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Open The isle of shadows (Mature content!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Nebula-Newt, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Awesome! I'm afraid I'm going to be busy till tomorrow now but that'll give time for everybody else to post
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  2. Comparing my posts with yours I realized I have to start writing longer, when I first saw your post I as like "Oh s*** How much time did she took writing THAT?!"
  3. @Clementina Haha! I tend to be a little over the top elaborate sometimes. ^^' if you'd like to know, it took me about two hours between planning what will happened and the editing process.

    Again, I need to calm down a bit- this isn't a professional novel. XD
  4. @Clementina and @Pen-and-Parchment , Sorry! I'll respond to you two within the next two hours, I promise. Errands can pop up so quickly! ^^'
  5. It's fine hun
    , and another thing
    I write better if I just start writing a few words, my works suck if I spend to much time planning them, I just start writing and ideas flow by.
  6. Hey everybody I return from my travels, your all doing great! @Littleblue working herself far too hard as always I see though XD

    @Clementina nothing wrong with your posts but I'm going to have to ask you wait your turn from now on, it gets confusing if you keep posting out of line like that.

    So I'm going to be moving this along to the fun part of this roleplay fairly swiftly so I've decided it was fairly late when we all arrived at the island and its already getting towards the evening. When everybody falls asleep, which doesn't have to be yet, we might be able to get a little bit of character interaction in before bed-time, that's when the real fun shall begin.

    Actually I was going to ask if we could try and pair up if possible, just because otherwise you end up with a bit of a cluster f*ck of characters all communicating. I'm not talking permanent pairs of course but rather just so we can get a little progress in character relationships with one another under way. If you guys think that's a bad idea dont worry about it, I'll go with the majority vote.
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  7. Ooo- roleplays that move fast. I'm thrilled! Things that take too slow bother me to no end. ^^

    I love the idea of pairing up with one another to get some communication going- it'll be super helpful. Everyone's posted, so whom will be with whom? At this point Harper has met Aileen and Vera, although having her "pair off" with someone else could be fun.
  8. I would be happy for her to pair off with Niko?
  9. That seems like a great idea! I think it'd be super fun to write out interactions not only between the two characters, but the personalities of the Pokémon could be fantastic thing to write. ^^
  10. Exactly! So how shall we have the two meet? Their rooms could be next to one another?
  11. I'd imagine that, at this point considering the pace of the roleplay, having their rooms next to one another would be the best option- as were all thinking about having the characters head to bed semi-soon. Time for any more introduction is a little limited.
  12. Awesome. Well hey feel free to post next if you'd like :D
  13. Sorry, I'm still kinda new to RP'eing, so I guess I'll wait a bit from now on.
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  14. @Nebula-Newt Okie dokie, sounds lovely! ^^

    @Clementina , it's totally fine! We've all accidentally done it once or twice. :)
  15. Im so sorry for not being specific I meant the guy on the ground to be Niko but meh anuways would you guys like to edit your post so that Mismaigus and Nikonever split up cuz I feel like there's something that you plan about Mismaigus staring at Niko or shall we just assume that the boy on the floor is not Niko and just a random trainer making Mismaigus and Sunflora disappear from Niko's side?
  16. Wait a moment mate let me just read your post again so I fully grasp what happened.

    Alright Jayloc sorry man it totally didn't occur to me that you were talking about Niko! But seeming as I've already posted we may as well just continue as if it wasn't him, I want to get to the more exciting part of this rp relatively quickly so making it Niko would lead to a lot of side tracking.

    However perhaps you could pair off with @Clementina and build their relationship with each other before I call the curtains on this day?
  17. Yeah I guess, currently Aileen fell to the ground after stumbling onto Zethe, so Jayloc you could post the interaction
  18. Quick note: in part of Harper's character sheet I mention that she's very imaginative, but I want to put a spin on that, in the way that occasionally she'll have hallucinations, confusing her from reality and fiction. Would that be something bothersome to anyone?

    Also, I will go back and revise part of my post that I've drawn up, as I was rushing the end. I'm just wondering how every would feel about that kind of character flaw before I post this next one.
  19. I think this could be quite interesting, another terror for her to face on the island and all that!
  20. omg I'm sorry for not posting a bunch guys! I was waiting for a few more posts and then I checked back and there was like a post tsunami... xD I'm making a long post now to make up for it, though! And as for the pairing up, Vera could pair up with Lucien maybe. .3.
    #61 Pen-and-Parchment, Jul 9, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
  21. Guys I'm going to sleep when I wake up I'll post as soon as possible, sorry sorry sorry
  22. I also have to apologise for a lack of activity, its a busy time for me but I'll get another solid post up tomorrow and hopefully we will get into the real grit of this roleplay. I'll also just say I'm dead happy with the quality of the posts made so far, great jobs everybody :)
  23. Aw thanks. I'm a writer, so roleplay is great for me. xD I love my recent post because of the character development I did for Vera~
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  24. Lol rip Lucien~ xD

    Anyways, I'm gonna be doing college tours pretty much all day tomorrow, so I might not write my next post until later tomorrow evening. Sorry in advance! :'|
  25. @Pen-and-Parchment no problem, have fun!

    @Littleblue should I have Niko find Spirit and then lead her back to his room which just so happens to be right next to.... damn it I forgot the name of your character I'm so sorry XD
  26. @Nebula-Newt Sure! That'll be fine. Spirit could still be in the elevator messing around or something XD

    Then she'll go back to Harper- I know, it's abstract name. XD I can't remember it half the time.
  27. Alright great I'll get right on it :)
  28. Sounds lovely! If it makes it any easier to write, I'd be okay with you controlling Spirit for the time Niko is interacting with her. ^^
  29. Hey @Jayloc how about Aileen's and Zethe's rooms be next no eachother? Just to piss them off really
  30. Ah sorry @Littleblue I didn't see this until after I had wrote my post! I just kind of made it super vague so I wasn't controlling your character too much...hope that's alright!
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  31. The post is fantastic! You definitely weren't controlling anyone at all, I assure you. ^^
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  32. @Jayloc Okie so Aileen could go to her room and Zethe could arrive there at the same time.
  33. @Clementina when going to your room or my room or watevs. Zethe can look like he's following you and he's pretty obvious that he's trying to ignore your presence as he continued to his room.

    @Nebula-Newt Is character death guranteed?
  34. Not at all, there is a chance your character will make it out of the situation alive, in fact you all might, but unless they play their cards right they will probably meet a very grisly end. Maybe at the jaws of a Ursaring or maybe beat to death by a Jigglypuff.

    Also I apologise in advance that this roleplay is going a little slowly, I think its mostly down to individual time zones and schedules allowing for posting.
  35. I return!~ ^~^

    Nebula-Newt said:
    Oh geez...Now I'm gonna be strategic to keep Vera alive... Rip me I get too attached to my children... xD
  36. Ahah dont worry I wont just outright have them slaughtered for no reason, but even if they do survive they may still lose an arm or something. Lots more to lose than just your life :3
  37. @Nebula-Newt Actually, if she lost an arm, that would be pretty cool for like possible character-building stuffs. xD
    Speaking of stories...~

    I kinda wanna write a story about Vera when she was younger and a few short stories about her meeting and catching all of her teammates... Would that be ok? Just wanted to check and see here before I do it, juuuust in case.

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