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The Halloween RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Doctor Oak, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    OOC: For a bit of Holiday fun, here's a Halloween RP to keep us in the spirit.


    The wide, sprawling offices of Pokecharms Dot Com lay empty and dark. Cobwebs swam across the top of the walls, strange orange lights burned in the corners and there was a disturbing sense of evil in the main lobby.

    The evil stepped forward into the light slipping from burning pumpkins nearby, shadows washing over his face as he stared into a completely annihilated fourth wall. A long black coat flowed around him like a vampire's cape and his long blond hair was tainted with dripping blood red tips.

    "Good evening my little buggers." Came an evil Irish voice from the evil Irish man, hands clasped together to compliment an evil Irish grin.

    "As the eve of evil approaches, here at Pokecharms we bring to you a Halloween story of mythic proportions. An tale so mind-destroyingly evil you wont be able to sleep for weeks."

    Lightning smashed open in the sky, throwing it's light behind the evil Doctor and casting an evil Irish shadow over his evil Irish face.

    "Like all good tales, it begins with a girl. But this is no ordinary girl..."

    The 'camera' spanned over to the Doctor's left, revealing a portrait behind him of a brunette sitting with a green-capped Raichu on her lap.

    "She would not be alone in her tale of woe and horror... but it would be central to everyone's lives whether she lived or died."

    Suddenly, another lightning strike clashed against the window and as the light faded the portrait was left changed. In it's place the girl and her Raichu were nothing more than bleeding corpses - faces frozen in complete terror from an unseen cause.

    "And whether she lived or died would hang in the balance until the night of All Hallows Eve itself. The true result only being revealed after she, and her companions, had discovered the true nature of horror...."

    Back in full view again, The Doctor grined further into an empty audience.

    "Her story begins safe enough right here in these very offices as she continues her daily duties...."

    OOC: We post as 'ourselves' but there can be a fair degree of fantasy to it.

    Add your own horror and damn well make it scary but I'll steer the plot in my direction every so often (And killing someone from time to time). Culminating in deciding whether Katie lives or dies on Monday night. (And if she dies, everyone who managed to survive my fiddling with the plot does too). You're going to need to be damn active with this in the next two days, so please make the effort to make a few posts every couple of hours at least.

    I would have started this earlier but, you know, I wasn't here. ^^
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    That night, was a full moon.

    Well, maybe not specifically at PokeCharms, but it has to be a full moon SOMEWHERE in the world. And even if it wasn't, at the Forest of Stars, that far-away unknown retreat of the mysterious being known as StellarWind Elsydeon, there are three moons. So one of them just had to be full.

    Something, however, wasn't right.

    A figure was dashing through the forest, its legs human, but its feet strange draconic paws. A twisted figure, neither human nor animal. A human face, its eyes glowing blue, sharp fangs glittering in the moonlight. A crystal in its forehead emmanating light. Its hair - Not long and not short, was giving the impression of having started to grow out incredibly fast, but then stopped.

    One of its arms was human. The other was strange - four crystals located a bit underneath the shoulder, a large oval one surrounded by a triangle of three smaller round ones. The palm of the hand has been growing golden fur and sprouting its own crystal formations, and where five fingers should have been, there were three, tipped with long, sharp claws.

    But that wasn't all that was strange about the figure. It had a tail - a long, draconic tail, tipped with a fringe of fox-tail like fur, a green crest running atop it. And all over its body, strange markings were forming.

    It ran, caring not what was in its way. He was caught in mid-transformation by some stupid plot device, and he was not going to stand for it.

    "CURSE THOSE HALLOWEEN SPECIALS!" he howled with anger, skidding to a halt at a large obelisk of dark stone, twisting, faintly glowing blue markings swirling up it. "And we don't even celebrate the damn thing over here."

    Placing his altered clawed hand on a central rune, the markings suddenly blazed to life. Lines of azure glow spread out in concentric circles, and with a glow of alternate dimension teleporting, he was no more.


    The door to the offices of PokeCharms burst open and the creature that was once StellarWind Elsydeon turned his eyes to the irish man making a silly monologue at an invisible audience.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX!" He growled viciously, "Where's the anti-stupid-plot-device antidote? Your mad-house RP had twisted effects on my shapeshifting abilities."

    Then he paused and blinked "Oh my god. I seem to have reached the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Well, nevermind the bollocks, then. I'm just going to go and find the resident mad scientist, wherever he or she may be lurking at. I need a cure for this cursed situation."

    He then glared viciously "And if you even think about killing me, you Tim Curry wannabe, and I'm coming back from the grave to haunt you. And it will be bad. I'm already the token werewolf for this story. DON'T force me to be a werewolf ghost. ONWARD!"

    And saying so, he kicked another door and dashed forward.

    OOC: Yeah. I replied. And I mean it. I wonder who's the mad scientist going to be. :p
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  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Let's hope this one picks up like the X-mas topic did and it doesn't end up just being the 3 of us as usual :p


    "Update... Need update... Is there no decent, unique news ANYWHERE to update with?!" Katie growled throughout the deserted Staff Room as she mindlessly flicked through the channels of the Charms Digital News Feed. It was all just new Anime titles... or Anime episode aired announcements... "Like we care about that!" she glared at the screen, finally slamming her hand against the power button and shutting the system down. The room fell deadly silent as she leaned back in her chair, the only comforting noises emitting around the office being the hum of the water cooler and her own breathing.

    "And people wonder why I talk to myself so much..." the 20-year old girl grumbled with a sigh, pushing a strand of long, dark brown hair behind her ear. Her chair creaked loudly as she whirled it around to gaze at the empty desks of her friends and co-workers. Even from her distance she could see the thick coat of dust lining Stel's and Nem's desks. Neither of them had entered the Staff Room in ages, or if they had they'd left no traces.

    "Gonna have to get Tai to dust off those desks someday... And speaking of which, where the heck is that boy with my pizza?! I sent him away at noon to get it!" Katie cried, turning to the nearest window to see nothing but a deep blackness. "Bah! That's it," she groaned, sliding back her chair and pushing off to her feet. "I'm getting some sleep... Deal with this tomorrow... And there better be a piping hot pizza to greet me when I get back."

    Silence fell over the office once more as the girl walked over to the coat rack by the entrance and quietly reached for her blue bunny hat. Her hand was quickly retracted as a loud booming suddenly shook the front door. "The hell?!" Katie cursed as she moved towards the door, pausing to listen as the knocking continued, a slight chill washing over her. "Who could that be at a time like this? It must be well past midnight … Better be Tai with my bloody pizza! Though why would he knock instead of coming right in…?"

    She reached for the door knob and hesitated a moment, finally grasping it tightly to twist the knob and let the door swing open. A chilled breeze of the October night swept through the entrance to lick Katie in the face, though it was the last thing on her mind as she stared curiously at the visitor that stood upon their green welcome mat. They were about half her height, dressed in a long black cloak that dragged on the ground and a goofy skull mask. The only exposed part of the figure was their pinkish hands clutched around a plastic pumpkin basket.

    "You're not here with pizza, are you?" she asked.

    "Trick or treat," a childish voice replied coolly.

    "Uh… Yeah. Kid? A bit early for Halloween. Come back in two days and you might be lucky enough to-"

    "Trick or treat."

    "You just said that…"

    "Trick or tre-"

    "Jeez! I get it already!" Katie cut him off with a growl It was too damn late to be dealing with annoying crap like this, especially when she hadn‘t had her pizza yet. "Fine! If it‘ll make you leave… Trick."

    An eerie silence feel between them then, neither figure making a move. "I'm ready for this brat…" Katie thought as she watched the child closely, but what happened next caught her off guard. The child began to laugh, quietly at first - innocently even - but slowly rose, twisting into a dark, cruel sound that made the girl‘s blood run cold. "Oh… kay…" she murmured weakly, cautiously backing away through the open doorway as the inhuman laughter rang in her ears. Frantically looking for some sort of weapon the girl found nothing, cursing silently to herself, "Dammit! Why'd I have to leave the Master Sword at home?!"

    But there was no time to worry about that.

    "Trick or treat… Here's your trick!" the costumed figure's voice cackled malevolently as they reached into their basket and pulled out a long, steel butcher's knife.

    "HOLY-!" Katie yelped wide-eyed, dashing backwards only to slam hard into the nearest desk.

    Demonic laughter filled the room once more as the figure stepped over the threshold into the office, knife clutched tightly in their right hand as they flung the basket in their left to the ground. The harsh clattering of it against the floor made Katie cringe as if she'd been struck but she strained to keep her eyes on the figure, watching as they reached up to grasp their skull mask and rip it off their face.

    "Shit!" She squeaked, staring into the face of a young boy no more than ten years old; a boy with the left side of his face ripped off to reveal the clean, white skull underneath: every joint, every curve, every bony prominence. Even his left eye socket was nothing more than an empty, black hole.

    "Here's your trick!" he laughed again, raising the butchers knife high above his head. "Take it and DIE!"

    The lights of the office flickered as he lunged forward, Katie giving a shriek and dodging frantically only to tumble off her feet and slam her head against the tiled floor. Laughter filled her head as she groaned and fumbled to move, but all she could do was look up in time to find the attacker barreling down through the air towards her.

    The lights flickered again, then everything went black.


    "Uuugh…" Katie grumbled as she came to, a sharp, splitting headache being the first thing to greet her. Her eyes fluttered open to find the room lit up brightly, a cool breeze chilling the girl to the bone. Carefully she used her arms to push herself up into a sitting position and stared off at the source of the breeze to find the front door wide open. Sunlight flooding in. "Okay..." she grumbled, slowly climbing to her feet and gazing around the office space to find nothing out of the ordinary.

    "What the… What the hell just happened…? Did someone drug my drink?" she murmured, her eyes falling to scan the floor. It was only then did something catch the corner of her eye, and she jerked around to gap in horror at the sight of a plastic pumpkin basket resting against the wall.
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  4. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    A small girl paced around the submissions room, wearing a dirty white lab coat and glasses. Only one of the computers was on in the whole room, the screen filled with half-finished sprites and incomplete backgrounds. The young professor hummed to herself while trying to think of a good Halloween comic for her long-dead sprite comic, while others had already finished theirs and were simply waiting for the day to come. Unfortunately, today inspiration was slow. Everyone seemed to be on holiday.

    Throwing her hands up in exasperation, the spriter cancelled the application and exited the room. Sweeping down to the Staff room to see if she could hack in this time, she muttered to herself randomly. Such comments as "The sky fell on pie" and "Kei's better than Hec" may have been heard by passing members, if there had been any. But at this specific point of time, that is, early in the morning, there were none. As the girl prgressed through the deserted corridors, her lab coat slowly changed colour to black, and a sword formed at her side. A thin scar appeared on the girl's cheek, running from her eye to her chin. Finally, her dusty blonde hair and blue-green-brown eyes both changed to a dirty grey colour. She was ready to hack into that room if it killed her.

    Approaching the front door, she saw it wide open. Grinning wildly, she ran the last few steps and entered the building carefully. 'Anyone here?' she called out, then noticed the twenty year old on the floor. 'Oh. Heya Katie, why's the door open?' she asked innocently, pretending she'd stumbled in by accident. 'I must've lost my way again, you know how it is,' she added, happily.

    OOC: Yeah, less than you guys, but I'm all out of inspiration today. I just couldn't pass this off. :p
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  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    The ceiling of the staff room was now graced with a new hole in it, and through that hole, among the dust, plaster, paint and compressed PN clone bodies, crashed the form of StellarWind Elsydeon, landing softly on the floor in a ninja-like crouch.

    "Uh, Sorry about that." he blushed lightly, getting up and dusting himself off "I kinda came from the main offices, and I took the shortcut. Alex was rambling something about things being killed, but you know how those Halloween specials are. Anyway..."

    Then he blinked.

    "Okay... Why is Katie on the floor, who left that apalling looking plastic pumpkin there and... Hey, who're you and what are you doing in the staff room?" he turned his eyes to the girl he did not know. "Well, nevermind."

    He held his non-transformed arm out to Katie "Need some help?"
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  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: *Ahem* Did either of you fully read my post? My character is already standing! :p


    "Thanks, Gad, but I think I'm good," Katie replied, staring at his odd, mid-transformation form for a moment before turning her eyes the other figure in the room. Most casual members may not have recognized her in this form but Katie knew very well it was just Rachel. "You conveniently lost your way, eh? Sounds like an excuse I'd use, Rachy," the Charms admin replied with a smirk. She turned back to Stel and pointed at gray hair/eyed Rachel, "Believe it or not, that's Professor Cinders. She has a self-diagnosed multiple personality disorder... It shows."

    "Anyways, I'm glad you guys are here..." Katie's voice dropped as she looked back to the pumpkin basket. "Something messed up is going on around here, and... Wait, hold up!" She shot her eyes back at Stel and couldn't help but yelp, "What do you mean Alex was 'rambling about things being killed'?! I was almost killed last night by some freakin' demonic trick or treater! Oiii..." Backing up to lean against her desk, Katie let her head drop to rest her forehead in her palm - both for effect and the fact that it was still pounding like a bitch. "We need to find Alex and figure out what the hell is going on here. I rather like breathing, thank you very much."
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  7. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Oops, missed that... And ignore the "little episode" comment, that's a personal reference :p

    BIC: Rachel grinned, half embarrassed, half glad Katie hadn't forgotten their chat the other day. Everything returned to its original colour, and the scar and sword disappeared, leaving the young girl looking out of place. 'Heh, you know me too well, Katie,' she said, 'but this trick-or-treater sounds like my sister on a bad day. Doubt it is, though,' she added quickly, remembering her little episode last night at home. Gathering herself, the member stated calmly, 'I haven't seen anyone in the other buildings. I've spent half the day trying to think up a Halloween comic - no luck though. And don't even suggest that demon was me - I ain't got no demons up here.' The professor tapped her forehead, the grin drooping slightly, and added, 'Yet.'
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  8. Meanwhile, a young man sat quietly in a room near the Pokecharms offices, tapping away on the keyboard in front of him, pausing occasionally to take a sip from the mug sitting next to him.

    "And… with… that,… they… left… the… cave," he read out loud. He squinted at the screen as if vaguely dissatisfied. "Bah, that ending sucks," he mumbled to himself, "and blows. At the same time." He shoved his chair back and stood up, stretching. His thick glasses glinted in the moonlight pouring in from outside (despite his brown hair slipping over them), and his blue clothes seemed even bluer from the suddenly blue computer screen. Startled, the man sharply glanced at the screen.

    "Computer Error. Please press Enter to return to Windows, or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart." The man grumbled and hit Enter.

    Nothing happened.

    Grumbling even more, he instead hit the three-button combination. Nothing continued to happen.

    He cursed under his breath and manually shut down the power. The computer, however, failed to shut off, instead changing the words displayed on its screen. It now read, "Flagrant Computer Error. You fail at life. Please wait for repossession."

    A confused look crept across the man's face. "I must be staying up too late. I ought to get home," he muttered. Yawning, he left the building.

    However, as soon as he stepped outside, a low moaning echoed throughout the city. The man glanced quickly from side to side, but saw nothing. The moaning started to rise in pitch, starting a few dogs howling in the distance, as the man started to walk a little faster. Suddenly, the moaning stopped. The man glanced around again, but again seeing nothing. He began to jog. A haunting melody began to lilt its way through the streets, a cold chant of "Trick or treat," sounding decidedly inhuman. The man started sprinting, but stopped abruptly when he tripped over a fire hydrant. He looked up, and found himself in front of the Pokecharms offices. Panting, he took a small card and slipped it through a slot. The slot beeped and the door swung open, while a computer voice said cheerfully, "Welcome, The Blue Avenger."

    Blue dashed down the familiar hallways until he saw the Staff room door, standing wide open. He barreled inside, yelling "What the heck is going on?!"
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Well, it's like that, Katie. When I ran into the offices, I found him talking to himself. And he was wearing red lipstick. Obvious Rocky Horror Picture Show overdose. Apparantly, he was going on about a lot of evil going on, and that your survival is crucial to the survival of just about everyone in PokeCharms. And he was showing a lot of Evil Irish pride. Dark Leprechauns, anyone?" He raised an eyebrow, as the crystal on his forehead sparkled. "Anyway, He's probably still at the office. If only I could finish this bloody transformation, I could have FLEW back up..."

    He closed his eyes and growled, clearly straining. Sure enough, something seemed to be happening. His jacket and shirt tore themselves apart, revealing more of the strange markings on his skin and the green fur that covered his back and the beginnings of his shoulders... and then, one wing sprouted from his right shoulderblade. But that was all that changed.

    "Which reminds me... Does any of you know how to find a mad scientist? Every halloween special has one, and it'd take a mad scientist to find a stupid plot device antidote..."
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  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The very instant The Blue Avenger stumbled into the Staff Room, everyone was plunged into darkness as the lights exploded in an array of flashy sparks (WOO, Special FX budget!).

    The group were left standing alone in the dark together by themselves.

    Or so they thought.

    From the windows there came a scraping noise.

    From the door there came a light knocking noise.

    From the corridor there came an unearthly groaning.

    From the narrarator there came another over-emphasised action using only one line.

    From above the clock rang out midnight - it was Sunday the 30th October.

    For one, at least, there would be no more midnights.....
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  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "... Let there be light." he muttered to himself softly, and the glow that spreaded out from his eyes, now burning in greenish-blue, and the crystals on his body lighting up - illuminated the room softly. "Is everyone okay?" he asked, stretching his wing and moving a bit closer to where Katie was standing. He knew that whoever thought up this silly special had his eyes on her, and quite frankly, he had a few suspicions.

    The silly plot device antidote can wait. This is WAR.
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  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Dammit! When the hell is this going to end?" Katie snarled, cursing to herself again for being weaponless. It wasn't like stuff like this happened that often around the office. "If this is Alex's idea of a joke I'm going to knock him upside the head for it! ... We gotta get out of here and track him down. But how?"

    Suddenly glass shattered on the opposite side of the room, a low, hissing sound filling the air. Katie shot her gaze at the source but only managed to catch the tail end of a shadow before the creature darted out of view behind a desk. Immediately two more windows shattered, the hissing increasing three folds, but once again it was impossible to catch sight of the intruders before they dived for cover.

    "They're fast! Everyone, watch yourselves!" Katie cried as she balled her fists tightly. Things were about to turn ugly, but the girl knew deep down the worst had yet to come.
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  13. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The windows smashed open, pouring shards of glass through the air in a hail-like rain. The beasts that had been screaming to get into the offices were now flooding in, hundreds upon hundreds of tiny, furry, bipedal and snarling monsters began populating the office. They could smell blood and it drove them into a frenzy - a mass group of them charging towards a fallen Cinders - shards of glass protuding from her bleeding face as she fell lifelessly to the ground.

    "Holy shit!" Katie screamed in fierce terror, watching her ex-friend being ripped to shreds by the foot-tall savages and being covered in her splashing blood.

    Behind her, the muffled yells of The Blue Avenger were stifled quickly when two of the small beasts worked together to rip his throat out - killing all possible sound he could make other than a deathly gurgle as he too fell to the ground in a bloody puddle - only to be further torn apart.

    "Right, screw this - I'm finding that 'Doctor' and having this plot twist turned back in time." A mostly transformed Stel said, turning to face Katie with a pained expression.

    "You may die tonight, but I will bring you back..." Charging at the window, AnthroStel plummeted hundreds of feet down towards the ground before transforming completely and rocketting back to the top of the building - only one thing in mind. "Damn Halloween Specials!".

    Now all that was left inside the dark, blood filled offices of Pokecharms was Katie and a thousand small, furry killers.

    "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" She screamed in futility as they glared at her menacingly before finally pouncing - all at once.

    A blood bath ensued, screaming tore through the building until finally, Katie was left with no more breath to scream with. She was nothing more than slips of shredded skin, smashed bone and litres of far-flung blood....

    THE END.


    Stel lives, only 'cause I'd actually die in reality if I killed him. ^^ What happened after his little trip?

    Well, you'll have to wait until next year to find out.

    You all died through lack of activity. :p
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  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    See that! Your glass-shattering effects was so much more descriptive than mine! Wish I had your SFX budget :p

    And I resent that extended "Noooooo". It should've been "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" just because ^^

    Well, I died. Surprise, surprise. Maybe next year we can start your silly special EARLIER ^_~

    (If teh Stel doesn't kill you first) ^^
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