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Ask to Join the haunted house game

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Dec 24, 2016.

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    David checked everything one more time. He made sure that everything was perfect. two bowels of chips. One with Potato chips and the other with Cheetos in it. laid on the table right in front of a forty five inch plasma. He ordered a couple of pizzas earlier.
    He wanted this little get together to go by without a hitch. This was about the only time his parents would be gone for a few days. So he wanted his five close friends to have a good time.
    He heard a knock on the door. "Coming." He said.
    He grabbed the door knob and opened it wondering who might be the first of his friends to show up.
  2. Rosa stretched and waved at David when he opened the door. She pulled on her sleeves and made sure she was presentable, "hey! So what game are we playing again? Also I'm I the first one here"?
  3. " A game I found in the attic." David said. " I thought it would be interesting and that the six of us might make a night out of it." He moved away from the door allowing Rosa to enter. " Chips are on the table. And the Pizza should be here in thirty minutes or less." He said. " So Rosa how's your week been?" He asked trying to make conversation with her while they waited for the other four.
  4. "Not bad. My boss was being a royal pain," rosa smoked and plopped down onto the couch. She stretched and smiled happily at the guy.
    She munched on some chips, "what about you"?
  5. " You know. Trying to keep my grades in the mid B's." He said as he sat down beside her. " As for my job my boss has been relentless as of late."
  6. Kathleen opened the door to find david and rosa already inside. "Whats going on?" She said casually as she headed inside. Kathleen put her hands in her poket as she shut the door behind her. She tossed her self on the couch.
  7. " Hey Kathleen." He said. "Have some chips." He started to tap his foot as he waited for Damian and the other two to show up. "So Kathleen how's your week been." He asked.
  8. Damian ran up to the door right after Kathleen closed it. "Come on, she could've atleast waited for me!" he stated as he opened the door. "I'm suprised you two weren't already in the bedroom." Damian told David and Rose as he noticed that Rose had already been there.
  9. Rosa waved and smiled at the other girl. She grabbed the pillow and threw it at Damian, "that's disgusting. Yeah not happening".
    She grinned at everyone and stretched, kicking her feet to rest on Kathleen.
  10. Kathleen let out a laugh before she replied. "Well, my week was exciting, I guess." Kathleen said as she grabed a chip, "I tryed working again, but the house had a camera. Luckly I dipped out before I was caught." She tossed a chip in her mouth.
  11. " Come sit down Jackass." David said jokingly to Damian. " We should wait for the other two to get here. In the mean time we have chips and the pizza is coming."
  12. Damian chuckled a bit as he caught the pillow. "I was just joking." He said as he took a seat on the couch. "This is a pretty big couch you got here David." Damian said as he picked up a chip and took a bite out of it.
  13. Rosa rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Kathleen, winking, "when are you going to give that job up and get a real one anyway? Arnt you worried about getting caught"?
    She looked at damion and smiled, "oh for a moment there I thought you were worried that I was going to take David away from you, wouldn't want to break that tension".
  14. " Be nice." David said to both of them. He knew Danny would be here at any moment. That just left the other person. He rested his head against the top of the couch.
  15. "Well it is fun to do. Plus it has its perks." Kathleen replied, "and it is a real job. I get paid so it is a real job." Kathleen looked over to david. "Anyway, where are the other 2. Dont tell me they are lat again. It always seem to happen." She said.
  16. Damian laughed at David's comment. "Be nice?! We're not some 10 year olds you know." Damian stated. "Unless I hurt your feelings, did I Rose?" He asked with a slight grin on his face.
  17. "You hurt me, ha! Yeah no," she rolled her eyes and but into another chip. She looked around and grabbed a drink. She looked at David and raised an eyebrow, "go back to your earlier statement, you found it in the attic"?
  18. "Is it a body!" Kathleen said excitedly as she sat up looking at david. Throwing roses legs off her. "That would be so cool!" She said, "we could be like detectives! And find out who killed him, or her. Like in detective movies!"
  19. "It's probably that thing that David told us about last year. Remember he was saying he was hearing noises in his attic, that's probably what it is." Damion said looking at the table with the chips. "Hey, where's the soda?" Damian asked.
  20. " The fridge." He said.
    " Yeah." He said. " I found this game in the attic." He said. He stood up and walked to the table. He showed them the board game. " I think my parents might have bought it some time ago and never used it." He said looking at the group. " So do you guys want to play when the others show up?"
  21. "I'm in," rosa grinned and sat on the floor. She took a sip out of her drink and smiled over the top, "it's sounds fun. Haven't played a board game in a while".
    She checked her phone and texted someone, "why are siblings such idiots. My brother is bringing a pig home for a pet".
  22. "Ha, if they show up!" Damion stated as he went to the fridge. He saw a few bottles of beer next to the bottles of soda and contemplated which he should take. "You didn't tell me you had beer." He told David as took out a bottle of Sprite, opened it, and poured some in a plastic cup. "So, how do you play?" Damian asked as he sat back down.
  23. "My dad would never let us keep a pig. You know him, he would most likely serve it to us the next day." Kathleen replied as she looked at the game,"well I guess I am in too." She begain to look at the game. "Why would your parents even buy a bord game?" Kathleen replied.
  24. " Well that's because it isn't mine." David said. " And we're underage."
    David opened the box. a slight chill went down his spine. " anyone else feel that?" He asked. He took out the board. It had roughly a hundred and twenty four spaces on it. It looked like it started in a graveyard and made it's way to the front door. There seemed to be red blue and white spaces.
    "Okay." David said "Aparently we go from here." He said pointing at what looked like the start position at the end of the grave yard. " To here." He said pointing at the front door of the mansion. " There are three types of spaces. The free spaces," He pointed to the white ones, The chance spaces. could be good could be bad." He pointed at the blue space. " And finally the Red ones. Aparently these are danger spaces. ghouls monsters and creatures of the night shall attack thee." He said reading from the directions.
    He then looked at Kathleen. " My parents like games." He said. " It helps them think and keep a sharp mind."
  25. "Sure," rosa rolled her eyes and looked at the directions over her shoulder. Her interest peaked at the sound of ghouls and monster, her supernatural geek side coming out to play. She pointed at the bottem of the page, "they even put runes there, like pagan ones. My aunt claims that they have weird magical abilities but she believes that she's a witch soooo".
  26. "I chuch you all to land on the red spaces!" Kathleen said pointing to all of them, smirking, "oh well ruins like that means that the game is better then imagined!" Thats what the girl thought anyway. The more detailed the game the better it would be.
  27. "Heh, this should be a piece of cake. Especially if there's so few of us playing, I'll be able to win!" Damian exclaimed starting to get excited as he felt his competitive side take over. "That pizza can't get here fast enough!" He stated knowing that the pizza will give him the power to win.
  28. Rosa laughed at Damian and rolled her eyes. She shook her head and looked at Kathleen, "I know right. I could probably try and read them. My mom got some of the superstitions, we put salt around the house to make sure faeries and other creatures don't get in".
    She sipped her drink and sighed, chips only doing so much.
  29. Kathleen pulled out her phone as she looked at the markings. "Well if read them is what you want then google is the way to go!" She replied as she took a picture of the pictures and sent them to rick. He was a go-to person if Kathleen ever needed something translated or just looked up. Soon her phone buzzed with a replied. 'I am not looking up some fucking ruins of a board game!' He replied. "Useless" she muttered under her breath.
  30. "Scaredy cat. I got this," she snapped a pic of the runes and texted her aunt about them. She sent her a rune dictionary and said she wasn't translating them but they could, "got it"!
  31. "I think you're all taking this game too seriously." Damian stated as he laid back into the couch. "It's just another board game with a neat design. It's not like some ghost is going to come out of the board or something." He told the others as he turned on his phone. "Tell me when you guys are going to start the game. I'll just be on my phone while we wait for the others to show up."
  32. David started to tap his foot against the floor. He wondered how much longer it'll take Danny and the other person to get here. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. " Does anyone have any preferences as to what to watch while we wait for the others." He asked.
  33. "Horror movie! Get us in the mood for a horror based game. Perfect logic," Rosa nodded and laughed, looking through the run dictionary on her phone and writing down their translations down.
  34. "Horror it is." David said. He skimmed threw the channels until he saw that Scream was airing. He left it there. He stretched out his arms and put one of them on Rosa's shoulder. He quickly realized he did that and retracted his arm.
  35. Ashley knocked on the door, carrying a large tray of brownies she had made. She looked at her watch. Why am I always so frickin late? She thought. Her babysitting job had wound up taking longer than she had planned. So she had waited, then went home and grabbed the brownies, which had been sitting in the oven so they didn't cool too much, and headed here.
  36. Rosa lept up and rushed to the door. She threw it open, seeing Ashly and the brownies. She smiled at the other girl and motioned for her to get in, "now we just need the final person to show up! We are watching a horror movie to wait"!
  37. David turned around and saw Ashley enter the house. "Hey Ash." He said. He then turned back to the TV watching as ghost face kills of Drew Barrymores character.
  38. "Hey!" Kathleen called as she looked over to ashley, "have you seen danny (@HydreigonBorn37) by chance? He is also late." She said as she went over and took the brownies. "Dang not cool yet." She muttered as she felt the heat still residing with the pan, "oh well we can eat them durring the game, ash."
  39. Damian had been texting his friends about how lame the game night had been so far. "Danny still hasn't shown up yet!" He texted into the group chat. "What do you expect from Danny?! He's always late!" A friend in the group chat said. Another post in the group chat had some choice words which Damian laughed at. He looked at the others who were still watching the movie. " I don't think Danny is coming. Did you invite anyone else?" Damian asked David.
  40. Rosa read the conversation over Damian's shoulder and frowned, smacking him over the top of the head, "it wouldn't be boring if you looked up from your phone for one moment! Did you not notice the brownies or our friend that showed up"!

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