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The Island of Echora

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. When a mysterious island appears out of nowhere, Professor Redwood sends volunteers to go help him explore it, and discover its secrets.

    I'm not gonna say much about rules, so I'll run down basics. I don't care for the love dovey thing so that's fine. You can make up to two people. Any starter Pokemon as long as it's a basic Pokemon, by that I mean not evolved.

    Extra Notes-

    So my character:

    Name- Andre
    Gender- Male
    Race- African American/Black
    Height- 5'9
    Pokemon- Charmander
    Outfit- Wears a zip up jacket with jeans and tennis shoes. T-Shirt underneath is white. Needs glasses to see because too scared to wear contacts.
    Personality- A very confident and funny guy, but hides it when he first meet someone. Tends to think, but over think, and will not continue to try the same thing, but will always find new ways.
    Extra Notes- besides the glasses thing, not really.

    I think that covers it. I'll make the rp soon tonight or tommorow (for me)
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  2. Name-Sara
    Height- 6'4
    Outfit-oversized t-shirt and slacks, where's a sun hat
    Personality-Stubborn and rude, she tends to try to conversate to not feel lonely, but tends to say something mean and mess up.
    Extra Notes-
  3. Well nobody else did sign up XD you can post
  4. Name- Asteroid
    Age- 14
    Gender- Male
    Race- White
    Height- 5'9
    - Lumiere, Fennekin, LV 5, Female
    Tail Whip
    Outfit- He wears a white t-shirt that has a brown collar. On top of that, he wears a dark blue coat that has fur around the wrist.
    Personality- He's calm and relaxed but can shout real loud when he's angry.
    Extra Notes- He's got freckles and blue eyes.
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