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Open The Hunters & Hunted: DISCUSSION

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by dooto, Nov 12, 2017.


are some of the spoilers being glitchy and showing nothing in them, or two of them??

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    [This file is unable to be deleted.]
    Auras- we at Cerner lab have been able to discover what they are. Pokémon are able to see 4 planes of aura. Plane one- what humans see, is physical and appearance-wise. Plane two, the aura of color. Apparently, all humans have a white aura, while Pokémon- a navy blue. From experiments, we see that this aura merely can tell if a species is Pokémon, (navy blue), human, (white), from space, (black), or an "animal" (orange). Plane three, we cannot explain. Here, the aura of a Pokémon alters its appearance: shiny Pokémon and normal Pokémon have different auras here. We have been able to create Pokémon with auras that change colors, luminescent and beautiful. Strangely, by doing so, these Pokémon are also stronger. The fourth plane is exclusive to Pokémon like Lucario- those that can literally sense emotion.

    1 9 7 X
    All files from 1950-1970 regarding the secrets of experiments on Pokémon have been destroyed. Welcome "Organization Secure", a group meant to lock up and contain Pokémon that are abnormal (e.x, an Eevee with wings, a psychic type Pidgey, a Mightyena with a blue "aura", non-Ditto Pokémon with Transform... etc.,) the trainers and Pokémon chosen to be in Organization Secure are powerful, and will be able to assist in the removal of these beasts.

    1 9 9 0
    Organization Secure is viewed as a group that controls beasts that will kill the peoples. This propaganda is extremely helpful, especially with Team Ecto on the loose: we are marketing them as an evil group of villains who want to mutate Pokémon. (In reality, they are trying to give abnormal Pokémon a home, as well as free all Pokémon from people. However, they are trying other things we do not know of at this moment.) Organization Secure is not hunting beasts but preventing abnormalities from becoming beasts.

    2 0 1 8
    Secure and Ecto have been at head-to-heels for years. Abnormalities still exist in the wild. We have developed a Pokéball used to catch abnormalities and erase their memories: so that they can become proper test subjects. They have not been issued to any of Organization Secure.
    All other logs have been deleted! This is the most recent one!
    It's a good thing you read the logs; otherwise, this plot would be confusing! If you haven't, go and tap that green spoiler button. The plot takes place in 2018; shortly after the log there. The RP is about "Abnormal" Pokémon attempting to survive or thriving at doing so. The 'hunters', the Pokémon after them, are at a choice: will they flee their masters and go to live in the wild, or choose to stick by Team Secure, driving the abnormalities to extinction.
    There are also humans- the trainers of the hunters, and simply, well, normal trainers.

    Which class will you choose?

    Hold up! Before you mosy on and decide to join, there are two sets of rules! I fancy a good plot too, but rules are just as important. The first set is for this discussion set, and the second will be for the next chat- the actual roleplay chat. I'll put the rules in a spoiler box so that there's some more space here. There's also a bio you have to fill out, so please read all of this! Do it carefully, too.

    [1] No spam. It's annoying, so try to limit yourself to editing your posts with whatever you wanted to say next.
    [2] If you see that it says 'Ask to Join' PM me to join. If it says Closed, then don't join.
    [3] Don't get too... memey? Yeah. This isn't a chatroom.
    [4] Please be patient with me to accept you. We're not all in the same time-zone.
    [5] Be nice, please.
    [by the way, the password is 'hop', hide this in a sentence somewhere in your bio... but where?]
    [1] Don't be OP, don't be a legendary, yeah.
    [2] Don't catch other RPers without their permission.
    [3] No bunnying or god-modding.
    [4] Hate the character, not the RPer.
    [5] Be logical and faint when you have to, but don't die.
    [6] Going along with #5, don't kill people.
    [7] Don't be overdramatic and make yourself the center of attention.
    [8] Don't ignore people.
    [9] Don't go too far with gore. It stops at blood and wounds.
    [10] Don't go too far with romance; nothing more than kissing.
    [11] No one-liners!
    [12] Just-- common sense. [ps, the password must go in the "extra" section.]
    I allow Fakémon, who will automatically be listed as abnormalities or test subjects caught by the prototype Pokéball who are now hunters. Canon- or somewhat canon- Pokémon have a different character sheet than fanmade ones. Please, only use your OWN Fakémon, unless it was created by a comissonier for you, or a request, for you. Same goes for art.

    Hunter, or Hunted?:
    Trainer: Optional.

    'Dex Entry:
    Common Stats?: [ex, is this Pokemon an attacker? A tank?]
    Region commonly seen in: [if this is not seen in any region, put what climate they are best-adapted to.]
    Evolutionary Line:
    Common or Rare?:
    Hunter, or Hunted?:
    Trainer: Optional.

    Type of Trainer: Are they just a normal trainer? Or are they part of Team Ecto or Organization Secure?
    Pokémon: What Pokémon do they own? List them as so:

    The setting for this RP is a forest, littered with ponds and a lake at the heart of the said forest, with the tallest trees of the land around it. It's far from civilization, which is why Pokémon flourish here. There are plenty of hollows and whatnot, and farther from the forest is a mountain, under the mountain a cave. The mountain is cold; the cave oddly hot. The cave- no, the cavern- stems out, and eventually leads to the forest.

    I hope you can join me for this RP. I will be playing two characters; here are there character sheets. For reasons, the password is NOT listed on my own character sheet.

    Name: Quill
    Species: Tailow
    Age: 5 years old.
    Gender: Female.
    Appearance: A normal Taillow, she's got a white, ivory underbelly with soft feathers, and a red face, with a pastel yellow beak poking out. Her dark brown-ish eyes always seem to flicker of determination. The majority of the bird's body is a dark blue, nearly a gray-blue. Her wings are fine, and so is her tail; Quill is just a normal Taillow.
    Type: Flying Normal
    Hunter, or Hunted?: None! Quill is an ordinary Pokémon- and one considered rubbish for experienced trainers, at that. They'd give no mind to her, or bother to train her.
    Abnormality: None. As stated before, Quill is your average route-1 'mon.
    Trainer: Not anymore.
    Backstory: Since hatching in the forest, Quill was a determined bird, though she was unusually close with trainers. Once she got caught by one; Quill had expected a life-long partner, but that idea was thrown away. Being locked up into a PC Box, she gave up the idea of ever seeing Hoenn- or anything- in general again, but was released into the wild, but not back to Hoenn, but a forest, far, far, from any civilization. Here, she met an "Abnormality".
    Extra: find the password yourself :^)

    Name: Apricot
    Species: Dedenne
    Age: Unknown. Looks young, for a mouse-thing.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance: He looks almost like a normal Dedenne. A small, petite mouse-like frame, with a soft yellow, smooth and fair scruff and underbelly. The rest of his body is an odd, dark pink, instead of the should-be orange. This trait marks him out from other Dedenne. Apart from that- he looks normal, circular red pouches of electricity and big eyes, a dark tail and elliptical ears.
    Type: Electric Fairy
    Hunter, or Hunted?: Hunted.
    Abnormality: It's not just his appearance that makes him Hunted. It's the fact that he can use the move Transform- despite not being a Ditto. Not only that, the Dedenne can transform parts of himself- not just transforming into a totally different thing.
    Trainer: None.
    Backstory: He was an abnormality tested on in a lab for what seemed to be an eternity. He gained the ability to use Transform from the lab, but his color-scheme was like a birthmark, he was born with it. The testing and experiments is why his abilities are known and sought out for: he's made himself a name while in the lab, and his fur color is unmistakable. Soon, Apricot had escaped, finding himself lost in a forest after struggling to survive. A Taillow had met him and become his guide, and the two remain friends.
    Extra: enjenfjenfjenejfneqfqefefef

  2. Name: Hope
    Species: Vulpix (Alolan)
    Age: 5 years old
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Hope is not your normal Vulpix. She is pure white all around, no light blue anywhere.
    Persona: Hope is extremely shy and cautious. She never stays in one place, but prefers hiding. Her bond with humans is short and bad, as she doesn't even let them near her.
    Type: Ice
    Hunter, or hunted?: Hope is hunted for being a shiny.
    Abnormality: Hope's abnormality is her shiny look.
    Trainer: none
    Backstory: Hope was born as a shiny, which set her apart. She spent her days being refused and made fun of. Even her mom knew she was different, and tried to protect her. One day a person from secure found her den, and sent her running for her life. Up to this day, Hope still runs from all humans.
    Extra: she can 'hop' well.

    (Hope you don't mind, I put in personality for her.)
  3. Looks intriguing. Guess I'm in~ ;)

    Name: Cri
    Species: Vaporeon
    Age: Around 16 Years Old
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A Vaporeon with a slightly torn fin on her back which she's received from an incident during her training.
    Type: Water
    Hunter or Hunted? Hunter
    Abnormality: This Pokemon does not have a notable abnormality.
    Trainer: None; Randomly Assigned Depending on Assignment
    Backstory: Cri was born and raised from birth as a member of Organization Secure. She has never felt any form of doubt living as a Hunter for the team, believing she's doing what's right for the world. Years of training as a Hunter has led her to blindly following orders, meaning that if she was told to jump off a cliff by her superiors - most likely, she would.
    Extra: Cri's quick to hop to conclusions...
    Name: "Reform" (Real Name to Be Revealed)
    Species: Litten
    Age: Around 12 Years Old
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A normal Litten with a slightly darker coat and lacking the natural red bands on his legs (with one red band per leg instead of two). Reform's eyes are a vivid green with black pupils.
    Type: Poison
    Hunter or Hunted? Hunted
    Abnormality: He's shown to be capable of naturally learning basic poison moves (I.E. Poison Gas). Like most Poison-types, he too is immune to being poisoned unless stated otherwise.
    Trainer: None
    Backstory: Reform was just an ordinary Litten training in Organization Secure. Through a series of training, he was considered to be the worst when it came to combat. After a series of follow-up tests, the Organization decided to experiment on him to try and improve his combat capabilities causing them to also attempt to modify his PokeBall in order to keep him under control. He successfully fled while being escorted to a lab test one day and decided to hide in the wilderness. Reform immediately flees upon seeing humans, normally acting passive-aggressive by leaving victims in a cloud of poison gas.
    Extra: He just can't sit still. I'm aware he's not a rabbit, though he just can't stop hopping.

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