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Open The Johto Legacy discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Light MaskMan, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. You just a receive your starter Pokemon from Professor Elm and now you must collect the 8 gym badges to qualify for the Johto league it's been 18 years since gold became Champion of Johto and now you are following in his footsteps to become the new champion of Johto you can meet many new Pokemon and Friends along the way as well as Johto gym leaders and Kanto gym leader so now your Adventure begins.

    You must follow all charms rules
    No legendaries
    No Mary Sue's
    No God modding
    No one liners
    Used compete paragraph

    Sign up forms:

  2. Name: Ruby
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Black hair, dark eyes, purple shirt, blue jeans, grey backpack

    Personality: Brave, Adventurous, Cheeky, Silly, Takes on a challenge, Fun

    Goal: To defeat all of the gyms and get into the top 5 in the league

    Pokemon: Totodile
  3. Accepted and here's mine

    Name: Light
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: he has light gold hair and the backwards black and gold cap he also has black suit with gold running shoes and a pool stick

    Personality: he has multiple personality disorder and when he is in battle he becomes more serious than normal

    Goal: to become the Pokemon champion

    Pokemon: Cyndaquil
  4. Okay so ill make the official thread and make a link to it
  5. Name: Blaze
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Black hair, dark brown eyes, red long sleeve shirt, blue scarf, blue jeans, red running shoes, and black backpack

    Personality: Positive, friendly, and likes to have fun

    Goal: To be a great trainer and do great in the Pokemon League

    Pokemon: Chikorita
  6. Let the best Trainer win but i have to warn you my Trainer can get serious and his battle
  7. Okay, but I have an idea. I win this battle but you beat me in the league
  8. I was thinking of making my character like Yama Yugi from YuGiOh
  9. With a millennium item or not?
  10. I dont know what do you think
  11. No idea who we're talking about
  12. I was think when my character is battling and when there is a risk he would change until more mature and skillful trainer too battle in his Place
  13. Well my character is pretty Silly and Playful. But she's super logical and smart when it comes to battling. Also does anybody have a team plan?
  14. How about 1 be the Cook ,1 can be the Navigator and 1 can be the reasonable one
  15. I'm navigator
  16. I'm like the wild one who climbs up trees and yeah
  17. Actually I'm the cook
  18. Then I will be the Navigator
  19. I guess I'm the reasonable one.
  20. So I'm going to be the guy who calms everyone down in case we get into arguments?
  21. : ) or you could be the Gym researcher to tell which type of Gym it is
  22. Also if you guys have watched the anime...

    Ash and Misty fight and Brock breaks them up...

    So I guess Light is Ash
    I'm Misty (except I can cook)
    And Blaze is brock
  23. Also lol, I'm super Misty.

    I just caught a psyduck

    And I specialise in water types...

  24. Is anyone gonna respond
  25. Name: Tyler
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Black Hoodie, Grey Jeans, Black Cap, Grey Sneakers, Grey Bag
    personality: Quite Serious, Can Be Rude, Very Passionate About Being A Trainer
    Goal: To battle Gold
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil

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