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Open The Journey into Unova

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone if you don't know who I am I'm LunarSilvally ^-^. This is an open rp so anyone can join. As usual there are rules as follows:

    ~No Legendaries or super rare Pokemon
    ~Shinies are allowed as this is an uncommon thing
    ~You can have six Pokemon if you want
    ~Please notify me if you want to be excused on the rp so their won't be any confusion
    ~Start with first evolution of the Pokemon you choose to make this longer and more fun then make them evolve as you go
    ~Must be at least a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator with out issue and have her/him lock this down. Other then that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    Here's an example:

    Badges earned: 3

    Here's my example:

    Name: JC

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Long dark brown hair passed the shoulder with blue eyes along with a bang that covers the right of her eye and wears black glasses with blue printed rings just on the right side, wears a black fedora hat tilted slightly down a bit along with a black tank top that is covered with a Blackand Blue Flannel shirt (look it up if youdon't know what that is please), Black half leg pants with black flats with the lacesthat wrap around her ankle. Also with a rubic gold cube with only the middle of each side black around her neck that was given to her by a friend back in Unova before she left with a black bracelet around her wrist with an Umbreon and Silvally charm attached to it
    Partner: Umbreon(Blue)

    Pokemon: Umbreon(Blue)(Shiny),Serperior, Flygon, Zebatrika, Sawsbuck, Absol(Abby)

    Personality: Quite distant to others, Often not talkative but talks when she wants to, Takes her battling very seriously, Sweet, Looks out for her friends more then herself, keeps Blue mostly out of her Pokeball

    Badges earned: 3

    History: Is very secretive about it. Team Plasma always seems to be after her for some reason especially a male named N

    Goal: To stop Team Plasma

    Region: Unova

    Here's my example rp:

    She had only been in Unova for a couple of days already having five Pokemon on her team including Blue her shiny Umbreon who had walked beside her. She earned three badges already but she wanted to train herself for her fourth gym badge so she sat down placing a song on the leaf as all of her Pokemon were out listening to the song. She smiled as she kept playing enjoying the nice breeze that blew by as she laid berries for her Pokemon to eat from just in case they were hungry. Blue and Rosa(Servine)were already in their second evolution as Deerling, Blitzle and Trapinch were still in the first evolution as it took them longer to evolve however she didn't mind as all they needed was training to kept them strong.-
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  2. Sounds fun!

    Name: Kale White
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Kale has scruffy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue light jacket, and carries a backpack with a lot of camping supplies in it. Kale has medium height and average build. He also wears a Xtranseiver. On his right arm, as well as his back and stomach, there are scars,from when he was attacked by Beedrills.
    Partner: Shine the Emolga
    Pokemon: Emolga (Shine), Nina (Nidoran Female), Magikarp (BG)
    Personality: Kale has a strong sense of right and wrong, and always tries to keep a cheerful outlook (unless there's Bug Pokemon involved, then he kinda freaks out).
    Badges earned: 1, 2, 4
    History(Optional): Kale grew up in the Kanto region, near Saffron city. His parents are a Black Belt and Crusher Girl, and they run the fighting dojo in Saffron. His Aunt lives in Unova. When he was little, he got lost in Viridian Forest and was attacked by a group of Beedrill, instilling in him a deep fear of Bug Pokemon. Now, he's living with his Aunt for the summer.
    Goal: To travel the world!
    Region: Kanto

    Rp (you didn't say where your character was, so imma just assume you're on Route 5):
    Kale sighed, and skipped another stone on the water. He was on Route 5, near the Charizard Bridge, and his Emolga, Shine, was watching him worriedly. There were the sounds of street performers in the distance.
    "What am I gonna do, Shine?" Kale asked his Emolga. Earlier that day, Kale had tried to face Burgh. And just like any other day, he couldn't even make it past the Gym's layout. As he tried to navigate the honeycomb maze, he felt claustrophobic and terrified. It was being lost in Viridian all over again. He shook himself out of his thoughts and looked over to see another trainer feeding her Pokemon.
    "Mole, mole." Shine said, trying to comfort her trainer.
    "Every time I try, I just..." Kale threw another stone, but this one just plopped into the water.
  3. She was training with Blitzle and Deerling getting their move strategies with experience. "Deerling Energy ball Jump kick and Blitzle Flame charge Spark!" She commanded. "Deeeeeerrrrling!" Seedling shot up her Energy ball then leaped in the air using Jump kick for full force as it hit the target that was set up as she landed. "Bllllliiiiittttzle!" Blitzle was surrounded by fire activating spark as yellow electric sprung out as she also hit the target landing right back next to Deerling "Deer!" "Blitzle!" they both smiled "Well done you two" she petted them both gently as she returned them. She began to walk again with Blue walking beside her as she was going to head to the Pokemon center then the market to grab some items before battling with Gym leader Elisa(may have spelled this wrong) as Blue looked up at her "Umbre?" She smiled as JC gently petted her as she walked into the Pokemon center.-
  4. Kale was about to skip another stone when he heard a loud shock and crash, startling him. The stone landed in the water with another plop, and Kale looked over to see the girl training with her Pokemon. Kale had just thought they were sitting around. He looked at his Emolga, and Shine smiled back at him. They both knew just the thing to get his mind off of Burgh.
    "Hey-" Kale looked back up, only to see that the girl had walked away. He looked around, then ran after her. "Hey, wait up!"
    Kale managed to catch up with the girl before she reached the Pokemon Center.
    "Hey, hold on! You... You wanna battle?" Kale asked.
  5. She was stopped by a boy with scruffy brown hair and brown eyes as she looked up at him "um I would but my Pokemon are a bit exhausted from training and I need to heal the up and grab items for the next Gym battle with Elisa so your going to have to wait if you don't mind but first of all its rude that you have not introduced yourself" she said arms across her chest as Blue sat down next to her as she placed her Pokeballs on the rolling tray and picked up Blue and placed her on it as well as Chansey pushed them into the back room. "I'm JC what is yours?" She asked extending her hand out to him.-
  6. "Oh! Uh, right. Sorry." Kale said. Shine finally caught up to Kale and jumped onto his shoulder. "I'm Kale, and this is Shine."
    Kale gestured to himself and his Emolga. Out of the corner of his eye, Kale saw JC's Umbreon being carted away. His eyes widened.
    "Is... Is that your Shiny Umbreon?" Even though Eevees were first discovered in the Kanto region, they were still really rare, and Kale had never seen an Umbreon in real life, much less a Shiny one.
  7. Name: Freya Kai Dragoncast *Uses Kai
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Kai is tall and slender, the walking definition of legs for days. Her skin is tan and olive colored, with thick brown locks tumbling past her shoulder blades in many ringlets and curls. She holds a pair of startling blue eyes, and seems to have a sort of flawless beauty about her. Of course, it is most likely due to the way the young adult holds herself with a cool and calm confidence with her strong posture.

    One would think she would dress as elegant as she appeared, but appears to prefer something more casual. White torn up shorts, white sneakers that cover her ankles, a black trilby hat, and a black tank top that has a white X extending from each shoulder to each hip.
    Partner: Loki, a male Zorua with green eyes
    Pokemon: Loki, Dusk and Lune (Both are Eevees, Dusk is notable with a wider chest and cold attitude and Lune is lighter with floppy ears), and Sif (Female Litten who sports uncharacteristically blue eyes)
    Personality: While Kai has an air of cold confidence, she is literally a walking ray of sunshine. Humble, kind, and motherly, she and her team are anything but intimidating. However, behind her blue irises brews a storm of grey clouds with thunder and lightning waiting to be unleashed. She is a badass in short, who can easily floor you yet it remains hidden behind the facade of a young adult who simply wants to travel the world and gain wisdom.
    Badges earned: None
    History(Optional): She doesn't look back upon her history fondly, and will dodge questions about it, but its not one of sorrow either. Moreover, she greatly dislikes her home, how her family had never been smart with money nor life choices. Simply put, her life was hard, struggling to stay on her feet and having to become independent at a young age as her parents spent money as fast as they could make it, and falling every time they invested in the wrong thing.
    Goal: To travel and find her place, somewhere where she can become greater than her family.
    Region: Various, her birth was in Kalos, and she moved to Alola after hopping between Kanto and Hoenn, before moving out on her own to explore Unova

    Kai hummed a pleasant tune to herself, her shoulders lay back and relaxed, giving Loki quite a hard time hanging onto her shoulders. Halfheartedly, he'd nip at her ear in protest every time her strides would suddenly cause him to lose his purchase. Kai only smirked softly, stroking her partner lovingly on his head. Eventually, their stroll through the city took them elsewhere, before stopping at the Pokemon Center to prepare to move onwards. Loki's ears perked to the sounds of two younger, but not quite yet, adults, preparing to engage in a battle. Loki's eyes lit up in mischeivious mirth, leaping from his trainer's shoulders to approach the pair and get a view of the battle. Kai huffed air through her nose, but chased off after her little devil anyhow, pausing when she neared the sight of his interest. Not wanting to be rude, she stood back, picking Loki up only slightly rough, as if to scold him. She took a few steps back, as to not be noticed quite yet, she'd introduce herself after their battle if Loki was that persistent.
  8. She chuckled seeing how surprised he was "Yes she is my Umbreon this is Blue my partner and bond partner we have been through a lot together and she knows that we have and she was a gift from my mom when she won the Pokemon contest for Coordinators and when it hatched Blue here was a shiny Eevee which was rare" she smiled as Blue leaped off the cart "Umbre!" She bowed in greeting then sat down next to her as she saw her partner grab her Pokeballs and put them away in her waist pocket holder. "We can battle tomorrow at the Pokemon battle field that I know before I go battle for my fourth gym badge if that's alright so you can prepare your team because I have to warn you I am very experienced at battling" she said as she walked out of the Pokemon center with Blue following beside her as she greeted Shine the Emolga walking to the Pokemart.-
  9. Kai smirked, flicking Loki softly on the nose. "You got worked up over nothing, love." She softly spoke to him. She had a very deep bond with the Zorua she had hatched from an egg. One of the rare times she received a gift from her family, though when the baby fox had hatched the reactions made the gift more bittersweet than ever. Either way, no matter how much the Pokemon tried to hide it with mischievous antics and a close off aura, the illusionist loved his "mother" deeply. Though that didn't mean he would behave out of love, oh no. His way of showing his affection was through being a little devil, like hipping her hand softly, wriggling his way from her grasp to bound excitedly after the Shiny. "Loki no." Kai called, not shouting, but using her breath to lower her voice, which in turn helped her raise the volume. Despite the strong authority her voice commanded, the Zorua stuck his tongue out behind him, barking as if to say "Loki yes" before swatting at the blue ringed tail in front of him. Kai easily took a few strides to catch up, snatching the fox again. "I'm sorry if he caused any trouble, miss." She apologized, sending a tired glare to her partner.
  10. She saw a Zorua run up to Blue probably because of her glowing rings as Blue pawed at the mischievous Zorua giving a smile to it but surprised as well as she was just getting ready to battle with Kale then saw a girl run up "Oh its no worries Blue here all aways gets to attention to other Pokemon because of her rings and you didn't interupt anything with my friend Kale here as we were just about to start our battle" she gave a smile as Blue sat next to her. "Umbre!" "Well since your Zorua came running over here I think it would be a good time to introduce yourself. I'm JC and this is Blue my shiny Umbreon and bond partner" she said extending her hand oit to her.-
  11. "Tomorrow?" Kale said. He was about to protest when JC was already walking away. He glanced at Shine again.
    "I guess we won't be battling." Kale said. He was about to walk out when he saw another rare sight. A trainer with a Zorua! It ran up and batted at the Umbreon's tail, and JC and the other lady began talking. Kale walked over, and heard something that confused him.
    "Wait, whoa, Hold on." Kale said to JC, confused. "I thought that you weren't gonna battle me until tomorrow. Or that's what you told me."
  12. Kai smiled easily. "Pleasure to meet you JC, I'm Kai." She returned the handshake firmly. "And this trouble maker here is Loki, he's my partner and I guess in a way you can call me his mother." She chuckled, ignoring the squirming Pokemon she held between the bend in her elbow and her waist like a football. "I take it you are an experienced trainer, I mean, it is no simple feat to have an evolved Pokemon, especially one like an Umbreon. Your bond must be deep." She smiled, looking down to the Shiny umbreon with a sense of awe, and mostly of all respect for something as rare and elusive as the Dark type evolution.
  13. She nodded to her understanding "Yes I am experienced very experienced I had Blue longer then most of my other Pokemon lets just say she as been with me through the hardest times and Kale yes I did say that and I changed my mind I need some experience before getting my fourth gym badge so get ready Kale" she said smiling before looking at Kai "we are going to battle want to watch Kai?" She asked as she saw Kale just across her waiting for him to throw out his first Pokeball.-
  14. Kai grinned, stepping back. "By all means, don't let me stop you two." She chuckled, quietly releasing the rest of her team. Dusk made a sort of growling noise, at least until Kai commanded her team softly to watch to battle. Other than Loki, none of her team was terribly experienced, so watching a battle would do them some good. Dusk, ever serious, had an intense gaze set on the two trainers, especially the Umbreon. One could almost see his dark eyes glinting with adrenaline for the battle. Lune, on the other hand, hobbled to Kai and tripped over his ears, pawing at his trainer to be held. Once safely snuggled in her arms, he tiredly gazed to the point of interest, not quite understanding what was happening. Sif was just as serious as Dusk, sitting beside him with her steely blue eyes. And Loki honestly could have cared less, not that Kai tried correcting him. By far he was the strongest, so he could spare a friendly spar or two.
  15. She placed her hand on her hat putting it down slightly then became serious with determination in her eyes as Blue had the same eyes as well but she sat down next to her trainer understanding her command that it wasn't her turn yet as she waited for Kale to release his first Pokemon "Kale you better be ready I take my battles every seriously" she said stern but calm as a sudden wind blew by giving the change of air as she watched Kale. Blue ready beside her as she moved her fail back and forth waiting for her trainers command.-
  16. "Um, maybe we should-" Kale was cut off by JC's challenge. Forgetting what he was going to say, he grinned and rolled up his sleeves.
    "Really? I prefer being a bit lighter!" Kale said.
    "Mole, mole!" Shine agreed. She jumped off her trainer's shoulder and landed in front of Kale, striking a pose.
    "Shine, Double Team!" Kale commanded. Shine nodded, closing her eyes. Suddenly, where the Emolga once stood, there were three Emolgas, all identical.
  17. Name: Sully
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Black, leather trench coat, dark-blonde hair, black trousers, leather gloves, black cap
    Partner: Pidgey (Hato)
    Pokemon: Gastly, Pidgey, Scyther, Dratini
    Personality: Bold, adventurous, likes to fight
    Badges earned: 1, 2, 3
    History(Optional): Sully was born in unknown, communistic Pokémon region. Anyways, after he reached the age of 18, he decided to travel to another region. The closest region was Unova, so he managed to get there by his favorite chopper motorcycle. After he arrived to Unova, he bought a small house for the money that his parents gave him on his 18th birthday. 8 months passed since he bought his new home, in this time, he earned some gym badges, started to collect knives and repainted is motorcycle. He was familiar with nearby area and he manages to continue his career as a trainer and beat The Elite Four.
    Goal: To beat The Elite Four
    Region: Unknown
  18. She chuckled as she threw her Pokeball sending out Trapinch a Ground type "Trapinch Rock tomb now!" "Trap!" Trapinch went straight for Shine the Emolga already knowing which one was the real Shine as she critical hit her getting badly beat as she then commanded Trapinch to use bite then was thrown in the air using Rock tomb once again as Emolga fainted as JC returned her "Well done Trapinch she said to the Pokeball then put her away "Like I said my strategy is unpredictable" she chuckled but was having fun battling him.-
  19. Eh, I'll give this a whirl.
    Name: Odilon Evaristo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Odilon has jet black hair neatly slicked back and a medium build, standing at 6'2. He usually wears a black long-sleeved shirt and white trousers with a pair of black sneakers. He has slightly pale skin and icy blue eyes.
    Partner: Argo (Reuniclus)
    Pokemon: Krain (Fraxure), Elevar (Braviary), Gyro (Klinklang), Soren (Bisharp), Quake (Seismitoad)
    Personality: Odilon is extremely friendly and somewhat charming. He has a great sense of humor, though he can get serious when someone he cares about is hurt.
    Badges earned: All 8 (Veteran Trainer)
    Goal: To become the next Pokemon Champion.
    Region: Unova


    Odilon rolled up the sleeves of his shirt as he trekked through the forest of Route 5, Argo floating silently next to him with the occasional bored chirp, to which the trainer laughed and gently stroked the Reuniclus with a finger. Suddenly, Odilon heard a commotion that consisted of commanding voices of trainers and the cries of battle-ready Pokemon. Must be a battle about to go on, the man thought to himself, a reminiscent smile on his face as he walked. Odilon recalled memories of when he first embarked on his journey with Argo and catching more Pokemon as his team defeated all of the Unova Gym Leaders, though Drayden proved an extreme challenge as the Dragon Type specialist had bested Odilon several times over with his powerful Haxorus.

    Odilon arrived at a clearing where he saw two trainers about to battle and another trainer spectating. He grinned and walked over to a spot next to the spectator, whistling softly. "Man, this takes me back to my old days. I think I was about 14 when my journey started." He chuckled to himself as Reuniclus floated next to him, chirping in confirmation. "I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Odilon Evaristo; nice to meet you, and you are?" He held out his hand to shake for the girl next to him with a friendly grin.
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  20. Kai turned to the voice next to her, only for her gaze to fall on the stranger's chest. Somewhat amused, the 5'8" woman had to shift her gaze up so she could see his icy blue eyes, a stark contrast to her stormy blue clouds. She smirked, before smoothly transitioning into a soft grin. "I'm Kai Dragoncast. Pleasure to meet you, Odilon." She spoke to him with nothing short of respect. Something about him told of his past experience, far greater than hers and from that of the two trainers locked in battle. Of course, not forgetting to shake his hand, she bent down to rid her arms of Lune and Loki, whom protested greatly. Chuckling at her young team, she finally extended her hand, completing the greeting with Odilon.
  21. Odilon smiled as Kai had to set her Eevee and Zorua onto the ground before shaking his hand. He crouched down and stroked the two's foreheads with a small chuckle. "These two are fine Pokemon. I can see you're training them well." The veteran trainer stood back up and grinned at Kai before returning his gaze to the field, sighing with reminiscence. "It's been so long since I enjoyed a good battle. I tell you, Drayden," Odilon chuckled before continuing. "That old man beat me an excessive number of times before I was able to get my eighth badge from him."
  22. Kai chuckled along with the man, "Oh I can only imagine, though I've only heard stories from veterans such as yourself. And judging by the looks in there eyes, I fear many stories of their downfall had been greatly exaggerated." She smiled warmly at the praise that was directed towards her and her team. "Why thank you. Though we haven't been training too long I'm afraid, and I have no interest in battling these gyms nor taking on the champion, so we haven't grown very quickly. Which is quite alright, I've hardly had all of them for a few years... except Loki, I was given that little devil in disguise when I was three."

    She followed his gaze to the battle field, watching the two trainers continue, though nothing interesting had happened much further yet. "While we wait, you don't suppose you can introduce me to your team?" She asked calmly. She then gestured to all of her young team around her. "As you can see, well, all of my team. And we aren't anything special- at least not yet." She added on with a small wink, hinting that there was more to the group than meets the eye.

    "Loki is my Zorua, as you have already met. The adorable one who trips over his ears half the time is Lune. Next you have his brother, Dusk, and next to him you have Sif." She gestured to each of her team members fondly, already remembering times in the past when she had first met them.
  23. (Sorry guys have to wait until Robingogo is active again to continue my part)
  24. Odilon smiled as he viewed Kai's team and chuckled at the last fragment in her explanation. "Of course, I certainly agree. Your team has amazing potential, and who knows? You and your Pokemon could maybe best me if you keep up your training, because you're doing a great job as of right now." He un-clipped his Pokeballs from his belt and grinned once more. "Well, I suppose there's no harm in that, eh?" Argo chirped indignantly from his spot beside Odilon, who paused and chuckled. "Of course. This is Argo, the first Pokemon I ever received and my partner ever since." The Reuniclus gave a satisfactory nod and waved with one of his arms at Kai. Odilon tossed the three Pokeballs into the air, which opened as a bright blue light burst out of the Pokeballs, materializing into the shapes of his other Pokemon. Krain, a Fraxure, Elevar, a Braviary, Gyro, a Klinklang, Soren, a Bisharp, and Quake, a Seismitoad all emerged from the light. Krain let out a rumble of greetings, the rest of Odilon's team doing the same.
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  25. Kai grinned at the team. They certainly were strong, both in appearance but she could tell that none of the nearby trainers could hope to beat Odilon, at least in the present. A gleam in her eye betrayed how one day she would love to battle his team. Of course, with such young members, such hopes were not possible currently. Of course, her inner musings were interrupted as Loki bound up to the stronger team, his intentions were anything but polite. Friendly, possibly, but the young Pokemon seemed to think that blowing a raspberry was a proper way of saying hello. "Loki, manners." Kai chided, only for a small pink tongue to be stuck back at her. The mischevious Pokemon cackled, taking joy in defying his partner, before his body shimmered and took the form of a small Axew, hobbling up to Krain and generally being a nuisance.

    "Sorry about him." Kai waved his behavior off, a normal occurrence it seemed. "He'll calm down once he gets bored. He's just doing it to get a reaction. He's a bit of a diva."
  26. Kale's face was one of shock as an unconscious Shine slid to his feet. He fell to his knees and gently picked up his partner.
    "Oh, Shine..." Kale whispered. What was that? For some reason, Kale wasn't even able to get in a single command. This wasn't like when he faced Lenora, or even Elesa! A ball of guilt formed in his stomach.
    "G... Good game..." Kale said, looking away from JC. He stood up and handed her some Pokedollars.
  27. Kai looked over, noticing the aftermath of the battle. Her heart lurched out to the unknown male, since she never asked for his name, as he so gingerly picked up his Pokemon. Even she could feel the guilt from over where she was standing. Loki and Lune had missed the end of the fight, but she quickly withdrew Sif and Dusk. She would have to test them out later, just to make sure that the battle hadn't rubbed off too much on them. She didn't want them to think that the battle that had just taken place was the best way to fight. Not that anything was wrong with the battle, and that JC's relentlessness would be a key factor in her future success if the trainer was to continue battling gyms. Of course, in any battle, the fair and polite thing to do was to at least let the other have the chance to retaliate. But by the looks of things, JC wasn't the way she was because of being kind to an opponent. Kai sighed, it really wasn't any of her business to dig to deeply into why JC fought the way she did. Although this did mean, if she were to even find herself on the opposite end of a battle with the girl, she'd have to be on her toes.
  28. She nodded no "No keep it yes it was a great battle...sorry I didn't mean to hurt Shine that badly here let me heal her" she used a potion to heal Shine. "I have a reason for battling like that....its personal I'll say......I don't like seeing Pokemon hurt including my own...but once you get stronger I'll battle you again how does that sound friend" she smiled holding her hand out gently. "I can also help you prepare for any gyms you are having trouble with since I know the types they will be using just a favor after that battle if you interested" she said as Blue was playing with Shine.-
  29. Odilon's team paid no attention to the slightly troublesome Zorua as Odilon turned his gaze back to the aftermath of the battle. JC's sudden attack was relentless, and the opponent had no time to respond. The veteran trainer frowned briefly but shook it off as he walked over to the two. "Well, that was certainly a brief battle. Congratulations to the winner." Odilon flashed a friendly smile at the two, but it hid a touch of uncertainty when directed at JC. "Although, I have to admit, that rush was pretty excessive. Maybe when you're stronger, you could give me a run for my money, hm?" He chuckled softly before shoving his hands in his pockets.
  30. Kale gave JC a grateful smile as she healed Shine.
    "Thank you." Kale said Shine looked up at Kale, then looked away, a bit ashamed. "No, it's okay! You did the best you could. I was the one that froze up out there."
    Shine nodded, and jumped out of Kale's arms, and went over to play with Blue. Kale, on the other hand, turned his attention back to JC.
    "Thank you for the offer, but it kinda feels better for me to figure out how to beat the gym leaders myself. How about instead, we just train together some time?" Kale asked, smiling. Then Kale heard a voice, and turned to see a taller man walk over to them. The way he walked kinda reminded Kale of his father, and Kale just kinda nodded his head at him.
  31. JC smiled as she placed her arm around him "Don't feel bad I actually was at the stage you were at so I know" She then noticed the tall male "Greetings sir I'm JC" she said extended her hand out to him in greeting "Umbre!" Blue bowed her head in respect to him and the Duosion. She felt the air shift a bit as she gave a serious expression but it once faded giving a smile to the male.-
  32. Kai returned Lune before scooping Loki into her arms and joined the other three trainers. Seeing how Odilon and JC were speaking now, she decided to get aquatinted with the other trainer and his Emolga. She smiled at him, nudging his shoulder gently. "Don't beat yourself up too much, now. By the way, I don't think we've met. I'm Kai." She exended her hand, secretly hoping Loki wasn't currently planning any funny buisness.
  33. "Uh... Yeah." Kale said to JC, removing her arm. I wonder what she would say if she knew I had already beaten Elesa? Kale knew that if his Female Nidoran, Nina, was out when she had said that, the Poison Point Pokemon would have tried to attack JC for making a comment like that. Kale looked over to see the Zorua lady approach him. Shine ran back over to Kale and jumped onto Kale's shoulder, looking at Kai with curiosity.
    "Thanks. My name's Kale, and this is Shine." Kyle said. "Well, losing happens to the best of us."
    Shine waved cheerfully at Kai's Zorua.
  34. She sighed then smiled "Well I should be on my way have to receive my fourth gym badge cya you too and lets meet again" she waved goodbye as Blue followed right behind her as she entered a small walk way inside building then saw a bridge seeing it was a long walk but didn't mind the nice weather. It took her a while to get there but she made to the other side at Nimbasa city where the electric gym of Elesa was. She looked around then saw the gym at glance as she walked under an arch with a Pikachu on it then stood in front of the gym. "Well here we are Blue" "Bre? Umbre?!" Blue said excited now "Oh your ready aren't you well then lets go inside" she and Blue walked into the gym where Elesa waited.-
  35. Kai nodded gently. "Well, with every loss you only learn and grow stronger because of it." She grinned. Loki barked in her arms, pulling faces at Shine, grinning and cackling. Kai sighed, "And this is Loki." Looking over, she just caught JC leaving to challenge the gym. "Well Kale, where are you off to next? You seem like your heart is set on challenging the gyms." She glanced down at Loki, who wriggled excitedly in her arms, staring at Kale with his green eyes expectant. Maybe she should at least consider travelling to these gyms, not to challenge them, but there was no harm in helping her team grow while she searched for her place in the world.
  36. Odilon sighed as JC left as his other Pokemon hurried to his side. Quite an ambitious young one, that JC. He walked over to Kai, who was talking with the boy who had lost the little bout and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Hey, I'm Odilon. Although I haven't seen it proven yet, I can tell you have a very promising future ahead of you with your Pokemon." He grinned and returned all of his Pokemon except for Argo, who didn't really prefer staying inside the spherical device that much.
  37. She came out of the gym with her victory of a fourth gym badge thanks to Trapinch who had evolved into Vibrava during the battle and Blue her bond partner. "Well done you too that wasn't so hard was it" "Umbre!" "Vibrava!" "Yes congrats on evolving Vibrava" she smiled petting her Vibrava "You know I have a perfect name for you so for now one your name will be DragonFly" "Vibrava!" She smiled then rested on her head as she was an average size to. She headed to the Pokemon center to heal up then came back out returning DragonFly leaving Blue out. She was then stopped by Team Plasma the organization that is after her because of what she possess. "Oh its you guys again" she sais sternly not fond of seeing them again as Blue glared at them "Umbre! Umbreon!" She stood guard of her trainer in front ready for battle at her command.-
  38. Kale scratched his head, thinking.
    "I dunno. There's Driftveil city, but I hear their leader's ground-type. My team right now isn't ready to counter that. Plus, Elesa was already really tough." He flashed an embarrassed smile at Kai. "I guess I might just end up training with my team for a little while. But with my team as it is now, I don't think I stand much of a chance."
    Shine grinned incredulously at the Zorua, then started making faces back at Loki. Kale turned to the veteran trainer.
    "Thanks. I dunno, tho... Hey, what's going on over there?" Kale turned to see some sort of a commotion going on near the Pokemon Center.
  39. Odilon turned his head to the Pokemon Center and saw four men in grey hoods and outfits he knew all too well. He grit his teeth and muttered the answer with bitter spite. "Team Plasma. Whatever they're up to, it doesn't mean anything good. Come on." He broke into a run towards the Team Plasma members and skidded to a stop, a coldly sarcastic grin on his face. "Well, well. If it isn't the 'high and mighty' Team Plasma. You all never give up, don't you?" He motioned for Argo to stay back and threw out a Pokeball. The device opened as bright light shot out of the Pokeball, revealing Elevar, who screeched with astonishing power. Odilon narrowed his eyes at the Team Plasma members, ready for battle.
  40. She stood there glaring at Team Plasma "How many times do I have to tell you I'm not going with you!" "Umbre!" "Looks like I have to battle my way through DragonFly!, Deerling! and Blue!" "Umbre!" "Deer!" "Vi!". DragonFly, Deerling, and Blue stood in front of Team Plasma's Pokemon "Blue Shadow ball iron tail!, Deerling Energy kick!, and DragonFly Dragon breath rock tomb!" She commanded as they unleashed there power as a loud boom hit the Pokemon then ground as they all landed in front of her battle ready again. "-tsk they never give up!-" she said in thought.-

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