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Private/Closed The Kanto Exploration

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. @ThatDamnEmu, @BriefStar, and @Charlespark
    The man walked through the booing crowd, holding a single Pokeball in his hand. They accused him of cheating, but that was out of fear. The fear of how strong he was. He woud get revenge on all of them. They would all learn of his strength.
    ----------------------------------2 years later-----------------------------------------------
    Josh Owens sat in his desk in his room, examining the brightly lit up computer screen. It was showing an old Pokemon Leauge match.
    "C'mon! Use Hyper Beam Onix!" The boy yelled as he watched the battle unfold. The people on the screen didn't do what the boy had said, due to it being a recording. The Onix raised its tail and swung with a super effective Iron Tail on the Clefable, knocking it out. "Sweet!" Josh exclaimed, after watching this.
    KNOCK, KNOCK. Someone was pounding on his bedroom door.
    "Josh, have you been up, all night watching Pokemon battles?" His mother asked him, entering the room.
    "Sorry mom, I just couldn't wait to go get my first Pokemon from Professor Oak," Josh said, standing up slinging the bag, that hung over his chair, over his shoulder.
    "My little boy is growing up," his mom said with tears welling up in her eyes. Josh, who wanted to leave before she got over emotional, walked out the bedroom door.
    "Bye mom!" He shouted runnng out of the house.
    Josh Owens, a 16 year old boy, with a dream to become a champion, was heading south, to Pallet Town to get his starter. He ran, as fast as he could exiting Viridian City and entering Route 1. He watched as Ratatta and Pidgey all scurried about. He made a fist and ran faster, ready to get his own pokemon.

    He burst through the doors of Professor Oak's lab, and ran inside.
    "Welcome, Josh, which Starter do you pick?" Professor Oak asked.
    Josh grabbed Charmander's pokeball and tossed it in the air. "I chose Charmander!" He shouted. The Charmander jumped and landed in his arms. "I'l call you Burst."
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  2. Chase was getting packed to make his way toward Pallet Town to get all he needed from Professor Oak to start his journey. "Are you all packed for your trip Chase?" Chase mother asked him as she was standing in the doorway of his room. "Yeah just about" repiled Chase as he was packing the last of his equipment. He turns to his loyal Nidoran "Are you ready to help me leave my mark on the world partner" the small purple pokemon strongly nodded it's head as his trainer returns him to his pokeball. Chase make his way out of his house and catch a bus to Pallet Town.

    -A few hours later-
    Chase has just arrived a Pallet Town. He spots a guy running full speed toward his destination the Pokemon Lab. "He must have be a new trainer" said Chase to himself as he too make his way to Oak's Lab. As he went inside he spots the same trainer from early receiving his starter from the professor.
    "Oh you must be Chase I have all you need to start your journey" said Oak being the first to notices Chase enter. Chase walked toward the Professor to get the rest of what he needed he received a pokedex and five pokeballs. "That right there is my invention the Pokedex it will enable you to record data on all the pokemon you encounter on your journey as well as check what moves the pokemon may have" Oak informed Chase. As Chase was getting ready to leave the lab the Professor stopped him. "Wait Chase if you don't mind will you wait for the other two trainers I have coming to the lab I want you guys at least met each other"
    "Sure" said Chase not wanting to sound rude to the well respected professor.
  3. Dear mom,

    I'm finally leaving home. By the time you get back from Pewter, I'll have received my starter and begun my journey! I'll be sure to send some of my winnings home to you, so you can stop working such late shifts at the museum.

    Love you,

    Jake sighed as he set the note on the kitchen table. Today was the day. Finally, he could leave this god-forsaken town and have an adventure. Just like Red and Blue, the young man thought. An odd mix of joy at the thought of receiving his first Pokemon and the fear of meeting other young trainers swelled within him as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Taking a deep breath, Jake walked out the door, leaving the life he knew behind for the thrills of adventure.

    Shuffling into the lab nervously, Jake noticed two of the other trainers waiting. So much for grabbing my stuff and getting out of town before they arrive. He pushed the thought out his head. If Oak had contacted these two, they couldn't be that bad.

    "Oh, Jake! Good to see you decided to show up! I've got two more Pokemon left to choose from." Oak smiled, gesturing to the table, where two Pokeballs awaited their owners.

    "D-Do you still have Bulbasaur?" Jake stuttered, aware that the strangers were watching him.

    "As a matter of fact, I do!" Oak picked up the Pokeball closest to him and handed it to Jake. "Go ahead, young man, say hello to your new partner!"

    "O-Okay..." Tentatively, Jake pushed the button on the ball, releasing the grass-type Pokemon Blinking a few times, the Bulbasaur shook it's head.

    "She's a little shy, so I think you two will get along just fine!" Oak exclaimed.

    "I'll call you....Maya." Jake said as he scooped the Bulbasaur into his arms. Maya purred happily, snuggling up against her new owner.
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  4. Ray noticed the other trainers. "Hey, what's up? My name is Josh Owens," he said giving a wave. Burst climbed his shoulder, and gave a wave. "And this is Burst," he added with laughter. 'What's your guy's names?"
  5. Jake jumped. He had forgotten that the other trainers were there in the excitement of receiving Maya. Instinctively, he brought Maya higher in his arms, attempting to hide his face behind her.

    "I-I'm Jake. Nice to meet you...."
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  6. Chase watches the two other trainers interacting with each other no really caring but remembering what his mother told him about being rude decides to tell them his name. " The names Chase."
  7. Eliot was inside his house in Pallet Town still on a sunny day, as he felt rather excited that he was going to leave the town of Pallet and start his new journey with a new friend. He had almost finished packing his stuff into his bag after eating a hearty breakfast, as feelings of determination and excitement awaited him within the reflection from the modest mirror in his room. There was a decent size of pocket money in one slot, as there was his neatly folded jacket in the biggest one. There was rather much empty space that the bag had, as he placed in the case for his goggles; along with a thin, black cleaning sheet in the smallest slot pocket. He zipped up his backpack after packing his stuff within some brief minutes, as he exited out of his room and went downstairs to the living room.

    He noticed his mother near the front door; eyeing over her compassionate smile that shined happiness within the fluorescent lighting. She walked up to him and said in a calm tone, "Now, since you're going Eliot, promise that you'll be good with your new friend okay?"

    He nodded at her and replied with obeyance, "Yes mother, I will be on my best behavior. I bid you farewell now, good luck."

    He walked out the front door and waved to his mother, as she waved back and closed the door as soon as he was outside. He walked towards the direction of the nearby Laboratory, as he said to himself when he was a moderate distance from its glossy doors, "Alright adventure, here I come... just you wait!" He leasurely moved at the entryway to the Laboratory, as he walked inside after some brief minutes of walking. He saw that there was one Poké Ball left, as he knew that he was a bit late from taking the time to make his breakfast from earlier. He saw the Professor facing towards him now after he took note of him staring at the lonely Poké Ball that gave off a slight wobble. He seemed oblivious to the others that were also in the Laboratory, as his attention was more focused on the Professor and the Poké Ball.

    The Professor said to him while picking up the Poké Ball, "Well now, I suppose that you shall have this little guy here since you were kinda beaten off by two others." He nodded at the Professor with mere silence now, as he took the Poké Ball and pressed the whitish button in the center. The Poké Ball flashed in a redish hue, as a babyish, turtle-like Pokémon came out and glanced up over at Eliot with a timid outlook.

    The Pokémon had a light bluish body that was encased in its firm, yet smooth shell. His shell was brown on top, pale yellow on the bottom; along with having a thick, white ridge that separated the two halves. His large, brown eyes blinked with anxiety, as his long, curled tail hesitantly shook with his fear. Seconds later, he retracted his entire body into his shell in fear, as Eliot gasped at him soon after. He knelt down to him and said to the preturbed Pokémon while gently picking him up from the sides, "U- Umm... are you alright there? Do you need some help there little buddy?"

    A faint voice could be heard within the shell, as it uttered out in reply, "Squirt... Squirtle..." Eliot nodded at the Squirtle, after he took note of the Pokémon's name, as he calmly patted the Squirtle's shell. He calmly replied to the Squirtle while it was still inside its shell, "Well now Squirtle, I suppose that we can be friends here... let's just hope that it doesn't go like that one guy with that orange dragon in that one movie here."
  8. "Well Professor I did as you asked I met the last two trainers I will be taking my leave now" Chase said to Oak as he was making his way out of lab he stops and turns to the other trainers. "It was nice to meet the weaklings that will be my steping stones to the top." Chase turned back and continued out of the lab on his way to Route 1

    -Route 1-
    Chase was curretly at Route 1 battling all the pokemon he managed to encounter on the route he also catch three Pidgeys and was now looking over their data.
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  9. "W-Weaklings?!" Jake watched the uppity trainer walk out of the lab, presumably heading out to route one. "W-What did he mean by weaklings? It's not like he's any better than us!" Something about the stranger's attitude had rubbed Jake the wrong way. An overwhelming urge to prove the trainer wrong welled up within Jake.

    "Are you guys ready to leave, or not?" Jake walked over to Oak to collect his Pokedex and Pokeballs. "We can't just let him get a head start!" A blush spread across his face when he realized how forward he was being. "I-If you guys are planning on traveling together, that is..."
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  10. ((Please don't tell me this RP is dead already :())
  11. "I guess I can travel with ya. I mean the more the merrier," Josh said, giving a shrug then a smile. "I mean, besides, we can show him, we are strong."

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