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Ask to Join The Kara Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JellyKat, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Alright. This is a all new Pokemon region with it's own team, Team Ascension. Any Pokemon aside from legendaries and fakemon can be found here. Basically a Pokemon journey with different trainers, whether they are fighting for Team Ascention or battling gyms.

    For the starter Pokemon you can choose any baby Pokemon. Most of all let's have fun :D

    Future Team:

    Name: Kris
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Moods change rather quickly, short temper, but means well. Can be impatient and is brutally honest. Speaks what she's thinking, so your either going to get a lot of compliments or a lot of hate.
    Appearance: Short, average weight, dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin.
    Future Team: Luxray, Lanturne, Talonflame, Sandslash, Geourgeist and Gothielle.
  2. A girl tapped her foot impatiently as she stared at the building in front of her. The brunette had arrived awhile ago, but the professor said that she needed to get a few things ready before she let the girl in.

    "I knew I shouldn't have come early." Kris muttered irritably...She wasn't much of a patient one.

    "Sorry for the wait. I had to get the specific Pokemon you requested from the backyard." Professor Mable said as she awkwardly ran her hand through her pale blonde hair.

    Kris sighed in annoyance, but gave a nod of understanding. The professor set the pokeball on the oak table once they were inside. Suddenly the annoyance, became excitement. The brunette throws the red and white ball to reveal a Shinx.

    "I'm naming you Apollo!" When the Shinx seemed to be okay with the nickname, Kris picks the blue Pokemon up and begins walking out the front door.

    "Forgetting something?" Professor Maple calls from across the room waving a case of Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Running back, the brunette takes the case and shoved it into her bag.

    "Thanks." The Shinx seemed to agree as it began purring. The blonde chuckled.

    "No problem. Stay safe out there." The woman says as Kris sprints out the front door, onto her new adventure.
  3. Name: Zen
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He has a great sense of humor, and is very caring. He is a pacifist, meaning if he sees bullying, or anything of the sort, he will do whatever is within his power to make things right.
    Appearance: He has medium-short length pink hair, green eyes, average weight, 5'10" (AKA slightly above average), very slightly tanned skin.
    Future Team: Lucario (Ryu), Houndoom (Melody), Arcanine (Blitz)

    Zen ran out the front door, with his muffin and bottle of water still in hand. He was really anxious, and he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be late, unlike other times...

    Upon arriving, he saw a girl run out of the building excitedly, holding a Shinx in her arms. "They had a Shinx?" He asked himself, looking back at her for a while, then back at the front door.

    "Okay, Zen. You can do this. Just walk in there, and ask for your Pokemon. It's that simple." He told himself. Upon opening the doors, and walking inside, he somehow managed to trip, and fall over onto the wood floor. "Oooowwwww..." He mumbled with his face in the floor.
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  4. In her flight of excite Kris forgot something very vital to her quest. She took the gosh darn case, but somehow left the bag containing her food supply. Sure she had her bag with the clothes, sketchbooks and such, but not the one with food and fresh water.

    Once again she had to back track. Her Shinx makes himself comfortable on her head, as she walked back to the lab. No point in waiting her energy is there?

    Opening the door, she sees a pink haired boy fall flat on his face. Managing not to laugh, Kris bent down and poked the boy to get his attention. Obviously the boy was embarrassed and she should've reassured him, but instead she said.

    "Your hair is glorious. How do you get the dye to keep it's color?"
  5. After a while, he feels something poke his arm. It is then followed by a question concerning his pink hair. "Oh, well I just take a Jigglypuff, and rub it all over my hair until the pink from the Jigglypuff wears off onto my hair." He says sarcastically, turning his head to the left, where he saw the girl that asked the question, and poked him; the same girl from before.

    Up close and personal like this kinda made Zen feel awkward, but once he got a good look at her, he started to...blush a little. "Um...h-hi." He managed to say, afterwards beating himself up inside for saying that, when he could have thought of something smoother.
  6. "Um... h-hi." He muttered, before seemingly getting angry at himself. Kris waved, helping the boy get to his feet. Sparks came off of Apollo as it growled at the new boy. The Shinx made itself clear that it did not like Zen.

    "So what Pokemon are you think about getting." The brunette says trying to soothe the small lion. The boy peered warily at the blue Pokemon, before answering.

    "Um, I'm thinking about..."
  7. name : Nick
    gender : male
    personality : solo type of guy but is more than happy to join others on their adventures, enjoys to drop occasional puns, is sometimes sassy and cares a lot for his pokemon
    appearance : skinny and tall, has medium length platinum blond hair that covers one of his eyes, wears beige jeans, white turtle neck sweater and a black leather jacket, honey yellow eyes and very pale skin
    future team : Electrivire, Blaziken, Mamoswine, Lucario, Alakazam, Sableye


    Nick was walking over to the lab, he was exited to start his journey as a pokemon trainer ever since he was 5, he was also excited to meet other trainers so it wasn't long before he found himself running over to there.

    Nick finally arrived to the lab and noticed 2 other boys there, and one of them had....... pink hair?
    "hi! I'm Nick, I'm here to get my new starter, what about you guys?" he asked cheerful as always
  8. (@JellyKat It seems that you did some of the rp for me, which I believe counts as god modding, I think. I'll let it slide this time, though. @Lord Of Pain There is only one other boy, the other is a girl. :p)

    Zen gets helped up by the girl. "Um, I'm thinking about getting a Riolu. I've always respected Riolu, and Lucario. Riolu is cute, and strong!" He says, starting to raise his voice a bit. Zen then noticed someone else enter out of the corner of his eye. He introduced himself, and asked Zen and the girl beside him what they were doing.

    "Oh, we're here for the same reason. Well, I am at least." He replies, looking over at the guy who says his name is Nick. "You can call me Zen. It's nice to meet you."
  9. (from what i read in Jellycat's last post she described Kris as a boy.... i may have read it wrong)

    "nice to meet you too Zen!" Nick said as he stuck out his hand for a hand shake, "i have a feeling that we'd get along pretty well" he added with a big smile plastered on his face
  10. (OOC: Yeah sorry. I've only roleplayed once before and it was with a group of friends. We were very loose on rules and what not.)

    "Actually, I'm here to pick up my bag. I've been forgetful the whole entire day I swear." She walked towards the chair that she left her bag on and left the lab. Again. How irritating.

    Once she was out the door Kris spotted a group of people in black and purple with the unmistakable A design. Team Ascention.

    She tries to stay out of sight, but was easily spotted due to there being no where to hide. Gosh darn it, she can't take them just yet. Kris just got a Pokemon, and there are three of them.

    "We can take the little girl out pretty easily right?" One grunt asked the other.

    'This is not going good. I better call for help.'
  11. He takes Nick's hand for the handshake. "Yeah, I think so too. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about that Shinx there." He said, pointing to his right, where the girl and her Shinx were supposed to be. They had gone off with their stuff. "Huh, I guess she must be in a hurry then." He said. "Anyway, what Pokemon are you looking at getting?"

    (HOLD IT!!! (or try to) I'm done for the night, or...morning. idk, but I'm tired, and going to go to sleep now. I normally like it when people wait for me to return, but I can see if you don't want to do that. anyway, until later!)
  12. Name: Lystice "Lys" Hervey
    Gender: female
    Personality: Somewhat sardonic, and occasionally quick to judge, but thoroughly skilled at figuring people out in time. She's kind at heart, and only wants the best for people, but as the story takes place, she's melancholic after leaving her five old friends behind after moving. Because of this, she's lost her confidence. The silver in her hair is a sort of tribute to these friends, and instead of cutting it like she normally would, she let her hair grow out.
    Appearance: About five-feet-three-inches, with blonde, silver-streaked hair that falls smoothly down her back. Her evergreen eyes have taken on a somber hue, and she wears a black sweatshirt with a Duskull printed on the front.
    Future Team: Noivern, Leafeon, Zoroark, Lopunny, Pachirisu, Growlithe

    Lys turned the corner, approaching the doors to the lab. This was the lab, right? It was the biggest building in the town, though that still wasn't saying much. Either way, she was already through the doors, unsure as ever, until her eyes stumbled across bevies of machinery, and the professor in question. She nodded politely to the woman, who in turn forced a tight-lipped smile back. Perhaps she was exasperated with her job? Regardless, the professor handed her the Pokeball she'd requested, gave her the brief rundown she gave to all new trainers, and sent Lystice off on her way.

    She couldn't help but smile at the thought of the Pokemon, and with more excitement than she had felt in quite some time, she released her partner in question. The Noibat stood on the ground before her, head tilted curiously before fluttering to her shoulder. An involuntary laugh escaped her lips. The little guy was just so cute! He climbed up through her hair, sitting contently on her head, and she stroked his leathery body. She tried to look up at him, but that didn't really work, so she just whispered more or less to herself.

    "I'm gonna call you Kaisa."

    With a commotion nearby, Lystice was snapped from her thoughts. Two trainers, seemingly her age, stood together, as another trainer rushed off with a Shinx in tow. Starting trainers, just like her. With nothing better to say, she approached the two boys.

    "Hi... are you guys from around here?"
  13. (Sorry, I forgot to reply earlier. I'm here now, let's get it on!!)

    As Zen awaited Nick's response, another girl walked up to them, and asked them if they were from around here. "Oh, yeah I'm from the next town over." He said, pointing in the direction of the next town. He then noticed the Noibat sitting atop her head. "Wow, that is such a cute Pokemon!" He said in awe. He then remembered that he had to get his Pokemon from the professor. "Oh shoot, I'll be right back." He said, running over to the professor to retrieve his Pokemon.
  14. Name: Andrew
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Interested by lots of things - the type of guy that could sit down and talk about Pokemon with someone for hours. Not very shy, always looking for new friends. Sometimes makes Youtube videos and livestreams.
    Appearance: About 5,9 with dark brown, slightly curly hair. Hair combed to the side to create a wing effect. Face shape looks very smooth with a sharp chin to complete it all. Probably wearing Under Armour clothing.
    Future Team: Floatzel, Wailord, Umbreon, Hydreigon, Trevenant, Chesnaught
  15. Name:Sky
    Personality:Quiet but can be pretty extroverted, cheerful, loves Pokemon
    Appearance:Short brown hair, with crystal blue eyes,ear rings,with a smug look on his face, wears blue hoodie with skinny jeans and tennis shoes
    Future Team:Weavile, Pikachu, Blaziken, Sylveon, and Diggersby

    A mysterious boy came running threw the door and zoomed pass Nick and Kris. Dylan stopped right when he was beside Zen. Dylan was panting real hard trying to catch his breath. "-pant pant- Is my? -pant- Pokemon here? -pant-
  16. As he was about to grab his Pokemon, someone ran up beside him, clearly out of breath, asking if his Pokemon was here. He decided not to answer, because he figured he was talking to the professor. Zen took his Pokemon, looked at it for a while, and smiled.

    (I'd like to officially introduce my Pokemon into this rp in my next post.)
  17. The prof. smiled and giggled. Yes, your Pokemon is right here! -a Sneasel jumped right behind the Prof's back- -Dylan
    s eyes sparkled in excitement- SO COOL!!! Dylan cried. Sneasel was a pretty fast and hyper Pokemon. The sneasel jumped right into Dylan's arms and looked at Dylan. I think I will call you... Hmmm..... Lets see...I think i'll call you Victor! Victor the Sneasel! Dylan shouted.
  18. OOC: does anyone know how to change the open status to ask to join status?

    Edit: Did it.
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  19. Zen held the pokeball out, and the Pokemon held inside popped out with a bright flash. Once the light subsided, Zen looked down at his Pokemon, which was the exact one that he wanted. He smiled at it joyfully. "Nice to finally meet you, Riolu!"

    The Riolu looked at Zen for a few seconds, before crossing his arms, and turning his head the other way, clearly in disapproval of his new trainer. Zen fell to the ground in shock (you know, the classic anime style. xD). He got back up, and tried to introduce himself. "Hi there, Riolu. My name is Z-" That's as far as he got before the Riolu jumped up, and punched Zen in the face. He was basically sent flying, and hit the wall. He slowly slid down the wall, onto the floor (again, in classic anime style). He moaned in pain. "Uugh, i-it's the hair, isn't it?" He weakly asked the Riolu.

    EDIT: Right before the Riolu picked up his pokeball, he got tackled by a Noibat. The Riolu, however, was not moved. He somehow managed to keep his footing on the floor. The Riolu looked over at the Noibat, and scowled at it. Using this opportunity, Zen reached out, and grabbed Riolu's pokeball, and called him back into it. Zen was then helped up by a girl, who seemed to be scolding her Noibat. Zen wiped off any dirt on his shirt. "Thank you." He told her, before noticing that his pink hair was awry, and tried to mat it back down to its light, and fluffy manner, rather than poking out everywhere.
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  20. Watching everyone run off to the lab, Lystice quickly grew tired of waiting, and headed inside as well. Fortunately, she came just in time to see the boy from before get punched in the face by a Riolu.

    "Oh damn! Are you alright?" She suppressed her initial urge to chuckle, she guessed that not everyone could get a Pokemon as docile as Kaisa. Kaisa..? Where even was Kaisa? She got her answer as the Noibat tackled the Riolu at full force. In a scolding tone, she dragged the boy to his feet.

    "Hey! I was just mentally bragging about how calm you were! Play nice!"
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