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Private/Closed The Kerlo Reigon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nyxel, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. If you want to join in on our fun go the the discussion of this rp. sorry i don't really know how to link it but if an admin could i would love that but other than that. Welcome to the Kerlo region a reigon far away from Kalos and far away from Union but kind of close to Kanto. this reigon is the reigon where new dreams are found and new love is found.

    Oh yeah Btw:
    At least a paragraph
    and plz don't have your character like pop out of nowhere and challenge other people
    unless you are near them.
    also (Not a rule but i would like you to do this)
    Plz go to the discussion if you want to join and plz ask me to join

    "one more minute mom" Ziro yawned as his mom was shaking him "Ziro get up your late " Ziro's Mother yelled at him. Ziro groaned then he got up "late for what.. " Ziro said sleeply. " late for exploring this new reigon of course ex-plasma member " His Mother teased. Ziro sighed then he got dressed then he went down stairs and he fixed himself breakfast and then Servine and vulpix came tumbling down the stairs because of his mother "Mom now don't be mean to servine and vulpix" Ziro yelled.

    (OOC: Um what them to live kind of close to each other or no)
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  2. "Gah!" Astral woke up to a loud screech, she and her Houndour ran downstairs. Her mum was trying to take Zubat's food away and Zubat was using Supersonic. "No! You have had too much!" Astral's mother yelled. "Mum! Let him eat!" Astral yelle d. Her mum put down the food quickly and Zubat stopped screeching, beginning to eat. Astral gave her Houndour some food and got some herself.
  3. (OOC: Sure :))

    BIC: Astral walked outside to get pushed down. "Hey!" She growled. "Look, girl. You aren't a Team Flare member anymore, so you have to give Houndour and Zubat back," The Team Flare member grunted. "No way am I doing that," Astral snapped. "Fine then,Mightyena! Dark Pulse!" He yeleld, sending out his Mightyena. It charged up the move and blasted it at Astral. "Ahhh!" Astral screamed, as she and her pokemon prepared for the hit.
  4. Ziro walked outside only to see Astral and her pokemon about to be really hurt. "crap " he groaned then he sent out Servine and he smiled "ok Servine use Leaf tornado and sent that team flare dude flying" Ziro smiled then Servine nodded then the small Servine used a large Leaf tornado and she scooped up the two bad guys and she sent them flying "man tell me again not to get on her bad side" Ziro thought then he walked over to Astral "Hey you ok" he smiled.
  5. Astral blushed. "Uh, t-thanks..." Her Zubat flew over to his Vulpix and screeched kindly, whilst her Houndour licked Astral's face. Getting up, she smiled nevously. "I uh, I used to be a member of Team Flare...." She scratched the back of her head embarrassed.
  6. Ziro smiled then he looked at her and he offered her a hand "um Team flare you say...eh not to bad they did in fact kill themselfs " he smiled then he looked at her "i'm a ex-team plasma now thats a bad team" he joked then he smiled. His vulpix yipped happily back at her Zubat
  7. Astral laughed. "Team Plasma? Wow, we were both in bad teams," She smiled. She let him help her up. Zubat wanted to play with Vulpix. "Im Astral, and this is Houndour and Zubat!"
  8. Ziro nodded then laughed as well "what team flare wasn't bad they were...um how do i put this...they wanted to kill them selfs "he groaned then he looked at his pokemon and he smiled "I'm Ziro and this is Servine ...the super heroine of this group and this little gal is Vulpix she a little hyper sometimes." he smirked. Vulpix smiled then she wagged hers showing that she wanted to play
  9. Zubat flew around Vulpix, Astral smiled. "They seem to like each other!" She laughed. "So, are you going on a journey?" She sked, turning to Houndour and picking him up.
  10. Vulpix started to chase Zubat, Ziro chuckled. "yep they sure do " he smiled. "oh a journey well yeah i guess i am...why do you ask" Ziro asked with a smile then he picked up Servine and he smiled "isn't she the cutiest" he chuckled
  11. "Well, I was wondering if anyone else was going to go on a journey, I am going on one too, you see," She smiled. "And she is very cute," Astral giggled. She watched as Zubat and Vulpix flew/ran around them.
  12. Ziro smiled then nodded "oh thats awesome...hey wanna travel together we could get to know each other more and we could both protect each other. " he said with a smile then he looked at vulpix and Zubat and he laughed. vulpix continued to chase zubat

    Not to far away, a certain team Flare member landed on certain team plasma member who was tracking down Ziro "oww where did you come from " she groaned as the boy was on her back "get off " she wined.
  13. "Nice idea!" She caught Zubat and hugged him gently. "So, where do you wanna start? Maybe we can meet some new pokemon!" She smiled.
  14. (OOC: So are we allowed to add new pokemon into this rp. i mean like fakemon not the new pokemon)

    Ziro smiled then he picked up Vulpix and he hugged her gently. "well we can start now if you want" he smiled

    (OOC: Btw i did that little flare guy fall on a plasma girl for one reason ...so we could have a plot , like for one we are gonna get all badges but along those two will try and stop us)
  15. Gale stretched, sighing in content when her muscles and bones popped. Throwing the blankets off and hitting the alarm clock. The blonde haired girl quickly got dressed and tripped over her fighting type, who barged into the room to wake her up. She slide down the railing of the stairs, bag in hand. Collecting breakfast and gathering all of her Pokemon, she almost made it out the door but her mother stopped the girl, "where is my hug"?

    "I know I know but I got to go," Gale urged as she gave her mother a hug anyway. The older woman just laughed and let her youngest go, the girl booking it out of the door with her Pokemon following behind her.
  16. Ziro happened to notice Gale as she came out of her house. "why hello there " he waved over at her and he grinned then he picked up his vulpix and he hugged her close " hey are you going on a Journey too" he asked gale then he looked back at His other friend and he sighed "so Astral want to leave soon for our journey " he smiled at her
  17. "Oh! Uh, hi nice to meet you. Yeah I'm starting on my journey," Gale skidded to a stop when the other trainer spoke to her, mankey running into the back of her legs. The fighting type peaked out behind them and looked up at his trainer to ask why they had stopped. He then proceeded to try and climb onto her shoulders making her stumble forward, "Marko! Stop, your to heavy"!
  18. Scarlet woke up in the motel room. Her Spoink was at her side reading a magazine. She yawned and sat up. Scarlet checked the time and went to the lobby with Spoink to grab breakfast. They scooped up the door and put it on their plates and found a seat. They both ate their food as Scarlet showed all the cool places to visit to Spoink
  19. Ziro noticed the the girl was about to fall then he went up to her and he caught her from falling "hey you ok" he smiled at her then he sighed "hey would you like ...i mean more the merrier " he smiled at her then he looked at his other friend and he sighed "but we will probably wait until everyone comes to a conclusion " he smiled then he let go of gale, as a small redness appeared because he was holding her up.
  20. "A journey with you guys? Sure," Gale smiled as she dusted herself off once Ziro helped her up. She was now giving her Pokemon a piggy back ride, the fighting type happy and looking over her shoulder. Gale pushed some locks out of her face and stretched, "uh? Oh my name is Gale, you are? Marko loosen up bud, your choking me".
  21. Ziro chuckled then he looked at the fighting type and he smiled " Oh I'm Ziro i'm an ex- team plasma member so if we get attacked by a team flare or team plasma member don't be alarmed ..its alright " he smiled then he looked down at her and he grinned " so what are your pokemon other than mr. choke" he laughed. Servine climbed on his head and she stared at Marko "oh this is Ivy" he smiled and the vulpix over there is Flare" he smiled
  22. Absol strolls down to the lobby of the hotel and finds Scarlet sitting with Spoink. She hands absol a Pokepuff for not waking her up. Absol loves her food! Scarlet throws away her scraps and changes for training day. She walks out of the hotel and will return later. The sunlight beamed down on them as she walked into the forest finding a small clearing to train. Spoink and Absol clash against each other. Scarlet sends out Mandabuzz and he flies around in the trees. (Instead of Wailmer I'm gonna add Emolga) Scarlet also sends out Emolga who flies around with Mandabuzz.
  23. Little did they know Kamon Pearl had overheard this.
    "So you have some nice pokemon. And you used to be in team plasma/flare. Would you like to hav a battle?"
  24. (OOC: Um Legendphoenix did you make a character? i dont see it in the discussion where everyone elses characters are)
  25. Absol fired a shadow ball attack and Spoink bounced over it. "Nice job Spoink!" Scarlet yelled to her. Absol fired several this time. Spoink continued to dodge them. Emolga landed on Scarlet's shoulder and rubbed against her. Mandabuzz landed as well and stood watching them.
  26. "Oh well I have Marko, who you've met, Tealeaf my stantler and Nyx my Gastly," Gale smiled fixed her jacket, she also fixed Marko's arms so he wasn't choking her. She motioned to her pokeballs on her sash, and grabbed one of them to release another one of her Pokemon. A ghost type appeared and cried out happily, "this is Nyx. The biggest troublemaker of my team".
  27. Ziro smiled then he nodded "wow those look awesome " Ziro replied then he looked at her pokemon then he smirked " you seem to have some awesome pokemon Gale ..." he smiled then he looked back at her " So what brings you to Kerlo??" he asked then Flare looked at Marko and she ran up to him and she smiled at him. "hehe i think she wants to meet him" Ziro smirked
  28. "Come on Marko she's not going to bite," Gale shrugged her fighting type off of her back. He climbed down and rolled over to flame, stopping infront of her sitting crosslegged. Nyx floated around Gale's head before stopping beside her head, "my mother and I moved here so I could have a different experience then more older sisters".

    Nyx smirked when she noticed her teammate wasn't paying attention, floating down behind him. The ghost type screeched loudly, making both Gale and Marko jump. Marko launched forward away from the noise barreling toward Flare.
  29. Ziro smirked then he looked back at gale , i think Nyx may like to prank people " he smiled then he looked at her and he blushed again , he kind of thought she was a little cute. When Marko smashed into Flare from him running at her. which made Flare fall over and she felt her nose hurt and she whimpered. She then started to cry. "aww its ok Flare he didn't mean to" Ziro said then he picked her up and he looked back at Gale "thats cool i guess everyone needs something new" he smiled
  30. "Nyx! Yeah I'm so sorry about her," Gale smiled sheepishly as she wrapped her arms to pull her ghost type closer. Marko ran after flame once he got up, trying to apologize with worried cries. Gale called her fighting type over and he wandered over to his trainer, "yeah, new experiences are good for people and my mom was getting bored of our old place anyway".
  31. "no its alright Gale...shes ok" Ziro smiled the he looked at her and he smiled "hey Marko would you like to play with her ...i think she would like someone like you to play with" he smiled. Flare jumped down and she drooped then she giggled at him. She then jumped up and down "aw cmon Marko look she wants to play"
  32. They finished training and decided to take a swim. They got into their bathing suits and swam at the hotel's pool. Emolga and Mandabuzz decided to bathe in the sun and read magazines. They splashed each other bath and forth for a few hours. When they were finished they darted up the their room to dry off. They showered off and put on robes. Scarlet collapsed on the bed and Spoink followed. Emolga sat on the window seat, they were on the top floor of the hotel, and Mandabuzz decided to sit on the floor. Absol curled up next to Mandabuzz ans they both slept.
  33. Marko turned back to flare and bounced around, happy that he hadn't hurt his new friend to bad. He leapt round, doing flips and tricks as he tried to show off. Nyx pulled out of her trainers grip, and started to float around the group. Gale watched her Pokemon before stretching and flipping her hair out of her face, "atleast we know they can get along. If we are all going on a journey then it's important that they can".
  34. Ziro smiled then he nodded "yeah. I hope they all become good friends " he smiled at her and he looked around " So Gale what kind of pokemon types do you prefer" she smiled. Flare giggled then she hugged Marko and she smiled "vulpix" she said which meant "wow You are so awesome Marko"
  35. "Mankey man! key key," Marko smirked putting his arms around flame to spin her around, effectively saying 'thank you for your compliment'!

    "I don't really prefer any type of pokemon. My eldest sister specialized in fairy types but had a staravia as a partner. I'm not really looking for one main type of pokemon," Gale beamed brightly, enjoying the weather and watched as Nyx floated around her then Ziro. Then around Astral before deciding to take up the space beside Gale's head, nuzzling into the hair.
  36. Flare smiled then she spun around and she blushed alittle "Vulpix, pix, pix" Flare smiled at him, which meant " your welcome"

    "oh really thats cool ..i like all pokemon as well but i just love Grass types and Fire types " he smiled then he looked at Nyx and he smiled then he laughed " Your Nyx is funny " he smiled at her
  37. "Yeah when she's not terrorizing people and her friends," Gale nuzzled the ghost type back. Nyx rested on her trainers shoulder looking down at Ziro's grass type and smiled evilly, sticking her gouge out as she was getting more attention. Gale gently butted her head against the ghost type when she saw this but sighed when Nyx acted like she had done nothing wrong, "your Pokemon are adorable by the way".
  38. Blu smiled. He watched from a roof, the three trainers going about. He wrote down a few things they said, planning to use it later, just in case. Soon he stopped writing, then grabbed his Scyth, then putting it away in his bag, then he spoke.

    "Hey Ladies, and Ziro." Blu smiled, staying up on his roof. "So, not to rush or anything, but didn't you say you were going on a journey around the Region? Or did mu ears deceive me?" Blu smiled.
  39. Gale was spooked a little by the sudden appearance of the new trainer. She bowed her head in acknowledgement went she realized he might not be a threat. Nyx looked at Blu and tilted sideways, watching curiously and patiently. Marko put Flame down and bounce around some more almost rolling into Blu before noticing he was there. Gale looked over at Ziro and tilted her head like her Ghastly, "are you two friends? Not matter! The more people the better, right"?
  40. Ziro smirked then he looked up at Blu and he smiled "aww cmon Blu you sure you don't want to come i mean there is two girls and one boy...if it was just me...it would look like i was doing something bad " he chuckled then he looked at Gale and he smiled "aw thank you...they are know for their adorable ness " he smiled

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