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The Hourglass

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lugiasian, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. OOC: Lol. I'm so lazy I ported this from Pokeschool.

    BIC: The crisp ocean breeze. The azure ocean that seems to go on forever. The crowded boardwalk filled with delicious smells. Seashell Shores was an extremely popular tourist spot, and it was even more popular in the summer, when all could head to the beach and relax.

    The boardwalk was crammed with people with shopping bags and stuffed animals, making their way from stand to stand. However, a crowd of people were surrounding a particular stand, staring and marveling in wonder at the woman working there. The 24-year-old woman had a blue blouse on, and a long, purple skirt. Although she looked young, her long hair was as grey and pale as dim moonlight. Her serious, moody eyes were dark green, like a deep forest. What made the woman extremely odd, though, were two extraordinary characteristics. She had a strange blue crystal attached to her forehead, and she wore a glowing hourglass as a charm on her golden necklace.

    Marina Kaleidos was writing 'Julia' in black ink, on a minuscule piece of rice, with a thin brush. The young girl stared in wonder as Marina painted a smiley face on the other side. When the woman was finished, she grabbed the rice with tiny tweezers, and showed Julia.

    "It's perfect!" Julia beamed, squinting to see her name in the rice. Marina pointed to some necklaces she had on display, and Julia immediately pointed to one with purple beads, and a glass butterfly bottle charm, filled with lavendar sand.

    Marina nodded, and rummaged through her plastic cases filled with beads, string, and other craft items, and finally opened a small transparent one. She pulled out an empty butterfly bottle charm, and grabbed a bottle filled with lavendar sand. Marina filled the bottle halfway, and dropped the piece of rice inside. She closed it with a special cap, and threaded a piece of blue string through the attached loop. Julia continued to gawk as the woman pushed a purple bead on either side of the string.

    Marina pointed to a mirror, and asked Julia to stand in front of it. Exploding with excitement, Julia dashed over to the mirror, where Marina tied the necklace around her neck.

    "I love it!" Julia squealed giddily, as she thanked Marina and slapped a 5-dollar bill on her outstretched palm. The woman smiled, and put the green Lincoln in her pocket. She returned to her desk, where she continued her ritual all day to feed the excited customers.

    When she finished the last necklace, Marina closed up shop, packed up her crafts, and headed for the beach. There, she sat down on the edge of the shore, looking out beyond the pitch-black ocean, and upwards at the night sky, dotted with shining specks. Marina stared at the full moon, which was unusually bright. She held her hourglass pendant, and continued to stare at the sky.
  2. Yoshimitsu

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    OOC- So let's see of we can direct it to somewhere else...

    BIC- Elliot struggled through the people blocking the broadwalk.
    "Excuse me... 'Scuse me.... EXCUSE ME!" Elliot yelled, finally partng a group of people. He strugled on, and found a stand.

    "Interesting..." Elliot said, looking at th stand. "You can paint on rice?" He said to Marina

    OOC- Tired....... Snore
  3. KyuuSetSuki

    KyuuSetSuki Guest

    IC- A ship came into a dock nearby the beach, 3 sailors from the dock had rushed to get the steps for the outgoing folk form the voyage, many had walked off and wandered around the stalls, Mattikus was the last to come off, Mattikus was a fairly tall male, ear legnth dark green hair and blood red eyes, wearing black jeans and a dark green shirt his most recognisable thing about him would be his red hat and long jacket combo, he flicked a few gold coins to one of the sailors and wandered down the edge of the beach rather than to head toward the crowd of people, he took off his shoes and socks and rolled up his trousers, placed his shoes into his pack and walked in the low tied, eventually he came up and sat at a huge rock on the beach, he took off his hat, place that in his bag and took out his socks, he put them on, place the pack how as a pillow, rested his head down and looked at the starts, then fell asleep.

    OOC - whey I'm part of a RP XP
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    An RP that died in 2004. Dead threads THIS old are NOT to be revived, as you surely would have known if you have read the rules.

    You have been warned.
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