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Open The isle of shadows (Mature content!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Nebula-Newt, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Hello everybody, its been a while since I ventured on to this site due to some surgery I had to suffer through but now I'm fully healed and really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! Anyway enough about me, time to get to what this particular roleplay will be all about.

    So the idea is that a shady organisation has sent out invitations across the globe to skilled Pokémon trainers that come with a ticket that allows them access to Tendura Island to take place in a battling tournament, a place that has never been open to the public before. Some trainers who aren't quite as skilled are still invited to take place in a lower tier tournament as well. Sadly of course its all lies and once all the trainers arrive they will find themselves dumped into the jungle with only their partner Pokémon and told to fight for their lives or die. All around Tendura machines have been set up that are pumping out a kind of specialised virus that affects any Pokémon not linked to a pokeball, sending them into a state of permeant rage and bloodlust, basically meaning 95% of them will attack you on sight. As this is a mature roleplay expect a flamethrower to leave you cremated unlike the anime where if your name is Ash Ketchum you can survive multiple fire attacks and simply pull a silly face. These infected Pokémon will also be larger than normal ones and some may have even mutated slightly and gained more armour or something. So the main threat is obviously going to be wild Pokémon but other trainers may decide your a threat as well so be careful who you trust! The end goal of course will be for our characters to try and escape this sick tournament with their lives.

    So I'm sure your wondering why this organisation would want to do this but that and a few other questions will be answered in the roleplay itself. But I'll address a few things you might be wondering about right now. So as for the geography of the island it consists primarily of dense jungle but it does have a single mountain range, several large rivers and a relatively small arid area in the west. The area that has been urbanised probably only equates to about 1% of Tendura but our characters wont be spending much time there anyway. Steps have been taken by the organisation to stop trainers simply escaping the island, tracking beckons implanted in their skin for a start but also armed units patrolling the seas and skies. If you simply try and fly away you'll be shot out of the sky, simple as that. So as I mentioned earlier our characters will be left with only their partner Pokémon but your character can own a full six, the others will simply be taken away until the "tournament" is over.

    Moving on to the rules...
    • All standard Pokecharms rules apply of course, if you dont know them go check them out.
    • Romance is allowed but keep it to a level that's acceptable, there are kids on this site.
    • Gore is allowed because I've stated this is a mature roleplay but you dont need to go in to incredible depth with it, a little restraint would be appreciated.
    • No Mary Sue's, everybody hates them so I'm sure this wont be a problem.
    • You need to have at least a solid understanding or grammar and how to roleplay before I let you in.
    • If your inactive for an extended period of time without a good reason you will be kicked out.
    So lets get to the characters shall we? Its up to you what skill level you wish to put yourself at and it would be nice to see a range of experience in our characters but this is where you get to be creative so do as you wish :) I'll be sticking up a character bio template below along with my own character's bio.

    Physical appearance:
    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c):
    Tournament entered (High skill or the lower tier that's more like little cup):
    Partner Pokémon:
    Pokémon team (Not including the partner):

    So here is mine...

    Name: Niko Aldright
    Age: 19
    Height: 5ft 9
    Physical appearance: A mess of dark brown hair that is usually half heartedly brushed to one side, curious and intelligent hazel eyes that can dim to a chocolate colouration in the dark and more of a gold in harsh light, a small nose lightly dusted with freckles, serious eyebrows, the right one missing a small chunk thanks to an injury sustained as a small child, and an imp like smirk make up Niko's face. He also possess a wiry frame with a fair amount of musculature but its not like he's a body builder or something.
    Personality: Niko's most defining personality traits are perhaps his headstrong nature that some may mistake for courage while others would label it foolishness and his habit of churning out bad jokes no matter the situation. Other than that he is certainly a good person at heart and he gets along well with most people. His biggest flaw is that he never was the best at planning things through so he generally relies on his partner Ronin to be the cool headed one of the pair.
    Clothing: On most days he can be found wearing dark denim jeans, black trainers with gold and white highlights, a grey t-shirt and a dark green bomber jacket over it all. He also owns a metal watch with a face that can light up a dull green.
    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c): Eh I'll fill this in later if other people show interest.
    Tournament entered: High skill, Niko has defeated the gym leaders of Hoenn.
    Partner Pokémon: Ronin the Sceptile. Ronin has been with Niko since he was a young Treeko and was the boy's best friend and treasured partner as they made their way through the Hoenn region. The Sceptile balances out his trainers hot headedness with his own calm demeanour.
    Pokémon team (Not including the partner): Echo the Exploud, Panzer the Metagross, Jade the Sableye, Jaeger the Ninjask and Silver the Walrein.

    So I hope this is enough to get some of you fine folks interested, feel free to post a bio if you are!
  2. Ooo, I'm not one generally for the more abstract and creative role plays, but I figured I might give this one a go! Lovely story, and I'm certain that it'll unravel in a shroud of mystery.

    I'm sorry to hear about your surgery! I'm thrilled to see you're alright. If you don't mind, I still need to work on the bio really fast, I just can't keep my comments in my head. ^^

    Name: Colette Harper Sparrow (Prefers to be called Harper)
    Age: 18
    Height: 5"6in

    Physical appearance:
    Tan complexion with long dark brown hair that reaches to about her shoulder blades; her hair is generally braided simply. Bright brown eyes glimmer with liveliness and ignorance, and never lose their shine as long as all is well.

    The first two things people notice about Harper: an overwhelming sense of imagination, which many mistake for a positive trait, and mule-stopping stubbornness. Her brain works like fireworks- it moves too fast for her to sit down and think straight for any longer than a period of five minutes, and if there is an idea she likes, she has to set that firework off. Many think imagination is good, but living a dream cannot be helpful when living in a reality. Her dreamy look is notorious for setting off her arguing skills, which she uses to get her own way. Though difficult, Harper believes in steadfast trustworthiness and honesty, and many say- just like her Ponyta- she can be the most forgiving and dependable person. Only if she feels like it, though.

    She sports a long sleeved, crimson shirt that fits to her form and dark blue denim jeans. Accessories are quite the nuisance, and so she tends to stray away from necklaces and bracelets, but does have a small pair of earrings that hold two green stones each.

    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c):
    Beyond a few open doors and corridors upon corridors of decisions, lays little Harper. Her past is quite simple, living contented with life in Viridian City, Kanto. Four brothers, three older and one younger, all set off upon their grand adventures at the age of thirteen, and here, at eighteen, Harper is yet to embark upon a journey. Lies, some might say, as she did set off on a rather dull adventure the morning of her sixteenth birthday.

    Through her anxious mother and disappointed father, the pressure of living up to her brothers' legacies fell squarely upon her shoulders. Humid days changed slowly to brisk, cool ones that signified the change from a blissful summer to a welcomed fall. Her mother's affair with another man led her to pressure Harper into leaving on a journey, so she can safely divorce her husband with all her children away. Her father disliked Harper's hesitation to go on a journey, saying that she'll be stuck as a housewife unless she goes to greatness. Unfortunately, the biggest barrier between Harper and "greatness" was her avid, heart wrenching hatred of the use of Pokémon.

    Harper hated watching Pokémon war against each other for fun, just to harm one another. Her mind was chocked full of Team Rocket drama; her Father worked at the Viridian City gym. Her dad was done with her hesitation, and her sixteenth year of life turned into her journey that morning, as her father shoved a Pidgy into her hands and locked the door behind her. Begrudgingly she began her trek, knowing that her family needed time without her. First to Pewter, where she derived pleasure from watching the gym leader Brock beat every young challenger, not their Pokémon; until that challenger was her. She had no interest in getting badges, but the adamant gym leader swayed her into her first battle.

    Naturally, she lost greatly, and took her Pidgy to Viridian again, to return it to her father, but she met a peculiar person along the way. An old man and his Rapidash- both looking frantic. They had lost the Rapidash's only child. Harper continued to Viridian after giving her condolences. When she returned home, her parents were already gone. Frustrated, she stormed off, eventually finding a helpful trainer who flew Harper to Cerulean city with her. The kind trainer was from Johto, and offered Harper a Chinchou to help her along her journey. Harper declined, and headed to Mt. Moon to help search for the trainer's missing Oddish.

    Once at the mountain, she noticed that many people in black suits were running around, but her goal was an Oddish, not a person. Harper ended up tripping and falling down a small hole, managing to get separated from the Johto trainer. Once down there, she couldn't believe her eyes as a dazzling red color splashed the walls- a Baby Ponyta was teathered to a rock. Harper, determined to help the creature, release it and began to lead it out of the cave, but the black suited men stopped her. Team Rocket they ended up being, and they wanted the Ponyta. Not willing to give in, she battled the two Rocket members and miraculously won. She stole the Pokémon off their belts, and exited the cave without further problem.

    In a flash of red, Harper released the stolen Pokémon, but a Clefairy decided not to leave her side. Reluctantly, she kept the Pokémon. The Johto Trainer approached her again, thanking her for the help with findng the Oddish, who was safe. The trainer gave Harper the Chinchou for her troubles, saying that the little fish deserved such a determined trainer. Harper left the mountain and traversed back to Viridian with the Ponyta, whom she assumed was the baby to the Rapidash. However, Rapidash nor the old man were to be seen. Spirit, the Ponyta, tired and weary, decided to stay with Harper with the goal to eventually find her mother. Harper made it a goal for two- to find their parents.

    Tournament entered (High skill or the lower tier that's more like little cup): Lower tier- she barely started her journey.

    Partner Pokémon:
    Spirit the Ponyta. The little Fire horse was Harper's second Pokémon, following closely after she began her journey around Kanto with her Pidgy. But when Harper retired to a life of simply caring for Pokémon, Spirit began to develop a similar attitude to her trainer- stubborn, yet forgiving, but the fire horse developed a coveted trait (in Harper's mind): quick and strategic thinking.

    Pokémon team (Not including the partner): Mari the Clefairy, Chao the Chinchou, and Avriel the Pideotto.

    Looking at this, I'm starting to realize that I did a half decent job of making a character who just started a journey- silly Pokémon nicknames and a bunch of abstract typings. XD

    Naturally, you can't accept me while I'm gone due to my lack of compeletion, so to pass the time, I have a burning question. What are the limitations on starters/the Pokémon in the games with us?
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  3. Ah Littleblue, I was hoping you might turn up for this!

    The limitations on the starters are very loose, you can have pretty much any Pokémon bar pseudo legendries as your partner Pokémon so go wild! But no duplicates please and it doesn't have to be a starter Pokémon like my dear Sceptile, have anything you like. I hope that addresses your question?

    But thanks for the concern about my surgery, I'm just really happy to be back on the roleplay scene :)
  4. yep! That definitely answered my question, thank you very much! Unfortunately I have yet another: I plan for Harper here to be very inexperienced when it comes to Pokémon, and planned to put her in the Lower tiers of the tournament. Would a lady of 18 be eligible for the "Little Cup" or would that demographic be aimed towards those so are 14-16ish/ younger?

    Me too, I had to go away for a bit, and I'm very excited to come back! ^^
  5. Nah she would certainly be allowed in to the little cup tier provided she was as you say, inexperienced at battling. Plus I dont really want to have to write about 14 year olds getting mauled by an angry Nidoking or something XD
  6. Thank you again!

    I was hoping that your intent was for the characters to be older! XD Younger ones have no place on an angry island. ^^'
  7. Exactly, I'm hoping that even though most of the role-players on here are a little younger than 18 that they will be able to step up and fill the shoes of some more mature characters :D

    Got any idea what partner you want to give to Harper?

    Edit just seen that you've been filling in that bio XD
  8. It's good to practice many ways of life in writing, older and younger, naive and experienced. This will be a challenge to write with Harper, but this will be so much fun!

    A little Ponyta will be Harper's partner. I'd like to see how different types and forms of Pokémon will be able to affect the journey; so far we have a grass lizard and a fire horse. It'll be interesting! ^^
  9. I completely agree but I'm being a bit of a hypocrite because often my characters reflect myself very closely. It's actually the reason I gave Niko a Sceptile for his partner Pokémon, it was the first I ever used back in the day on Emerald.

    Yeah grass and fire so who knows maybe somebody will complete the triangle and give us a water type. Ponyta and Sceptile could be useful in a survival situation though so we at least have that much so far.
  10. Agreed. Hypocrisy is my forte, I'll tell you that. XD How can one write in the perspective of a character without including themselves in it? I am infatuated with horses, and I jumped at the chance to raise a Ponyta in Diamond, so I tend to be very attached to using horse or feline Pokémon in both games and in roleplay.

    No kidding! This is setting out nicely, I think. How many people do you hope to participate?
  11. Exactly, everybody wants to be the hero of there own story. Were all just a little egotistical like that but I like to think that's just human nature XD

    You know I dont think I've ever used Ponyta even though its one of the two fire types available until after the league in Diamond. I like to use Pokémon from the gen I'm playing if possible so that would probably be why.

    And at least 4 would be nice but certainly no more than 6, things can really become hard to manage after that. And trying to wait for each person to post can be so tedious that its torture!
  12. Have you played Sun and Moon? I found it extremely difficult to only use Alolan Pokémon in that game. XD I made a resolve to play with only regional Pokémon a while ago, but that was after my spree of just catching everything is sight as a 6 year old. ^^'

    The torture of waiting for another roleplayer is a pain beyond belief. XD
  13. I have played Moon and I did manage it with only Alolan Pokémon! I did it as a pseudo nuzlocke as well, worst decision of my life getting a Crabwler to be my starter..... one of the worst Pokémon I have ever used....eugh..

    I know right XD Have you got any people you could invite to this?
  14. This seems amazing, defenitely interested, just give me some time to finish the bio
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  15. Ah nice, no problem :)
  16. Oh, yikes! XD I've heard that Crabrawler was not the choice Pokémon of Alola.

    Unfortunately beyond those in Little Hearts, I'm not the best person to know everyone. XD

    Yay! More people! I'm thrilled at the prospect of roleplaying with you, Clementina!
  17. It sure wasn't, but Alola did have its jewels! Araquanid was awesome for example.

    It's cool, we have a third now! And where there is a third hopefully there shall be a fourth.
  18. Name: Ashei Ibuki
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'4"
    Physical appearance: Black hair always combed to perfection. His eyes are blue and are dashing and bright. He awlays has charismatic smile. He's decently tan, but not to much due to Kalos not being extremely sunny.
    Personality: Ashei is knowb around Kalos for being one thing.Suave. He's Charasmatic and polite, and combs his hair to perfection. He literally has spent an entire day trying to comb his hair right. He is narcissistic, but to the point he would be rude. He also does get a little emotional, especially when it comes to pokemon battles.
    Clothing: Ashei has black trench coat eith an electric blue shirt, black tie, and black pants. He wears black dress shoes. To top it all of, Batman socks
    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c): He likes salt. He puts salt on everything!
    Tournament entered (High skill or the lower tier that's more like little cup): High Cup, he has battled his way through every gym in Kalos, but has yet to try his luck at the Elit Four.
    Partner Pokemon: Saizo the Greninja
    Other Pokemon: Kaze the Sceptile, Cherche the Charizard, Yato the Aegislash, Grima the Hydreigon, Lon'qu the Gallade.
  19. Sorry buddy going to have to turn you down simply because of poor grammar in your bio, thanks for applying though!
  20. Name: Aileen
    Age: 18
    Height: 4ft 9
    Physical appearance: Tan skin, asian brown eyes, long straight black hair going to her waist, slim and elegant with not a lot of muscle.
    Personality: Aileen has a big, big heart, she always cares for other people and is extremely generous normally. However Aileen likes things done her way and can be very agressive when things are done otherwise, however she regrets being this way, and cries because she doesn't mean to harm other people.
    Clothing: Aileen usually wears a brown flower hair pin, brown knee high boots, a black skirt, a sleveless black shirt and a brown jacket.
    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c): When Aileen turned 14 her parents died, from that time on she had to take care of her little sister alone, had to go to a part time work aswell as going to school, when she turned 17 her sister died, she was attacked by spearows when she went out for a walk. Aileen lived in Johto untill the death of her sister, she moved to Sinnoh after. She hates to be seen crying, it makes her seem weak. Her pokémon defenitely helped her get over the sadness of losing her sister.
    Tournament entered (High skill or the lower tier that's more like little cup): High Skill
    Partner Pokémon: Mismagius, she was there since the beggining, a gift from Aileen's parents, she was there when they died, there when her sister died, she evolved to Mismagius when Aileen moved to Sinnoh, she will do anything to protect Aileen.
    Pokémon team (Not including the partner): Lopunny, Sunflora.
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  21. Approved! Glad to see an unusual Pokémon like Mismagius on our character roster, I love that thing. If you have anybody you would like to invite to this feel free, if I can get one more person I'll start :)
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  22. I was invited here by @Littleblue, and I won't let them down!... I hope! XD

    I will need a bit of time to finish my bio, but I'd be ever so happy to join~!
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  23. This looks really neat! I'd like to apply, too!~ ^_^
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  24. Go for it, I would love to see what you two can come up with :D
  25. Name: Lucien Blaise
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11"
    Physical Appearance: Lucien is pale, nearly snow white, and has decently dark circles under his shining emerald green eyes. Naturally, his waist-length hair is a soft black color (see this image for reference), but he recently had the tips dyed a light ash brown color (again, see the image). He prefers to keep it tied back in a braid, but he has been known to wear it out from time to time. He's very skinny and, while not muscular per say, well toned. His ears are a bit pointed, a genetic feature that he shares with the maternal side of his family. A trait inherited from the paternal side of his family, aside from his hair color, is his long fingernail length. Because of how long they can be, he generally paints them black. Not only does he like the way they look, but this prevents them from looking dirty.
    Personality: Lucien is a bit reserved most of the time. He knows how to talk to people and doesn't normally shy away from a conversation, but he is just a little bit towards the quieter side of the social spectrum, so to speak. He tries to lead with the right foot when it comes to making friends, but his lingering social anxiety and his normal solution to most problems may hinder his progress. He had severe social anxiety but went to therapy in Hoenn to get over it. He has his relapses from time to time, but they aren't very bad. When faced with an issue, Lucien will try to solve it the "sane" way, and if that doesn't work, he'll resort almost immediately to putting himself on the line. This self-sacrificial side of him comes out when the immediate or good solutions fail.
    Clothing: To match his eyes, Lucien was given a thick silver bracelet with a star emerald in the center. Its original purpose was to be a keystone bracelet utilized for Mega Evolution, but it was repurposed by his mother, an avid jeweler. To match this bracelet, something he wears almost all the time (even when sleeping), Lucien wears a dark forest green blazer with a white Pokeball emblem over a standard black t-shirt. The rest of his standard outfit consists of khaki pants, dark brown dress shoes, and a black leather belt that holds his Pokeballs.
    A little about your character: As stated above, he had severe social anxiety and went to Hoenn for therapy. He lived in Kalos before and was bullied for his strangely bright eyes and his near white skin. This caused him to form a thick social shell and his social anxiety, a constant worry and fear that everyone he interacts with will join the side of the bullies rather than his own. To cure this, his parents sent him to Hoenn with his godfather, who worked with a very reputable therapist. He has had several minor relapses, all of which are tied to a common circumstance that he has yet to actually pinpoint. He theorizes that it has to do with the similarities between his bracelet and his eyes, but out of respect for his mother, he refuses to remove the bracelet from his standard outfit.
    Tournament entered: High Skill
    Partner Pokémon: Gogoat, a gift from his mother that he received as a Skiddo just before moving to Hoenn with his godfather.
    Pokémon Team: Ludicolo, Spinda, Seviper, Wigglytuff
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  26. Here she is!~ .3.
    Name: Vera Boone
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5"

    Physical Appearance: Vera has long purple hair that ends at her stomach. She usually keeps it down, but she sometimes puts it into a ponytail and sticks what looks to be bones into it (at least, that's what everyone assumes they are...). Curiously, she has silver eyes, though no one in her family does. Many have thought that Vera is blind because of how they look, but in reality, she can see perfectly fine. She has pale olive skin that tans pretty well (though for some reason, the tan never really stays...) and a thin, lithe frame.

    Personality: Vera has a pretty bubbly and energetic personality, but don't get her wrong, she's serious when she needs to be. Very determined and always aiming to be the best she can be, Vera isn't one to give up a challenge easily. She's very accepting of others (which might explain why she has such an affinity for ghost type pokemon) and tends to make friends easily. She might also be into ghost pokemon because of how strange she can be....

    Clothing: Vera wears a light purple t-shirt with a gray hoodie and jean short shorts. She also wears a pair of black high tops. Pinned to the inside of her hoodie is a diamond and amethyst brooch her father gave her.

    A Little About Your Character: Vera was born in Lavender Town in Kanto and she has always had a closer bond to ghost type pokemon than any other type. Because of her eyes and pale skin, people often thought that Vera herself was a ghost, and many children in Lavender Town were either afraid of her or teased her. She didn't really mind them, though. She had plenty of ghost type pokemon as friends that protected her from the bullies by either scaring them away or giving them nightmares for weeks on end.

    As she grew older however, Vera was tormented worse and worse by the people of her hometown. Despite being regularly called a freak, Vera held her head high and continued to attempt to make friends. This was tough, considering her father's job required them to move constantly from city to city, town to town, region to region. No matter where they went, poor Vera didn't seem to have much luck at making friends. Seeing his daughter's struggling and seeing a new job opportunity in Alola that would not require them to move, Vera's father made the decision to move the family to their final destination after Vera turned 14.

    Vera's family moved to Malie City on Ula'Ula Island, but it didn't take long for her to find Tapu Village, the Aether House, and the Thrifty Megamart, where she met Acerola. The two really hit it off, and through Acerola, Vera met many of her current friends. To celebrate the success of the move, Vera's father gave her a special diamond and amethyst brooch that she always wears on the inside of her hoodie, closest to her heart.

    Though she didn't have friends for a while, Vera constantly battled and dreamed of becoming a strong trainer that others could look up to. She continued to battle and train after arriving in Alola and was overjoyed when she was invited to participate in the tournament, seeing this as an opportunity to really show off her and her team's strength.

    Tournament Entered: High Skill
    Partner Pokémon: Hex the Mimikyu

    Pokémon team: Spooky the Gengar, Beachy the Palossand, Circe the Mismagius, Grimsby the Dusknoir, and Tut the Cofagrigus.
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  27. Do you guys have a limit to the number of RPers? or may I Still join? Btw is the main rp thread up?
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  28. @Jayloc , I can't speak for the number of roleplayers for certain because I'm not the creator, but I can tell you that we do not have the main thread up quite yet.
  29. I'm about at the limit of roleplayers I wanted but feel free to put a bio up, if it's good I'll let you in and then I'll get up the main thread :)

    @Hisseki and @Pen-and-Parchment your both accepted!
  30. Name: Zethe Jaycen
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'5
    Physical appearance: Zethe has bluish green cow lick bowl cut hair. He has blue eyes and his nose is rather pointed. Despite being 17 he has a pale babyface which pretty much make him seem like creepy doll. For his body build he is average, he never bothers to work out.
    Personality: Zethe trusts no one except his Pokemon. Although being an anti-social, he sometimes consider a temporary alliance but he still watches his back. He always keeps his word and fulfills his promises.
    Clothing: Zethe normally wears a plain purple shirt and black pants. He also wears a pink baller on his left wrist.
    A little about your character (Can be history, what they like, e.t.c): As a child, he had no friends. He always kept things to himself. Zethe's Sableye was once his father's who was killed by his own bestfriend which is the reason why Zethe was driven to this kind of mentality. Zethe loves chocolates, milk, sweets, sleep, and relaxing music.
    Tournament entered (High skill or the lower tier that's more like little cup): High Skill
    Partner Pokémon: Opal the Sableye
    Pokémon team (Not including the partner): Jance the Tropius, Mimi the Miltank, Eins the Alakazam, and Cleo the Kecleon.
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  31. Okay sweet your accepted as well, lot of ghost types kicking around but that doesn't matter seeming as they are one of the coolest types.

    Once I'm slightly more awake I'll get straight on writing the opening post of the roleplay for everybody.
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  32. So I'm too late to join? Becuase I just read the last 3 to 4 posts XD
  33. Afraid so.
  34. Alright then, bye ( :
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  35. Alright the main thread is up, sorry if its not the best quality in the world I'm still half asleep XD
  36. I'm gonna do the next post, just saying, I don't want confusion.
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  37. @Clementina I'm just going to let some of the others get posts up before I reply if that's alright.
  38. Okay! I posted. I kind of implied, but never mentioned, that I intended for Harper and Spirit to be near by the area where Niko and Aileen are.
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