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Private/Closed The Isles of Wær

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pokéboy098, Oct 24, 2019.


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  1. 7BA79928-976C-45E5-994E-EFEE6E16CF23.jpeg 47254BF6-C33D-456C-8A42-B8EEA02254B6.jpeg THERE IS A MAX OF 9 RPers BESIDES MYSELF! JOIN WHILE YOU CAN!

    Ok, so this RP is pretty unique. In fact, it is so unique that I had to go back and look at the General Role Play rules which I haven’t looked at for 1.5 years to check if it was even allowed. Luckily, it doesn’t say anywhere in the rules that this isn’t allowed.
    The reason this RP is unique is because instead of controlling a character (although you do have a character) you are really controlling an entire country in a unique world building scenario: you are one of the ten main countries in the Island Archipelago most commonly known as Wær, an isolated area from the rest of earth, with mostly medieval technology (no guns, but maybe a very primitive musket). Within the roleplay, you will interact through both diplomacy and war with other players. Player’s entire countries could be taken over, but the leader or some of the army still escape or hide to try to take it back.

    Roleplay rules are to follow the Pokecharms roleplay rules. I don’t have much more to say on the subject.

    Wren Cyiti, Dual King of The Isle of Kytirome: @Pokéboy098
    The Council of Chieftains, ruling the Holm Commonwealth: @Mr Fishykarp
    The 25th Bam, King of Luciferi Obumbratio: @Shadow_Pup
    Morai Madora, Overlord of Il'vhin ghardé: @DevVoid
    Daniel Kade, Lord of Sanctus: @Pokéboy098
    JC Wolfa, Lord of Habouokami: @LunarSilvally
    Mallick, King of Everhollow: @Frontier Master
    Empress of Kiux, Hedra Geolia II of Asae: @Pokéboy098
    Here is the Bio. If confused, it might help explain the RP better:
    Name of Country:
    Name of Capital City/Cities:
    Some History for the Country:
    Country Traditions/Values:
    Country Government Type:

    Name of Current Ruler:
    Age of Current Ruler:
    Backstory of Current Ruler:
    Personality of Current Ruler:
    What Current Ruler Looks Like:
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler:
    Preferred Army Composition:
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale):
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale):
    Take the map at the bottom of the post, and mark down where your capital/capitals (max of 2) will be. If you can’t mark it down, then describe it to me. I will return you a copy of the map with your full borders as assigned based on your capital and country data.

    Name of Country: The Isle of Kytirome
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Kyt & Irome
    Some History for the Country: These two cities used to be separate kingdoms, but were recently united through a violent and bloody 50-year long conflict between them, which Kyt won. Kyt has always been more militaristic and army focused, while Irome has always been a huge trade center and a powerful naval force. There are still occasional rebellions, but once they have finally been fully integrated, the newly born nation of Kytirome will be able to rule both the land and sea.
    Country Traditions/Values: Cooperation, Bravery, and Glory are the three most important values in their culture. Traditionally, they seek glory for their family in order to glorify the state. The most common religion is an animist religion (the worship of souls in all things, like rocks and bugs and stuff).
    Country Government Type: Monarchy
    Name of Current Ruler: Wren Cyiti, Dual King of Kytirome
    Age of Current Ruler: 17
    Backstory of Current Ruler: Wren is the son of the late Vaui Cyiti the Great, who ruled for a whole 70 years and united Kyt and Irome. Wren was just recently coronated, and has no advice from his mother (because she was absent his whole life due to not being a noblewoman, and he doesn’t know who she is), which leads him to take advice from many nobles, who often seek power for themselves.
    Personality of Current Ruler: Wren is generally found looking calm and collected, but is often overwhelmed. He is very stoic and he doesn’t speak much. He will work together with others well, but nobody really want to work with him as much as take his position as king.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: Wren is a young boy with muddy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is rather muscular, having been in military training since he was 10 with his father. He is also pretty average height, and physically fit (not thin, not fat).
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: Wren is a well-trained fencer and swordsman, especially on a horse. His main strengths lie in strategy, however.
    Preferred Army Composition: 10000 heavily armored, well-trained pikemen make up the core of the army. Then, the nobility and officers serve in a unit of heavy cavalry about 1000 strong, with about 3000 light cavalry supporting them. They also have about 6000 archers in the standing army. There is also a special unit of 2000 musket-men, who usually line up in lines and fire at the enemy. Finally, conscripted peasants equipped with swords, javelins, bows, and very little to no armor (since it is supplied by the peasant) make up the bulk of the army with a total depending on how many can be conscripted. The standing army itself totals about 22000, not including siege equipment, conscripted peasants, engineers, and other non-combatants. There are also about 20 transport ships (capable of transporting 20000 soldiers at a maximum), 20 galleys, and 10 trade ships included in the navy.
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 7
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 4
    Take the map at the bottom of the post, and mark down where your capital/capitals (max of 2) will be. If you can’t mark it down, then describe it to me. I will return you a copy of the map with your full borders as assigned based on your capital and country data.
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  2. This is a really interesting idea that I don't think I've seen before. Count me in

    Name of Country: Holm Commonwealth
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Hjarta, Heila, Hendur, Hnefana (Also the names of the islands)
    Some History for the Country: The four small islands in central Wær, the Holm Islands, transferred ownership many times over the previous centuries, being shared between many former kingdoms and empires. The melting pot of different cultures eventually cooled into each island having their own distinct culture. While initially antagonistic, the four islands quickly realised that they'd need to be united in order to defend against their more advanced neighbours. Thus, the Holm Commonwealth was born, a decentralised alliance that quickly rose into prosperity, but plagued by threats both internal and external.
    Country Traditions/Values: While similar compared to their neighbours, each island in the Commonwealth takes great pride in their own strengths. Hjarta is the artistic capital of Holm, prioritising music and theatre. Helia meanwhile takes technological advancement very seriously, attempting to bridge the technology gap between them and their neighbours. Most shipbuilding and advancement in farming and weapons technology comes from the minds of Helia. Hendur is the breadbasket of the Commonwealth, simply by virtue of being the only island where the climate is suitable for growing wheat. Hnefana is the most militaristic of the four, and values strength and preparedness.
    Country Government Type: Oligarchy
    Name of Current Ruler: Council of Chieftains (Balder, Ragna, Kari, Einar)
    Age of Current Ruler: 16, 43, 21, 37
    Backstory of Current Ruler: The idea of a council was one of the first things agreed upon by the peoples of the Holm Islands. They didn't want one ruler, or one island, holding all the power. The current chiefs of the Holm Commonwealth hail from families that lasted generations as rulers, and while tensions do still exist, they all trust each other and work together well.
    Personality of Current Ruler: Balder is the newest addition to the council, and is by far the most honourable and idealistic. He wishes to reach out to the neighbouring nations that Holm has isolated itself from. Ragna is the oldest and wisest member of the Council, often being seen as the leader of the council, and is certainly the best leader in peacetime. Kari is the most active of the council and is always planning festivals and tournaments, attempting to bring the islands of Holm together. Einar by comparison is innately distrustful of Kari's attempts, and worries that Balder will accidentally expose Holm's complete lack of any standing military to their most warmongering neighbours, as he wants to protect Holm and especially Hnefana.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: Balder is a tall, muscular figure with dirty blonde hair and an impressive beard. Ragna is short and wears a belt with a satchel full of various tools and papers. Kari is almost as tall as Balder and similar in muscle and hair colour. She wears her hair in a complex braid to keep it out of the way while fighting. Einar is comparatively less impressive, but still above average height and the most athletically fit of the four.
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: Balder prefers to fight with a sword, Ragna prefers not to fight but is known to fight with a simple sling, Kari uses a halberd and Einar with a battle axe. Einer is the main military strategist, and an incredibly talented one at that.
    Preferred Army Composition: The Holm Commonwealth doesn't actually have one central army, but all four islands mobilise independent forces in times of war. Hnefana always fields the most soldiers, but in total the combined armies total three thousand at most in a mix of spears, swords and axes. A number soldiers are skilled with slings, but only a few are able to wield bows. Holm also has no navy to speak of.
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 4
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 6 762998_CA025490-FB86-4F49-BB4C-8A75DBA1C615.png

    I placed more cities than you specified on the map but it's kinda necessary given how I want the Holm Commonwealth to work.
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  3. Ohh this seems quite interesting!
    But first I have some questions, so I might join this.

    1. Is there any fantasy elements in this? Like any magic systems or races?
    2. What is the plot going to be. Is there going to be a reason why these countries are going to/ will be at war?
  4. @IDKWhatUserNameToDo there is no magic or races (outside of humans). The plan is for people to go to war based on the pure will to expand. If this doesn’t work, maybe we will do some events or something that will make them not like each other, and if that doesn’t work, I will have a larger mainland nation make contact with them and try to destroy them.

    @Mr Fishykarp You are accepted. The map with your borders is below. If you want it to be bigger, just tell me.

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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name of Country: Luciferi Obumbratio
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Anima Mea (Capital), Daemonium, Sanctus
    Some History for the Country: Luciferi Obumbratio has always tried to be a peaceful country. It has made trade deals with several countries over the years and usually avoids fighting. But it has always prided its athletic and stealth prowess, so isn't afraid to dominate a wayward trade partner or country.
    Country Traditions/Values: The two main things that are valued in Luciferian Culture is that of athletic and stealth abilities. The only city that is an exception to this is Sanctus, which is an academically oriented part of the country where, the military strategists are trained.
    Country Government Type: Monarchy
    Name of Current Ruler: The 25th Bam
    Age of Current Ruler: 25
    Backstory of Current Ruler: Bam is the 25th Bam in his family, he was named after his father The 14th Khun's grandfather The 24th Bam. He was raised in his families art of stealth and diplomacy from a young age, but he also began to learn the ways of a Lawbringer despite very few of his ancestors having ever done this, when his father died at war, Bam took over the country.
    Personality of Current Ruler: Bam is mostly gentle, kind and understanding, he is very empathetic and hates seeing people upset. He is fair to his people and is very diplomatic. However, if things come to war, he is ruthless and powerful in his tactics.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: Bam is 6'8" and pretty muscular, he is Caucasian with short brown hair and golden, yellow eyes. He wears a black shirt under a black and red overcoat, that reaches his feet, black trousers and dark grey boots.
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: Bam is a stealth based fighter, with throwing knives and daggers being his preferred weapons, he prefers to sneak up on his enemies and kill them before they are even aware he was after them, however if need be he is skilled with a poleaxe and will fight with his front-line troops.
    Preferred Army Composition: 20000 Lawbringers (like the Lawbringer from ForHonor https://forhonor.fandom.com/wiki/Lawbringer (Lawbringer)) and 10000 Archers make up the diversion body of the countries army, the main body of the army consists of 20000 Assassins. The army also includes a team of 50 strategists who come up with every possible battle plan, to assure victory.
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 6
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 9
    Take the map at the bottom of the post, and mark down where your capital/capitals (max of 2) will be. If you can’t mark it down, then describe it to me. I will return you a copy of the map with your full borders as assigned based on your capital and country data.

    Also don't know if this is important but I made a flag:

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  6. @Shadow_Pup Accepted. The flag is not necessary, but it is pretty cool. Also, the updated map is both in the thumbnail and at the top of the thread. If you feel your borders aren’t the way you'd like them and you want more land or less land, just tell me, and I will evaluate whether or not I should change it.

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  7. I’m gonna pass, sorry.
  8. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    Sounds interesting if its possible to reserve a spot then I might consider joining @Pokéboy098
  9. I’ll reserve a place for you.
  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name of Country: II'vhin ghardé (pronounced Elvengard)

    Name of Capital City/Cities: Il'vhin Thanéum (Lower Right Island, Capital is the fortress where the overlord resides, with a city/town built around it, gated with high stone walls. The open spaces between the walls are docks and piers for the naval units.) Necromegalopolis (A small town on the small island in the upper right of the middle island. Mainly used as a corpse dump, hence the name. Rumoured to be haunted with countless ghost of fallen Il'vhin ghardé soldiers.), Il'vhin Majoráeth (Located in the lower part, at the small part of the land extending downward, at the center piece of it. A big city used mainly for tradecraft, and secretly used to produce and research naval units.) There's a bunch of unnamed towns and villages around the main island. The King of Majoráeth (basically the mayor role but with more rights) controls those villages, as they are on his island, as does the Overlord, naturally.

    Some History for the Country: The people of Il'vhin once were more savage than they are now, ruthlessly conquering the entirety of the island they now own, stealing it from native tribes. Their excellent craftsmanship, architecture and strategic thinking allowed them to take over quickly, driving the natives into extinction on their three islands. They've evolved over time, having some skill in negotiation and diplomacy, but they more prefer to deal with things in violence, sending out their troops at traitors instantly. Their army is not to be underestimated; each man and woman in the country has to take atleast 3 years serving in the military after turning 18. Not affected are those who are crippled mentally and/or physically or those with terminal illnesses. Those who are ill, but have a disease that can be cured, will be cured and brought into military. After servicing military, many either stick to their roots and join the army or become architects for the kingdom, designing various things from ships to weapons to houses. Failure was never an option for the country, which led their citizens to become prideful and arrogant. They can complete their work and give 110% while doing so, but look down on others who either aren't as successful as them or those who aren't native to Il'vhin.

    Country Traditions/Values: Fearless Acts, Merciless and Determined Fighting often leads to the Il'vhin leading a Blitzkrieg (A war over faster than others) due to how overpowering their troops can become if they are placed correctly within the right time and place, aswell as with the right attitude among soldiers. Commonly, heads of their enemies are put on a pike and wandered around town to celebrate their victories. The troops consistently look to impress their peers, doing their best to rise in ranks, as their confidence keeps them working steady. There are no gods praised in the country traditionally, though some citizens have turned to Christianity. Due to the amount of island (and the size of the main island), they have a lot more resources and citizens to use, thus having a bigger army. However, overconfidence and pride are often the leading cause of troops falling in battle, due to the country's known arrogance amongst its citizens.

    Country Government Type: Monarchy

    Name of Current Ruler: Morai Madora, Overlord of Il'vhin ghardé.

    Age of Current Ruler: 25

    Backstory of Current Ruler: Morai was born into the royal family of the previous king, and had as such been set with military experience at a young age. During a battle with pirates overseas, an arrow was caught in his eye, and thus he had one eye missing. Scarrs of slashes are across his body, revealing the different kinds of battles he's had. At Age 23, he was let out of military services because his father was getting too old to rule the country anymore, so he had to be prepared to be the new heir to the crown. At 24, he became the Overlord of Il'vhin (The two islands asides Thanéum have their own kings, which are ruled over by the Overlord, who is both king of Thanéum and Il'vhin ghardé itself).

    Personality of Current Ruler: Morai is more of a calm, reserved and brooding type of ruler. While he does listen to reason, it is hard to sway him away from tempting offers that involve causing war and violence in trade for goods. He's got more of this mercenary personality, not willing to make friends or alliances unless it is absolutely necessary.

    What Current Ruler Looks Like: Morai has an eyepatch on his right eye, where an arrow had took it out of his skull. He has several scars on his chest and face, mostly slashes or stab marks. He is muscular, coming from his multiple years of training and battling, and wears a metal plate on his left shoulder, with bolts screwing it into him. There, a sword struck him, thus allowing him to only survive and move his arm again with the help of the plate. He stands at 6'6ft tall and has white, tanned skin, his other eye is coloured ocean-blue and his hair is of an oak-brown colour. His hair is long and curly, combed to left and right, reaching down to his shoulders. As casual wear, he wears a cloak made of grizzly bear fur to hide his shoulderpad and upper body. He also wears white cotton gloves, a black belt, pants made of grizzly bear fur and black boots. For clothing when he fights, he wears an all-out heavy, thick multi-layered steel armour, painted black and gold, with a tall, large rectangular shield bearing the kingdom's flag (A broken skull and crossed swords) on it attached to the left arm.

    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: Morai prefers to either go with a full frontal attack or to sneak around enemies and catch them off-guard. He often fights with two one-handed small crossbows and a broadsword. His strength lies in his power, wherein one swing from his broadsword can cause severe harm. Though, it also helps in CQC, when his sword is tossed away, where he can put up quite a fight with just his fists.

    Preferred Army Composition: 10000 Sentinels (Heavily-armoured large soldiers with heavy weapons such as battle axes, warhammers, broadswords, etc., resist common weapons and projectiles and hard to take down, but move slower and take longer to attack.), 3000 Defenders (Less armoured than Sentinels, has two large rectangular shields attached to each arm. Commonly used to safely transport troops across lands. Usually carry lighter weaponry.) 6000 Gunners (Leather armour, most use muskets, flintlocks or handcannons (the types where you still had to manually load in gunpowder), but some also use Crossbows and Bows.) 5000 Conquerors (Improved Infantry/Knights, usually dual wield weapons or carry shields with them; wear simple steel armour. Gets deadlier in numbers), 4000 Hunters (Act as scouts. Wear light leather armour, but are trained to be very agile, fast and stealthy. Use bows and hide away to scout out areas before killing things from the dark), 1000 Warmongers. (Use horns to alert allies of enemies, use either bows or swords. Has animal allies and rides into battles on them, if big enough.) Due to the size of their main island (and the fact that they have three whole island to themselves), their equipment and troop numbers are increased. They take longer to arrive at islands due to their ships being slowed down by all the heavy-armoured troops, but in exchange their ships are harder to take down, being reinforced with steel and having cannons at the side. The rough count of all troops in the military army counts up to 40000k, discounting all siege equipment, naval units, etc. Peasants who are not in the army are instead given weapons in order to jump the enemy when the enemy attempts to invade one of the three islands.

    General Military Expertise: 10
    General Diplomatic Expertise: 3

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  11. @DevVoid Accepted. Your land holdings as requested were a little too big, but I tried to give as much as possible. You still have the most land holdings of any roleplayer, but now there is space for another country to fit on that island.

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  12. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    Alright thanks @Pokéboy098 I'll post it up as soon as I am able
  13. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Name of Country: Sodroaca Ostral

    Name of Capital City/Cities:
    Sygz ( Capital and Biggest Island aka Skeana's Castle ), Troa and Ruil

    Some History for the Country:
    These three cities used to be the past king and queen seperate Islands Troa and Ruil, and their own kingdoms, but had a marriage moving to the larger island Sygz and changing the past kingdoms into capitals. Troa has been changed into the main trade center with some Navy, While Ruil has a small Trade Center with a Larger Navy. Sygz however was always the defensive island, which seemed perfect for any invasions. Ever since then, Sodroaca itself has been rather balanced over its somewhat darker times in the past.

    Country Traditions/Values: Sodroaca requires a church event every week, where attendance is highly recommended. The Churches themselves are also given power because of this. Every other day will mainly be used to Praise their religion. ( Still trying to decide if I should use a real one or imaginary one. )

    Country Government Type:
    Ecclesiastical and Monarchy

    Name of Current Ruler:
    Skeana, Lord of Sodroaca Ostral

    Age of Current Ruler:

    Backstory of Current Ruler:
    Skeana has been ruler for about 32 years now, starting at 25. Skeana was the youngest out of all 4 of her sisters, and her father and mother expected great things. Of course, only the eldest would be allowed to rule in this kingdom. So when she was 17, she had devised a plan that would push her forward into the ruling ladder. Starting with the Second oldest, she had Planted a very dangerous poison in her soup, killing her almost instantly. Of course, her sisters were terrified, and the queen automatically accused the second youngest for trying to climb up. This automatically got the said 3rd princess executed, and Left the only other two. Both were extremely close, and Skeana Loved her sister very much. However, she wouldn't let this stop her from success in her plan. She devised a plan which involved her Sisters Fiance. Skeana always knew that her sister had a daily walk in the garden with her fiance. So, she bought a very " peasant " like outfit, with a hood to cover her face hopefully. Skeana then grabbed onto her trusty bow, and climbed into one of the bushiest tree's in the area. And right on schedule, her sister came. In just a matter of minutes, her sister was shot in the back of the head, piercing her. With that, the fiance freaked out, and carried her into the castle. To this day, nobody knows of said murders of her sisters.

    Personality of Current Ruler: Skeana is a very kind old woman at first glance, and tends to Help other kingdoms with other tasks. Don't expect her to keep this up however, as she prefers more of the stronger kingdoms to group with. If she has the opportunity, she will try to attack your kingdom.

    What Current Ruler Looks Like:
    Skeana is very old, so she has wrinkles of course, and a mix of silver and black hair. She wears a'lot of Blue and Gray, as this is her kingdoms Main design color. She also has a very long cape for ceremony's of any type.

    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler:
    Skeana, not being able to be that fast anymore, carries a Crossbow and an axe. She cant still run, but not very far. She does make this up with her ability to duel wield them.

    Preferred Army Composition:
    20000 somewhat armored, Taught Archers. She has a Melee weaponized ( Divide by 3 cause swords, lances, and Axes. ) of 3000, Heavily armored on Calvary, and A lighter armored 1500 Calvary using Crossbows / Bows. She has a Greatly armored Infantry mixed of Lances, and Swords, a total of 4000. They also own a mix of Scouts and Assassins, Around 450. At last, There is her little supplied lower class, with little to none Armor to carry, forced to own weapons that can kill but just barely at a uncalculated amount. She also has her own 5 Strategists, and 25 Assistant Strategists. The roughly calculated army itself goes around 28950, Only including her armed forces, and not exactly her Lowerclass. She owns around 30 Galleys ( 25000 maximum..? ) , and 5 Trade ships in her Navy.

    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale):

    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale):
    Acts like an 8 but is really a 4.

    Because I cant circle - Its the three islands to the right.
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  15. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    (Will this fit in well just let me know if I have to change anything and since I can't mark it its the two islands on the top left above Kyt)

    Name of Country:
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Otso Zuria(Capital), (Cities)Otso Beltza, Otso Grisa, Otso Etiopiarra
    Some History for the Country: Due to the high experience of herbal medical, many battles have been waged at the cites to steal the books of herbal knowledge because of the herbals and medicine that help heal wounds faster then it should. There number of archer warriors, soldiers, and army decreased greatly and were forced to retreat after winning the difficult battle. They went into hiding to recover for a very long while and have time to train new apprentices to fill in the spots that were lost. None of the Countries know of Habouokami's location or whereabouts but a messenger Falcon visits all of the Countries if they want to request medical herbs for injured armies and be delivered to them by the ruler of the country herself. Their army is split by class with the two lslands to stay organized to prevent from being taken out together. Otso Beltza holds the soldier class, Otso Grisa holds the warrior class, Otso Etiopiarra holds the soldiers that ride horses, and Otso Zuria the Capital holds the archer warriors. Only she and her brother Shadow know the location of the books of knowledge in medical herbal for the safety of their cities and country.
    Country Traditions/Values: Their high experience in healing injuries is very important to them as they spent more time growing herbs between the beginning of Spring and early Summer then are ready by early fall before the winter. They have greenhouse built since some of the herbs they grow take longer then others and won't be done growing under midwinter. They focus more on strategy and swiftness to prevent the loss of comrades to go down quickly since the number of them was taken away by half of what they should have. Yearly they hold a Councial meeting together to propose, develops and create rules that seem comfortable towards the citizens to follow and decide the next lord to lead the country which is held in the council room inside a white tall building. They follow what's right for the country and cities well being as they think throughly about their actions and decision making.They often wear canine mask's to hide themselves for safety precautions. The plant life on the island like the trees for example create the wall to keep it well hidden from others to see it but there is a shipping dock where the cargo ships rest for travel.
    Country Government Type: Democracy
    Name of Current Ruler: JC Wolfa, Lord of Habouokami
    Age of Current Ruler: 23
    Backstory of Current Ruler: Her mother was still the lord of Habouokami when she was born right after her brother Shadow but her father died at war when she was 4 while her brother was 5. By the age of 8, she lost vision in her right eye and received injuries on her wrists and ankles from a wild animal as her mother came in time to save her before anymore damage was done. At age 12 she was trained to wield the katana and developed skills that even her mother didn't have. By age 18, she was elected to be the next lord to lead Habouokami after her mother's death due to an illness. She also studied through medical like her mother has to help with all types of injuries. Her brother Shadow is the only one she has left as his life is her main priority.
    Personality of Current Ruler: Although she may be quite distant and very stubborn, she has a gentle heart and is very understanding and will not judge others no matter who they look like. Don't take this as a weakness however because if you betray her trust she will show no mercy to you. She has trust issues due to her trust being used in a physical and emotional way to hurt her so you have to be worthy to earn her trust. She had this strategic mind so is able to get out of difficult situations quickly and swiftly if her army doesn't stand a chance against her foes. She does think things throughly to make sure everyone is on the same page as her and agree on what she is trying to explain to them. She will do anything to keep her family safe even if her life is on the line and won't let her illness get in the way of doing so even if she overdue's it.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: She is a very lean young lady with a well feminine build towards her due to the intense training of swordsmanship. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes and due to her right eye being blind, her bang covers it. She is light skinned as she stands at 5"3 in height. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles to hide her scars underneath them. She wears a silver and black cross necklace around her neck with a white wolf blue streaked mask on her face to hide her facial appearance. She wears more a ninja outfit look with light armor on her chest, wrists, from knee to the lower part of her legs and upper thighs, shoulders, and behind her back.
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: Her fighting style is quiet and swift. She is the one that hides in the shadows and delivers a blow in a fast and swift motion with her sword before they even have a chance to scream out. She has this way of disappearing in one spot and appear just behind you without you even noticing and cuts them down showing no mercy. She is silent but deadly in the shadow's even on her horse a North Swedish.
    Preferred Army Composition: 1000 fully light armored soldiers on horses with swords and shields. She has 80 archer warriors that are lightly armored with well c like she is with well crafted bows and arrows that only attack in the shadows of trees. 2000 warriors with spears, axes, and swords lightly well armored. Lastly, there is her non armored people that work in the greenhouses to help with the medical herbs in making the medicated herbs for injuries along with harvesting them as mostly women help with this since men are more required for battle except herself which she leads them as approximately 50 of women work in the greenhouses. 5 messengers falcon's for request receiving for the herbs and 5 ships for cargo travel to the different countries who need the supplies and 20 craftmakers and weapon makers/Blacksmiths for their weapons to be made.
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 6
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 9

  16. @LunarSilvally Accepted. I didn’t give you both of the islands you wanted because we still need to fit 4 more countries on the map.

    Attached Files:

  17. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Oh, I think I forgot to name the two other cities of Il'vhin gardé. Mind if I edited them into my sheet real quick?
  18. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Alright, I fixed that. Added two more cities to the islands as it wouldnt make sense to not have any important cities on two islands.
  19. K. The map is updated.
  20. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    That's alright I completely understand @Pokéboy098 and thanks
  21. Name of Country: Ever hollow
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Shroudveil
    Some History for the Country:
    The Kingdom of Everhollow was created from the unification of the three smaller kingdoms of the western islands of the archipelago, the moderate isolation of the islands allowed the people of the islands to focus upon technological advancement without fear of invasion. Despite this unification the three islands maintained their own cultural identities and specialities, Soulfall the northern most and smallest island is still known for its rough mountainous terrain making it the centre of Hallowian mining and military training.
    Soul-Hollow the largest island consists primarily of vast rolling hills and fertile soils dotted with small farming villages, the entire island is bordered by steep cliffs except for the few fortified bays and coves used as trading ports to the rest of the archipelago.
    Hallow-veil the sourthern most Island is Known as the island of shipbuilders, consisting of dense forests and tranquil waters all the materials necessary for the mass production of both trading haulers and war ships.
    Country Traditions/Values: Hallowian culture is heavily focused on maximizing the efficiency of the islands relatively small population, all members of the population are assigned a role and expected to complete this role and only this role to the maximum of their ability for the furthering of the kingdom. Procrastinating and inefficiency are considered acts of treason and punished harshly
    Country Government Type: Kingdom
    Name of Current Ruler: Mallick
    Age of Current Ruler: 27
    Backstory of Current Ruler:
    Personality of Current Ruler:
    Personality: somewhat socially stunted, Mallick isn’t exactly great at interacting with people, despite this he does possess a strong moral compass. Though since ascending to throne he has been in constant conflict with his military advisor Scorpius regarding the pairs differing ideas on the best way to rule the kingdom.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: 5’11 with a relatively strong build, his eyes had initially been a warm hazel before turning orange following his ascension to the throne
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: cautious and disciplined Mallick is not one to strike out wildly, instead he focuses on wearing his opponent out with precise strikes to force them on the back foot, unrelenting he continues this assault until an opening appears and he executes the enemy with noble efficiency.
    Preferred Army Composition:
    The Hallowian army though slightly smaller than others is highly trained, with all members specializing in a primary and secondary weapon.
    Army composition consists of four portions, the forward force, the main force, the flanking force and the supporting force.
    The forward force consists primarily of large shield wielding bastion units paired with light spear men, there is always one bastion to one spearman allowing the groups to resist enemy charges and should the lines be broken these paired units are more than able to take defensive positions and occupy the enemy while the cavalry pierce through their ranks. The forward force also includes the first rank of cavalry, the heavily armored horsemen meant to break through opposing lines.
    The main fighting force consists of foot soldiers armed with pole arms and sword/shields. These units are trained to simply occupy the enemy and keep them from focusing their attention toward any one area. As such many carry storm-rocks, small gunpowder packages which explode with a loud bang when they hit a hard surface, they don’t do much physical harm but are excellent at distracting or temporarily deafening opponents.
    the flanking force consists of the second rank of cavalry, lightly armored wild riders, meant to tear at the opposing flanks with strafing runs and then retreat to safety, they are supported by axe wielding hills men. Who with ride bare-back with the wild riders before leaping into battle and wrecking havoc.
    The final portion of the fighting force is the supporting force, which consists of archers, crossbow men and gunners (muskets or flintlocks) focused initially on breaking enemy morale and formations and then on disrupting their attempts to regroup or establish defensive positions.
    General Military Expertise: 7.5
    General Diplomatic Expertise: 6.5
    Three islands bottom left. The capital shroudveil is located in the center of the largest island while the largest trading hub Soul-port is located on the southern most island in the small cove above the straight between the two islands
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  22. @Frontier Master accepted. The map at the top of the thread has been updated and we now have 7/10 RPers. I don’t know if we can fit 10 on this map, though. So, we might have to bring it down to 9.
  23. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    @Pokéboy098 If we either add more islands or make some people with larger islands take up less space we could fit at least 10. ( Of course, we would need everybody to agree with this, especially you. )
  24. it really depends how much space the other 2-3 wanna take up. The three islands to the west are pretty small but could definitely fit someone probably and the other half of that north island is probably a decent size for a nation. The one on the bottom that looks kind of like an octopus/squid could definitely take another person (oh also the island at the bottom kinda looks like an octopus/squid)
  25. I’ve decided that I will make a second country and then we will start with 8.
    Name of Country: The Empire of Kiux
    Name of Capital City/Cities: Capital is Kiux, and the other two cities are Mekharius and Asae.
    Some History for the Country: Kiux formerly owned almost everything north of the Il’vhin Mountains, but lost it all to Il’vhin Gharde. Their largest city that they lost, however, was Necromegalopolis, which was the site of a gruesome battle. After the war, the country fell into chaos, and then a tsunami hit the city of Lecholor, another very strong city in Kiux. They were not able to recover the city and the ruins remain on the island to date. Eventually, a new dynasty rose to the throne of Kiux, the Geolian Dynasty, under the warrior Queen Hedra Geolia, who has reigned for 5 years since, and relatively stabilized the country.
    Country Traditions/Values: As a very old country, one of the most important traditions is indeed, the importance of tradition and honor. They believe that one of the most dishonorable things you can do, along with dishonoring the gods (a polytheistic religion similar to Greco-Roman religion), is to break tradition.
    Country Government Type: They are a full on empire, ruled by an emperor with complete power.
    Name of Current Ruler: Empress of Kiux, Hedra Geolia of Asae
    Age of Current Ruler: 31
    Backstory of Current Ruler: Hedra was a daughter of a governor in Asae. She inherited all of his money, and used it to control the city until she was officially crowned Queen of Asae. Then, she marched Asae’s armies around the empire until all of Kiux was finally united under her.
    Personality of Current Ruler: She is ruthless and has occasionally been called the Barbarian Queen behind her back.
    What Current Ruler Looks Like: She is of average height with pale skin and grey hair. She usually wears regal looking clothing, such as colors like purple, black, red, and gold. This is to try to solidify her legitimacy.
    Preferred Fighting Style of Current Ruler: She is untrained, but rather talented at both horseback riding and the use of a long sword.
    Preferred Army Composition: The army of Kiux is really more of a mob, since the instability of the past years has caused any discipline they had to be lost. It is mostly composed of about 13000 peasants with swords and 2000 light skirmishing cavalry.
    General Military Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 6
    General Diplomatic Expertise (on a 1 to 10 scale): 4
    Take the map at the bottom of the post, and mark down where your capital/capitals (max of 2) will be. If you can’t mark it down, then describe it to me. I will return you a copy of the map with your full borders as assigned based on your capital and country data.
    There will be some unclaimed land, which might also help cause border disagreement and war.
  26. Thanks for doing that for me.
  27. Current Army Movements for my characters/countries (in case my post was unclear):
    After the untimely death of the Empress of Kiux, a military dictator has basically taken over and is attempting to occupy Necromegalopolis peacefully without a fight. He doesn’t want war, but he has also moved the rest of his army to the pass between the mountains and coast in an attempt to prepare to protect Kiux itself.

    Meanwhile, a peaceful delegation has been sent to Hjarta with a business offer.
  28. DevVoid

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    @LunarSilvally Wait a minute how is JC hearing the fighting when the Otso region is across the Sea of Thane and the Midnorth Sea? How good of a hearing does she have to hear that from so far?
  29. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    The vibrations on the ground or is that not possible to feel even underwater or it could be due to her blindness in her right eye which heightens her hearing quite a bit
  30. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Vibrations in the ground wouldnt be possible considering the depths of the sea, the fact that the water wouldnt vibrate that far and that the islands are seperated and not just one whole patch of land. If losing a right eye gives you superhuman hearing, Morai would also have that superpower.
  31. EeveeBlueSisters

    EeveeBlueSisters Previously LunarSilvally

    Let's just say she felt it on the ground
  32. What's the status of cannons in this world? So far we've only seen them as prettymuch stationary defences, would they exist as siege weaponry and naval guns?
  33. @Mr Fishykarp @DevVoid @WildFlower
    Just to be clear Soul-Hollow wants to establish an alliance and is sending each of you a boatload of grain as an initial gift to open negotiations

    @Pokéboy098 I’ve changed the name of my second city to Soul-Port (it’s on the map as Soulhallow) if you wouldn’t mind updating the map please, and I’m sending a small force to capture the large island directly north of Soul-hallow
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  34. The only cannons that could exist as siege weaponry would be very large and difficult to maneuver bombards.
  35. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    For cannons, the Il'vhin is rather using the type of cannons that were present on pirate ships, considering their history with them. Would that be alright, @Pokéboy098

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