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The Hunters (Tentative Title)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blazi, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Alrighty, Here's an RP I came up with and Dark helped out.

    It's Set in earth, with a semi-dimension that exists alongside it, which houses Creatures of Myth (Mythos). Most Mythos are sinister and cannot be allowed to exist alongside humans, and are thus captured by an organization and sent back to their dimension or killed, which does the exact same job just the creatures are reborn again, rather than re-emerging as their proper forms.
    The organization that sends these creatures to whence they came is called The Hunters (could be changed, dunno) The Hunters are an underground group, who get humans between the ages of 18 to 26 to hunt down and eliminate or capture the Mythos. The Hunters get these humans to work in same-gender pairs, who have been born within a month of each other. These are made into pairs with a force that belongs with the Mythos.
    Majiks. (There is no typo btw ^^)
    After being joined to another Hunter (By which means I’ll let Dark tell you) these pairs are given a Majiks of their own. This Majiks is Elemental Majiks, and can be either Fire, Water, Earth or Wind. There is another type of Majiks, Spirit Majiks, wielded by so-called Immortal Beings. These come from the Mythos Realm, and their history is mysterious.

    And there, that’s the intro~ No Spirit Majiks for a hunter, and no being an Immortal Being. I have no idea for a plot, but I really want it starting in Cairo.

    Form for your charries will be up soon~

    EDIT: Here it is!



    Species: (I'd go with human here, even though they wield Majiks. Because wizard/sorceress sounds a bit silly in this context.)









    Identifying Marks:



    Skills: (Including what kind of majiks.)

    Weapons: (Swords, crossbows, guns, anything.)



    Thanks to Dark. I'll put my bio up later.
  2. Name: Jesper Smith

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Partner: Michael Jones

    Hometown: Ede, The Netherlands (In the parallel dimension!)

    Age: 22

    Height: 1.93 M.

    Weight: 76 KG.

    Hair: Somewhere in between brown and dark blonde, a bit messy.

    Eyes: Gray, with a little green and blue.

    Clothing: Jesper likes keeping up with fashion trends, so his clothing differs from time to time. He always wears jeans though.

    Identifying Marks: He often bites his nails, which shows from his often short finger nails.

    Muscularity: Above average, due to Hunter training, but it doesn't really show because he has a lean posture.

    Personality: He often tries to look cool in public company, with a relaxed and slightly smug expression, but in reality, he is quite unsure- Especially about his appearance- And alert. He is actually a quite shy and silent person who loves writing and reading, but hides behind his facade of loud 'n tough; Until he's with people he trusts. During battles, he grows serious- But he never, ever gets mad. He is a proud and open bisexual.

    Skills: Jesper is very swift on his feet, with a good top speed and jumping height- Although he is not good at acrobatics. He has a good aim and sight, which is why he specializes in sniping.

    Weapons: A Colt Match Target Competition HBAR Rifle, or his Colt for short, which he uses for sniping and keeps in a guitar case on his back, along with a double shotel- curved swords. (Hunters have a badge that they can show to the police, and they are allowed to carry guns in public globally- But Jesper doesn't want to scare the public with the large rifle.) At his belt, he carries a Smith & Wesson SD semi-automatic revolver.

    Past: Born in The Netherlands of the parallel world, he ran away from his house at the age of seventeen and landed in the real world trough one of the portals between the normal and mythological world. He got a job, and spread thr word on his origin. Nobody believed him, of course, but one day he was kidnapped by the Hunters.

    The Hunters interviewed him, gathered data, did psychological tests. He was never their prisoner, and finally decided, because of the sheer lack of excitement, to become a member of the Hunters. He went trough excessive trainings, both physical and weapon-related, and at the age of twenty, he became an official Hunter. He was linked to Michael Jones, and given Earth majiks.

    Family: His mother, father and two sisters back in the parallel dimension.

    So, yeah. A bisexual version of future me from a parallel world.

    I dunno.

    ANYWAY! More info~

    The paralell dimension is mirror image of our universe. Originally, the two were perfectly balanced; Whatever happened in one dimension, happened in another as well, down to the last atom. But due to a not yet identified event in the subspace between the dimensions, portals appeared that allowed atoms to travel from one dimension to another. This upset the balance completely, and since this happened just as life started on both Earths, each planet took it's own evolutionary course.

    The strange thing? The human race was hardly affected. In both dimensions, it followed a course that was pretty much the same as the other one, except for the fact that in the parallel world, the living conditions were more extreme, because the animals were different; The creatures that we call mythological, Roc, the Kraken, Minotaurus, etc. are a part of normal life there. The life expectancy isn't too great.

    The Hunters were established in the Dark Ages; Originally just a band of dragonslayers somewhere in Europe, the network grew over the ages, became more sophisticated and scientific. Nowadays, the Hunters are an underground organization, spread over the entire world. It's objective is to capture or kill the mythological creatures from the parallel dimension, for the sake of this humanity.

    On the subject of partners; Hunters always operate in teams of two. These two are bound by blood- Like the Native American used to do- And majiks. Majiks is a collective name for the kinetic abilities that originate from the Chaos Event, as it's called. These abilities can be used by sentient creatures, including humans. Only Earth, Wind, Water and Fire can be used by sentients, only the Immortal Beings can use Spirit majiks (Wielding the energy they take from dying organisms.)

    Any questions?
  3. Rather than re-edit my first post, I'm posting my bio here~

    Name: Michael Jones

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Partner: Jesper Smith

    Hometown: Brisbane, Australia (Non-parallel Dimension)

    Age: 22

    Height: 1.93 m

    Weight: 77 kg

    Hair: Black, all over the place

    Eyes: Dark Brown

    Clothing: It really depends on the weather. If it's sunny, shorts/t-shirt. If it's rainy/cold, Jeans, long-sleeve shirt. If it's snowing, Parka, long-sleeve shirt, jeans, scowl.

    Identifying Marks: A large scar on his right arm from where a Roc had just missed him.

    Muscularity: Fast, both natural and hunters training, but isn't as strong as Jesper.

    Personality: Grumpy, absolutely hates rain and snow. Cheers up only when it's really sunny and warm. Is serious in battle.

    Skills: Extremely fast, has a high jumping height. Is actually kinda acrobatic.

    Weapons: Twin curved swords, both of which he keeps strapped to his back. Wields these exceptionally.

    Past: Was happily born in Australia, and grew up with his loving family. Around the age of sixteen, when he was in France for a school trip. The coach he and his class mates were in crashed due to circumstances unknown. When he woke up in the crash, he was twisted into a very uncomfortable position, and couldn't move at all.
    He could, however see what was going on in one of his friend's hand mirror which had fallen out of her bag. He saw this lady with what he thought was snakes for hair, coaxing all his classmates that weren't dead into looking at her, turning them to stone.
    When she came to him, after killing the rest of his classmates, he flinched, expecting to die, but instead saw a sword appear through her stomach. She screamed, then disappeared, showing the young adult that had stabbed her, a grim look on his face. Michael groaned, and the man called to a partner of his, and retrieved Michael from the wreckage.
    They took Michael somewhere, under the influence of a drug, and cleaned him up. They asked him questions, did a few tests, and made sure he was fine. He asked them about the lady with snakes for hair, and what happened. They explained, and Michael asked if he could join the Hunters.
    They agreed, and put him through training, both with weapons and without, and by the time he turned twenty, he became an official Hunter. He was linked to Jesper Smith, and given control over Wind Majiks.

    Family: Mother and Father, both think he died in the coach accident.

    Tadaa~ Here's my character. Also, Dark did a way better way of explaining the Hunters world than me xD
  4. Portals... sounds like fun. I think I'll be two characters - twins... which should be interesting. Sign me up!
  5. I'm thinking of joining this RP, and I have an idea for a character. Though I have to ask, what would happen if someone you were linked with were to die on the field? Would you die too, or would the link be broken and you were later assigned a new partner?

    And on the immortal beings, are they like powerful humans of the parallel world that cross over and are extremely powerful? Because I'm thinking of including one in my character's history. It would be quite interesting if you would allow it.

    I'll work on a biography now, and post it when my questions have answers :3
  6. This sure looks interesting, I'd love to join. I'll wait a few days though so I can see some other people's bios first. How many participants do you expect/will you allow?
  7. It'd be a bit like breaking an arm. It'd hurt like hell (you'd feel whatever they're feeling before they die), But It would heal (Allowed another partner), and you'd live. There would be a sense of emptiness though, that won't be filled no matter what. And you are allowed to have an Immortal Being in your history, but don't go overboard.

    Dark and I haven't really discussed this, but about eight people would be allowed to join, forming four Teams. This may or may not include DS and I, It depends on how many are interested.
  8. Okay, I think I've got one. I decided to take it from an interesting angle after studying various cultures that have little contact with modern humans.

    Name: Xixo

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human Bushman, who have a build much smaller than the average human

    Partner: Has had several, all deceased. The last one was Pedro Elser

    Hometown: N/A, comes from a migrating Bushman Tribe that moves around the Kalahari, Non-Parallel Dimension.

    Age: 23

    Height:1.43 meters

    Weight: 46Kg

    Hair: Black, kept very short

    Eyes: Brown

    Clothing: Dirty white vest, torn jeans, and a worn bulletproof vest

    Identifying Marks: Various scars all over his body. Many were from his dark childhood, but some are recent from his new career

    Muscularity: Strong, at least for his size.

    Personality: Quiet, almost completely silent. This can be attributed to his poor English skills, as well as the repeated experience of the death of several partners. He is greatly known to honor the dead, always making sure to send them off with last rites, human, animal, or Mythos.

    Skills: He has a very traditional Bushman hunting style. Which involves poison arrows and ambushes. Otherwise, he would turn to his Fire Magiks. He is versatile in wilderness survival, due to skills picked up from his people.

    Weapons: A bow with poison tipped arrows, like his kin usually use. Unlike his kin however, his poisons are derived from creatures from the parallel world, such as the Hydra.

    Past: As a member of a Bushman tribe, where leisure was important, Xixo began his life quite happily, though much of it is unrecorded. It would appear that at the age of ten, poachers wiped out his tribe. They kept Xixo alive, and worked him mercilessly and completely shattered him. After two years, his captors all died when they were attacked and killed by a rampaging Manticore, and Xixo lived on to find himself lost in Zimbabwe, without any idea of what sort of world he was absorbed into. All that can be reported of this stage of his life was that almost everyone he came into contact with died in numerous Mythos attacks in the area spread across six years.

    At the age of sixteen, he was found and brought in by a Hunter who once lived with a Bushman tribe, and thus knew his culture and language well. He brought the lost child into The Hunters to try and give him a sense of belonging, which all Bushmen were nothing without. After training for four years by his new mentor, Xixo started to feel that he finally found where he belonged. When he finally became linked and took to field missions. However, the darkness of his past came flooding back into the poor man’s life.

    His mentor died on a separate mission, while Xixo’s partner also perished in action. Xixo spent the next three years of his life going through partner after partner, all who died in the first or second assignment. This string of death that surrounded him made him very afraid of himself, and even puzzled higher-ups in The Hunters. Finally, after his fourth partner Pedro died on the third assignment, which was a record, Xixo was pulled off missions while they tried to decide what to do with him. Some have called it just coincidence, and that it would have happened to anybody. Others however, are starting to believe that there is another force at work, a curse, inflicted at some point on Xixo by an Immortal Being, and now Spirit Magiks are pulling at the threads of Xixo’s fate and the fate of those around him. There has been no recorded contact with the Immortal Beings, or even the parallel world for that matter. The only opening for an encounter would be with his Kalahari Bushman Tribe, an existence that may as well have never happened.

    Family: None reported alive, apparently described parents and many siblings, though the broad definition of Family in a Bushman tribe can mean that these siblings are more like childhood friends.

    I hope this one is good enough, I just want to try experimenting with more 'broken characters' that are lost in the world with nobody to turn to. This ought to be fun.
  9. Got writers block at the worst possible time T.T But now it has been cured!

    ... I just have this thing for Japanese characters....

    Name: Hitomi Seto

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Partner: Previous partner died recently, Nadia Sands.

    Hometown: Osaka, Japan

    Age: 21

    Height: 163cm

    Weight: 54kg

    Hair: Dark brown in colour, dead straight and very long, flowing down almost to the end of her spine. Normally keeps it loose.

    Eyes: A light brown, so they seem almost golden (Don’t eat me for that one, I know a guy with eyes like that.)

    Clothing: Prefers traditional Japanese dress, kimonos and Gi’s when she goes on missions. The Gi’s are white, and she prefers to wear black and silver kimonos.

    Identifying Marks: N/A

    Muscularity: Lean, but not super skinny or anything like that.

    Personality: She’s very serene, and has a liking for more traditional, older things, which explains her chosen dress and weapons. She can seem to be very aloof and distance at times, but she does this because she feels rather uncertain if being her is truly the right thing to do, and she doesn’t trust people easily. The gapping hole left by her dead partner Nadia has made her a little harsher than she would normally be, but most of the time she is rather obedient towards authority figures. Think Yamato Nadeshiko.

    Skills: Has been learning Goju Rye Karate Do for several years now, also has control over Water Majiks.

    Weapons: Two identical Sai, which are weapons made of steel that have three prongs on them, with the middle one being much longer than the other two. They are about the length of Hitomi’s forearm.

    Past: Both her mother and her father were once Hunters, with her mother being on the field and her father a scientist. So it’s no surprise that as soon as she and her twin Rekio were strongly encouraged to take up a position in the Hunters, and both were expected to take it. However, Rekio refused, but why she never mentioned. Since that day, Hitomi has never seen her twin sister, nor has any family member of hers. They all desperately want to know where she has disappeared to, but nobody can make heads or tails of where she might be.

    After a month of desperately searching for her sister, Hitomi decided that she had no more leads and became the partner of an older member called Nadia Sands, who fittingly had control over earth majiks. The two got on rather well, and worked together with their two Majiks to defeat various mythical beasts. Until one night, the two of them were attacked by an Incubus… although, due to the nature of this particular demon, neither of them knew what it was, only believing it to be a particularly handsome human male who called himself Ivan. ‘Ivan’ and Nadia got together and had a rather intense relationship… to the point that the Incubus sucked the life out of Nadia, killing her. By then, Hitomi had realised what had happened, and tried to get revenge, but the pain of losing Nadia overwhelmed her, allowing the Incubus to escape.

    Now, Hitomi no longer has a partner, and is searching for a new one to bond to so she can continue her work with the hunters.

    Family: Mother (Akemi), Father (Haru) and twin sister (Rekio)
  10. (I hope this is ok ;D)

    Name: Rota

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Partner: Last partner was his Older Brother Rokon whose location became unknown

    Hometown: N/A lost all Family members Homeless Was Born Somewhere in Japan

    Age: 19

    Height: 64 inches

    Weight: 68kg

    Hair: Dark Brown, at first glance appears black. Short kind of shaggy

    Eyes: A Deep Sea Blue

    Clothing: Black Leather Jacket over a Dark Brown T-shirt Black Jeans and well Black Leather Shoes

    Identifying Marks: A Scar on right arm

    Muscularity: Fast and a little stronger than average but overall not very over average of a regular human.

    Personality: He is the kind of guy who always wants to help but half the time ends up doing a very poor job of helping, Has a very strong will to help/fight for his loved ones and what he believes is right

    Skills: Has become an expert with the sword and has control of Wind Majiks.

    Weapons: Long sword, which is made of very strong Steel.

    Past: Both Mother and Father were simple average people but one day when Rota was about 2 They were both killed in a car accident. That Same Day Rokon took Rota and Ran away from what they knew they soon met a kind woman named Amelia who took them in, she lived in America. She raised them for 13 Years. At that point Rota was 15 and Rokon was 17. She taught them the ways of the sword and some basic survival skills like how to light a fire, pitch a tent, cook a fish, and catch a fish. Then one night someone came to their house Amelia hid Rota and Rokon and she was shot 3 times by the man who then robbed the house and left.

    Then Rota and Rokon Survived homeless for a year and then two men approached them Offering Rokon to become a hunter they believed he had potential. Rokon refused since they would not allow Rota to come, but Rota stopped him. Rota wanted him to go so at least Rokon could live a good life. Then Rota survived alone for 2 years not once seeing his brother. Rota had been around and was now living in a box a few weeks after his 18th Birthday Rota was approached by the same two men. They offered him the opportunity to be a Hunter they said he had great potential. But Rota didn't see his potential but he took that chance to see his brother again.

    He then spent a whole year in Hunter Training and Became a true Hunter. Then He got really lucky, he was partnered with Rokon who needed a new partner. They worked together for two months Rota with his Wind Majiks and Rokon with his Fire Majiks. Then one night Rokon was yelling about something Rota couldn't hear and would ask Rokon about it in the morning but the next morning Rokon had left leaving a note that said he was tired of being a hunter. Just like that he was gone and that brought Rota in need of a new partner

    Family: Brother (Rokon) Mother (Mina) Father (Karoto)
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  11. Brendan, Aura; Your bio's look absolutely fine to me, so you two are in. I'm still waiting for Weeds' bio, if he is still interested after all. I'm going to wait a bit longer, to see if there are more people interested. If not, then the first post will be up in a week or two/three.

    BlackAmber; After discussing your bio with Blazi, and taking a look at your previous PRP posts, we feel that your posts are not quite up to standard yet, and we've decided to not let you in. It's nothing personal. If you really want to get in, take a look at some of the other RP's on this forum, try to learn from them, and PM me your first post. Then I'll see.
  12. Yeah, 'm still interested, and working on a bio. I was just wondering about the partner though, a) do you get your Majiks after you finish your training or when you're linked with your partner? and b) does the partner have to be another participant of the RP?
  13. Ah, glad you're still in~

    A; You get your majiks after finishing the course. The partner connection happens later.

    B; Nope. You can even control both if you like~
  14. Gut ^^ I think I'll make my character a newbie hunter, who's just completed the course. The second question was mostly in case I had to have a partner to have Majiks, but as that is not the case, it's all right. I'll edit my bio into this post lator~

    EDIT: Sowwy gais, but I won't be able to do this. So much other stuff going on right now :<

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