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The horrible art of Musa

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Musashi, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Im not very good at drawing..at all really......So here goes..

    This is the Chibi form of my RP Character, Musa.


    This is him again..with a bird in a kimono..Im horrible with coloring ><


    Kumo and Musa, Kumo is Musa's friend


    I would post more but...I dont know how this site is, Blood-Graphic wise..^^''

    EDIT:: Im adding on two more..Just because I wanted to..Kk

    Musa and Kumo..Lol dont ask its a very complicated story behind this picture..its sort of an inside joke between me and Kumo..(Yes Kumo is real >
  2. You can draw a lot better than I can, that's for sure. -- _ -- ; And I love the manga style, by the way. It's rather fetching.
  3. Aww Thanks so much! My first comment! And its someone I know *Glomp*

    ^^'' Lol you get to RP with Musa, your fimilar with him XD I find that Ironic and amusing lol.
  4. I like your art style, Musa. The Musa character looks hot! ^_^ Wait, that's a guy!? 0_0;

    Whatever. He's still hot.
  5. Yes XD He is a guy..I know he's girly but he has to be because I'm girly >< Me and my friend wanted to have characters that acted and looked like us^^ I sorta look like that, just with black hair XD, we even have most of those outfits.

    Thanks so much for commenting! Yay another person who knows me from the RP XD So now you know what Musa looks like..Lol.
  6. I see. I'd draw a picture of myself, but I'm not attractive enough to make it look anywhere near as hot at that.

    I take it that's you in the photo in your sig with the Meowth?
  7. Yes XD That is me. I know I look very odd..but I..Well I guess I kind of AM very odd but..thanks anyway XD I'll make sure to put up more pictures of my drawings soon^^

    Though most of them are horribly bloody lol.
  8. I adore your chibi-ness of characters. Your pallet of art is great for your characters.
  9. Thanks so much!! (I think its funny how everyone from the RP is here XD)
    I like teh Chibi's to..Thats why I do them >>...

    Here is another I did of Kumo and Musa Chibi's. We thought it was funny because I made them Chibi's and Musa has an even Chibier Cloud Plushie Lol.

  10. Oh yeah, I did notice that he bears a striking resbelance to Cloud.

    Chibi to the max.
  11. :p Thats my Bestfriends (Kumo's) Favorite character. Notice Kumo MEANS Cloud In Japanese XD That open some more doors? Lol.
    Mine bears the Resemblance of my favorite character from Brave Fencer Musashiden. Its all just what we grew up with Lol.
  12. Your pretty good. Especially when it comes to Chibi, keep at it. If I could make a suggestion, you should improve the way cloth flows and folds in your works.
  13. Yeah I try X_X Lol

    Here is a Chibi Plushie Musa D=..Because Im obsessed with drawing him, and Chibis....


    Yess..thats my horrible hand writting in the corner D=...I usually sign my work but it looks so horrid that I just erase it though I was much to lazy this time =D.
  14. It's a really good start, you'll be good in no time. I'd have to say though, the very first one is the best drawn, chibi or not. I think this is simply because the lines are cleaner. The other pencil? arts, need a little work on anatomy. My best advice is to either get an actual anatomy book, not just 'How to Draw Anime/Manga' because they don't work for anything, or to look at other artist's work and see how they draw people.

    Hope I helped somehow D: But they're all really cute
  15. Damn, those are sexy. Good job!
  16. Thanks everyone ^0^ I would post more but ive been gone so long I'd need to figure out the buttons again

    I will post again && But thanks for all the nice comments and advice! Its very appreciated~

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