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Open The Great War

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WingedHussar, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. (Please check the discussion thread!)

    It all started in Saffron city. The city used to be a happy place. But now it isn't. After the escape from Sinnoh, Dimitrij travelled to Kanto. But then the war started. Now he is walking through the city, looking for some survivors.
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  2. Kaleb walked through the ashes of Saffron City. He saw Dimitrij in the distance, and nobody else. His six Pokémon walked beside him. “I can’t believe the world has come to this again...” he said. He only trusted a few people, everybody else had changed. Ace, Jason, Luke, and Killian remained in his circle of trust. Nobody else, not even Halt and Isaac. Heck, for all he knew, Halt could be dead. The last time he saw him was fighting Jeremy, and he didn’t see him escape the battle. He recognized Dimitrij as the kid from Sinnoh that Voler reached out to.

    “You know who did this?” he asked. He remembered that Dimitrij blew up a gym with a hydrogen bomb back in Sinnoh, and then fled from the region. “Was it you? Voler? Anybody you know of?” If Dimitrij became hostile, he could order Luxray to attack him with a snap of his fingers.
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  3. As Isaac walked through the ruins of Saffron City, a city he had only visited once as a child, he couldn't help but come to tears. "How could someone do this?" he asked his Sylveon. He hung his head low. Even he couldn't imagine why someone would do something so horrible. He saw Kaleb from across the destroyed landscape of rubble and destroyed storefronts. He was talking to some boy Isaac had never seen or heard of before.
  4. Kaleb turned and saw Isaac. “So the three of us have survived,” he said. “Did you do this, Dimitrij?” He knew the kid’s name from Sinnoh. “What happened here?” The Pokémon jumped into their battle stances, ready in case of a battle.
  5. Voler sat, perched on a ledge. "What have I done? Look at this Gengar, all my fault. Why? I don't know why I did it. I'm sorry Gengar." "Gengar...." Gengar said, comforting him. He hated to see his master in sorrow.
  6. Kaleb turned. He had a VERY sharp sense of hearing after losing half his sight. He saw Voler sitting on the ledge. “So you did do this?” he called out. Pangoro, Luxray, and Chesnaught inched forward, while Torterra and Croco stood facing Isaac and Dimitrij, and Charizard flying above it all.
  7. Halt kept an eye over the group below from the rooftop of a three story building.. There never was a suprise when he saw Kaleb and Isaac. But they would be if they spotted him. Last time they saw him, Halt had to leave for a mission with the International Police. "So, Lucario. How should we let them know were here?" He asked his trusted partner. They both were capable of Mega evolution, so the group below left them with no real challenge. Lucario nodded in the direction of a power line. "I get it. Just wait for now."
  8. Charizard, flying above the group, saw this. He flew down below and silently informed Kaleb of this. He nodded, not drawing too much attention to himself, and went on speaking. “How many people from my past are here? Watch, I bet you all twenty Pokedollars that at least one other person we know will show up here before we leave!” He knew Halt was here, but acted like he didn’t so that everybody else didn’t know he knew.
  9. Voler turned around, surprised by the voice. "Yes..... Just kill me here... I'm not worth the trouble anymore...." Voler said, souding like he was giving up. "I promise... I won't try and attack you... But you can attack me....." "Gengar....." Said Gengar, worried Voler would be killed.
  10. Dimitrij came closer to other characters.
    Stop! We're not killing anyone. To survive we must cooperate! - He said.
    Not everyone has a perfect history, but now we changed. Maybe making one big group isn't the best idea, but we can't go solo. - Dimitrij added. He threw his knife to the ground.
  11. The click of heels on the ground could be heard as a female walked towards the group "I guess you win that bet" the female chuckled, her black and white hair swaying from side to side as walked "Been too long Kaleb" she hummed. Her heeled boots clicked one more time as she came to a stop "But as you know Kaleb, I won't let anyone die so if you plan on killing this man then I would stop".

    More clicks on the ground could be heard but faster then the other, the new female was huffing for her breathe as she stopped next to the other "S-Spade don't do anything crazy now!".
  12. “Hello, Spade,” Kaleb huffed as he saw the first twin. “And hello, Ace,” he said when she ran up behind her. ‘So she’s alive. Thank Arceus,’ he thought. At least there was one person left he could trust.

    “Would you look at this,” a familiar voice called out. “It’s a huge reunion! Glad I could ‘drop in’!” Jeremy jumped off the roof of a nearby building and landed on his Gyarados’s back. “Everybody I can get back at, all in the same place! How convenient!”
  13. Spade turned her head, her eyes trailing up to Jeremey "Been awhile, should have been longer" she growled. Her hands trailed her belt as she grabbed a Pokeball "Tailgate, let's go" she said as a white beam shot from the Pokeball releasing the ice/dark type "We-Weavile!" Tailgate called.

    Ace grabbed her sisters arm "Spade!" she whispered having her sister groan "What he started it" she commented. A stream of white shot out from Ace's belt revealing a Ninetail "Nuria! What are you doing out?" Ace questioned.
  14. Kaleb pointed forward, and Luxray jumped in front of his trainer. “Stand down, Jeremy,” he said. Chesnaught looked at Isaac and Dimitrij in case they did anything, and Pangoro looked at Voler.

    “Not a chance!” he shot back. Zoroark jumped out and faced Tailgate. Gyarados faced Luxray. “This isn’t gonna end well,” Kaleb said. He pulled out his sword and swung it around in a fancy fashion. Jeremy pulled out an axe and pointed it at Kaleb. “You would even try?”

    “Of course I would, I took you down before, I could do it again. Luxray shot a Thunderbolt at Gyarados. Jeremy sent out Tyranitar, and Torterra shot an Energy Ball at it, blasting it backward. Zoroark ran towards Tailgate, readying a Shadow Punch, but Charizard shot a Flamethrower, hitting it in the side and smashing it into the wall. ‘Any minute now, Halt,’ Kaleb thought to himself. He knew he would send the power line crashing down thanks to Charizard. The second it happened, he would return all his Pokémon and dash away from the fight. Jeremy ran towards Isaac, axe in hand.
  15. "They're not the only ones with Pokemon." Isaac said. "Sylveon, use Hyper Voice!" once he ordered him to use the move, Sylveon cried out using a very powerful Hyper Voice. "Okay I'm going to need you too, girl." he called out as he released his Noivern. She came out of the Pokeball in a brilliant light and shrieked. "Stand your ground." he told them both.
  16. Jeremy leapt into the air and swung his axe towards Isaac’s head, but Kaleb tackled Jeremy midair, and the axe barely missed. “Even though I don’t trust that many people, I still have your back, Isaac,” he said. Kaleb had Jeremy pinned down. “Get out of here, in a few minutes Halt is gonna send that power line crashing down upon us. I can handle Jeremy until then. Go, now!”
  17. "But-" Isaac cut himself off. He knew there was no arguing with Kaleb. "Alright. Don't die on me." he said before returning Sylveon to his ball and climbing atop Noivern's back. He ordered her to fly away to the nearest roof that was still intact. Once he landed, he watched as Kaleb and Jeremy fumbled around grasping for dominance in a dance for life and death.
  18. “Don’t worry,” Kaleb said as Isaac flew off. “I won’t.” He returned Pangoro, Croco, and Chesnaught, leaving Charizard to attack Zoroark, Torterra to attack Tyranitar, and Luxray to attack Gyarados. Kaleb grabbed Jeremy and threw him into the air, and Luxray hit him with Thunderbolt, sending him crashing to the ground. Kaleb returned the rest of his Pokémon. “Halt, now!” he called out, looking up the the rooftop Halt was standing on. ‘Thank Arceus I had Charizard to warn me about him,’ Kaleb thought to himself. He looked at Isaac and pointed at the power line, and then started running, only for an axe to hit him in the back. He cried out in pain, but pulled it out and threw it at the cell tower. He kept running, Jeremy close behind him, until Jeremy punched him in the open wound, causing him to fall to his knees. Blood spilled from the cut, but Kaleb wasn’t dying to this fool. He turned and punched him in the face. He sent out Chesnaught, who jumped in the way and used Spiky Shield long enough for Kaleb to run far enough. He returned Chesnaught and flew on Charizard’s back to the top of the building with Isaac and Halt. Chesnaught jumped out and placed his hand on Kaleb’s wound, using Synthesis to heal it. “Thanks, bud,” he said. “Halt, now’s the time to set your power line plan into motion.”
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  19. "Kaleb! Your back." Isaac said shaken. It wasn't the first time he had seen Kaleb with a big, nasty wound like that, but he wasn't prepared for it to happen again. Isaac looked in horror as the wound squelched and throbbed. "Don't worry. Sylveon help us please!" he pleaded. Sylveon popped out of his ball and wrapped his ribbons around Kaleb's wrist to soothe and calm him down so he didn't writhe and squirm.
  20. Halt hung out up above when he heard about the power line. "Well, might as well make ourselves known." Halt lept down, using the aura with Lucario to ease the decent. As Lucario fell, it charged an aura sphere to blast the electrical wire's base, causing it to topple in the direction of the opponents. He landed next to Kaleb, the key stone ejected from the watch. "Who's the enemy? If it's good, you might be in for a show."
  21. “One enemy,” Kaleb said. “Voler’s changed, Ace I trust, Spade was helping me, and I barely know Dimitrij. Only enemy here is Jeremy, aka your old rival from eight years ago. If I may make a suggestion, use Heracross against his Pinsir. It will have more determination to win than the rest of your team, against Pinsir specifically. Do what you want for the rest of the battle. I will come down for backup if you need some. Luxray can easily take out the Gyarados, and Pangoro will have the upper hand against Tyranitar, Zoroark, and Gallade.”
  22. Halt grinned. "Jeremy, huh? Lucario, feel up for a take down?" The pokemon nodded and stepped forward. Halt turned back. "Don't give me tips on battling. You know I surpass you entirely." Halt thought to himself, Kaleb has no idea what I did while he hung out relaxing.
  23. "Halt, do you want my help? My Pokemon could be useful in beating Jeremy's." Isaac offered his help. His Noivern had Focus Blast which took care of the Dark Types and Sylveon had Hyper Voice and Moonblast which handled both Gallade and the other Dark Type Pokemon.
  24. “Surpass, not so much. I didn’t relax for a bit between adventures, I went on another,” Kaleb said as though he read Halt’s mind. “And Heracross will be determined. Pinsir is his natural enemy, and they hate each other. Jeremy mentioned the battle between them when I battled him at Froena. Enough, I’m going in anyways.” Kaleb jumped off the roof and landed on Charizard’s back. Charizard, unlike the rest of the team, was never returned into his ball, and was expecting the jump. They landed on the ground safely in front of Jeremy.
  25. Halt shook his head no. "I've been gone for way to long. You need to see what I'm gonna do." Lucario stepped forward, up before Jeremy. "Hello, my old acquaintance. You ready for a beat down?" Halt asked, sliding out a hidden section in his watch holding a key stone. "One final battle. Mono v mono. Man vs man. You game?" He asked, the tone of challenge heavy in his voice.
    (Is Jeremy being played as a NPC?)
  26. Alexis stood not too far from the trainers with her Gardevior acompanying her looking at them "Ugh, talking about co operation looks like this adventure is gonna be over quick" she thought to her self, she then walks towards the trainers and starts to introduce herself "Hey, the name's Alexis, ya'll good or bad, quick or ya'll gonna get it" she said, after she finished her Gardevior, Kiki started to form a hypnotic ball of psychic power preparing to attack.
  27. "Jeremy. Not this time. I swear I will take you down. I see what I did wrong. As soon as Kaleb said I changed, I felt something..... Something that only heroes would understand. And I felt it. It felt like evil disappearing. I'm not on your team today, Jeremy." Said Voler, sending out Banette. "Sucker Punch on Jeremy!" "Banette!" Said Banette, attacking Jeremy. "Jeremy, Just give up. You're outnumbered." Voler said. "Used to be bad, now I'm good." He said to Alexis.
  28. Dimitrij watched what's happening.
    Great, now the're fighting - he said. He quietly took his knife and extended his shield. He also sent out Talonflame to cover his escape and then Dimitrij slowly sneaked away.
  29. Alexis quickly noticed Dimitrij sneaking away, "Oh no you don't" Alexis mumbled, "Kiki aim for that sneaky one" she ordered, Kiki releases the hypnotic ball, hitting the fiery majestic bird causing it to fade away into deep slumber, Alexis charged quickly at Dimitrij taking out a steel rapier pointing it at Dimitrij's neck "What are you up to . . ." She said in a sinister voice, while pointing the rapier she turned around and replied to Voler "Alright, guess I'm not gonna deal with you guys" Alexis replied
  30. Spade growled slightly, 'man to much is going on' her eyes landed on ace who was clutching her arm tighter 'I forgot, Ace hates violence'. Grabbing Aces arm she walked back slowly "Ace, get out of here" she whispered only to have her sister shake her head "N-no! I want to help!" she said "Fine, support okay?" she replied with a sigh, gaining a nodded from her twin Spade looked at Tailgate "Tailgate, use Dark Pulse on Zoroark!" she called out, her partner nodded and sent the dark beam at the Zoroark.
  31. Isaac couldn't help but watch. He wasn't able to help anyone so he had to wait until someone needed help. He couldn't abandon his friends. He thought about flying away more than once but that would be stupid. Kaleb was injured and Halt was gonna fight Jeremy.
    He had to help, but how? "Okay, Sylveon fire a Moonblast at that Zoroark. Noivern, a Focus Blast at Tyranitar." Isaac commanded. Hopefully these moves would do loads.
  32. Robin covered her face as she tried to navigate through what was once a beautiful flourishing town. Just three hours ago this city was blooming with children playing with pokemon. Tears rand down her eyes as her Mawile seems to be somewhat guarding her.
  33. “Not exactly a 1v1, Halt,” Jeremy said, seeing Kaleb, Spade, and Voler. “But I can take this many on, anyways. Metagross, Flash Cannon!” He sent out Metagross, who immediately blasted the bright white beam towards Kaleb. He jumped on Charizard to dodge it, and Charizard flew towards Metagross with Flare Blitz. Just before he hit Metagross, Kaleb backflipped off of Charizard’s back and landed on the ground, away from the attack. “You say you’ve been gone far too long, Halt?” he asked. “Well, so have I.” He dashed towards Jeremy and kicked him in the stomach. He flew back and smashed into a wall. He sent out Gallade, who swung at Kaleb. He ducked out of the way and tripped Gallade with a sweep kick before looking back at Jeremy. Zoroark jumped on Kaleb’s back, but he flipped him over his shoulder and kicked him out of the way. He started running at Jeremy again, but Metagross jumped in the way. He expected this and slid underneath Metagross between his legs and ended up in front of Jeremy. He grabbed his head and smashed it on Metagross’s body. The Psychic/Steel Type was quick to move after that, as he jumped out of the way to keep Kaleb from doing that again. Kaleb sent out Luxray to deal with the other Pokémon before slamming Jeremy into the wall again.

    “You say you can take this many on, but how is that true if you can’t even beat me with yourself and three Pokémon?” Kaleb said. “Pathetic. I’ve always been able to beat you, even when I was 19! I beat you up then, it’s gonna be much worse now!”
  34. "Haha... Well, I guess we win... I can only hope many that have died, will be up in heaven. While YOU!" He said to Jeremy looking very angry. "Will be burning in hell. That, is my wish." "Banette!" Said Banette, exited by the win. Volers shredded clothes blew in the faint wind like a rag on a flagpole.
  35. While Robin is walking a piece of clothe lands in her hands. "Who's..." she stares at the clothe not knowing what to do... she puts it in her pocket and runs towards where the clothe came floating from.
  36. Halt frowned to Jeremy. "I have tricks up my sleeves." He threw his right hand out with Lucario doing the same. A blueish aura formed around them and blasted to Jeremy. "How can you beat me?" Halt turned to the others. "Let me. Alone." Halt stressed alone, and hoped the others would let him take Jeremy on.
  37. Robin stumbles upon the battle "Sh*t!" She thought. She hid behind a fallen down metal beam before she was spotted. She took out her camera, ready to take pictures.
  38. Kaleb threw Jeremy straight into the Aura Sphere, slamming him to the ground. He sent out Pinsir, who saw Halt and was ready. Kaleb hated this Pinsir with the hatred a thousand Heracross would have towards it. It almost killed him in Uraniumian. “Not alone, Halt. I want the Pinsir, unless you intend to use Heracross. If not, Charizard can have it.”
  39. Robin pokes her head out. She takes a picture of the fighting but the flash was one. One big flash comes out from her camera and she quickly hides.
  40. Halt dropped his arm, releasing the aura surrounding the two. "You want Hera? You get Hera!" Halt flipped out a great ball, opening it into a Heracross. It was as battle ready as it was in Forena. "Hera!" The pokemon yelled. Noticing the Pinsir, it launched 4 Night Slashes at it.

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