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Open The Hoenn Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by avae, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Welcome to a Hoenn Region Roleplay! Here, you will be RPing as a trainer who has just started their Pokémon Journey in the region of Hoenn. However, your character can be from a different region and have already started their Pokémon journey previously. I want to make this RP longer and enjoyable, so feel free to comment ideas in the Discussion Thread Here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-hoenn-region-discussion-thread.18311/
    Your Character will travel with other RP members through the Hoenn region catching Pokémon, participating in Gym Battles (contests are allowed too!), and eventually participating in the Hoenn Pokémon League! Your character is not forced to participate in any of these, and if you wish they can follow around the others, or do their own thing. Make sure to be respectful to other and follow the guidelines, and let's have a blast!

    ~ No Legendaries/Mythical Pokémon
    ~1 Shiny Per Team Limit
    ~Must Start out with 1-3 Pokémon, or be obtaining their first Pokémon
    ~No Overpowered Teams
    ~Other side characters are acceptable, however try to stick to mainly RPing as one character, so it doesn't get too confusing!
    ~Use the best grammar you can, and don't get on others about their grammar.
    ~Must be written in Third Person (No "I") and must be in past tense.
    ~Play Fair and Be Nice!
    ~Make responses at least a Paragraph(4-5 Sentences)
    ~Keep Pokémon Teams mainly Generation 1-3 Pokémon. However, any Pokémon are acceptable if they follow the guidelines above, and you obtain them from some other means. (I.E They came with you from another region.)
    ~If you break the rules more than 7 Times, you will be removed from the Roleplay. Sorry.
    ~No Double Posting.
    ~Cursing is prohibited!
    ~Have Fun!

    Character Sheet:

    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region:

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  2. Here's my Character Sheet:

    Name: Blaine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Black, Spiky hair dyed blue on the tips, a Red Shirt with a Pink Jacket around it. White jeans, and Pink Sneakers. A White Backpack to go with it.
    Personality: A high-spirited trainer who loves meeting new faces. He's especially fond of Pokémon, especially Dragon-Types. He's friendly to everyone who is friendly to him. Will help anyone in need, no matter who they are.
    Backstory: Just started his Pokémon Journey, and is setting out to challenge the Hoenn Gyms, and participate in the Hoenn League. His father is a very famous Dragon-Type Trainer by the name of, Drake (Who yes, is the Elite Four member). This is where his love for Dragon-Types derives from. His Sister is a Top-Coordinator, and his mother stays at home tending to the house and their family's Pokémon.
    His Goal in Hoenn: To meet new people and win the Hoenn League.


    Blaine awoke in his bedroom from his noisy alarm clock he received a week ago for this very day. He was beginning his Pokémon Journey! Many trainers awaited this day their entire life, and it was finally his turn to become a Pokémon Trainer. He raced downstairs, gave his mother a hug and said good morning, and rapidly ate his breakfast. "My, someone's in a hurry this morning." Blaine's Mother said jokingly. she knew he had been awaiting this day for so very long, and she was excited for him. He finished his breakfast and hurried back upstairs to get ready. He took a shower, combed his hair, and put on his casual attire. He raced out the door said goodbye to his mother and hurried down the old dirt paths of Littleroot Town. He found his way into Professor Birch's Laboratory hoping that he wasn't late as usual. Thankfully, he was the first of the trainers to arrive, and was able to choose his Starter Pokémon First. Professor Birch walked into the main room which held the 3 Pokeballs of the Starters to find Blaine patiently waiting for his arrival. "Good morning Blaine," Professor Birch said happily. "These are the three Pokémon you can choose as your starter here in Hoenn. Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip, Choose wisely!"

    Blaine walked up to the three Pokémon laid out before him. Each one had their own personality and backstpry, he had to find the one most like him. Treecko was a self-centered Pokémon, Blaine didn't relate to him at all. He was open to his feelings. Mudkip was hopping up and down rapidly full of energy. He was getting closer, but Mudkip was still way too wild for his likings. Then he came to Torchic. Torchic was smiling and sitting patiently waiting for his pick. Blaine knew who he was going to choose. He thanked Professor Birch and ran out of the Laboratory holding his knew friend in his arms. "Torchic, we're going to be great friends!" Blaine said happily.
  3. Name: Zacharie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He's a tall blonde kid, wearing a jacket and black shirt underneath. He wears a necklace with a medallion on it. His pants are baggy and ripped at the ends due to them being dragged against concrete and rocks.
    Personality: He's in your face blunt, telling you exactly how he sees it, but he knows when to bite his tongue. It's hard for him to lie and tends to be impulsive, thinking about now and not the future. He doesn't show it but he has fears of inferiority, constantly trying to prove himself to be 'better'
    Shuppet (M)
    Ability: Cursed Body
    Level: 5
    - Knock Off
    - Screech

    Ekans (M)
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Level: 5
    - Leer
    - Wrap
    - Poison Sting

    Backstory: He was born in Johto, and became a Pokémon trainer at the age of 10. He completed the pokedex of that region, and was excited to hear that their was more regions and new Pokémon! Before leaving his little brother gave him his medallion so he wouldn't miss home as much, and Zacharie treasures it.
    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region: To complete the pokedex

    Should I just jump in or do you have to approve of my form first? Sorry I'm new to this site ^^"
  4. Name: Noah
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Average height with jet black hair that has a strip of lime green going trough it wears a green jacket full of stains and a broke zipper has a necklace with a strange scroll on it. Wears a shirt with a picture of a battle tower from Sinnoh and has sweatpants.
    Personality: calm, tends to talk as little as possible but he opens up if you become his friend.
    Always has his nose in the Pokémon strategy book he has.
    Haunter (M)
    Level 11
    Scary face
    Backstory: he was born in Sinnoh where he looked up to Palmer the frontier brain of the Battle Tower.
    Goal in Hoenn: become the frontier brain of the battle tower
  5. (You can join in right away. Welcome to Pokecharms! Make sure to join the discussion Thread linked above if you haven't already!)


    Blaine leaned on a lamppost as he calculated the quickest route to the first Hoenn Gym. He assumed Route 1 would be a good place to start as it was the only way to go. He made his way down the dirt path, Torchic hopping closely behind him. Along the way he saw many incredible Pokemon that he had never seen before. Pokemon of all types living in peace and harmony, playing amongst themselves. As Blaine was trodding along, he heard a feint ruffle in the tall grass behind him. He knew only one thing to do, check it out. He peered into the grass beneath him. Sitting very still was a small Ralts. A Pokemon he really liked, he had to try and catch it.
    “Torchic, I’m going to need your help for this one!” Blaine explained. The Ralts also readied for battle. “Torchic, use Ember!” Torhic unleashed a feiry blast of fire which hit Ralts in the face. It was knocked backwards. Blaine told Torchic to follow up wih another Ember, which sent Ralts tumbling to the ground. Blaine then threw a Pokeball, he had recieved from Professor Birch, at the Ralts. One tick... Two ticks... Three ticks... Caught!

    Blaine and Torchic jumped in the air in celebration. He had just caught his first Pokemon! Blaine hurridy grabbed the Pokeball containing Ralts and tossed it in the air. Out came the Ralts what had been standing there just a moment ago. “Welcome to the team.” Blaine said cheerfully.
  6. Loud whistling started to come from where the lab. Zacharie was walking down the route, fiddling with his new pokedex. His Ekans was wrapped around his arm, also examining it. The blonde boy soon looked up, seeing the trainer. "Nice catch!" He commented, walking towards him before putting his hands on his hips. "I'm guessing you just got your starter Pokémon from the professor?" He fidgeted with a piece of paper, putting it in his back pocket. "Also, I'm not here to start a battle, just so ya know," he scratched the back of his head, he can't remember how many times people thought he was trying to battle when all he wanted to do was strike up a friendly conversation.
  7. The flight from sinnoh to Hoenn had been long and tiring, but if he wanted to get to the battle tower he had to get going. When he began walking towards route one he spotted two trainers talking to each other. He saw an Ekans on the first trainer and a Torchic on the other one. He walked past them towards route one, there was a long way ahead of him.
  8. He passed through route 1 and headed to Oldale Town when he was faced by a trainer.
    "When a trainers eyes meet they begin to battle so I challenge you to a battle." Said the kid
    The battle ended as quickly as it had began.

    He made his way to the Oldale town pokecenter and slumped down on a chair and sat there reading his strategy book. He was going to try to catch a linoone which he always thought was a cool Pokémon. He stayed in the pokecenter over night
  9. Name: Giro
    Gender: Make
    Age: 15
    Appearance/Personality: Giro has long, scarlet hair that falls at his shoulders, and silver eyes. He wears a read and black tracksuit. He seems to be mysterious at first, but tends to be predictable as you get to know him.
    Pokémon: Eevee, Totodile, Mareep
    Backstory: he originally grew up in the johto region, but wanted to start his journey from hoenn. His father gave him the eevee he has before he went off to train on mount silver, and the Totodile he has is from professor elm.
    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region: to collect all the badges, and continue onward with his journey of discovering new pokemon.

    Giro stepped out of the taxi he had purchased, and arrived in front of the oldale pokemon center. It was quite late, considering he had traveled all the way from slateport. He rented a bed in the center, and saw that other trainers were doing the same. He put down his belongings, and climbed into bed to wait until the next day.
  10. Name: Mavis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: A slim, but oddly tall boy, standing at 5'8 already. He has tanned, bronze skin and an expressive face, his lips usually curved in some way, and his brows and eyes always full of thought and emotion, expressing it well. His hair is considerably long, being near chin-length, a sliver under chin-length, and always hung up in a ponytail when in public. Strands of his hair cover his face, too. He has a dark, black tint of hair, and it's a bit curly too. Mavis often wears dark, navy blue T-Shirts, and dark gray boxers. When he set out, he was wearing a striped T-Shirt, striped navy blue and a light, fair pastel blue, and loose, baggy shorts, that were white, with blue edges.
    Personality: Mavis is a plucky young boy, and innocent enough, being dumb street-wise, but smart when it comes to book-wise. He doesn't have many friends and is fairly awkward socially, but bonds closely with his Pokémon. He has no personal favorite and doesn't particularly have an interest in becoming the Champion- he's determined in other ways.
    Species: Litten
    Name: Cece
    Gender: ♀ (Female.)
    Ability: Intimidate
    Appearance: A cat-like Pokémon with large, yellow eyes and beautiful black fur, and ivory ear-tips, as well as an orange set of "cuffs" on her paws. The orange is seen again on her face, with an orange under "mask", and orange "whiskers", which are thick tufts of fur. An orange symbol, a line with two running across it, one shorter (the one on top, by a small amount), placed right above her eyes. In short: she's a normal looking Litten.
    Nature & Characteristic: Impish (+Def. -Sp. Atk) & "Likes to thrash about." (Potential IVs for Attack stat, her highest stat, are: 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, and 31.)
    Movepool: Ember - Scratch - Growl - Lick
    Level: 10.
    Short Description: Cece was given to him in Alola; his hometown. As her nature suggests, she's devil-like and eager to battle. Cece is very close to Mavis and would do anything for him. They bonded even closer ever since the two left Alola.

    Species: Feebas
    Name: Fizzy
    Gender: ♂ (Male.)
    Ability: Oblivious
    Appearance: A pathetic fish 'mon, small and scrawny. A beige skin, dark spots that seem like pores, navy-blue fins and a tail, large eyes and pink "lips". A normal looking Feebas. It's very calm, not caring when it's attacked until Mavis has to yell "Dodge it!" (the thing usually flops around and gets hit, anyways.) or "Use Brine!" the only move worth his time.

    Nature & Characteristic: Calm (+Sp. Def -Atk.) and "Capable of taking hits." (Potential IVs for Defense, his highest stat, are: 1, 6, 11, 21, 26, and 31.)
    Movepool: Splash. Brine (an egg move).
    Level: 5
    Short Description: An egg was given to Mavis when he was young; he guarded it with his life. Soon, it hatched, into a pathetic looking fish-Pokémon that became his pet in Hoenn. He had decided to take it with him on his adventure, and isn't aware of its evolution, but hopes it'll be beautiful and worth his wait.

    Backstory: He grew up in Iki Town, always fond of the Kahuna; but hearing about what was going on in the other islands. When hearing of Lady Lusamine and her Aether Foundation, he has greatly inspired: a home for Pokémon! At eleven, he started the Island Challenge but moving before he could complete them. He knows he probably won't visit the Foundation, but hopes to create his own sanctuary, once he's faced what Hoenn has to offer. His parents moved there shortly after his 11th birthday thanks to business.
    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region: He wants to meet new Pokémon and people- but he mainly wants to bond with the Pokémon he has, and grow up to establish a safe-place for Pokémon in Hoenn- like the Aether Foundation from his native home, Alola.

    [[In Character]]
    Mavis nudged his head out of OldaleTown, Fizzy tucked away in a Pokéball; while Cece stood by his legs, her black fur blending quite well with the night that had fallen. He realized quickly that he wasn't the only one who'd come out here, but he, and a few others were unlucky enough to arrive at night. Still- there was a faint breeze, wisping through the town silently, bringing the aroma of the flowers and the deep, verdant forests into the air, wafting about. He turned back to the Pokémon center as Cece gave a mew of boredom, and quickly slipped inside to spend the night in the tiny little town. Cece reluctantly went back into her Pokéball soon after, too.
  11. OOC: random please leave if you’re going to be like this, we don’t rp like that in the pokecharms community. If you keep up this behavior I will call an admin to this thread.

    BIC: Giro awoke, seemingly before the other trainers in the pokemon center, and walked outside. He grabbed his pokemon to do some training on route 102. His mareep had taken down a nearby bug catchers team, and his Totodile took a break and played with the corphish on the beach when they finished training. Giro took eevee out and collected berries, and made his team desserts for their hard work. He went back to oldale to stock up on potions and other items, as well as heal his pokemon at the pokemon center. He took a break in the center’s lobby, and checked his pokegear for a bit.
  12. When Noah woke up he stayed in his room for a while and read up on the Hoenn region Pokémon.
    He exited the room and saw a trainer with long red hair in the lobby he debated whether or not to challenge him to a battle and decide he would because he needed the exp.
    "You over there with the long hair I challenge you to a battle."
  13. Giro turned his head to see who was challenging him, and it was a rookie like himself. he beckoned the trainer to follow him outside to route 102. when they got there Giro grabbed his first pokeball and threw it out, revealing mareep to be inside. he smirked at his opponent, waiting to see what pokemon they would send out.
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  14. Mareep easy "Haunter go now use shadow claw."
  15. [[OOC: @Not Gyro Zeppeli I'm not sure if you were talking to me, but I wasn't breaking any Pokécharms rules there if I'm right. If I was, could you specify so I could fix it? :) ]]

    Mavis tipped out of the Pokémon Center, taking in the morning dew that settled onto the leaves of the trees shrouded, and the grasses below his feet. Cece was standing by him, and, Mavis still kept Fizzy comfortably tight in his capsule of a home. He would turn his head around for a few moments, before skidding into the store; taking note of the noticeably blue roof. He walked out with a few potions and spotted the battle right by Route 102. If they're battling, will they notice me? he was worried Fizzy would get hurt, and wanted to run past them to be cautious. Cece could handle the Lasses and Bug Catchers, and the Youngsters on the next route, anyways.
    So, he tried to dash past the two battlers and into the next route, connecting Oldale Town to Petalburg.

  16. [[@dooto no their was a new guy in the thread he was talking to, he deleted his stuff tho so we're good]]
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  17. Giro watched as the haunter rushed in on mareep, and saw mareep jump back. he waved his hand, and mareep followed by releasing a thunder wave out into the area around haunter.
  18. The mareep dodged his attack and sent out a thunder wave which left haunter paralyzed He the lad haunter to rush him again with shadow claw then told haunter if he missed to use hypnosis.
  19. Marvin had made the trail a brisk walk, collecting dirt onto his shoes roughly and tracking past unnoticing trainers with Cece. He tiptoed over the grass, the leaves did not even rustle, and barely a sound was made, as though the grasses, the tips of green and their light blades, were commanded to hush. He'd scarcely been through another patch of grass when a trainer did spot him, luckily- a bug-catcher.
    The fight was over quickly, as Cece spat out an Ember, turning the Weedle to charcoal, and sending it back to its ball. Simple task, really, but Marvin was unnerved all the same- maybe he could make use of Fizzy by watching the two other rookie trainers battle- he overheard the Mareep and Haunter in combat.
  20. Giro’s mareep took the blunt of the attack, and it did significant damage. Mareep used thunderbolt while haunter was still above it, which caused the ghost type pokemon to take heavy damage as well. Are exp bounced back, and prepared for its next move.
  21. Haunter had nailed the mareep but it used thunderbolt which took away most of Haunters health. He planned his next attack and decided to use curse than scary face and finish off with a shadow claw.
  22. While haunter was settick up its strategy, mareep saw its opportunity when it used scary face. It shot a thunder shock forward, with aims of defeating haunter.
  23. Name: Dylan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Despite her boyish name, she is fairly pretty. She has short black hair with silver streaks, pale colored skin, with an athletic build, she stands at about 5'9, her eyes are an odd grayish blue, and she has a small scar above her right eye.
    Personality: Dylan is a reserved person at first, but if you get to know her she is quite funny and kind, even though she may be a bit hot headed, she is always there for her friends.
    Pokémon: Houndour (Rouge) Aron (Titanium, Titan for short)

    Backstory: Dylan was born in Johto, but moved to Hoenn when she was about 3. On her 10th birthday she received houndour from her parents as a gift, and later caught an Aron.
    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region: To make a name for herself by defeating the Elite 4.

    (In Character)
    Dylan leaned on a tree as she watched the two trainers battle, taking up strategy and technique as the battle came to a close, 'Interesting' She thought to herself. She jumped a little as her dog Pokemon came out of it's ball, "Hello, Rouge." She told her Pokemon happily as she picked her up. "Have a nice sleep, did you?" She asked, earning a nod from the dark type.
  24. Name: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance/Personality: Likes to take risks, brave and curious, a bit shy, speaks with a slavic accent. Interested in aviation and Japanese culture.
    Pokémon: Haunter
    Backstory: Alex (also called Tachanka by his friends) has been travelling with his uncle Dominic in their old Laika 601 car around many Pokémon regions since the age of 10. His uncle is a scientist and Alex helps him with researches. He doesn't have many friends because of the nomad lifestyle, but he always meet new people in each region.
    Their Goal in the Hoenn Region: To study the entire Hoenn region.

    Alex has finally arrived to Hoenn with his uncle. They had to live in a small house near Oldale City.
    -Another beautiful day, isn't it? - said Alex's uncle Dominic
    -This region will probably be as boring as the previous one - said Alex
    -Hey, don't be so negative! I bet you'll find amazing friends here. This is the Hoenn Region! - Dominic replied
    -Uh, whatever - Alex said. Then he got out of his house and went to the city.
    -Let's go Haunter, maybe we'll find some trainers. - Alex said.
  25. The mareep used thunder wave while haunter was preparing and it nailed him making haunter faint. He had lost the battle but it had been fun he walked over to the trainer and told him it was a good battle.

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