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Ask to Join The Kanto Pokemon Trainer Graduate Intake (Pokemon Journey Anime Style) 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. Sign Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sign...intake-pokemon-journey-anime-style-2-0.22899/

    "Dear, _________

    I hope this email reaches you well. My name is Professor Samuel Oak based in Pallet Town, Kanto. You have been selected amongst an array of other bright Pokemon School graduates across the world to be apart of The Kanto Pokemon Trainer Intake. This entails being given everything you need to start your very own Pokemon journey, such as your very own Pokedex, A letter of acceptance to the Pokemon Indigo League Challenge and your very own starter Pokemon. This is an excellent opportunity for up and coming Pokemon Trainer Prodigies to fulfil the undoubted potentially. With less and less people getting accepted for the Indigo League Challenge, this is without a doubt an opportunity that comes rarely.

    Please fill in the questionable attached to this email and please send the filled in questionable back to this address. With the combination of your grades, information from your respective schools and how you fill in your questionnaire. This is how we will decide your Partner Pokemon who you will start your journey with.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    - Professor S Oak"

    Three Months Later...

    Fraser eagerly gazed ahead from the end of the SS Anne at the gracious land of Kanto. He could he feel the electricity in his bones charging up in excitement not being able to a standstill. He started pacing back and forth in anticipation of what possible starter Pokemon he is going to get. This is it, this is going to be the start of his Pokemon Journey and become the greatest trainer in the world... hopefully

    The SS Anne docks at Vermillion City and Fraser doesn't waste any time getting on the first bus to Pallet Town. The bus arrived at Pallet Town and Fraser swiftly exited the mode of transport and impatiently scanned the area. He checked the address on the email and looked around for signs. A sign in the shape of an arrow pointed in a direction and was labelled "Pokemon Laboratory"

    A gleaming smile sprouted on Fraser's face at the almighty glowing sign and sprinted in the direction of the sign. Fraser turned the corner and saw a group of people queueing up in front of Professor Oak's Lab. He joined the queue and entered the lab and the group was herded to a hall that had a podium at the end. There were rows of chairs facing the podium and everyone started to take a seat.

    Fraser sat down next to a couple of people and his leg couldn't stop fidgeting and bouncing. Sitting still is probably the hardest thing he could do right now and I'm sure a lot of trainers in the hall felt the same way.

    After a while, Professor Oak walked on to the podium and the hall went silent.

    "Hello, everyone. Welcome to Pallet Town and welcome to Kanto to those from foreign regions. Today is the day that you get your partner Pokemon, become Pokemon Trainers and set out on your journey. We will call out your names one by one and we will give you your custom Pokedex, certificate of acceptance to the Indigo League challenge and your starter Pokemon." Professor Oak announced.

    "I can't believe this is happening," Fraser said to himself, his leg becoming more fidgety.
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  2. On the bow of the S.S. Anne, Mark gazed over at Kanto with his hands in his pockets, already eager to start his Pokemon adventure. Although he enjoyed the peaceful and scenic trip across the open waters, he was definitely eager to get off the boat and go straight for the lab to get a Pokemon. Mark always considered himself good with Pokemon because of how well he got along with his family's Pokemon back in Galar as well as some of the Pokemon he met back when he was in school.

    When the boat finally docked, Mark immediately walked off and took a big sniff of the air to enjoy what he called that 'New Region smell.' He went over to the bus stop to take the first bus he could get to Pallet Town and decided to look at his phone while he waited to arrive. When the bus finally did arrive, he immediately grabbed his bag and got off to join several other people who all seemed to have the same plan if not something else at Professor Oak's lab.

    When everyone was directed to sit down in some nearby chairs, Mark wasted no time in doing so and preferred to sit near the edge of the rows. While he could hear the excitement if the voices of a few trainers, Mark himself showed no sign of impatience... apart from the rapid tapping that came from his foot while he kept his hands in the pockets of his jacket.
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  3. (This is the last one that I will c&p)

    "We will now start calling out names," Professor Oak said before nodding at his Aide to start reading the list. "First up, Fraser McLeod," The Aide called out.

    Fraser glanced around for a second forgetting his own name. He gulped and stood up then walked over to the Podium and up the stairs. Fraser took a deep breath exhaled as he looked at Professor Oak. One of the famous Pokemon Researchers in the world. Professor Oak reached out his hand and I shook it.

    "Congratulations Fraser. I wish you the best of luck to you and your partner on your journey," He said smiling as he handed me a black Pokedex, a badge case with the certificate for Indigo League challenge inside. Then he finally handed me a Pokeball. I froze and stared at it for a moment. I then carefully accepted the Pokeball and embraced its glory in my grasp.

    "Congratulations, how about you show off what Pokemon you received," Professor Oak suggested. Fraser looked at him in still in awe. he looked down at the Pokeball and felt a sense of power course through his body. He could feel the Pokemon inside desperate to come out and meet its new trainer. Fraser threw his Pokeball high in the and a beam of light emerged from the Pokeball and landed in front of Fraser.

    The light faded and a pale purple Pokemon with brown hips and feet to resemble shorts and shoes. It also had three protrusions on the top of its head. The Pokemon looked at me with a fiery and determined gaze and smirked.

    "Fraser has been given Tyrogue!" The Aide announced to the hall and the trainers in the hall clapped. Fraser zoned out the rest of the hall and kneeled down to be on the same level as Tyrogue. Fraser held out his hand to greet Tyrogue.

    "It's an honour to meet you Tyrogue. Let's become the greatest together," Fraser said. Tyrogue smiled and nodded before confidently shaking Fraser's hand.

    "Okay, please can you return your Pokemon back into his Pokeball and return to your seat please," The Aide said to Fraser. Fraser took out the Pokeball and returned the Tyrogue back inside. Fraser then stepped off the podium and sat down in his chair.
    Fraser sat there with a smile ranging from cheek to cheek.

    "Now the next person is____" The Aide called out.
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  4. Mark simply gave a slow clap as this 'Fraser' guy received what appeared to be the Fighting Type Pokemon, Tyrogue, before he knew it, he heard the Aide call out his name. "Now the next person is Mark Watts." Mark blinked in surprise at how soon he was to receive his own Pokemon, he got up and slowly made his way to the Professor, like the boy before, he shook the Professor's hand before the latter handed Mark a dull yellow Pokedex and Poke ball.

    Mark inhaled and exhaled before he took the Pokedex and Poke ball from Professor Oak and threw the latter upward, the spherical capsule opened to let out the Pokemon who's small figure was purple with a strange mark on it's forehead as well as a lighter shade of purple... diapers? "Mark has been given Toxel!" The Aide announced as everyone applauded like they did with Fraser before, Mark simply knelt down to look at his new Pokemon and pet it's head. "Hey there lil' guy, the name's Mark. You ready for us to become awesome friends and an even more awesome team?" Mark asked with a smile while Toxel briefly stood up on two feet and flexed for Mark and almost fell backwards on his little purple bottom, this made Mark laugh lightly.

    Mark decided to use the Pokedex and scan Toxel. "Toxel, the baby Pokemon. It stores poison in an internal poison sac and secretes that poison through its skin. It manipulates the chemical makeup of its poison to produce electricity. The voltage is weak, but it can cause a tingling paralysis. If you touch this Pokemon, a tingling sensation follows." The Poke dex explained, Mark simply blinked in surprise. "Note to self; be careful on how often I touch you..." He said as he returned Toxel to his Poke ball and put it in his trouser pocket, immediately he moved back to his seat and patiently waited for the next individual to receive their would be travel partner. While he waited, he got out a pair of white gloves to put on his hands the next time he let Toxel out.
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  5. When the SS Aqua docked in Vermillion City, Monroe was one of the first passengers that stepped off, inhaling deeply and relishing the feeling of being able to stretch her stiff muscles. She loved the sea, so when she was trying to decide her method of travel, she'd eagerly chosen the ferry over Goldenrod's Magnet Train. However, after initially exploring the large ship, she found herself desperate for something else to do. Luckily, she'd spotted a group of other Johto natives showing their Pokemon off to each other, and couldn't resist joining their conversation to fawn over their partners, wishing that she had one of her own. Their company had certainly made the trip enjoyable, and before she knew it she was in Vermillion, staring at a bus schedule.

    After such a long trip, she would've much rather walked the rest of the way to Pallet Town, but knew that even if she set a fast pace, she would be late to her ceremony. Reluctantly, she sucked up her disappointment and caught a bus that was headed to her destination, fidgeting nearly the entire way. Once the bus finally pulled into its spot, Monroe took her time exploring the small town before referring to the address within the invitation email that she'd received.

    The lab was rather easy to find, made easier by the town's relatively small size. She followed a number of other teens indoors to a rather spacious hall, where she sat and listened to a short speech by an older man that she quickly recognized as the Professor himself. Her interest newly piqued, Monroe sat up straighter in order to see above the heads of the people in front of her as students were called to the front, applauding as each one released their new Pokemon.

    "...Monroe Arledge!"

    Monroe was a little startled as her name was called, and she nearly stumbled in her haste to walk to the front. When she finally made it, she shook Professor Oak's hand and accepted a blue Pokedex, matching badge case and, with it, a plain Pokeball. She grinned; after such a long journey to make it to this spot, she found that this feeling was definitely worth it. Marveling at the weight in her hands, she hardly waited for any prompt before tossing the Pokeball into the air, wondering what would emerge from its light.
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  6. The light roared out of Monroe's Pokeball, the crashed into the ground and quickly formed the shape of the Pokemon. What stood there was a Pokemon with a red body, with a yellow, flame shaped marking on its stomach. Its head is covered in lumps and has a rounded yellow beak. It clenched the claws at the end of its small arms and released a small ember above it as it cried.


    Maby stood up straight and looked up at Monroe. With a proud posture and a glint in its eye as it greeted its new Pokemon trainer.
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  7. Monroe knelt in front of the small Pokemon curiously, not recognizing the species. She nearly stumbled back in surprise, however, as it spat out an ember above its head. A fire type? Her initial reaction was skepticism. It was far from what she'd expected. After all, there were no wild fire-types in the port city of Olivine, and she hadn't even met many belonging to visiting trainers; they tended to hate being anywhere near the water. Her and the little Magby already had something to disagree about...

    No! This would be fine. She'd graduated from Johto's best Trainer's School, after all, and she always loved a challenge, didn't she?

    "Hey, little guy," she greeted, with a hand outstretched. "It's nice to meet you!"

    The young Magby chirped with what looked to be glee, and with the sound, another ember came tumbling out of its mouth that nearly burned Monroe's hand. She gasped in surprise and withdrew it quickly to avoid the hot material. Her eyes, which had been curious, narrowed, and she stood, a hand on her hip. "Alright, little buddy. Can you cool it a bit with the fireworks?"

    The young Magby's eyes glittered in a way that made her a bit uneasy, but she kept a tight smile on her face and recalled the little fire-type to its Pokeball. Giving the Professor and his Aide a sincerely grateful nod, she returned to her seat, though she was somewhat less sure of herself than when she'd gone up.
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  8. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Abigail gazed dreamily at the shimmering sapphire ocean rippling beneath her feet, relishing the pearly foam the S.S. Aqua kicked up. The disturbance caused artificial ripples to echo out, and although the placid water wasn’t as tranquil as it would be without the vessel, it was still gorgeous. Bittersweet memories from Ballonlea’s school infected any thought in her mind. Of course she would miss the constant neon overhangs, the mythical forest... yet Kanto could be glorious in its own right. It was definitely far more rural, judging by the minimalist cottages she spied in the distance. At least in Kanto she’d have a Pokémon in her own. Her mother would’ve never allowed it if it were her choice. However, her father, who was also a resident of Hammerlocke, felt it was his decision to make after he gained near-permanent custody.

    She exhaled as each of Kanto’s cosy houses became distinguishable from the next, signaling that they were almost there. The whitewater around the boat progressively decelerated. “S.S. Aqua, docked at Carmine Harbor, Vermillion City!” blared an authoritarian voice over the loudspeakers.

    Although there wasn’t anyone to gesture towards, Abigail nodded as if there were. Bodies surged behind her. She sprinted out, hoping not to get snared by the crowd, and breathed a sigh of relief when she was no longer in that position. So Vermillion City? It wasn’t nearly as expansive as Hammerlocke, or even Motostoke for that matter. All she had to do was catch a bus and she’d be at the ceremony.


    “Abigail Cameron!” the Aide bellowed through a megaphone. It was ridiculous, how nervous Professor Oak made her feel. She was trembling, her legs wobbly and knees weak. On the way up to the podium, she nearly tripped over her own high-top. Professor Oak chuckled at this. “No need to be anxious, my girl, it’s a wonderful day! So you’re Abigail Cameron, my notes say you’re from Ballonlea? I think you’ll appreciate the Pokédex and Pokémon I’ve prepared for you, then.” She shook his outstretched hand. Afterwards, he grabbed a tiny, midnight black, square device embellished with misty, pastel pink, blue, and green patches. Her badge case was an identical design. He slid a classic, ruby-red Poké Ball into her hands, to which she gratefully accepted. “Thank you!”

    Upon returning to her seat, she was giddy. “Poké Ball, go!” she whispered. Out emerged a petite bat Pokémon, with a fluffy charcoal midsection, a lavender head and wings, lemon yellow eyes, and ginormous violet ears. She held up her Pokédex. She scrolled down though its information. Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokémon. A Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon. It’s national Pokédex number is 714. This Noibat is female, her height being 1’6”, and her weight being 17.3 pounds. Main Entry: They live in pitch-black caves, exiting only at night in the wild. Their enormous ears can emit ultrasonic waves of 200,000 hertz. Fruits are its favorite foods, and this gourmet carefully picks out only the ripest ones using its sonar. This Noibat currently knows the moves Absorb, Gust, Leech Life, Screech, Supersonic, and Tackle.

    Noibat was drinking all of this in. “You’re so cute!” Abigail whisper-shrieked. “I’ll name you Celeste, it’s a nice name.” Celeste flushed pink a little. Abigail held out her arm, allowing her to grapple onto her cardigan’s sleeve.
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  9. Mark watched as everyone else obtained their Pokemon, one Pokemon appeared to catch his eye; Noibat, a Pokemon that he found to be rather adorable and wished he got... not that hew as unhappy about his Poison/Electric type starter of course. One thing crossed his mind as he listened to Abigail's reaction; he had yet to think of a nickname for his Pokemon, though he may not be too good with names, it never hurt to try and think of one in case he encountered another Pokemon of the same species as his own team. "And I also should've gone and checked what moves lil' Tox has. Eh, I'll do it later." He thought to himself with a shrug, although the word "Tox" appeared to echo in his mind.
  10. (Feel free to do your post of retrieving your pokemon from professor oak if you haven't yet, I just want to get the rp moving.)

    All the other trainers one by one got their starter Pokemon one by one and after the final trainer got given their partner Pokemon.

    "Okay everyone, this concludes the ceremony and from this point on, you are Pokemon trainers and your journey starts here," Professor Oak declared to the hall. All the trainers cheered and applauded Professor Oak.

    "Now for what happens now. We have stalls set up outside so that you can help your self to food before heading off and you can also buy Pokeballs and potions too, which I would recommend. You can take this time to socialise with other trainers, get to know your new partner or you can leave straight away to the next route. This is your journey, so it's your call. I'll be around so if you want to ask me any questions at all don't hesitate to talk to me," Professor Oak explained. "If you're really feeling up to it, there's a battlefield near the stalls as well," Professor Oak then winked at the crowd before the fresh pokemon trainers rose from their seats and exited the hall.

    Fraser heard "help your self to food" and immediately knew what he was going to do. He rode the wave of people until he beached up at the stalls and gazed at the array of food from cake, noodles, pizza, pokemon food and more. Before Fraser dove, into the cuisine, he realised this was the perfect time to hang out with his new partner.

    Fraser threw the Pokeball into the air and let Tyrogue out of the Pokeball. Tyrogue stood cross-armed with a confident look. Fraser kneeled down and pulled out his Pokedex and scanned the Tyrogue.

    "Tyrogue, the Scuffle Pokemon. To brush up on its fighting skills, it will challenge anyone. It has a very strong competitive spirit. It is always bursting with energy. To make itself stronger, it keeps on fighting even if it loses." The Pokedex said. It then also listed the moves that Tyrogue can use in battle.

    "Hey, mate. Are you hungry?" Fraser asked as he got a small bowl of noodles.

    "Ty," Tyrogue said as he flexed his arms before accepted the Pokemon sized portion of noodles. Fraser got a larger bowl and they both sat down a bit closer to the battlefield cross-legged. The two of them happily ate the noodles, just vibing.
  11. Julian Forrest took the same bus as Fraser, but didn't pipe up to question why he looked so anxious about this. It was only natural that they would one day come to this ceremony, after all. He sat directly on the right of Fraser, and glanced at his Tyrogue. Julian was getting very impatient, his name wasn't being called up for a while now. He grumbled, though sorted through notecards he was holding, as if to give a speech.

    Julian decided to muster up the willingness to speak to Fraser. "Hi there! Nice Tyrogue. I see you're a bit anxious about this whole thing. My name's--," he began, a bit proud of how polite he was sounding. "Julian Forrest," the Professor announced while he was trying to engage in conversation. "Yeah... Better be off now!," he exclaimed. He slowly made his way to the podium, putting his notecards in the right order. "I am very honoured to be up here today--," he read his notecards. Of course, the Professor interrupted him once more," Hello, Julian. It's nice to meet another Kantonian at an event like this. Here is your PokeDex, Badge Case, as well as your starter Pokémon.," he stated. Julian was very annoyed, and swiped the three items in one go. "Alright, if I can continue my speech--," he began, but was once again interrupted by Professor Oak when he called out another name. Why can't I give my speech!? This is an outrage! Old man doesn't know when someone is talking I bet... He grumbled back to his seat. Julian did not hear what the three items were for, and opened up his PokeDex out of curiosity. The screen was blank. When reaching for the Badge Case, he accidentally knocked over his PokeBall. A blue-ish white stream of energy poured out, forming into a Bellsprout. "For cripes sake, what is that thing!?," he exclaimed.
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  12. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Abigail noticed a blonde-headed boy a smidge taller than her staring at Celeste, his Pokémon in its Poké Ball instead of outside. Though he was within a talking distance, she chose to continue her silence, instead opting to eye his sealed capsule in exhange. She almost was worried for the poor creature, tucked away already even though it’d just been united with its trainer. Maybe I should eat. Or buy some items, she considered. It wasn’t a terrible idea. Concluding her internal monologue, she began to walk away.

    Celeste, however, didn’t comply. “Noi!” she chirped. Her canary eyes were locked on Toxel. “Celeste, come on. I really don’t want to-“

    “Noi-bat!” Without waiting for her, Celeste fluttered over to Toxel, forcing Abigail to follow. “I’m sorry about her,” she apologized to the boy. She promptly seized her Noibat by its furry body.
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  13. Mark blinked in surprise to see the Noibat he thought cute earlier approach him along with it's trainer, when the girl gave her apology, all he did was smile and stand up while he noticed how everyone began to leave. "Eh, no worries. Your Noibat looks really cute anyway." He said as he attempted to reach out and pet it's head. "Abigail, right?" He asked before he noticed how the Noibat eyed his Poke ball. "I think your lil' friend wants to say hi to mine."
  14. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “I guess so,” she laughed, a bit tense. “I know you got a Pokémon, but I wasn’t here to see it. I got here right after Monroe received her Pokémon. Oh, and the Noibat’s name is Celeste.” As Abigail explained, she disguised herself tickling Celeste’s chest to distill her squirming, replacing it with soft, pitchy tittering. “What Pokémon did you get? You have it in its Poké Ball already, so I was wondering if it was dangerous or something.”
  15. Mark shrugged as he got up and got out the Poke ball... and made sure he still had his gloves on. "Oh this? I got my hands on a Toxel, a Pokemon I hear comes from my home region." He said as he went to open the spherical capsule and the purple Pokemon was let out once more, immediately he waddled up to Mark and raised his arms at him, his behavior no different to that of a toddler, Mark chuckled and immediately went to pick him up like a baby. "Ever since I heard "Celeste's" nickname, I've been wondering what name to give lil' Tox here." He said while Toxel beamed lightly at the word 'Tox' and repeated him.
  16. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “How cute! I remember Toxel, too, I think one of Dad’s neighbors had one. Maybe you could go with... Gale or something? Celeste doesn’t mean anything special. I come from Galar, do you? I thought Toxel was exclusive to us. I wonder how Professor Oak got his hands on one?” Now that she had introduced herself to him, she was beginning to become more cordial in her tone. And she was also disturbed by his Toxel. Had Professor Oak really gone out of his way to collect Pokémon from all regions, just for them? “Wait, what’s your name? Mine’s Abigail, in case you didn’t know.”

    Celeste was flapping her wings now, desperate to escape to meet the new Pokémon. Eventually, hearing her squeak, she let her loose. The Noibat zoomed from side to side, inspecting the baby Pokémon closely.
  17. Julian was just starting to realize the chances of him being a Kantonian getting a Kantonian Pokémon. He could've gotten one from any other region. He scowled at the fact. "Well, come along then, Bellsprout.," he commanded. Maybe he should go talk to Fraser again? It was worth a try. He grabbed some food in a rush, forgetting to get any for his starter. Julian looked around for him, seeing Fraser with his Tyrogue near the battlefield. An idea popped into his head: a battle, their first ever battle. That would probably leave a good first impression. He walked over to him and his starter, with a friendly look to his face. He cleared his throat a bit ,"Hi... again. Sorry for being a bit abrupt earlier. I assume your name's Fraser, I think that's what Professor Oak said." His Bellsprout looked at the Tyrogue, waving one of it's vines as if to say "hello".
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  18. Mark shrugged. "I dunno how Oak got his hands on all these Pokemon, but I sure as hell ain't complaining, I mean, I'm happy with Tox--might call him that--and you look happy with Noibat, just wait until she evolves, I hear Noivern's really awesome." He said before he chuckled when he heard Abigail introduce herself. "Name's Watts, Mark Watts, from Motostoke in Galar and went to school in Alola." Mark said before he noticed how Toxel reached out to try and give the Noibat a... hug? "Do you... wanna go and grab something to eat, maybe check out what items they're selling that'd be beneficial to our journeys?" Mark asked as he lightly gestured to the exit.
  19. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “Sounds fun! I was hoping to pick up a few Poké Balls before I left anyway, and check out some of the food. It’s a long shot, but maybe they’ll have a few curries? And Tox is an adorable name! Just wait until he evolves. Probably not Low-Key form, what with his personality,” she responded. “I always loved the little baby Pokémon, like Azumarill and Pichu. You’re pretty lucky!”

    Abigail was getting excited now. Instead of journeying alone, maybe she’d gain a traveling partner. Subtly. “I live with my dad in Motostoke, and went to school in Ballonlea.”
  20. Tyrogue noticed a shorter trainer and a Bellsprout approach the two of them and proceed to stand up and puff out his chest like a bodyguard or maybe someone who was looking for a fight. Fraser glanced up at Julian midst slurp of the noodles and awkwardly tried to shove the rest of the noodles back into his mouth to give an answer.

    "Oh hi. Yeah, my name's Fraser, sorry I've kind of been in my head all day." Fraser responded putting down the noodles and standing up accidentally highlighting the height difference between the two trainers.

    Tyrogue strolled up to the Bellsprout whilst glaring at the grass type and almost inspected it. You'd think the Bellsprout walked into the wrong alleyway with the way Tyrogue was acting.

    "Tyrogue? why are you being so intimidating? You’re like the size of my bowl of noodles.” Fraser said trying to quickly humble the fighting type before he starts a fight. However, it seemed to only cause one. Tyrogue looked up Fraser with a furious look and then gave the same look to the Bellsprout. Tyrogue then started to aggressively tense its muscles trying to increase its size and grunt in the process.
  21. He chuckled a bit at the way Tyrogue was acting. Julian looked down at his quickly assembled plate with dissatisfaction. "Oh yeah, so... I was wondering if we could maybe battle?," he asked," It could be valuable for the both of us". Bellsprout gave Julian a glare, it was a peaceful Pokémon, not a battling one. It was annoyed by the Tyrogue, deciding to use a weak Vine Whip on it. The Bellsprout then realized what it had started and hid behind Julian's legs. It didn't want to battle, but the Tyrogue was quite a nuisance.
  22. Monroe was elated to finally make it ot of the stuffy hall. The atmosphere seemed a lot less heavy, instead almost buzzing with excitement now that the teens were able to bring out their new Pokemon and meet them properly. She pulled her new Magby's Pokeball from its spot at her hip, pondering it for a moment before tossing it into the air. Like it did before, the light from the capsule took the form of the baby fire-type, who flailed his little arms in excitement at being able to come out again. In his excitement, a spattering of small embers dribbled out of his mouth before drifting to the dirt and fizzling out harmlessly.

    "Aw man, you're not sick, are you?" Monroe wondered aloud, kneeling beside her new companion, though far enough to avoid the hot ash, and putting a hand to its bumpy forehead. The red skin was hot to the touch, and she withdrew her hand with a frown, trying to recall her classes on fire-types. Maybe it was normal for them? She pulled her new Pokedex from her pocket, and the screen blinked to life as she scanned the Magby.

    "Magby is small, but its body temperature is over 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Each and every time it inhales and exhales, hot embers dribble out of its mouth and nostrils. When it is fatigued, black smoke will be mixed in with the flames. This Magby is male, and knows the moves Leer, Smog, and Ember."

    "Alright, so not sick, then. You just can't help it!" Monroe said to the Pokemon, who was blinking curiously at the machine. "Well, even if you're not sick, I bet you could go for some food, huh?"

    At that, the Magby spit out another few embers, which Monroe assumed meant of course. The pair picked their way over to the stalls of food and Monroe stared at everything that was available, from frosted sweets to savory soups. She decided to pick up a piece of cake layered with buttercream frosting and turned to her companion to share. The Magby, however, had wandered over to a different stall and was tugging on the cloth that hung from the tall table. Embarrassed, Monroe rushed over and put a hand on the Magby's back.

    "Hey, hey! If you want something, just let me know, okay?" She chastised, retrieving a small stick of skewered meat from the table and handing it to the fire-type, who took it with a gleeful hum.
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  23. Mark looked up and licked his lips upon the mention of curry. "If I'm lucky, they'll have some spicy curry... I love spicy burger curry... now my mouth's watering just thinking about it..." Mark said as he looked like he was in a dream. Tox raised an eyebrow and immediately gave his trainer a nudge, not one powerful enough to hurt, but to simply get his attention. "So... what do you wanna do first; shop for Poke balls and potions or go find something to eat? I'm hungry, but I can wait for now... unless they have my favorite curry." Mark said with a chuckle. "Wow, you also used to live in Motostoke? Small world we live in."
  24. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “True. Wait, did I say Motostoke? I meant Hammerlocke,” she chuckled. “But yeah, food sounds good right now. I’m more a fan of sweet bread curry. Every time I’d go to a restaurant, I’d order it, or just any sweet curry. We’ll see what Celeste likes when we come to it.”

    Abigail turned to the array of food stalls with a beam. “Celeste!” she called. Celeste obliged, partially because she detected the delectable aroma of berries, and also because of her trainer’s pleasant attitude. “Maybe we’ll find some other regional food, here too, and try it out! I heard Alola has this fried bread treat called a malasada.”
  25. As the vine gently slapped Tyrogue. The fighting type Pokemon's eyes widened and froze for a moment. Tyrrogue slowly guided his widened his eyes on his pec where the vine touched.

    "Uh oh," Finlay muttered.

    Tyrogue clenched his fists tightly and stepped towards the Bellsprout staring into its soul. Fraser then desperately grabbed before the figurative bell rang for the first round. Tyrogue started to violently flail in Fraser's grasp, he kicked and punched Fraser to attempt to set himself loose.

    "Ow! You little-!" Fraser said through his teeth. "Well, as you can see Tyrogue is up for a battle," Fraser said with a pained smile.
  26. Jonathan ironically being the first one there was one of the last ones called. The icing on the cake was when Julian's name was called he got excited but for his dream to instantly crash. Each name he cheered himself, Maybe the next one!, If i don't get called there is always next year!, Eventually the announcer shouted

    "Jonathan Daniels!"

    Jonathan heart skipped a beat when his name was called. Hell yeah! He thought as he jumped off of his seat and ran on stage. He shook Oak's hand, shortly after receiving his pokedex and badge case. Then was the best part his partner. "Your partner is Sandshrew!"

    Sandshrew came out his ball and looked up at his trainer. "Hey little guy, Me and you are taking on the world together" Jonathan said softly. Sandshrew thought than nodded and jumped and clung onto Jonathan arms. He walks out the door of the lab and take a deep breath

    "Let's go!"
  27. "Oh! During my time in Alola's school, a friend there treated me to some Malasadas, and lemmie tell you, they, are, D-E-L-icious!" Mark said almost flamboyantly as he took a good look at the list of what they had and their prices. "I was right to have saved up some cash, whatever we're getting, it's on me." Mark said with a smile towards Abigail as he looked back at the menu. "Let's see here..." Mark said while Toxel's lower jaw hung open with his tongue out, clearly he was just as excited for food just as much as Mark was. His eyes widened when he found exactly what he looked for: Curry. "Here it is!" Mark said, almost excited.
  28. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “No way, you found it?” Abigail exclaimed. “I didn’t think they’d have a hamburger here, let alone curry! Thanks for paying, by the way. Can’t wait to try a malasada.”

    She giggled at Toxel’s reaction to the snacks. “Hey, check out your friend, over there.” She snorted when she noticed that Celeste had a tiny pink tongue peeking from between her lips as well. It was hardly enough to produce a bead of spit, let alone suggest a voracious appetite. “What’ll you get? I’m probably going to go for what I said I liked, sweet curry. And for Celeste... eh, I’ll just let her have some of mine.”
  29. "I think I might do the same and get myself some spicy burger curry, I love mine spicy, but something tells me Tox has yet to handle the kick it has... so I'm gonna get a soda pop with it and a fresh water for Tox." Mark said as he walked over to the person at the counter. "Hi, I'd like to get two curries; one sweet bread and one spicy burger curry if you please, each with a malasada and I'll have mine with a soda pop and a fresh water and..." He looks back at Abigail while he goes to grab his wallet. "You want any drinks?"
  30. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “Just a Fresh Water, please!” Abigail shouted. Internally, she was sort of regretting allowing him to purchase the meal, so she fingered the wallet in her satchel. She remembered packing her savings before she departed. There wasn’t a fortune stored in there, but she figured it was enough to tide her over until she managed to win prize money in Pokémon battles often. Luckily, the Pokémon Centers offered most of what was needed, such as hospitality and healing. “Celeste, you mind sitting down?”

    The fuzzy bat was soaring in circles around the table restlessly, begging for something to eat even though Professor Oak had fed her not too long ago. “Noi!” she complained.
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  31. Mark nodded and watched as she got out a bit of money to pay with, this made Mark smile, even though he tried to be nice, it was... nice to see the lady show a side of generosity as well. "Hey, Tox? Why don't you go and join Celeste at the table, I'll be back with our food." He said softly, Toxel nodded and slowly climbed down his trainer, he waddled over to the table and tried to climb up on to the chair, then on to the table, he struggled a little bit, but made it in the end. When the money was paid, Mark simply stood by and waited for the food to be done. "Heh, this is nice, I never expected to make a friend here so soon." Mark said as he smiled at Abigail.
  32. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “I didn’t expect to make a friend at all, yet here we are. I wonder who else is- Seriously, Celeste, get down!” Abigail interrupted her own sentence when she saw Celeste gaining altitude. “Tox is here, why don’t you play with him?”

    At the mention of her friend, Celeste gingerly lowered, abruptly halting on the surface. “Noibat!” (Tox!) she rejoiced, stomping her little feet. “Of course she’s happy now.”

    “Order! Sweet bread curry, spicy burger curry, two malasadas, Soda Pop, two fresh Waters!” a gruff lady boomed. Abigail removed a few Pokédollars from her bag, offering them to him directly since he had already payed. “Thanks for this! I’ll carry some food back to our table, and keep an eye on those two,” she pointed to Celeste and Tox while she spoke.
  33. Mark smiled and nodded while he put the rest of what was needed on to the counter. "Here you go, keep the change." Mark said to the woman which caused her to smile. "You enjoy now." She said while Matt took whatever food Abigail didn't and went to join her at the table along with Tox who went to pat Celeste on the back before he turned to his trainer and noticed the food that he and Abigail brought. Once he sat down, both trainer and Pokemon looked at their food with a gleaming look in their eyes. "To the beginning of an awesome journey!" He said while he raised his bottle of soda, after a bit of time, Mark went to take a bit of his curry, immediately his face went red from how spicy it was, but his reaction didn't seem like he was in pain, in fact, it looked more like satisfactory. "Mmmm~ God, it's been a while..." Mark said as he took another bite as well as the occasional bite with some of his burger steak and a sip of his soda.

    Tox went to try some of the curry and was immediately hit by how spicy it was, Mark quickly opened the water bottle and let the Toxel drink from it. The Poison/Electric type guzzled it as if he finally found water after a long time in the desert. But after his drink, he went to take another bite, the second time he reacted wasn't as powerful and he smiled at Mark. "I know, right? I love spicy food, because it provides that extra kick of flavor." He said and looked at Abigail to see how she reacted to her food.
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  34. Jonathan played with sandshrew in front of route one, Even though it's seemingly been only about twenty minutes Jonathan was already attached to his Pokemon. Jonathan was thinking of names to give his pokemon when it clicked in his head. "Your name is Yeti!"

    Yeti thought about then jumped with joy when he heard the name. "Shrew!"(Yeti is a great name!) Jonathan smiled when he saw Yeti approve of the name. Jonathan looked across route 1, he sighed and turned around to Yeti.

    "I guess whoever got chosen are traveling as a group, so let's wait here"
  35. “Alright then!,” Julian exclaimed. He dragged his Bellsprout to the battlefield, which seemed like your standard battlefield. He realized he didn’t know any of Bellsprout’s moves, though quickly glossed over that fact. He hardly knew how to battle right, but was willing to try it out.
  36. Near the front of route 1, a quiet whimpering could be heard in a bush that slightly wiggled and rustled. Maybe someone nearby can possibly examine the sound?

    "Okay, cool. let's do it," Fraser said as he turned towards the battlefield and gently threw Tyogue forward. The energy built up from the flailing fighting type made it so he quickly adjusted to landing and determinedly jogged toward the battlefield. He loudly stamped on the ground and flexed his muscles once more.

    "Tyrogue!" Tyrogue yelled as he threw a punch forwards, warming up for the fight. Any longer than Tyrogue would have gotten withdrawal symptoms from not being able to train. Fraser stood opposite Julian in the battlefield and proceeded to rapidly tap on his leg out of nervousness.
    "I guess the Pokedex wasn't kidding when it said Tyrogue will battle anyone and has a competitive spirit. I guess no isn't an answer right now. It'll be going against Tyrogue's nature to deny this battle." Fraser said to himself.

    Fraser pulled out his Pokedex and pointed at the Bellsprout. "Bellsprout's thin and flexible body lets it bend and sway to avoid any attack, however strong it may be. From its mouth, this Pokémon spits a corrosive fluid that melts even iron." Fraser gulped and nervously looked at the grass and poison type. Who knew a pokemon like that have such a scary Pokedex entry. Fraser pointed the Pokedex entry at Tyrogue to get a reminder of the moves that Tyrogue can use in battle. Tyrogue didn't break eye contact with the grass-type Pokemon throughout this time.

    "I wonder if I would have been better with a more social Pokemon compared to a competitive and battle obsessed Pokemon," Fraser thought. Fraser took a deep breath and looked at Julian. "Are you ready?"
  37. He looked in awe of the Pokedex, then looked at his own. So that's what it was for. "Uh, hang on.," he pulled out the Pokedex, pointing it at his Bellsprout. It read the same entry, but it gave details on it's moves. "Vine Whip and Growth...," he said under his breath," Alright, now I'm ready!" Julian's Bellsprout decided to tough up and fully commit to battling, standing in what it thought was an intimidating pose. "In fact, how about you go first," he taunted.
  38. Fraser nodded to Julian's offer and looked at Bellsprout. "It's a grass and poison type. I believe poison resists fighting so I'm going to have to exhaust all of Tyrogue's moves." Fraser thought. "You ready Tyrogue," Fraser yelled. Tyrogue clenched his fists and raised them up in front in a fighting stance.

    "Ty!" Tyrogue responded. Fraser smirked as the moment started to sink in. This is his first Pokemon battle, with his brand new partner. The nerves started making forget the moves that he just read seconds ago.

    "Use Fake Out!" Fraser demanded. Tyrogue slammed his heel down before launching himself forward and powerfully clapped in front of the Bellsprout and released a powerful shockwave of air from between his palms that often caused flinching.
  39. The Bellsprout was hit by the attack, and it was blown back a bit due to it's light weight. "Bellll!," it cried after it flinched. Julian looked a bit concerned for his Pokemon, he hoped that the Tyrogue wouldn't use a move that dealt lots of damage. He wondered why Bellsprout didn't avoid the attack, it's flexibility could be put to use in battle. The Flower Pokemon seemed to be waiting for the Tyrogue to use another move against it.
  40. Tyrogue landed braced for a counterattack. Fraser then noticed the Bellsprout not attacking straight away, must have been the effect of the Fake Out.
    "I need to attack quickly to take advantage," Fraser frowned as he thought about the next move. "Use Mach Punch!" Fraser demanded. Tyrogue clenched his fist, cocked back his arm and launched forward with more speed than usual. The clenched fist started to glow immensely as the speed of Tyrogue increased. Tyrogue then shot the loaded Mach Punch toward the Bellsprout.

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