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The Hunted

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Carrie_Slovak, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. ((OC: This is considered an open RP, though if you want to get more deeply involved and want to know what's going on, feel free to PM me. Any character can join--the more diverse, the better. If you want to throw things through a loop (twist in the plot) then throw us through a loop! RP is better that way, anyways. Keeps you on yer toes, which is what I like. :p))






    Morlaina jerked her head off her folded arms, shaking her bangs out of her face and looking for all the world as if she had just woken up. Which, considering the circumstances, she probably had. The barkeep gave her a look equal in sympathy and irritation as he settled a fresh glass of water before her. She fumbled for it, giving a bleary 'thanks' as she brought it to her lips. He sighed as she downed it in one gulp.

    "Miss Morlaina, pardon my rudeness, but shouldn't you be headin' back to your hotel room by now? It's getting late, and I can't keep the place open much longer."

    Morlaina looked around. There was no one left in the dingy old place, the lights flickering madly in the dim parlor. The televisions around the room had been shut off, and the clean-up crew were about their business, picking up cigarette butts from the floor and sweeping their ash into rusty old bins. She groaned and conked her forehead against her folded arms, a twitch in her shoulder showing her aggravation. He patted her hand with a knowing nod of his head.

    "You should be off, miss. I hafta close in a few, and much as I enjoy your company you can't stay here tonight. You have a nice, comfy ole' bed waiting for you back at the Mason's, so you just scurry on along now."

    Morlaina shifted once before her head came back up, an aggrieved but accepting look upon her visage. "Thanks, Smitty." She breathed out, deflating. She hopped sluggishly off her moth-eaten stool. "Thanks for your time. Oh, and for the water, too." She headed towards the door, muttering apologies as she edged around the clean-up crew.

    "Anytime," Smitty called after her, raising a gnarled hand in goodbye. She waved back solemnly before she stepped out into the frigid night air, her breath coming as a puff of ice before her. She tugged her coat tighter about herself and stepped onto the grimy, uneven sidewalk and chided herself for not leaving earlier. The Mason's Hotel was at least five blocks from here, in the better side of town, and it would take her some time to make her way back.

    Jezrain was a cold, desolate city in the dead of winter, close enough to the Equator to prevent snow from clogging the streets. Secretly Morlaina was thankful, as she had forever been and forever would be a Southern girl, having only seen snow once before in her life. She bundled up deeper in her thick coat, grateful for its warmth even though it probably wasn't even sixty out. She had simply always been sensitive to temperature extremes, and to her, sixty was extreme--cold-wise, anyways. She had no problem with heat.

    On her way towards the city square, which was where the Mason's was located she passed by liquor stores that were either just closing or just opening, depending on how you looked at it, and shady figures leered at her as she passed by. She scowled right back, a humph of indignation the only real response she gave them. Let them prowl the streets at night, trying to scare unsuspecting bypassers; they couldn't scare her.

    She had been walking for awhile, now, and the cold was beginning to seep in. She was mildly numb in her legs, either from the exercise, the temperature or both, but she didn't care. As long as she could still feel her feet and hands, she figured she'd be alright.

    Within another ten minutes the Mason's entrance was within view, this part of town well-lit despite the late hour. A casino across from the hotel was raging on within, and she quietly scoffed at the idiots gambling away all their money. The valet beside the door eyed her suspiciously as she approached, but he allowed her passage when she shot him an irritated look.

    The inside was glamorous and breathtaking, but she took no note of such things as she wearily trudged towards the elevator, punching in her floor and waiting in the quiet rumbling. A soft classical piece played over the intercom, and she silently enjoyed its soothing affects before the ride reached her floor. She stepped out, taking in a deep breath of air, and proceeded down the long, brightly lit hallway until she reached her room. It was locked, but that was no problem for her. She unlocked it and pushed her way in.

    The inside was dark, and she took the time to flick the overhead lights on before kicking off her boots and hanging her coat by the door. The room itself was a good suite, though rather expensive. She could have never afforded it, but seeing as it was a gift to her it mattered not. She settle down on the couch, relishing its soft comfort, before a slip of paper obviously ripped out a notepad caught her attention. It was held down by a coaster, and she gently extracted it. The note read:

    'Are you enjoying your accomodations, warrior?'

    There was no signature, but she knew there wouldn't be. Her mysterious benefactor had never let slip their name since she had been given the key to this suite by a delivered package two days ago, and she knew she wouldn't be finding out anytime soon. She didn't mind, however: it wasn't fun unless it was a mystery.
  2. "C'mon... C'mon..."

    Illumil fluttered down the hallway as fast as her little wings could take her. This wasn't very fast, considering she had been carrying a bucket full of gaming tokens since the first floor. She had regretted not simply getting a receipt by the second floor, and taking the stairs by the third. She was hovering so low to the ground now she couldn't even see the numbers on the doors. Her room was around her somewhere. Probably.

    With a thunk, Illumil's bucket hit the floor. She wailed disappointedly and plopped down on the coins. There was no way she was going to have the strength to carry the bucket even another inch, and she didn't dare leave her winnings all by themselves while she looked for her room.

    "Curse my brilliant luck, bad judgement and small stature!" she cried out to the flourescent ceiling lamps. Then she noticed the open door next to her and the woman in the room beyond. She stood on the edge of the bucket and started waving her arms. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Ma'am? If you don't mind, could you help me to my room?"
  3. Morlaina jolted up from her seat, twisting around to look out her door. There on the floor was a bucket of what looked like coins, and a small, winged being situated atop them. She sat up fully, pulling herself to her feet and trudging towards the door. She took a closer look.

    "What was it you needed help with? Finding your room?" She inquired, looking up and down the hallways. This must look odd.
  4. "No, no, well, yes," Illumil replied. She fluttered up to Morlaina's face. "It's just that my winnings have proven far heavier than I realized and I need help carrying it to my room. I'd go and find a bellhop or something, but you simply can't leave this much money lying around unattended. Would you mind terribly carrying it for me? I'll pay if I have to."
  5. Morlaina waved her hand, taking the handle for the bucket up in the other. She lifted it with relative ease, and a rather neutral expression.

    "No need for payment. Now, which number was your room?" She glanced down the hallway, noting the odds were on the left, the evens on the right.
  6. "Room one-fiftyyyy... one," Illumil said, fluttering into the middle of the hallway and glancing around at the doors around her. "This way."

    She fluttered down the hall and waited by the corner. No sense in outrunning the person carrying all your money, especially when you're so much smaller than they are.
  7. Morlaina smiled thinly. Illumil was staying very close to her, being careful not to get too far ahead. Morlaina understood. She wouldn't trust a complete stranger with a bucket-load of coins, especially where there were no witnesses. At least she wasn't stupid, this lady.

    Morlaina stepped up to the corner, turning left and following the corridor, keeping an eye on the doors. Numbers continued to pass by for a few minutes (145, 147, 149--)

    "Ah, one fifty-one. Here we are." She stepped back, waiting for her odd companion to unlock the door.
  8. Musa yawned stretching his arms above his head and cracking his back as he walked down the hallway. As he passed he saw a woman with a bucket and a small winged person. Totally unphased with the other things he had seen that night he continued on to his room.

    Upon finding his room he unlocked the door with his key and left it open for the moment taking his coat and boots off he closed the door and locked it again and continued down the hallway. "I wonder if anything else is still running this late at night.." He yawned boredly as he walked the same way he had came.
  9. "Awesome, thanks," Illumil said. She dove into the coin bucket and rummaged around until she produced her room key. In short order, she had unlocked and opened the door. The room on the other side was exactly the same as Morlaina's in every detail. "Just leave it by the door. I can't thank you enough. Seriously. I almost thought was going to have to sleep in that hallway or something."

    Illumil floated down to the bucket again, scooped up some coins in her arms and flew over to Morlaina's other hand.

    "Here, take these. I insist."
  10. Paul came walking down the hall, looking for his room. Why do I always get lost in buildings like these he questioned to himself. Right then, he spotted two figures what lookied like two women entering a room. He ran to the door that opened. He thought, that perhaps he could get directions from them. He knocked on the door quietly, and waited at the door.
  11. Morlaina knew better than to refuse Illumil, so she quietly accepted the small payment. Just then, a knock came at the door, and she turned to answer, the coins still in hand. Outside a relatively short man stood, looking rather out-of-place. She could tell he was foreign. She regarded him curiously.

    "May I help you?"
  12. Paul saw a pale skinned woman before him. She looked to be older than him, if not taller. "Yes, you see, I'm lost. Can you direct me to room..." Paul checked his room key, then looked back at Morlaina. "...103?" Paul put his key back on his dou-shi belt.
  13. "Room 103?" She confirmed. She thought for a moment. "Well, my room's 97, so if you go down that way," she pointed from where she had come from down the hall, "and take a right, the room should be on your right. It'll be down a ways, though. There should be an elevator at the end, for reference." She looked at the coins in her hand. "I'm done here, so I'm heading down that way anyways."

    She turned to Illumil, nodding her head and offering a 'thank you' for the coins. "Next time don't earn so many coins at the casino," she teased. "I might not be around to help then."
  14. Walking down the marble steps, Musa sat down in a chair in the lounge, resting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes enjoying the silence. The dull chatter of late night people could be heard in the distance, and Musa opened one of his eyes to look at the main doorway, it was still dark and the shadows of the city casting an eerie look on the glowing lights of the city.

    Musa sighed and looked over at a machine vending random snacks. He walked over and paid it, thinking he wanted something sweet, he picked up the chocolate snack and unwrapped it. "God, is no one up late around here.." He mummbled with his delicate and soft voice.

    Looking through one of the windows he briefly wondered if it would be more fun enjoying the sights of the city than staying up all night in this fancy place. "Hm..Probably dangerous.." He scowled at the though of being captured and taken away. Sitting back down on the chair he sighed crossing his legs and wondering when people would start to live again. He really wanted to chat with someone, though the only people he had seen where people that seemed to be heading to their rooms.
  15. Paul sighed in releif. "Thank you. I'm not familiar with these types of buildings." The was a breif pause, and then Paul added, "Seeing as you're heading the same way, do you mind me having a little 'chat' with you?" He scratched his nose while standing there.
  16. Morlaina raised an eyebrow, but voice no objections. With a final wave farewell to Illumil she stepped out of the doorway and started down the hall, walking at her normal pace; which, to most people, was almost a run. She suspected he could keep up with her.
  17. Stretching his legs, which gave a disapproving crack, he curled up in the chair nibbling on the Chocolate. Boredly he picked up a marble bead that was laying on a tray in an ornate style of decoration. He aimed the bead at a chair opposite of him and threw it, missing completely and hitting the wall. The sound of it echoing slightly, he sighed. "Oh well..Guess you cant play that sort of game if you haven't the aim for it.."

    Laying his head against the arm of the chair he closed his eyes, throwing the rest of his snack away in a wastebin that was next to him, no longer hungry. He thought idly about what he should do before falling unintentionally to sleep.
  18. Paul saw that the woman he was walking with was a bit fast at walking. Luckily, the boy was fast himself, and had no problem keeping up. "So, what brings you here?" he said while looking ahead of them. "Exuse me if I'm being rude."
  19. Morlaina eyed him briefly through half-lidded eyes before carelessly throwing the slip of paper she still held at him.

    "That." She said simply, trusting him to puzzle it out for himself. He certainly looked smart enough.
  20. Paul breifly read the small note, and his eyes widened slightly. "You've got the same message I recieved?" He reached into his pocket, to compare his note with hers. They were the same, exactly. Paul showed both of them to her, so she could see that he was telling the truth.
  21. Morlaina didn't take them. She inspected them closely, noting the swoops and the slants were nigh identical, down to the last small splotch at the end of the message that almost made the period look like a colon. She looked up at him again in a calculating manner, before stuffing her hands in her pockets. An Ihwaz rune glowed briefly within her grasp.

    "I wonder why," she said dryly, scoffing quietly. "There seems to be an abundance of shady people up and about lately. I suppose it's no surprise; we all seem to share the same taste for imitation wine and fancy hotels across from casinos."

    ((OC: The Pokemon RP is messing with my head. I keep calling her Carrie! :o ))
  22. The young boy folded his note, and put it back into his pocket. "I wounder what this person could want from us. It's rather suspicious that this would arise all of a sudden." Paul poundered the matter to himself, he has no real enemies.
  23. Morlaina seemed to know what he was thinking, or at least had arrived at the same idea. "I don't have any enemies, either. Except for the government, but they hate everyone, so no reason to target me, or you, or whomever. Unless you're not paying your taxes. Then they'd target you." They turned the corner, and she could see the elevator at the far end. "You can go ahead to your room now. I'm heading down for a bite to eat then going to bed."
  24. "Thanks again for your help. Perhaps tommorow we can discuss this matter further. Good night." Paul scanned the room numbers for his room, then found it. He unlocked the door, and went inside.
  25. Morlaina waved as he entered her room and ran the rest of the way to the elevator, punching in the button for the ground floor and waiting. They hit the lobby in no time, and she made a beeline for the vending machines lines up against the wall. There were lots of things, but since she wasn't fond of caffeine this late at night she bought a small bag of snacks. Her treasure in hand, she turned back to the elevator. On the way, however, she passed by a young man curled up in a chair. She looked at him, confused, before poking him on the shoulder.

    "Oi," She said, poking him again, "can't sleep here. Go up to your room."
  26. Opening his eyes tiredly, Musa looked up at a pale girl, he laughed nervously, "Sorry..Guess I let myself fall asleep.." Getting up and stretching and cracked his back and rubbed his eyes yawning. "Thanks.." He said softly, and straightened his cloths back out.
  27. Morlaina nodded in acknowledgement and turned away, heading back to the elevator. "I'd ask what you were doing down here, but shady people don't ask shady people what they're up to." She enjoyed her private joke and stepped on the elevator, hitting the button for the third floor.
  28. Musa tilted his head to the side pondering what the pale woman could have meant by that and shrugged it off. "I guess I do seem a bit odd.." He turned to walk up the stairs, for some reason he had always liked the old fashioned way of things. His body was sore from sleeping in the cramp position.

    "I cant believe I let myself fall asleep in a chair.." He sighed and kept a weary eye on the numbers, watching for Room 96. "Geez..Why is everything so flashy and grand here..People just cant enjoy the simple side of life I guess...I wonder what kind of events this place holds to reel in customers.." Shaking his head he found his room and stared at it for a minute, as if transfixed on it.

    "Room 96...Wasn't that a band in the 70's..? Hmph..Oh well.." Shaking his head against to clear all his thoughts, he pushed the door open and grabbed for his black coat, making sure it was still there, he smiled. It was a precious item to him, given to him by a friend. "I really should go to sleep..." He said to himself, standing out in the hallway holding the coat.
  29. Morlaina arrived at the third floor and stepped out into the hall, falling into a brisk walk. Her room was number 97, and she watched the left wall. Up ahead of her she saw her fellow shady person walk into his room, and as she arrived at her own realized it was across from her's. She shrugged and went in, finding she had forgotten to lock it. She didn't care, though. At the moment she simply stepped in, closed the door, and fell on the couch. After removing her socks she curled up on the plush surface, figuring she could simply change clothes tomorrow, and fell asleep.
  30. Musa snapped out of his trance when he heard a door close and he looked behind him and looked around. He laughed nervously, "Alright..I really should go to bed now.." He stepped inside his room and locked the door for good measure. Smiling somewhat at the blue designs in his room, since that was his favorite color, he took off some of the chains on his pants as to not snag the bed he was about to sleep on.

    Sitting against the bed he turned the light he had previously left on in his haste to go and do something fun out in the city earlier, and laid down. He drapped his coat over him, using that instead of the fancy looking blanket, not wanting to mess up the fashionable look of the room, which apart from him sleeping on the bed, and his boots by the door, was completely unchanged.

    Closing his eyes in the darkness of the room he let himself fall asleep.
  31. After doing his nightly sit-ups, Paul drank some of the tea he had made earlier. He added no sugar, for he was going to bed streight after. He heard serveral door opening and closing, knowing one must of been Morlainia. He sipped on the cup, put it on the counter, and went to sleep.
  32. Morning came sooner than she would have liked. Morlaina hissed as the sunlight creeping in from the window hit her face, and she reached to pull her blanket over her face before realizing she had fallen asleep on the couch.

    With this realization she flailed wildly, crashing to the floor. She sat up, rubbing her head and gritting her teeth. She cursed herself for being too lazy to properly go to bed, and for not changing her clothes. The ones she was wearing were wrinkly, and would need to be washed. She sighed, and set about getting ready for the day.

    It was 8:03 by the time she left her room, clothes having been picked up by room service and freshly clothed. She yawned as she went down the elevator, heading for Smitty's bar for breakfast. Deities knew she needed a hot coffee right now.
  33. Musa groaned as he struggled to open his eyes. The light hitting him in the face making him scrunch up into a ball of flesh. He felt awkward the way he was laying and tried to sit up only to realize his bed was a mess, the covers all over the floor and the pillows in random directions, one all the way on the other side of the room.

    He also realized he was laying on the side of the bed, Horizontally, his chest hanging over the side, with his lower back and hips supporting him. He panicked when he reached for the coat, and realizing it was right there with him he sighed, but his sudden frantic movements disturbed his position and he fall against the floor with a loud crash and an echo of "GOD DAMMIT" as his body crumbled and flipped, totally defensless against the forces of gravity as the wrecked their havoc over him.

    Musa sat up rubbing his sore back and sides as he tiredly took off his cloths and changed into an all yellow outfit, including yellow jeans with pink flashing chains wrapped around them. He groaned again lightly and fumbled through his backpack and found his toothbrush and his hairbrush and continued to groom himself until he saw fit. He also made not to take a shower later in the day since he had slept in dirty cloths all night.

    Deciding on going on a walk for now, he left his room with his coat and locked it, putting the garment on he walked down the hallway and down the stairs out of the place he was staying and into the city. He liked the way the city was, alot of people where happy and cheery in the morning for some reason, maybe it was because they've already had their coffee. Though he was more of a tea person himself. Musa mused on where he should go to eat breakfast, or the idea of eating all together since it wasnt really one of his pastime hobbies.
  34. The sun shone on Paul's face, causing him to wake up. He stretched his arm toward the sky, then got out of bed. He changed out of his night-time clothes and took a nice, cold shower; to wake himself up. Though the aftermath hit him after he got out of the shower.

    The young man stepped outside of his room, back into his origional clothing. He checked the Hall Clock. It was 8:08. Paul felt his stomach grumble, and headed down on the lift. Afterwards he headed for the bar.
  35. Smitty greeted her jubilantly as she entered the cool, dim interior. The bar was relatively empty, a few early risers eating their breakfast leisurely and their exact opposite, workers who had slept in and were eating as hurriedly as possible. She moved to the bar and took the stool she had last night, ordering coffee and a plate of pancakes.

    She watched the other bar-goers as she waited for her food, and was happy when he placed her coffee in front of her, remembering her love of sugar and cream well.
  36. Musa stiffled another yawn as he tried to keep himself awake walking down the streets of the city. He saw a moderatly normal looking bar and walked into it, though he was only 17, he didnt have much interest in drinking. The cold was doing well to wake him up, though he was never a morning person to begin with.

    He sat down and leaned his head against the counter, idly wondering what day it was and what time it was since he spontaneously decided to go out, like all his usual plans. He often found himself somewhere, usually in trouble, without even having a plan in mind as to why he had got there, and how to get away. Looking tiredly around him he sighed and shook his head.

    He heard someone, probably the bar tender ask him if he wanted something, he looked at the space infront of him, the back lined with cases of alcholes and wines, and he shook his head. "A glass of water would be fine thank you.." He said quietly. He knew he should order something more in the spirit of waking up, but thats never what first comes to his mind. He stretched cracking his back, a bad habit he had, stretching and cracking limbs.

    He could finally feel himself waking up. The glass of water was placed infront of him and he sipped at it. Other questions brewed through his head like, what he was going to do, and when he should go back home, and what else he wanted to see in this place. He decided on staying for another week and calling Kumo when he got back in, since he had forgotten to tell the other man he had left to see another City, though he should be used to that by now.
  37. Morlaina noticed the strange man from the other night enter, but she made no move to acknowledge him as her pancakes were placed before her. She smiled slightly and buttered them up, foregoing syrup in the wish of not getting sticky. She carefully observed the only other shady person beside herself in the bar as she slowly ate.
  38. Paul walked into the bar, browsing the room as he went. While doing so, he spotted a familiar face, it was the young woman from the night before. He moved around the different tables, and was soon speaking range. "Good Morning." he greeted. "Do you mind if I sit here?"
  39. She turned to him, glancing at the odd man as she did. "Go ahead, but keep your voice down. I'm observing someone. Don't want them to find out." She signalled Smitty so he could take his order.
  40. Sipping the water periodically, he smiled at nothing in particular. His long hair was proving to be quite frusatrating as it kept sliding over his shoulders and over his glass of water. He moved the glass further away from him to prevent it, though after almost knocking it over he proved that idea to be uneffective. Sighing he took out a hairtie from his pocket and tied the long blue locks up into a ponytail.

    He idly listened to the chattering around him, his eye twitched slightly at some conversations he wished he hadn't heard. He wanted to know what time it was, glancing at the clock, which he was never good at deciphering, it looked to be around 8:30. He shook his head, he shouldnt be getting up this early at all.

    Musa stretched his arms above his head and cracked the joints at the shoulders and elbows and sighed in relief. It always made him feel somewhat better when he loosened up his body. Brushing some of his bangs out of his eyes, he looked over at the exit of the bar watching as some people passed. He must have looked out of place with his odd hair color, yellow attire and black coat, that reached all the way down to his ankles. Looking back at the glass of water he mulled the idea over in his head of what he should be doing, he despratley wanted to call Kumo and tell him where he was, the urge was growing.

    He took out his cellphone from his pocket and dailed the number, waiting a moment he heard the worried voice on the other lined and he took a couple minuted explaining to his frantic companion that he had just left again. Kumo was like a big brother to him, but he acted more like a mom sometimes. The though made Musa laugh out loud, Kumo suspiciously asking him where he was. After a game of Q and A with his long-time friend he hung up the phone, feeling much more realived that was off his chest.

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