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Open The isle of shadows (Mature content!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Nebula-Newt, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Just to let you guys know, I'm away on vacation for a week, so I'll still post (if and when others post, that is...Dont wanna post back to back...!) but posts will be scattered. ^_^
  2. @Mikaela Strange Actually, the main thread has enough people, but the heading wasn't changed here.
  3. Yup....anyway its kinda dead, I tried but people just stopped posting.
  4. Why don't you recreate it as a sequel with new plot twist and new role players if they're not interested anymore. Either they got writers block or just really not into it in many reasons that I don't feel like listing. Anyway it's just a suggestion I'll post my bio after reading through the thread.
  5. I would keep posting but I dont want to post stuff back to back :/
  6. What I meant is @Nebula-Newt should create another one of this rp but different
  7. School and stuff is starting though...people might not be free to post. :/
  8. Yeah, in fact in a few hours I'm going to school. And what the heck? School's only starting in your country. But anyway, even if school did start there's always the weekends, right?
  9. Yeah, I guess. It would be great if it didn't die...I really liked the idea of this thing. .3.
  10. As did I.....But I need people to make it work....I mean I guess that I could do a sequel to it....
  12. this had a great start, but a start is what it only has... :(
  13. Yeah a shame really. Ah well, so often is the case for plenty of role-plays.
  14. Holy Sh*t I didn’t expect you
  15. Got any more active threads I can join in
  16. Tell you what mate I'm considering remastering this one, sound good?
  17. If you’re up for it I’m in
    Nebula-Newt likes this.
  18. I'll drop you a message when I'm ready to begin.
  19. @Nebula-Newt If you bring this back, I'm totally game!~
  20. Sounds great Pen, I'll definitely let you know know when I'm ready. I've got two others who weren't in the original who will be joining us so our numbers are already looking decent.

    Feel free to either create a new character or bring the same one, I don't mind :)
  21. I'm gonna bring my same girl tbh. I haven't really done much with her.
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  22. Covid-19 quarantine actually made me remember this lol

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