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Ask to Join The Hobbit/ The LotR RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by OmegaNave, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Here you can discuss the RP out of character! Ask to join here!
  2. Characters (AGAIN):

    Name: Karal
    Species: Human
    Likes: Swords, steak, friends
    Dislikes: Broccoli, dragons, orcs
    Other info: Can live as long as an elf, thanks to a spell placed on him by Radagast (see backstory)
    Backstory: When he was merely a lad of one year, enemies of his family laid siege to the cottage where his family was staying. His father was killed, sacrificing himself to buy time for Karal's mother to take the child out the back door. However, his mother was hit with a poison arrow, killing her as soon as she was able to hide Karal in a safe place. A few days later, Radagast found the baby and took him in. Radagast raised Karal alongside Thia, and the two grew up like siblings. Radagast also helped to train Karal in the ways of the sword and the hand-axe. Radagast also placed a spell on him that allows him to live as long as an elf. When he was fifteen, Radagast sent him and Thia away for a day, but when they returned their cottage had been destroyed. Investigating, the two found a note left by Radagast, and Karal discovered his father's sword. Wielding the blade that was his birthright, he and Thia are now a pair of traveling adventurers.
    Friends: Thia, Radagast (foster father)

    Name: Thia
    Species: Elf
    Likes: Trees, lakes, friends
    Dislikes: Cages, prisons
    Backstory: When Thia's mother married a half-elf, her grandfather took the baby overnight and set it adrift on the lake. This baby was soon found by Radagast, who took the baby in as his second foster child. The wizard raised her alongside Karal, and tought her how to use a spear and a bow. Radagast also taught her how to use minor nature magic. When she was fifteen, Radagast sent her and Karal away on a trip, but when they returned they found their cabin destroyed. Investigating, the two found a note left by Radagast, and Thia discovered her father's bow. An outcast reformed with greater potential, she and Karal are now a pair of traveling adventurers.
    Friends: Karal, Radagast (foster father)

    Karal and Thia have been on many exploits, but their best adventure was when they killed a dragon.
    No one knows who Thia's parents are except for Radagast, but he's not telling.
    Karal hates Orcs because it was Orcs who killed his parents.

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