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Open The Journey Of A New Trainer: Daniel's Story

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. (So, some of you might be familiar with my OC, Daniel. He's a young coordinator from the Unova region... And he's in a wheelchair. Well, in this RP, we're going right back to the start of Daniel's journey. Back when he didn't need to use a wheelchair, and back when he was off out on his very first journey in Hoenn, and, like many trainers, was armed with nothing but his starter, and his dream of being top coordinator)

    (Here's the Bio sheet. Fill out if you want to join! No pure OOC posts or one-liners, please)

    Name: Daniel

    Age: 10

    Starter: (Your starter CANNOT be shiny, or a legendary. This includes Type: Null) Snivy

    Trainer Class: Coordinator

    Goal: To become Top Coordinator


    "I promise, mum, I'll be fine," Daniel assured his mother as he hobbled towards the door, crutches squeaking against the varnished wooden floor, "Every kid goes out on a journey when they're ten."

    His words did little to ease her worries. It was hard for any parent to send their child out in the world, she knew that, regardless of whether or not they had their pokemon with them. Out where dangerous wild pokemon, or other trainers, or even dangerous thugs like Team Plasma could beat them up, steal their pokemon... Kill them, even. But then again, most parents weren't sending disabled children out in the world alone. Daniel had been born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and thus, he'd needed a lot of medical care throughout his life. He'd had physiotherapy, been put on pain medication, and been put on crutches and leg braces, to make it easier for him to walk without hurting himself. Would he really be able to cope, out on his own?

    "You'll call me as soon as you land in Hoenn, got it?" she said desperately, "Just so that we know that you landed safely."

    "I'll get there fine, I promise, mum"--

    "Call me," she demanded, placing her hand on his cheek, "Honey, you know that I'm terrified that something will happen to you out there...So please, just do that for me, ok?"

    "Ok, mum," Daniel answered, rolling his eyes, "I'll be fine, though. I've got Snivy with me, if anything happens."

    "Vy!" the small grass type chirruped affirmatively.

    She nodded. "Alright then, sweetheart. Goodbye, for now," she breathed, giving him a last hug before he headed for the door, Snivy in tow.

    That night, Daniel arrived in Petalburg City, hobbling out of the airport with Snivy at his side.

    "Our first journey... Isn't it exciting, Snivy?" he chirruped.

    "Sni-VY!" the pokemon affirmed.
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  2. The boy chuckled at his partner, stopping for a second so that he could turn and look at him. "I'll take that as a yes," he chirruped, cocking his head as he smiled at the little Unovan pokemon.

    Some people stopped and stared as Daniel hobbled out of the airport, crutches squeaking with every step. What he wanted to assume was that they were stopping to admire his snivy; it was an incredibly rare pokemon in this region, and finding anyone from Hoenn who had one, especially as a starter, was quite the sight. But he knew that people were probably only staring at him because of his crutches. Some snickered and made comments about how he didn't need them, on account of the fact that he didn't look injured, while others whispered, 'inspiration', and 'that poor boy'.

    He didn't want their pity. He was a coordinator now; tomorrow, he was going to enter his very first contest. He'd show them that he didn't need their pity when he won the Petalburg ribbon with just his snivy.

    He noticed a mudkip on his way out, along with its trainer; a girl with an oversized backpack. So that was a Hoenn starter... It was kind of cute, he supposed...
  3. Snivy cried out indignantly, crossing his stubby little arms as he turned his nose up at the mudkip.

    Daniel meanwhile, manoeuvred himself forward, somewhat intrigued by the misbehaving mudkip and its trainer. "It was no trouble at all," he assured her, "My mum's Cinccino does that all the time! Anyway, I'm Daniel, and this is my partner, Snivy!" he greeted, gesturing to the small grass type.

    "Vy, vy..." Snivy spat in greeting, still with its nose high in the air.
  4. Name: Clint Harper

    Age: 12

    Starter: Treecko (Spike)

    Trainer Class: Scientist

    Goal: To become a Pokemon researcher

    Backstory: Clint's parent were always working. They always had business trips of some sorts, or otherwise were traveling th Hoenn region. He was raised in Littleroot Town and became good friends with Proffesor Birch. Soon professor Birch acted more like a father, than his real parents to him. Due to him spending so much time with Professor Birch, he became very familiar with Pokemon. One day on his 12th birthday, Professor Birh gave him the choice of the three Hoenn starters. He chose treecko. And they became best friends.

    Extra: Clint is always quick to analyze a situation. He's not really a people person, but he loves learning new facts. His attire is simiar t Brendon, (Pokemon Emerald), but he down;t have the hat and his hair is down to his shoulders. He wears glasses, which he most commonly has to push back on his nose. He isn't the best battler. ANy time he sees a cool pokemon, he gets over his shyness to see it and meet it. he just kind of looses control and his resaercher side takes over.

    Clint Harper walked through the streets of Petalburg. He had been to the city before, but never early had the time to explore it throughly. He had to stay in the hotel room, every time he visited a city with his parents. But now he was finally free. His Treecko, Spike sat on his shoulder, gazing in awe at the sights and people.

    "Wow, feels good to finallly explore," he said to himself. He pushed his glasses back on his nose and continued his march through the city. He wandered around until he saw a Snivy. he rushed over to his trainer. "Wow, is that a Snivy? There really rare in Hoenn." He blurted out. He then blushed. He had didn't mean to interrupt their conversation. Sometimes when he saw a really cool pokemon, he forgot his manners. "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to intrude."
  5. Name: Myth

    Age: 12

    Starter: Jangmo-o (Mojo)

    Trainer Class: Dragon Tamer

    Goal: To be the best dragon trainer

    Myth walked into the airport, following Mojo. The Jangmo-o sniffed around, curiously inspecting everyone he walked past. His gaze shifted to a few trainers, and he scampered over to them cheerfully. Myth chased the wayward pokemon, shouting "Mojo, quit running off!" She looked at the others, grinning awkwardly. "Hey. This is Mojo." The Jangmo-o stared up at Clint, waving his tail. Then he turned his attention to the other Pokemon, greeting them with a loud "Jang momo!"
  6. "Wow, isn't that A Jangmo-o, from the Alola Region!" Clint said happily. Spike climbed off his shoulder, as Clint bent down to inspect it. Treecko looked at the new pokemon, with intrest, much like his trainer.
  7. Daniel looked over at the small gathering of trainers, as Snivy hid behind him, unable to stand the presence of this many pokemon... The haughty little grass type had only just gotten used to Daniel, anyway.

    "A jangmo-o?" Daniel said quizzically, as he observed the small dragon type, "What's that?"
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  8. "A Jangmo-o, is a dragon type pokemon, most commonly found in the Alola Region." Clint explained, suddenly feeling very smart. Spike climbed back on his trainers shoulders and stared at the Snivy. he cocked his head to the right examining this other grass type.
  9. Daniel nodded in understanding, poring over the creature with a great deal of interest... He had never seen a pokemon like that before, having spent his life until now in the Unova region. He'd never even heard of Alola before... But if it had contests, then someday, he was going there.

    "Well, my name's Daniel," he greeted, "And this is my partner, Snivy. We just got here from the Unova region, and I'm on my very first journey!"
  10. "The name's Clint and this is Spike. We just started our journey a few days ago." Clint said facing the trainer. "I heard that Unova has some really rare Pokémon,that you can't find anywhere else." He added, hoping to learn something new about Unova. He had read a lot about it, but never had really been there.
  11. (OOC: This took me longer than I thought since I was busy putting in the pristine information for my Fakemon.)

    Trainer Character:
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is around 15 Years old.
    Trainer Class: Unknown (This may be revealed as the roleplay progresses.)
    She stands at a short height of 4'11", as she has a skinny build. She has curly, blond hair, blue eyes, and some freckles on her cheeks. She wears a monicle around her left eye; along with a light tan turtleneck shirt, a black, leather jacket over the shirt, brown trousers, and dark brown boots.
    Personality: She is gentle, soft-spoken, and kind around younger Pokémon. She is a social butterfly, while she can be stern at times. She also can be overprotective of her Pokémon since she knows that it may be one of a kind.
    Accessories: She wears a silver watch around her left wrist, along with a brown shoulder bag.
    Skills: She has excellent craftsmanship, as she can easily improvise items with her tools.
    Backstory: She came over from the region of Camtonia after fleeing from a war that raged on between Camtonia and Vietbac. She noticed a Droiton that was helpless near the docks that she waited by; as she carried his injured body away from the pressurized hoses. She repaired his body while she was in the boat that departed to Hoenn, as the two started to get along as time went by. Eventually, they got to Hoenn, as they decided to stay in the new region to explore around.
    Pokémon: Droiton (For information on the Pokémon/Fakemon, see below.)
    Her goal is to help uncover her Droiton's secrets from the war. She wants to piece together the story of the war that is still going on.
    Other: Her bag contains some medicinal items, pocket money, and tools to repair small machinery or Droiton.

    Pokémon Character:
    Unknown (This may be revealed as the roleplay progresses.)
    Native Region: Camtonia
    Type: Steel/Dark
    Gender: Genderless (For the purposes of roleplaying, he will be referred as a male.)
    His age is currently unknown, but he appears to be young.
    Skills: He has the ability to survive with little food and water, while he can also repair himself and broken machinery with some time.
    Ability: Visionary Sight (The Pokémon is able to predict the opposing Pokémon's attack; if the attack puts them at risk of fainting or standing with low HP. This ability only works if the Pokémon has more than 50% HP. This ability is the signature ability for Droiton and Mechatic.)
    Appearance: He is a small robot-like Pokémon, as he has a yellowish body that is composed of steel. His gray head is rather small, while his eyes are blue, as he has small mouth with gray, metallic teeth. His arms are lightly gray, while there are three short, metallic claws on each hand. His left shoulder has a short, barrel-like cannon that is used in battle, while his right shoulder contains a small welder-like claw that can be used to slowly repair himself or other machinery. His yellow legs are stubby, while his gray feet each have two toes, but unlike his hands, they lack claws.
    Personality: He is somewhat quiet around others, as he is cautious when it comes to strangers. He tends to be the peacekeeper around other Pokémon should a fight start. Unfortunately, he can get carried away sometimes, since he is still working on his social interactions.
    Accessories: Unfortunately, he has no accessories on at the moment.
    Backstory: His body roused from the clutches of his hibernation mode after a huge mound of water droplets came on his visual receptors. He sluggishly got off of the ground and noticed that he was in a forest, surrounded by the fauna and flora that greeted him. He steadily made his way through the forest, as he wandered into Krongbâng City. His body collapsed near the Tusek Docks, as he lied helplessly near the path that the pressurized hoses would spray at. Helena came over to him and carried him away from the hoses, as she got inside the boat that would depart to Hoenn. She repaired his body, as he quickly got along with her when she cared for him like he was a baby. He decided to stay with her as her first Pokémon, as the two decided to stay in Hoenn to explore around.
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Other: He typically communicates through knock code if his voice does not get his message accross. He also can curl up into a cube-like shape, as he normally curls up if he is frightened or asleep.

    Helena walked into the airport while the cold breeze brushed against her leathery jacket. The Droiton was cradled in her arms with a gentle grip, as he glanced over at a group of trainers. His attention was sharply focused at the diverse Pokémon that the trainers had, as his welder-like claw wiggled about. Helena approached the trainers at a steady pace, as the Droiton looked over at the group that freely conversed with each other. She stayed slient while the Droiton glanced over at the Treecko that was with his trainer. He shyly said to him while the claw slightly rose up from his anxiety, "Dro- Droi... Droit- Droiton?"
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  12. "Well, yeah, it does," Daniel concurred, "Up until a few years back, we were pretty much cut off from the outside world. The only pokemon we had were our native ones."

    He hobbled back a bit, ensuring that he didn't catch Snivy's foot in his crutches, "I like the pokemon you can catch here far more, though," he said dreamily, "And since we don't have good contests in the Unova region, I decided to start my journey here."
  13. Helena glanced over at the trainer with his crutches, as the Droiton noticed a Snivy that was with him. Helena said to the Trainer in a soft tone, "Well, I really wonder what kinds of Pokémon they have here. I came from another region that's a bit far; I had to run away from there with good reason." She felt the Droiton tapping her with his short claws, as she patted his tiny head in a gentle motion. He looked over at the Trainer, as his attention shifted over to the crutches that he glanced over. He sheepishly murmured at the Trainer, "Droi... Droi- Droiton..."

    His body wobbled from his unease that started to become abundant, as he placed his arms over his watering eyes. He sniffled over at the Trainer, as Helena calmly whispered to him, "Are you alright buddy? You seem pretty scared around these people. If you want, I can take you near the other area if you need some time to relax."
  14. Myth laughed. "Yeah, well I guess Mojo seems to like this place." Mojo wagged his tail, noticing the Droiton. "Jang jang! Mo?" He said, excited about meeting the unusual pokemon. "Mojo, don't scare it. You're too... lively sometimes." Myth warned her pokemon.
  15. Clint, turned to face the new arrival. He had a Pokémon, that he didn't recognize. "What kind of pokemon is that?" He asked. Spike climbed down and looked at the Droition. he gave a slight wave to show, he meant no harm.
  16. Helena looked over at the other trainers that were around her, as she replied, "Well, this Pokémon is a robot; he has a tiny cannon and a repair claw that he uses in battle. He's kinda shy around strangers since he's not used to being around people." The Droiton looked back at the Treecko, as he emitted a quiet sniffle towards him. His welder-like claw extended vertically from his right shoulder, as it shook like a chiming bell. He anxiously said to the Treecko, "Droi... Droi..."
  17. "Huh. Cool." Myth said, watching Mojo's attempts at making friends with Droiton. The Jangmo-o ran around in circles, then he looked up and shook his tail, making clanging noises with his scales.
  18. "Tree, Treecko," responded Spike softly.
    "My name is Clint," said Clint towards the new trainer. "I'm going to a be a Pokemon Researcher."
    He stuck his hand out to offer a handshake.
  19. Snivy huffily hid behind Daniel once more, while his master looked diwn at the strange pokemon, whom the other trainer called a 'Droiton'. A new region, and so many new pokemon, too...

    "So, um..." He began, "Any of you going to the contest later? I'm gonna be making my debut there, and winning my first ribbon!"
  20. Myth yawned. "Sure, we'll go. Right, Mojo?" He nodded, eager to explore more of this region, then climbed up onto Myth's head. "Jang jang." He announced, balancing carefully so he wouldn't fall. Myth laughed at the little dragon, holding still for him.
  21. The boy positioned himself on the balls of his feet, bringing his arm up as carefully as he could, and balling it into a fist.

    "Look out, contest world, 'cause here comes Daniel Diaz!" He declared proudly, "I'm gonna be the best coordinator that Hoenn, no, the world, ever saw, just like my uncle!"
  22. "I wasn't planning to go, but it might be a good chance to see some new pokemon." Clint said nodding. Spike climbed up in to his trainer's shoulders as Clint stood up. "It's good to have a goal," Clint commented.
  23. "You've got a lot planned, then." Myth observed, as Mojo jumped down onto her shoulder. "Mojo, I'm not a jungle gym. Get down." She said, trying to reach for him. The Jangmo-o jumped back onto her head, then onto her other shoulder, trying to evade her grasp. Myth yelled "Mojo, get down now or you're not getting dinner!" Mojo jumped down and shook himself, before standing next to his trainer and ignoring the looks from people passing by.
  24. "You bet I have!" Daniel answered, "My uncle was top coordinator for five years in a row, so I've got a lot to live up to. That, and I'm hoping that when I do my appeals, people will like my pokemon's performance so much that they don't... Pay attention to me..."

    On account of the fact that he had a very visible disability, Daniel just knew that the instant the camera started rolling on him, the local media would be in a hurry to paint him as an 'inspiration'. Being a disabled little boy, Daniel was perfect fodder for all of the stupid little 'inspirational' memes on Pokebook, accompanied with a quote he so hated. The local media would dismiss his talents and call him an inspiration, unless he made the show all about his Snivy...
  25. Helena quietly said to Daniel while she patted the Droiton, "Well, I've never heard of a contest before. I suppose that you're following your uncle's steps into becoming the top coordinator; I wish you luck mate." She scratched her chin, noticing that Daniel's Pokémon was hidden behind him.

    The Droiton felt threatened from the Jangmo-o's trainer that yelled at him. A short, barrel-like cannon quickly rose from his left shoulder; as it slowly pointed towards the trainer. He was oblivious to the others that passed by them, as he started to gather in energy in the cannon! A faint, blue light glimmered from the barrel, as he said to the trainer in a stern tone, "Droi... Droiton!"
  26. Spike dropped down and landed in front of Drotion. "Treecko," he said trying to calm the pokemon down. He held his arms out to block any blast. "Treecko!" He shouted trying to warn people, that Drotion was upset. Clint noticed and said, "Excuse me, your Drotion seems slightly upset," to Helena, pointing at the small pokemon.
  27. "Oh boy." Myth said, before she ducked to the ground. Mojo stood in front of her in case Droiton fired, glad to see Spike was helping. "Jang, jang mo..." He began talking to Droiton, attempting to convince him to not shoot.
  28. "Oh my, he might probably be undergoing his surge here. He tends to have them from time to time since he's quite young here," Helena replied, having intense attention on the angered Droiton now. She tried to calm him, as she quietly said to him, "Droiton... I understand that you might be a bit upset here. Is there something that might bothering you?"

    The Droiton sheepishly nodded while he heard the other Pokémon talking to him. The blue light from the cannon's barrel stopped emitting; while a trace amount of light blue, ethereal energy harmlessly spouted out of the cannon. The cannon steadily retracted back towards his left shoulder, as his welder claw wiggled about. He attempted to mask his emotions that were scattered across his body, as he placed his arms over his watering eyes.
  29. Mojo sighed and looked back at Myth, relieved that his trainer wasn't in trouble anymore. He walked toward the Droiton and sat next to it, wagging his tail a little to show he meant no harm.
  30. Snivy spat a harsh, "Vy!" At the small creature, disgusted by the notion that it wanted to attack to begin with. As a coordinator's pokemon, Snivy found 'real' battling terribly brutish.

    "Is your pokemon ok?" Daniel enquired, hobbling forward, "It seems really upset..."
  31. "Jang, jang?" Mojo tried comforting Droiton, disregarding the Snivy's comment. Myth watched her pokemon, sitting down in a nearby chair. Mojo seemed like he wanted to help for a while, so she knew that they weren't going anywhere until he fixed the problem.
  32. Spike stood watching the Droition. "Tree," he cooed softly. Clint noticed how Spike had taken a liking to the new pokemon. "He seems on edge," Clint commented quietly.
  33. Name: Jake
    Age: 12
    Starter: Gible
    Trainer Class: novice pokeball maker
    Goal: To make a masterball

    Jake and gib saw the group of people and Pokémon he walked over to them "hey I'm jake what's the problem" he asked what was wrong between the droiton and snivy
  34. Mojo saw the Gible and stood up, greeting it with a cheerful "Jang!" Myth saw the new trainer and got out of the chair, hoping Mojo was almost done. "There's no problem here. Just an arrogant Snivy and emotional Droiton." She explained to Jake, while Mojo shook his scales and did other tricks to impress Gible.
  35. "I think that my partner might've been a bit shaken," Daniel said as he looked down at Snivy, casting him a disapproving stare, "By that Droiton raising its... Was that a cannon? It looked a lot like one."

    The boy pivoted around on his crutches, to face his starter, "Snivy, you've gotta learn how to get along with other pokemon! How are you going to get along with the pokemon I catch for my team?"
  36. "Maybe, Snivy is just trying to show off." Suggested Clint he had learned tha Snivy are very proud, but very smart creatures. "He probably is just trying to attack attention."
  37. Gib looked at Mojo and smiled he introduced himself with "gib gribble gib!" Then he walked over to the snivy he turned his head "gib?"
    "Sorry" jake said "he gets excited around other dragon types' he said smiling
  38. Helena replied to Daniel in a collected tone, "Yes, that is the cannon that my Droiton has. It's often used in battle and it fires off ethereal energy. This type of energy has some mysterious properties here. I've heard legends about it from my region. It is able to hurt or even heal others based on the user's mood and their affinity with others."

    She continued to cradle the Droiton snugly in her arms; while she stroked his metallic body. The Droiton looked over at the Gible that approached the Snivy. His welder claw softly rubbed on his right shoulder, as he thought to himself, "Ahh! There's so many strangers around me! I don't wanna screw up in front of the others, they might laugh at me maybe! Just stay calm... and try to not cry or anything alright? At least my trainer saved me there at the last second..."
  39. "Maybe..." Daniel concurred. He knew that snivy were very proud creatures, which seemed fitting, given that their final form was rather regal in appearance... But even for a snivy, his partner pokemon was far too proud.

    The howl of a poochyena dragged Daniel right out of his thoughts... Or was it several?

    He hobbled around. Several poochyena, and some mightyena were crowding round someone, or something. Each of them were charging up various attacks.

    "What do you suppose is going on over there?" He enquired.
  40. Mojo sat down again, bored. The Snivy wasn't interesting to him at all, and Droiton was out of his reach. He heard the Poochyena in the distance and took off without warning, Myth chasing after him.

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