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Private/Closed The kanto league RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Jagson, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. James grabbed his green jacket putting it on.
    " Bye dad and mom." He said as he walked out of the house. His Loyal Poliwag fallowed him He and Polo have been together since James was a little boy. And he planned on becoming Champion with him.
    He made his way to Palate town. After the trek there he entered the lab of Professor Acacia. He noticed that he was the first trainer there.
    Since everything that has been going on for the past twenty years, Going by yourself as a trainer wasn't acceptable anymore and now the trainers had to go in groups of six. He sat down and waited patently for the five other trainers.
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  2. OOC: I decided to Give Lucas's Eevee a Nickname. Also, I will not be using Nyx till a bit later, if that's alright.

    Lucas Quickly checked at his bag. He was worried that he wouldn't have enough for the long journey ahead. He knew he had other people going with him, but what if he got lost and didn't have anything. "Relax Lucas, You are just being Paranoid." Lucas though to himself. "Oh, I almost forgot." Lucas took out one of the six pokeballs in his bag and he got out his Eevee. He was given his Eevee, Who He decided to Nickname Buddy, for his 10th birthday. "Eevee! Ve! Eevee!" Buddy was excited because Lucas and Himself had been waiting for this day for awhile, The day the both of them went on their first Pokemon Journey.

    Lucas said goodbye to his mother and his stepfather, who really didn't care and ran off to Professor Acacia's Lab. He had been waiting for this day for so long Lucas couldn't believe it was here. After the long journey from his hometown, he was finally here. He stopped right in front of the building and just stared at it. "Buddy, We are finally here. You and I are going on this journey together. I may catch other Pokemon, But you will always be my Partner." "Eevee!" Buddy seemed to understand what Lucas was saying and had a determined look in his eyes.

    Lucas walked inside and was looking for the group he would be going with. He looked around for awhile and saw no one. Then he noticed a person, A guy around the age of 14 maybe sitting. The guy had what appeared to be a small, yet cute Poliwag. Lucas had always loved water Pokemon so he went up to it. "Wow, I like your Poliwag!" "Oh, I'm Lucas, and this is my Partner, Buddy!" Buddy ears perked up when he heard his trainer say his name. "I must be apart of your group that's going on the journey." Lucas smiled and paused. "I am so glad my mom let me do this. Probably cause my stepdad wanted me out of the house. Oh well." He though to himself and chuckled softly. "May I ask who you are?"
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  3. James stood up. " I'm James Leuric.." He said. "Nice to meet you. This is Polo." He said moving his head to the Poliwag.
    "Poli." Polo said jumping a little bit. At least that's what the humans heard" It's nice to meet you." Polo said to the Evee.
    James looked and saw Polo moving around. " Looks like Polo's Happy. Let's make this be an amazing journey shall we?" James said.
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  4. Buddy Jumped a little when the Poliwag spoke to him, He had not spoke to many pokemon in awhile, or really ever. "Eevee Eevee" "Hey, Um It's Nice To Meet you to, I am Buddy! Buddy The Hero Eevee!" Buddy wagged his tail "Well Someones excited to go!" Lucas Chuckled a little. He picked up Buddy and Held the little Pokemon. "I wonder when the others will be here. I am quite curious.

    OOC:Sorry If this is sloppy, I fell asleep and I just woke up.........
  5. Rachelle was bright and early for the anticipation and excitement of starting her journey was too much for her to just stay at home for any longer than she needs to. She started to get dressed into her favorite outfit and when she finished, she went over to her partner Waffle the Stufful. Who was sleeping in his little bed beside Rachelle's. Rachelle gently rubbed Waffle's head so he could pleasantly wake up. "Stu..." Waffle said as he rolled over and looked up at Rachelle with hiss squinted eyes. "Rise and shine, Waffle," Rachelle said softly still gently rubbing his fur on his head.
    Waffle stretched out his limbs as he let out this cute, high pitched groan as he did it. "Stuuuf," he chirped. Rachelle picked him up and held him in her arms as she hugged him closely to her chest.

    Rachelle grabbed her shoulder bag and slipped her arm through the handle and headed down stairs. There were slices of toast served on a plate on the table in the lounge and her Dad was in the Kitchen doing some dishes after making breakfast. Rachelle spotted the toast and ate a bite before placing it back on the plate. Rachelle didn't want to dilly-dally too much and just get going. Waffle let out a quiet yawn as Rachelle made her way to the front door. "Bye Dad, love you," Rachelle yelled out before opening the door. "Wait, Rache-!" The Dad yelled back before getting cut off by the door slamming shut. "...Bye then," Rachelle's Dad said under his breath.

    Rachelle waited at the bus stop which was at the corner of her street and boarded it when it arrived. Professor Acacia's lab wasn't too far, it was only a drive away since it was only in the next city. The bus eventually reached the stop that Rachelle will get off at and Rachelle walked around the corner to arrive at Professor Acacia's Lab. She opened the door slightly, peeked her head through and scanned the area just to double check that it was the place she was meant to be. "Okay, we've arrived," Rachele said as her smile became uncontrollable.

    Rachelle entered and looked around the room as she made her way through the building. She noticed two other trainers conversing with each other. Rachelle assumed that they were here to start journeys as well so she walked up to them and introduced herself. "Hiya, sorry to interrupt. My name's Rachelle and this little guy is Waffle. Are you guys here to start your journeys also?" Rachelle said. Waffle glanced down at Eevee and Poliwag and waved his hand at them. Rachelle noticed Waffle attempting to interact with the other Pokemon so she placed him on the ground and Waffle joyfully skipped to them. "Stufful-Stuff," (Hey guys, I'm Waffle.) Waffle said with some charisma. Waffle then noticed Poliwag's tail twitch and Waffle just couldn't resist the urge and jumped on the tail, thinking it was a toy.
  6. (Polo)
    Polo immediately felt the pain of Stufful on it's tail. " Get off of me." He said as he was trying to get free from it. Polo couldn't do anything about it.
    James looked at Rachelle. "It's nice to meet you Rachelle. I guess your one of our traveling companions." He sticks his hand out. " I hope we get along just fine." He turned around and saw Waffle messing with Polo's tail. " Can you call off you bear?" Jim asked. he then looked over to the new guy. " This is Kanto." he said.
    (OOC guys all OOC talk goes on the discussion thread.)
  7. Sun and Sarah walked through the Area, Looking at other people until he noticed three people talking

    "Hi... Do you know where I can find the exit?" Sun asked, Looking at His Riolu who jumped on his Shoulder
    "Hi.... Rio- My....name Riolu..... is Luke....."Luke said, Still trying to learn how to talk
    "Yea, Where is it? also you look very nice today" Sarah said, Brushing her hair back
  8. Rachelle held out her hand to complete the handshake but got interrupted as James alerted her about Waffle misbehaving. "Oh, I'm so Sorry!" She exclaimed in embarrassment as she rushed over to Waffle and yanked him off Polo's tail. "Stuff-Stuff!" (Hey! I was playing!) Waffle exclaimed in annoyance. "Don't do that! That's not very nice to the Poliwag. Say sorry," Rachelle scolded Waffle. Waffle looked over at Polo with a shameful look. "I'm...I'm sorry," Waffle said as he sniffled and blinked quickly. Rachelle held Waffle in her arms again and she looked over to James again and chuckled nervously.
  9. (Polo)
    Polo looked at Waffle. " It's okay." He said. " I'll forgive you this time."
    ( Drew)
    Drew looks at the two people that ran over here. " The exit's right there." Drew said pointing to the door. He looked at the girl and wondered who she said was looking good today. " Are you guys apart of our group?" he asked them flat out.
  10. (Sorry, I am tired and might be a tiny bit late but that's ok. Right?....)

    Chloe woke up at the peak of dawn, she was excited because she just got back from Sinnoh and was back at her home. The place we're she spent 11 years here. She walked down the stairs and met her mom making breakfast. "Hi Mom!" Chloe said. "Hello, dear." Mom greeted. "You woke up a bit late, I didn't want you to miss your chance for a adventure. So I made to breakfast. "Thanks Mom!" She said happily. She eat her breakfast and rushed out the door. "Sweetie? Do u have everything?" Mom asked. "Yes mom, I'm 18, Got my bag, Got my Pokémon. I'm ready." She answered. "Ok, Goodbye and good luck!" Mom said as Chloe left. "Bye! I'll visit sometime!" Chloe said in her final goodbye. She soon got to the lab and greeted everybody. "Hi! I'm Chloe!"
  11. James looked at Chloe. " I'm James." He said "And this is Polo." He said motioning to his poliwag. He then looked at the Myu. " That's something." he said looking at it very impressed.
  12. "Thanks, its from Seafoam Islands." He says.
  13. "Hmmm. Seafoam Islands? I never heard about that place." Chloe said. "She observed the Myu. "I don't know if this is a Eeveelution or a- I don't even know if this even has any evolutions. It sure is Mysterious. Well... to me anyways." With that said. She started scanning the Mysterious Pokémon with her pokedex. "Hmmmm, No Entry on mine. I guess my pokedex isn't fully updated yet. As this is still in version 7.11 as some Pokémon in Alola and some other regions has no pokedex entry." Chloe said.
  14. James turned his attention to the boy that was out of breath. "I'm sorry do I know you from somewhere. You look kind of familiar?"
  15. "Im pretty sure we are a part of your group..." Sarah replied, seeing her Croagunk running to her
    "Interesting, When are we gonna leave for Viridian city or Pewter city?" Sun asked, Looking at Luke
  16. "Oh, mine is Version 8.201V, a newer version, so it includes new regions." Silver said. Then his sister, Gold walked in. "Hi! I'm Gold, and this is Platinum."She said, pointing to the shiny Umbreon on her shoulder.
  17. " I say we should start at Pewter." James said looking at sun. "My old man is the gym leader of Viridian. I want to beat him using my full strength you know." He said. James then looked at Gold. "It's nice to meet you Ma'am." He said. " I'm James. He then looked around does anyone know where the professor's at?" He asked.
  18. Both Gold and Silver shrug. "I dont know, but i think he might be in the grass searching for rare pokemon." Gold remarks.
  19. Rachelle kind of stopped talking for a while, tightly hugging Waffle as she was slightly uncomfortable with how many people was showing up since she was quite the introvert. Rachelle kind of spectated the conversations rather than being social herself, since she was quite new to this.

    Rachelle then stared in awe at the shiny Umbreon and admired its beauty. "Wow...Look at that Waffle," Rachelle muttered. Rachelle snapped out of the awkward phase she was in and started to introduce herself to the people she hadn't spoken to yet. "Hi, my name's Waffle, and this is Rachelle," Rachelle said and Waffle looked up at her with a confused face. "Stu?" Waffles said all confused. Rachelle looked at Waffle and had a shocked face as she realized how she messed up. "O-Oh wait, my name's Rachelle and this is Waffle, sorry. Hehe," She felt rather embaressed.
  20. "That Umbreon is something.." Chloe commented. She never seen a Umbreon with those colors. She only saw a yellow and red color rings on Umbreon. But never blue. "Hmmm, it is really is starting to get a little bit dark. Where is the professor?" Chloe asked Walking out the door and trying to find the professor. Later she returned. "Nope, didn't find him." She said.
  21. "Her." James said. " The Professor is a female." Since his old man was a gym leader he was able to learn about that kind of stuff. " Though I would like to know what is taking her so long." He started to move back and forwards. Polo was doing the same thing.
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  22. "Sorry im late!" Jenny said as he walked through a door
    "Im here!" Jenny said as she ran up to the group
    "Alright, Who is everyone?" She asked, Her Gardevoir following
    "My name is Jenny Acacia also known as Professor Acacia!" She added, Smiling
    "Im Sun Devlin! Heir to the Devlin fortune!" Sun said, Smiling
    "Yea, Im sarah.... Im his Brother" Sarah said, Rolling her eyes
  23. "James Leuric." James said. He looked at the professor. He was ready for this journey to begin. He wondered what new exciting adventure awaited him and his traveling companions. Will the eight of them become friends? Maybe he might end up with one of the girls. Only time will tell.
  24. Rachelle was overjoyed when the Professor finally arrived. Her hands started to shake in excitement but she tried to hide it the best she could. "Hi Professor my name's Rachelle and this is Waffle," Rachelle chirped. "Stuff!" (Hiii!) Waffles said cheered at Gardevoir. Rachelle glanced at the group she will be traveling with, she was unsure of them but that's understandable. She was just hoping that she gets along with everyone and no one is mean.
  25. "Hi, I'm Silver, and this is Gold. She's a Pokémon breeder, which is how we have so many shinies." He says. "Yup! Platinum is sure one of a kind Umbreon!" she says.
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  26. Rachelle turned to Gold with eagerness and excitement. "Wow really?! That's amazing!" Rachelle exclaimed in awe with a wide open mouth.Waffle waved his arm at Umbreon and cheerfully greeted the shiny Pokemon. "Stuff!" (Hi there!) He squeaked.
  27. Platinum waved back, and jumped off of Gold's shoulders, and replied "Umbreon!" (hi!), when someone walked in. "Hi, I'm Scythe. anyone know where the Pokémon Center is?" Gold immediately said, "In the next town, not to far from here." The new comer said thanks and left.
  28. "Hi there Professor!" Chloe greeted her. "I'm Chloe, and I'm excited to go on this adventure with my friends!" With that, she sent out her Pokémon, A Fenniken , Popilio, and Shiny Buneary pop out of there pokeballs. "(Hello there!)" The Fenniken said in its cry. The Buneary ran behind rose's legs to hide. "The Fenniken's Cinder, That Popilio's name is Ariel, And this is Rose, The shiny Buneary!" Chloe said introducing her team. "So, I guess we
    will pick our First Pokémon to have in kanto now?" She asked.
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  29. "what do we get to start off with?" Rachelle asked as her feet start to move around as she got more and more fidgety the more excited she got. Which was growing ever more by the second.
  30. Both Silver and Gold shrug. "I dont know, but its probably either a fire, water, of grass type." Gold then says: "Wait.... there are more than three of us here, so how do we decide which to get?

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