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The Heart of the Cards (Actually Pokemon in SPACE)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kalseng, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Space, the final frontier. In Hoenn and Sinnoh both, the Battle Frontier was claimed to be the last frontier of any trainer. However, this space station claimed to be the true final battling frontier. It was that, along with the invitation Cole had received, that had piqued his interest. The swooping, bright white font on the dark background was still etched into his mind. As he rested his head against the back of his cushioned chair, the words sprawled out in his mind.

    Cole Taylors,
    We, at Mossdeep's space research facility, are hereby extending a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to yourself at no cost. We have heard of your excellent performance at many well-renowned tournaments and contests world-wide, and have decided to invite you to our colonized space station located on the moon. You may have heard of it from the news and other such sources, but have not been invited. You may accept or decline by sending the enclosed envelope with your reply.
    Thank you,
    Roger Fallharty

    Cole's cool blue eyes slowly widened, and he sighed contently. He raised himself up, looking around the other rows of cushioned, black chairs. Everyone there was dressed in adventuring clothes, as they had been instructed to by a follow-up letter. Cole was wearing his usual clothing for adventures. A pair of baggy, dark brown cargo pants, a lighter brown T-shirt beneath that, and a long-sleeved, green jacket. The elbows were black, and the limp collar folded neatly over either side of his neck. The thing had been washed one too many times, but he didn't particularly care. It was still a bright shade of green. his dirty blond hair hadn't seen the business end of a comb in a while, but he didn't particularly care. His skin had been tanned by adventuring, and gave him a healthy look, complimented by the thinner, yet toned build that he had acquired through five years of adventuring. A teal messenger bag was sitting on his lap, the strap hung over his neck.

    There were four rows of posh black chairs, with at least fifteen chairs in each row. Seated next to him was a girl, accompanied by her male friend. On the other side of him, a boy who was sitting without any companion to go with him. His head, however, was turned the other way. Cole was a little less concerned about them, and more concerned about the large monitor that the chairs were turned to face. The room they were in was a large, circular room, but only in the sense that the ceiling itself was arched in such a way. Any person, based on this description, would consider it a very normal room. That is, if one were to exclude the detail that the room faced vertically, as opposed to horizontally. The room they were in was actually the traveler's compartment of the Mossdeep space shuttle leading towards the moon.

    The large TV in front of them, rather, directly above them, flickered to life. A dark-haired man in a sharp suit was sitting at a table, smiling brightly.

    "If you are viewing this, pat yourself on the back," He started, laughing a little after those words. "You are part of the Mossdeep space station departure." Cole began to clap, followed quickly by the other sitters. Once it quieted down, the man continued to speak. "Your travel time should be roughly two hours. The technology used in these rockets makes the trip incredibly fast. This will be the fastest recorded flight to the moon, and should be an incredible breakthrough on all fronts. Congratulations, and have a nice flight." As the monitor turned off, a voice buzzed in over the intercom system.

    "This is your captain speaking. The launch should begin in ten seconds." a click followed this, and the voice vanished.

    A voice started to count down the numbers, and Cole looked to his left to see the face of the traveler on his left.

    "Aiden?" Cole started. "Aiden, is that you?" A second look confirmed it. "How ya been, buddy? Haven't seen you in a while, eh?" The rockets on the ship suddenly flared up, and the entire ship suddenly slammed forward, pressing bodies tightly against seats. The captain's voice buzzed in again.

    "The thrusters have been activated, and the room has been air-filled, so you should have plenty of breathing room. We are sorry for the speed, but your bodies should adjust momentarily." As Cole's body adjusted, he shook his head. "We are opening the windows surrounding the room to allow you a pleasant view of the skyline as we pass through it." The dome walls around them suddenly began to part, a sliver of crystalline blue shining through a slot between the parted metal. It began to widen, until the walls had fully retracted downwards, and the entire circular room encasing the lot of them had been opened up, revealing a blue sky that slowly, but surely, began to pass beneath them. Until, soon, they had exited the sky all together, and entered the star-dotted black-abyss of space. Space. It made Cole feel so small.

    The captain's voice buzzed in again annoyingly. "The walls around are specially constructed glass designed to keep your warm, air-filled, fleshy bodies out of the cold, airless vacuum of space. Be thankful for the glass, people." It buzzed out, and a few people laughed. Roughly two hours was a long time, but it had quite a view.

    OOC: Okay. So basically what happened up there should be self-explanatory. Your character got a letter at some point inviting them to come up to the space station Mossdeep's space facility set up on the mooooon.


    Yeah. Anyway, this post is rather fail, because I didn't have a lot in mind for the shuttle. I hate to admit it, but I've got so many more ideas in regards to the space station itself. And now, I'm going to tease you with some interesting things about in list-form. Your characters don't know about it yet!

    • Free room and board.
    • Zero-gravity.
    • A pokemon arena.

    ...That list rather sucked.


    Anyway, to get into this PRP, you're gonna have to send me a PM requesting to join. I'm most likely going to let you in, but I want a filtering system so we don't end up with my usual LOLMILLION PEOPLE.

    SO, this is a list of the people that have been accepted/invited.

    • Belle
    • Cody
    • ChibiFox
    • Virgil
    • Chadwyck
    • -1st inline for dropouts- Tobias

    Better list!

    No spots on the active list left, but if you want to PM me for a spot on the waiting list, YOU CAN! :DDDDD

    Anyway, enjoy the PRP and have fun. :3
  2. "This is going to be soooo much fun!" Chibi crowed, rubbing her hands together excitedly. It was rather good she had a seatbelt on, or she would have bounced out her seat by now. She knew going to every tournament she heard about would turn out some good eventually! But nothing as grand as taking a trip to space......Space. No matter how many times Chibi said it, it never got any less cooler.

    A discontent grumble came from the depths of her vest. Vyala, no doubt. Chibi had managed to sneak her pokemon past everyone and now Vyala was sitting on her chest, it felt rather weird because Chibi was sitting horizontally. Not to mention it felt like her eyes were sinking into her head, which was annoying as hell. It felt like her whole face was sinking into her skull, the sensation too weird to be tolerable.

    In the row in front of Chibi, a man in his mid-twenties sat like a stone. He dressed in a plain, buttoned up white long-sleeved shirt and a pair of worn out pants. His hair was black and fell into his eyes, which were oddly shut and had a pair of rectangular glasses over them. Next to him was a Gardevoir, whom had taken up a seat of a Trainer who had declined the offer of a space shuttle ride to the moon. The Psychic pokemon kept glancing from the window to her Trainer, as if checking on him. She seemed slightly worried for his safety.

    As if sensing his pokemon's feelings, the man smiled. "Relax Tsubaki," he said, patting the Gardevoir's hand reassuringly. "I'm fine."

    Tsubaki's crimson eyes shone with worry, like a mother for a child. :Are you sure Keitaro?: She asked, her mindvoice also worried.

    "Perfectly," Keitaro answered, patting her shoulder this time. "Just sit back and enjoy the ride, I'm perfectly fine." Even though Tsubaki did not look wholly convinced, she turned to the window anyway.

    Suddenly the TV screen in the front of the shuttle flickered on, silencing the passengers. Chibi wasn't really listening to the man's message, even though Keitaro did. Despite the countdown, the forcing of the shuttle's thrusters kicking on surprised the Trainers, Keitaro's breath left him in a whoosh and Chibi yelled as Vyala was smashed against her chest, yelping pitifully. Now it felt like her brains were trying to break through her skull. There was loud rumbling, and odd sensation that they were lifting off, which they probably were. Chibi gasped along with others as the roof and windows began sliding away to reveal the sky around them.

    The blue was endless, it seemed like they would be flying in it forever. Eventually it began darkening it an almost purple-blue shade, then white dots popped up as the color darkened. Soon, the blue was replaced with black, dotted with millions and millions of shining stars.

    :Ooh Keitaro!: Tsubaki squealed, clapping her hands in excitement. :You should see this! It's so pretty!:

    "...I can't Tsubaki..." Keitaro whispered, the faintest sadness creeping into his tone.

    Tsubaki paused for a moment, then her eyes widened. :Oh Keitaro I'm so sorry! I forgot! Please, don't be mad or anything! I didn't mean it that way--:

    "Of course you didn't," Keitaro said gently, turning his sightless eyes on her. He gently reached out and stroked her face as if he could see her. "It just slipped out. Most people forget too."

    Tsubaki nodded and hung her head, looking miserable. In the row behind them, Chibi had no words for once. She just sat there, looking utterly amazed. Vyala wiggled in her vest, and Chibi pulled the Vulpix out. Their speed had decreased enough so they were almost drifting. Somehow, the Fox pokemon looked a little green.

    "Ugh, I never thought I'd see the Soul Realm while still alive." The Fire pokemon commented, cuddling closer to Chibi.

    Chibi raised her eyebrows questioningly. "The Soul Realm?" She repeated.

    Vyala nodded. "Yes, the stars. they're all souls of dead pokemon, and because souls are so pure and bright their shine can be seen from Earth."

    Chibi nodded in apparent agreement. She knew pokemon had their own view on how the world worked, and it was not her place to disprove them or look down upon them. Ina way, it was an almost nice description. By now she was floating off the seat, and she quickly unbuckled her seatbelt, leaving Vyala to bark in alarm as she started floating. "Woohoo!" Chibi shouted, kicking off her seat and doing a backflip. This almost immediately resulted in her crashing into the row behind her, which had a boy dressed in green, and man and a girl, and another guy. "Sorry," she said before getting some height, almost touching the ceiling. All around her she could see others doing thesame as her, and the sight of Vyala trying to dog paddle her way to her Trainer sent Chibi into explosive giggles.

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