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Open The isle of shadows (Mature content!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Nebula-Newt, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. My sincerest apologies, friends.

    So for the next five days-through Saturday (cst) I will be attending an academic camp (of sorts) to help me with expanding my abilities of writing and soforth. Unfortunately, I've heard that my free time at this camp is limited. Not to worry though, I don't imagine that I'll go entirely void for that period, rather, I imagine that I'll be able to post many times throughout the day given I have good enough planning. So, I'm giving a heads up to my upcoming business and an apology for shorter, perhaps significantly shorter, posts for a while. Again, I will try my hardest to keep up, and I'm very sorry for any inconvience or slowing this causes to the roleplay.

    Besides that note, I'm currently working on quite the fun response, @Nebula-Newt ^^
  2. Not a problem Littleblue I'm sure somebody with your skills will be able to make shorter posts work just fine, besides life always comes first so enjoy yourself! That was indeed quite the fun response but now I'm unsure on how to reply, I have no idea what Niko could ask of Harper. I'm half considering just having a "You owe me one" moment that will be redeemed once things hit the fan next day, like she saves him somehow. I'm just spitballing here anybody is welcome to comment on the matter if they have a suggestion.

    @Pen-and-Parchment sure you can write all that out, maybe stick it in your bio if you'd like? It would make for an interesting read.
  3. Actually, I was gonna post em on my page and link you guys, cus they are gonna be decently long and I dont want Vera's bio to be a huge thing of text...! xD
  4. Also not a problem, you do you pal :)
  5. That could be interesting- to have Harper do something in return for Niko in the games. I did notice how I didn't leave much room for creative interaction beyond conversation, so sorry for that. In addition for the next post, perhaps we could start all getting our characters to bed? Unless more interaction would be welcomed; which would be equally as fun to write. ^^
  6. I'm mostly planning on getting this on a roll so let's get these guys ready for bed! Don't have them wake up though, bad stuffs going to go down whilst they sleep.
  7. Also @Littleblue feel free to have all four of our characters reach their rooms in your post, they are right beside each other after all. And then you can have dear Harper get some rest.

    Attention everybody else! I need you all to get your characters to bed asap, I cannot post until you do so.
  8. Gotcha!~ Vera will probs be passed out by the time Grimsby gets back to her, tbh. The child has too much energy.

    Honestly though, I should work on building up the characters of the rest of her team. I've been focusing on her dusknoir like he's her partner when he isnt... xD

    During the real-deal stuffs, Hex'll definitely shine, obviously, but I wanna see if I can build her other teammates' characters as well in posts. Like...have brief flashes to wherever they are and have them spazzing out over shit and how they can't get to Vera or save her or even know if she's ok. ....Would that be ok, or like illegal? xD
  9. I mean as long as the flashbacks aren't in really strange places sure, maybe as dreams or something? I dont want to quash your creative potential.
  10. I am so sorry I haven't been able to post, I didn't really hsve the time... I'm working on it right now.
  11. Okay now that everyone has posted I'll get to my next one and get things on a roll....as soon as my cat gets off me so I can get my laptop XD
  12. *Collapses* .... ugh.... so much writing...
  13. Soooooo, everybody gets a "Omg I was kidnapped" post? I'll start working on it.
  14. Sure do! Although there is a good chance you weren't awake for the actual kidnapping. Up to you of course though :)
  15. Ok I finished but first I wanted to ask @Jayloc authorization for Aileen to hit Zethe (again) and fall to the floor, that would create an "oh crap" moment :)
  16. Oh crap...starting to get scared and I havent even read any of the new posts yet xD Dx
  17. ....Oh god, Vera's gonna lose it. I just read the posts and aahhhhh
  18. RIP indeed XD Good job with that post though, pretty damn lengthy! I feel there may be more like that on the way, especially for me because you know, story telling and all that good stuff
  19. Yeah, I wanted her to really have a freak out moment and then explain later in future posts why she freaked out as much as she did.
  20. I cant wait to see it all unfold :) Sadly everybody else seems not to be around....
  21. Might start writing the backstories for Vera's team tonight...but my dad's using my laptop right now and I don't wanna type em up on my phone...so yea.
  22. I would recommend just waiting, its never worth doing them on the phone, takes too long and the end result won't be as good.
  23. Hey everyone! This moment marks the last of the camp I was at for a while, and I'll get to writing such an exciting post as soon as possible... which will probably be tomorrow morning because I'm exhausted. XD
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  24. Right as soon as @Littleblue gets her post up I should be able to get us into a situation where you can all be a little more free and less restricted in how your character interacts with the environment. As in we wont have to go in a huge group and wait for everybody to have to post in turn.
  25. Yay!~ ^_^ Sidenote, I'm working on those stories for Vera's team that I said I was gonna do, so I'll link you guys after I post em~
  26. Sounds good friend, I'm looking forward to it. I also have another non Pokémon roleplay in the works that I will tell you guys all about as soon as I have the finer details down, you know to see if your interested.
  27. Yikes! Sorry, I have so many excuses I can list off to explain why it's not up yet, but none of us have time to read all of that. XD

    The post will be up before mid afternoon, for sure. Sorry for the delay, once again!
  28. Its cool, we all have things to do, hopefully your tasks weren't too arduous :D
  29. So...YouTube kinda heavily distracted me yesterday...and I didn't finish the stories like I thought I was going to... :'| But fear not! I promise to have at least one done today! xD
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  31. That was a great read pen :D

    Sorry if that last post of mine was kinda sloppy, I get tired when I have to make a post that big...
  32. Lol it's fine. And I'm glad you liked it! I tried to make each of her pokemon have different backstories when I brainstormed brief summaries of them before writing. Grimsby is like Vera's guardian because she was the only parent he ever knew.
  33. OMG THAT TOOK TOO LONG BUT IT'S DONE NOW. Also, rip Vera once again. Dx xD
  34. Sorry guys I've been waiting on Blue but it doesn't look like she's coming back anytime soon....I'll get this moving best I can without her!
  35. That's ok. I figured since Vera and Lucien are both losing their minds currently they'd be paired and getting through this together, so that's why I responded right after Hisseki .3.
  36. That's fair enough :p

    So if your wondering why that post is pathetic I'm dying after the post I made in the Greek god rp. Anyway you have a lot of control yourself now! Explore the jungle, fight people, Pokémon, whatever, you can create individual experiences. Then after a little while I'll tale control back and we will advance the story, basically you have control for the first day.

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