to about mid thigh and has a lace overlay. The sleeves end at her elbow. She finishes this outfit off with a pair of dark red high heels. For every outfit there are things she always has on. She always wears a black choker. It has a dark red gem in the middle of it. The gem looks like it would be a ruby. She has gauges in her ears. They look to be made of rose gold. Her nose is pierced with a red heart stud.
    Personality: Sarah is very sweet. Though she can be very competitive. She loves to spend time with her pokemon. She has dreams of traveling and seeing more of the region. She is very laid back. Sometimes her temper will get the best of her, and she will go off. Though it take quite a bit for it to get to that point.
    Pokemon Team:
    Gym: Vaporeon, Lanturn, Azumarill, Corsola, Kingdra, and Swanna
    Personal: Umbreon, Grumpig, shiny Lopunny, Beautifly, Milotic, and Litten.
    Other Notes:
    • She is the water gym leader in Amica City.
    • She competes in contest whenever she can.
    • Her Litten will not evolve.
    • Umbreon was Sarah's first pokemon. She tends to stay out of the pokeball.
    • Lola is Sarah's shinny Lopunny
    • Amethyst is her Grumpig
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  9. I’d like the chance to join and make a Psychic type Gym Leader when I have time.
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  10. I'd be happy to fill out a sheet for a Poison Gym Leader, if you're still looking of one. Just let me know.
  11. Name: Brian



    Psychic type Gym Leader of Rusticus Town

    Standing at 5'11" with skin between Pale and Fair, Hot pink eyes and smooth Dull dark blue hair that goes down to his shoulders. His attire consists of a Black t shirt underneath a Fuchsia knee long closed trench coat with a White scarf, Dark brown pants, Black boots and a Fuchsia pointed fedora.

    Brian is a kind and friendly individual who tries to behave like a gentleman (mainly to women). He has a great sense of humor, a strong belief in destiny and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them.

    Pokemon Team:

    Gallade (M)
    Gothitelle (F)
    Metang (Shiny?)
    Espeon (F)
    Meowstic (M)

    Other Notes:

    His mother is a proud Pokemon veteran while his father is a gifted fortune teller who could see visions of the future, but Brian didn't inherit his father's gift, but was raised well nonetheless.
    He also has a Flygon in his team who mainly transports Brian around wherever he wants.
    His Gallade and Gothitelle are lovers.
    His gym has appendages a fortune teller would have.
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  12. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

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  13. Speaking of towns, do you plan to edit your first post to say who owns which Gym to save others scrolling around and looking through bios?
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  14. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    I just did! Refresh if it doesn't show up
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  15. Do the trainers have to be just starting out on their journey? Or can they be more experienced, e.g. already have traveled through a few regions?
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  16. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Hey, might I suggest that those who are gym leaders make a trainer character as well? Just so we have a better ratio of leaders to trainers? Although I guess that depends on how many people you would like to join.
  17. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    @Captain Cardboard Either option is fine, just as long as they're not already a Champion of another region.
  18. If permitted, I may consider making a trainer, although I may not always prefer character juggling.
  19. I like the idea of trainers with experienced teams. It could be fun to not have some gym leaders be weaker because of the new trainers.
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  20. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    If you guys want to create trainer characters, that's totally fine with me. I personally won't because it's easier for me to focus on one character.
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  21. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Well it can be an optional thing of course. It really depends on how many people join. I may add a trainer sense I'm used to playing more than one role.

    Also for any trainer characters, Georgie's gym is a good opportunity to earn a new fire type pokemon sense it doubles as a rehabilitation center. So there's a bit of incentive to strive for a trainer character lol.
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  22. And I may make another trainer for the simple reason of expanding on my creativity.
  23. @Krisseon, you could make a challenge for them to able to get the pokemon. Maybe Georgie wants to see if they are able to care for the pokemon they receive from her.
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  24. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Yeah that's the idea lol. The trainer needs to prove their worth and their ability to care for their pokemon before she gives the pokemon to them.

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  25. May I join? This region reminds me in a way of Italy, which is one of my favorite countries IRL.

    Name (last is optional): Scarsi Bonaccorso (Goes by Scar)
    Gender: Male
    Age (16+ for leaders): 23
    Occupation (leader/trainer): Former ice type gym leader of Neveis City. Now a ‘mysterious’ trainer wandering around the region.
    Appearance (body and all clothing): Wears a full winter jacket with a hood, no matter where he is. The heat from the jacket doesn’t bother him, and he is even rumored to be perpetually cold (which is false). He is somewhat average height, but very thin and athletic, able to move quickly during battle, even in his cumbersome jacket. The jacket is padded and also has lots of survival gear. He used to climb mountains with his Pokemon, which is how he found Neveis Town and became gym leader. He has dark brown hair and light colored skin. His eyes are blue, but sometimes look green in the right light.
    Personality: Similar to his rumored temperature, he is pretty cold towards people. He has no interest at all towards romance, and generally has a hard time getting close to friends. When he is close to a friend, they will stay friends for life, however. This is the case with many of his Pokemon.
    Pokemon Team: His team consists of his partner since childhood, Sneasel (Ulysses), which he hasn’t yet to evolve; an Alolan Sandslash (Achilles), which he got during his journeys; a Piloswine (Aeneas), which he will ride around mountainous areas on, and was caught somewhere in Kalos; a Delibird (Saint), which was wild and still helped him once when he was trapped on the mountainside by giving him food; and a Walrein (Breaker), which was originally his dad’s so it is really old and strong and often is kinda lazy.
    His Pokémon trainer card is on my profile.
    Other Notes:
    - He left the gym because very few trainers ever made it up the mountain to fight him, and he felt he wasn’t needed. However, all of the other trainers in the roleplay will not know this. They will only think that he mysteriously disappeared for no reason. Ever since his disappearance, he has travelled the region and some neighboring regions, climbing mountains with his Pokemon and generally just looking for purpose. The alias he has used since his disappearance is Evan Esco.

    I might add another trainer, but this is it for now.
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  26. I’d like to create a gym leader for Libertas town, I’m thinking either Grass or Ghost. Is that spot still available?
  27. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Yes, I do believe the Libertas gym slot is still available. Crispy has updated them to show who has claimed each gym so far.
    I think a grass type gym leader would be a great choice, with some secondary ghost typing in the mix. That's just my opinion though. :)
  28. Name: Angelica Elizabeth Hilton (Goes by Angie)
    Gender: Female
    Age (16+ for leaders): 17
    Occupation: Grass Type Gym leader of Libertas Town
    Appearance: Angie is fairly androgynous appearance wise, and could easily be mistaken for a boy. She stands at about 5’ 8”, has dark grey eyes, and is not very curvy or feminine. Angie has light skin, freckles, and short, feathery brown hair. She uses her appearance to get away with dressing as masculine or feminine as she wants. Usually for Gym Leader duty, she’ll opt to be more girly to avoid confusion. She’ll wear a lavender hoodie and black shorts embroidered with a floral pattern. Her hoodie’s drawstrings are a soft pink ribbon.
    Personality: Angie is not much of a talker, and when she does speak, her voice is very soft and hard to hear. Despite this, she is a kind and faithful friend to most. She finds the best way to show someone you care is through actions: small favors and gifts, or something as simple as remembering a birthday. Angie is very patient, and will go with the flow most of the time.
    Pokemon Team: Morelull, Trevenant, Dhelmise, Lombre, Pumpkaboo
    Other Notes: She enjoys confounding her opponents in battle by using gestures and cues instead of words to command her Pokémon.

    Let me know if I need to add anything!
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  29. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    @Condor and @Pokéboy098, you are accepted! @Condor, grass was literally the type I was hoping for in Libertas town, so that's perfect! @Pokéboy098, the inspiration for this region kind of was Italy/Greece, and all the names of everything is Latin.

    Edit: Since we have a bunch of people now, I'll open up the RP. I also want to warn you all that I have a pretty busy summer and can't be posting very frequently except on weekends, so I apologize for that.
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  30. Here's my character!

    Name: Robin Deux
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Trainer
    Appearance (body and all clothing): Robin stands at about 5'10, and has light blue slightly scruffy hair. He usually sticks with pretty plain clothes, preferring simple blue jeans and a green t-shirt. He is relatively muscular, due to his working out and self training. The shoes he wears are some worn down hiking boots, and usually his clothes are rather dirty. Robin also carries around a large backpack with camping supplies, and a sword that he uses to clear away brush when making a path and to Tutor Pokemon moves. Robin has blue eyes, and a scar across the bridge of his nose
    Personality: Robin is usually a pretty happy go lucky kinda guy. He loves exploring and seeing new places even more then he loves battling Pokemon. He tries to stay chill and does not get angry often.
    Pokemon Team: Q the Kirilia, Rea the Absol, Sam the Farfetch'd, Cherry the Plusle, and Big Turk the Blastoise.
    Other Notes: Has been to quite a few regions, but never really sticks around long enough to challenge every single gym leader in the region. Maybe this one will be different...
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  31. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

  32. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Welp, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this site. Guess I’ll start with this roleplay, since it sounds quite nice!

    Name: Kaylee Arnett (Can also go by Kayla)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Kaylee stands just right at about 5’4, which is quite tall for her age. She mainly wears somewhat casual clothing, mainly wearing a pink t-shirt with a white hoodie, along with black pants with two, small white stripes. She has black, quite long hair but she always tries to keep it clean, despite it mainly being quite hard work. She has light blue eyes and wears a pink watch on her left hand.
    Personality: Kaylee isn’t the most talkative type, but does speak somewhat loudly whenever she does speak. She is energetic, and barely sleeps during the night. Kaylee can be quite stubborn at times, actually many times, and often is the one in front of everyone. She also can be easy and quick to anger, but mainly is friendly at most times.
    Pokémon Team: (nickname/species/gender)
    Eva, Eevee, Female
    Pikachu, Female (doesn’t have a name)
    M, Minun, Male
    Flare, Combusken, Male
    Other Notes:

    I don’t have much, but:
    - Kaylee has traveled to many destinations in all of the regions, but despite that, has barely focused on battling, she does maybe does like three gym battles here and there, but she mainly travels as she is barely even at her home.

    - She has released two Pokémon: a Pidgey and a Vivillion for them to return home

    - She has a Wingull, but she mainly doesn’t travel with it, and keeps it in her home in Hoenn.
  33. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Hey Crispy, just thought I'd help you and everyone else out by saying the rp thread is up here, cause I just now realized this myself and I'm not sure if anyone else (other than who already posted of course) has noticed yet lol.
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  34. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Name (last is optional): Xetro Nexus
    Gender: Male
    Age (16+ for leaders): 20
    Occupation (leader/trainer): Dark Type Furorem Gym Leader
    Appearance: Xetro usually has his black hair combed and wears a black suit, dress shoes, tie, and pants. He has white gloves on most of the time as well as a white mask around his eyes.
    Personality: Xetro is energetic and outgoing despite the typing of his gym. He seems like a pretty nice guy. However that's all on the outside. In reality he's sadistic and ruthless and isn't above hurting people for his own gain.
    Pokemon Team: Gym: Hydreigon, Greninja, Drapion, Pupitar, Nuzleaf
    Personal: Greninja, Crobat, Eelektross, Aegislash, Darmanitan, Claydol
    Other Notes: Once Xetro used to be a prodigy in an elite Pokémon school which he studied at before he got his trainers license. After he got it he journeyed through the region and earned badges and experience to add to his expertise on Pokémon battling. He eventually got recognized as a potential gym leader and got the role making the gym at Furorem the first dark type gym.

    Is it all right if I make this oc an evil team leader? I have a reason for why he'd be a leader at his age.

    Edit: sorry just realized you have plans for an evil team. It'd be cool if I could still get that role tho. I could make plans for what the evil team does to take some work off you.
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  35. I'll go ahead and make my post to introduce Brian.
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  36. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier!
    @Jurilios, Accepted, welcome!

    @5DigitNeb, Also accepted, and we can twist my ideas for the evil team a bit. It'd be much easier to have an actual person be the leader anyways.
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  37. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Got it. Would it be ok to discuss in a convo? (PMs)
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  38. Considering the town Brian is in is very close to the countryside, would it be normal to see local wild Pokemon roam about every now and then?
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  39. CripsyPotatoChips

    CripsyPotatoChips Previously HoennPokegirl

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  40. @Pokéboy098, you need to edit you post. It is in present tense and you could get in trouble for that. Also guys you need to stop excessively using Ooc text in the RP. That is what private messages are for.
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