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The Great Unova Treasure Hunt! (Working Title)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Psycho Monkey, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    As most RP ideas go these days, this one spawned in Chat. It's a sad fact that there are barely any RPs based in Unova so @Carmen Lopez, @Tailon, @Shocari, @Shiny Eevee, and @Psycho Monkey decided we were making one! And if we're diligent enough hopefully this one will last! I'll send Evil Space Monkeys to harass you all if this dies unceremoniously. >:D

    The premise is that there is treasure to be found in Unova! Our first destination is the Desert Resort and Relic Castle area. Whether or not this is merely a starting point and we move to other parts of the region such as towards Hidden Grottoes is so far undecided. That is what this topic is all about after all. ;)

    I won't ask for bios yet since I know they're still being ironed out and all but post them as soon as they're ready. We still need to finalize what's going on first and foremost. Oh, and before anyone gets any ideas, the RP is only open for the five people named above. Sorry to disappoint any other interested parties.

    The Great Unova Treasure Hunt! Timeline

    April 9th
    • Excavators in the Relic Passage unearth a mysterious artifact.
    June 12th
    • A new exhibit opens up in the Nacrene Museum called Ancient Unova drawing people of all professions from all over. At 10am sharp Lenora, the Museum Director and Gym Leader, unveils the heart of Ancient Unova, a large stone slab with a map of the Unova region carved into it only with the northeast corner eroded away. She gives a long presentation on the mural describing how it was discovered in the Relic Passage two months prior and her analysis that it is approximately 2,500 years old. Lenora makes special note to point out four specific landmarks: Relic Castle, Abyssal Ruins, Dragonspiral Tower, and Celestial Tower. She admits to being unsure what the towers mean, but she knows that they had significance to the people that made the mural due to the way they were marked. Afterwards, Lenora defers all questions to her husband Hawes while she goes on to attend to her duties as Gym Leader.
    • Among the crowd are Shiro Yukimura, a Trainer who happened to stumble into the exhibit on his way to battle Lenora for the Basic Badge, Kelvin Bohr, a journalist for the Castelia Tribune tasked with writing an article on Ancient Unova, Grace Alexander, an archeological enthusiast hoping to learn about the exciting discovery, and five history students from Opelucid University, Marie Atkins, Daniel Mercer, Steven Reilly, Herbert Jacobs, and Joel Carrington. Amity Victore arrived after the presentation had already finished to visit the Restoration desk and have her Jaw Fossil revived. Lisa Wickfold also arrived after the presentation in hopes of also battling for the Basic Badge.
    • Having lost once before, Shiro challenges Lenora to a rematch.
    • Kelvin's Meinfoo Joule runs off and starts playing with Amity's Mankey Peter.
    • The OU students email their professor, Dr. Dawson, pictures they took of the exhibit along with a detailed report of Lenora's lecture.
    • Lisa arrives in the Gym while Shiro battles Lenora. She sits to the side to watch the battle while waiting her turn.
    • Grace goes down to Lenora's Gym to talk to her personally about her ideas about the mural. She too has to wait for the Gym Leader.
    • Tyrunt is successfully revived from the Jaw Fossil and given to Amity.
    • After a close battle, Shiro manages to defeat Lenora and earn his first badge. Per Lenora's insistence, Shiro takes a seat in the benches to watch the Gym Leader's next battle with Lisa.
    • Amity arrives in the Gym between battles followed soon after by Kelvin.
    • Lisa defeats Lenora earning her fourth badge
    • Even with some trouble due to her Pokemon acting up, Amity still manages to defeat Lenora thus earning her first Unova badge but second over all
    • Lenora notices an email from Dr. Dawson that explains her colleague's hypothesis.
    • Lenora relays the message to the five Trainers present with Kelvin ready to take down every word and Grace brimming with curiosity.
    • Shiro finds himself continually intrigued by Ancient Unova and decided to talk to the OU students.
    • The OU students also get an email from Dr. Dawson. They decide that after speaking with Lenora they're going to explore the towers themselves.
    • Lenora encourages Shiro, Grace, Kelvin, Lisa, and Amity to speak with the OU students since they seem t have a better understanding of the towers. She also suggests they investigate the four towers if they want too. Of course all five agree. They return to the museum proper to look for the OU students. When they find them, Daniel explains how the exhibit relates to a class they took the previous semester while insinuating that they also want to investigate the towers. Marie declares the two opposing groups of five to be rivals in the endeavor. While Kelvin bombards the students with questions, Shiro begins thinking about getting his Pokemon healed before asking his group to lunch.
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  2. I'm thinking our journey should take us to some new locations like the Castelia Sewers, Relic Passage, Clay Tunnel, Reversal Mountain, and/or Seaside Cave, to name a few. These seem like places that we could really add some nice RPable things to, and if nothing else, make them clue locations.

    Like any good treasure hunt story, I think it would be cool if we had to infiltrate some place to retrieve some item that holds a clue, kinda like stealing the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure. We could even use Pokemon to help, like say, a Weezing to provide Smokescreen cover, or an Electric-type to overload/control circuits to cause a blackout or to hide us from cameras.
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Why not explore as much of Unova as we can, though? Some of the old places are just as interesting, like the Nacrene Museum, Celestial Tower, and Skyarrow Bridge, for example.

    I really like Sho's idea of infiltrating places and using our Pokemon to snoop around as we try to find clues. But wouldn't that mean we would have to involve the Police somehow, or some other authority figure? It would seem odd that a group of people are trying so hard to find these treasures while stealing and whatnot from various places in the region while nobody really tries to stop them. Just a thought |D

    Also, reading the log from last night, Sho did bring up a good question there. Are we planning to start by gathering/meeting in the desert, or finding a clue that somehow leads us there?
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Actually, using Nacrene Museum would be a pretty cool place to gather clues. Some new archeological exhibit may just have some kind of relevance to what we're seeking. We may not need to infiltrate and steal it per se, rather just go in during regular hours and study the crap out of it so we can plot our next move. An idea that just occurred to me is that we aren't necessarily the only group hunting the treasure. The other group/organization could just be friendly rivals where we push each other along, may the best team win sort of deal or have them as outright antagonists, perhaps some corrupt corporation. Hell, maybe both are viable options to explore. Going that route though would require creating a bunch of reoccurring NPCs.

    As for how we get to the desert, that's on you guys to decide individually based on your characters. For example Shiro just started his journey from Castelia City so it wouldn't be too much of an assumption that the first direction he heads to is Route 4. Granted, now that the museum idea has been thrown out there we could start from Nacrene instead, get our first clue, and then go to the desert to begin our hunt. What do you guys think?

    EDIT 9/30 at 11:00pm EST:
    This is mostly for @Shocari for not being in Chat last night (lazy bum).
    The first point we brought up was about the rival group. Shiny proposed that we be each other's rivals in groups of 2 and 3, but I want all five of us together in Chat before we decide on that so it can be openly discussed.

    As for the main plot, we will now be starting in Nacrene City where our characters will fist learn of the treasure in the museum. Just to be clear, the museum does not have any part of the treasure in it, just the first clue on where to look. We have decided that the treasure lies in an inaccessible area that requires X number of keys to unlock (number still pending). So far we've decided on Relic Castle, Dragonspiral Tower, and the Abyssal Ruins. There will also be a Pokemon guarding these keys, our boss battle if you will. For the time being, we're thinking of making them Legendary, but that will depend on getting permission from the mods. I'm not going to ask permission until we finalize how many keys there are, where they are, and which Pokemon we want to use as guardians. Once that's squared away, we can worry about the red tape.

    We will remain as a group of five with a friendly rival group competing against us for the treasure. Each of us will be responsible for posting a bare bones mini bio for one NPC in the other group. Here is the template:

    Pokemon if any:

    The descriptions only have to be detailed enough so that other people know how to play them. A description like "A friendly energetic girl who likes to explore" is pretty much all we need. They are NPCs after all and that's pretty much all the personality some of the Gym Leaders are given. Appearance includes clothes as well as a short physical description.

    Now that that's settled, if there is anywhere else you can think of that you'd like to explore as possible clue or key locations, then comment away! We have the whole Unova region as our stomping grounds after all!
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  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Proposes Celestial Tower again, like in my last post |D Though we already have a tower in Dragonspiral Tower, I guess. ^^; Pinwheel Forest is also an idea, I guess. Oh, and the Nimbasa Ferris Wheel, like maybe we have to ride it to the top to find a clue or something or another. |D

    I haven't played BW2 so I'm not very familiar with the other areas, but Castelia Sewers also looks like a place we could explore.
  6. I know I'm not in the RP but you could search through the ruins of N's Castle. Then there is Giant Chasm which might be interesting to investigate. You could look into the mystery behind the Strange House and there is also the Cave of Being (revolves around the 3 pixies). Just some suggestions I thought of while looking through ^^
  7. Name: Grace Alexander
    Gender: Female
    Hometown Nimbasa City, Unova
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Hair: Black, worn loose, falls down to a little past the shoulders
    Eyes: Violet
    Clothing: a cropped(is that the correct term? the bottom is at the middle of the ribs) purple jacket over a black t-shirt, brick red cargo pants, white sneakers with purple accents. Wears a two-tone gray and black backpack with a single, diagonal strap.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Quite happy and easily excitable. Enjoys archaeology(a trait inherited from her father) and relaxing at spas and/or beaches.
    Skills: Slightly adept at archaeology. Masterful at being peppy.
    Past: Grace's father was an archaeologist, so growing up in Nimbasa City, the two would take frequent trips to the Desert Resort and dig around in the sand or look through the safe areas of the Relic Tower. Ancient structures instilled such awe and wonder in young Grace's heart that she promised herself to visit all of the ones that can be found in the world.
    Family: Gideon Alexander(father), Felicia Alexander(mother, moved away at an early stage in Grace's life).
    Love Relationships: Nothing canon :>
    Gym Badges: 4(will update as RP progresses if/when Gym Battling is even included)
    Pokemon:(as of the RP's start, will update as it goes along)
    Species: Servine
    Nickname: Felucia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overgrow
    Hidden Power:
    Special Features: Is close to evolving.
    Personality: Mild natured, proud of her power.
    History: Felucia was given to Grace as a Snivy by Professor Juniper. Felucia was initially hesitant in battling other Pokemon, but soon learned that doing so would only help them both to get stronger.

    Species: Sandile
    Nickname: Korriban
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Moxie
    Hidden Power:
    Special Features: Is constantly carried by Grace.
    Personality: Jolly natured, likes to relax.
    History: Korriban was the first Pokemon Grace caught; after spying a Sandile in the Desort Resort not too long before beginning her journey, she adamantly avoided catching any Pokemon until she was able to get a Sandile of her own. Korriban is too lazy to battle...not that Grace would want the adorable critter to, anyway.

    Species: Koffing
    Nickname: Bespin
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Hidden Power:
    Special Features: If used as much as Felucia, will evolve soon.
    Personality: Relaxed nature, somewhat stubborn.
    History: After catching Korriban, Grace backtracked to the Virbank Complex, having noted some Pokemon she would like to have. Among them was a Koffing. His laid-back approach to things, coupled with being a bit of a wall in battle, meant that he would be the one to face the stronger Pokemon in battle.

    Species: Growlithe
    Nickname: Iridonia
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Hidden Power:
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Adamant natured, alert to sounds.
    History: After catching Korriban, Grace backtracked to the Virbank Complex, having noted some Pokemon she would like to have. Among them was a Growlithe. He took it upon himself to be the stereotypical "watchdog" of the team, though some coaxing from Felucia assured him it was unnecessary.

    Name: Daniel Mercer
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short, light-brown hair gently swept to one side, brown eyes. Wears a dark red t-shirt with a large black Pokeball design on the front, black shorts, and sandals.
    Personality: A bit of a showoff, and his above-average looks explain why. He has the inexplicable need to try to impress any and every girl he sees, and will, on average, succeed.
    Pokemon: Emolga, Golbat, Numel
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  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Name: Shiro Yukimura
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
    Age: 14
    Height: 5ft 7in
    Weight: 130lbs.
    Hair: Messy, medium length brown hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Dark blue jeans, sturdy white running shoes, black and white checkered wrist warmers, a dark purple T-shirt, and a forest green windbreaker for when it gets cold.
    Identifying Marks: Big ears hidden under his hair
    Musculature: Thin build
    Personality: Rash, impulsive, and arrogant, yet kind, optimistic, and an all-round decent person.
    Skills: Intelligent, good at problem solving
    Past: Read A New Beginning
    Father: Kyoshiro
    Mother: Saya
    Younger Brother: Masaru
    Youngest Brother: Touya
    Grandpa: Roshi
    Love Relationships?: Has a secret crush on a girl he went to school with

    Nickname: Mizuki
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Torrent
    History: Read A New Beginning
    Personality: Mizuki is a bit shy, but she can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things she wants.

    Name: Marie Atkins
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Marie stands at 5’4” with an athletic build. She has grey-blue eyes and long black hair tied in a ponytail with her bangs hanging over her forehead. She wears greyish beige cargo pants, black running shoes, and a navy blue tank top.
    Personality: Intelligent, charismatic, and loves a good adventure. A bit tsundere-ish towards Daniel when he shows interest in other women.
    Pokémon if any: Staryu named Light, female Vigoroth named Bridget, and male Zebstrika named Ozzy.
  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Name: Kelvin Bohr
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Castelia City
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 140 lbs. (approximately)
    Hair: dirty blonde, straight, long enough to be held in a low ponytail
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: black leather vest, long-sleeved white t-shirt, darker jeans, chains for belt, black fingerless gloves, black shoes, and a navy blue backpack
    Identifying Marks: none
    Musculature: Somewhat toned
    Personality: Easily irritated/frustrated/annoyed, argumentative, stubborn, says and does things without thinking through the consequences, but rather observant. He’s bad at actually analyzing everything, but he can pinpoint easily-overlooked details rather well, and tends to take things pretty literally and is bad at detecting sarcasm.
    Skills: Photography, journalism.
    Past: His parents divorced when he was very young, and he lived with his dad, who stayed in Unova. His mom moved to Driftveil City, and as he was raised by his misogynistic dad, he also has some misogynistic tendencies. However, they have visited each other every once in a while. His brother lives with his mom. When he decided to join an internship with the local newspaper company last year, his father gave him a Mienfoo and other travel necessities before basically punting him out of the house.
    Family: Divorced parents (Mason Bohr and Rachel Murray) and a younger brother (Henry Bohr)
    Love Relationships: none
    Badges: None (doesn’t bother battling gyms)

    Specie: Mienfoo
    Nickname: Joule
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Regenerator
    Special Features: Kelvin’s “cameraman”, rather small for her species
    Personality: Naughty nature, impetuous and silly
    History: Given to Kelvin by his father, the two of them are very close and tease each other a lot. They have an inside joke where Joule continuously tries to steal Kelvin’s berries and stick them in odd places. Though Kelvin is always annoyed at her antics and is extremely confused by her obsession with berries, Joule is still his best battler and his most trusted Pokemon.

    Specie: Trapinch
    Nickname: Weber
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Special Features: lets Joule use him as a step ladder, since she’s too small to reach places sometimes
    Personality: Lonely nature, somewhat stubborn
    History: While writing a piece for his internship at the Desert Resort, Kelvin decided it would be a good idea to start building his Pokemon team, and tried to become friends with a stubborn Trapinch he met. The Trapinch finally joined his team on the last day he was there, and Kelvin likes to think it was because the Pokemon grew attached to him and didn’t want to leave him.

    Specie: Ducklett
    Nickname: Pascal
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Keen Eyes
    Special Features: Helps with aerial shots or underwater/sea shots sometimes.
    Personality: Rash nature, likes to fight
    History: When he went to visit his mother in Driftveil City, he accidentally came across a rather aggressive Ducklett who got mad at the poor trainer when he tripped over him. After a brief battle which included Kelvin trying to get away from the angry avian, he gave up and just caught the Pokemon. They’re on better terms now, though Pascal still regularly challenges Kelvin and the other Pokemon on the team to fights.

    Specie: Blitzle
    Nickname: Ampere
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Lightningrod
    Special Features: The “portable hub”, as Kelvin calls him.
    Personality: Timid nature, alert to sounds
    History: While exploring the outskirts of Nimbasa City before the museum opened, Joule got separated from the group and befriended a Blitzle. When Kelvin finally found Joule, the Blitzle was so distressed he c started crying until Kelvin agreed to let the Pokemon join them. Ampere is still very close to Joule, and admires her willingness to take risks.

    Name: Steven Reilly
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Awkwardly tall and lanky, Steven tends to hunch over a bit in order to make himself look more “average” in height. He has dark brown, wavy hair which goes down past his ears. His outfit consists of a dark green zip-up hoodie, beige t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers.
    Personality: He’s rather socially awkward people, somewhat stoic, and hates having to battle. He’s also rather curious, and loves solving puzzles and riddles, even if he’s not very good at them.
    Pokemon: Herdier, Venipede, Purrloin, and Stunfisk. He doesn't bother nicknaming his Pokemon. (he shall get a Woobat later on, maybe)
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  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Alright, breaking up the list of bios for this rather important update:

    First and foremost the treasure will be located in Entralink and requires five keys to open, one for each of us. The keys are located at Celestial Tower, Dragon Spiral Tower, Relic Castle, Abyssal Ruins, and the Giant Chasm and each key will have a guardian shown below.

    Celestial Tower: Chandelure and Beheeyem
    Dragon Spiral Tower: ??? (We can either decide one or just let our Rivals beat us to it)
    Relic Castle: Volcarona
    Abyssal Ruins: Eelektross
    Giant Chasm: Kyurem(?) We may want to think of an alternate just in case this one isn't approved.

    Anyway, the deal with Celestial Tower having two guardians is because Chandelure's Hidden Ability is Shadow Tag so there is no getting away and Beheeyem has Telepathy which is useful in double battles. We also decided that our Rivals will help us with this battle since it will be pretty tough. After defeating the guardians we will then have to fight them for the key. Tailon suggested a one-on-one battle with our respective NPC and the team that gets 3/5 wins gets the key. My thought is that we do some sort of competition or contest with them involving the minigames found in Unova since I've noticed some of our NPCs either don't have Pokemon or are averse to battling. Perhaps a competition to be the first team to find the Magma Stone (not Heatran though) in Reversal Mountain and that's how we end up in our adventure in the Strange House.

    I'm also thinking we might need our Rivals to help us again facing off against Kyurem just because that thing is a top tier Legendary.

    That said, are there any other landmarks or locations you guys think would be cool places to have clues to the key locations or just want to visit for the hell of it? An idea I've come up with is that the artifact in the museum that sets our adventure in motion was excavated from the Relic Passage so that would be our first stop to clue hunting. You don't have to wait for everyone to be in chat to bounce around ideas, that is what this discussion topic is for after all :p
  11. Name:Cornelia Ellijay
    Hometown: Nacrene City, Unova
    Height:5ft 5in
    Hair:Dark, thick and curly
    Skin: Dark Brown
    Clothing:Jean shorts or skinny jeans depending on the weather, brown lace up boots, and peasant style shirt
    Identifying Marks:She has a scar across her left eyebrow from falling as a child. She also likes to wear small hoop earrings and has a nose ring.
    Musculature:Somewhat fit, but skinny
    Personality:She has a big sister complex (which is somewhat odd because she is the younger daughter) and she likes taking care of others. As a result she can come off as naggy, but she has people’s best interests at heart. She is also very artsy and surprisingly strong-willed. See Eve of a New Day for more information
    Skills:Great with growing berries and identifying helpful plants, plays an acoustic guitar which she carries on her back or in an item ball when needed, and is well versed in Unova history as a result of study and spending a lot of time in the Nacrene Museum and Library.
    Past:Cornelia was born and raised in Nacrene City and was always encouraged by her parents to get to know all types of people. As a result she is already very cultured and knows how to accept things even when she does not agree…for the most part. She desires to travel the world, but first she wants to see all that Unova has to offer.
    Father: Micah Ellijay
    Mother: Alia Ellijay
    Older sister: Victoria Ellijay
    Best Friends: Joey Dominguez and Waverly Summers
    Love Relationships:None as of now, but Joey does have a crush on her which she is oblivious to (though to be fair he is good at hiding it). This likely won’t come up in the RP proper.

    Pokémon: Cornelia prefers Bug, Grass, Ground, Rock, and Water Pokémon because they remind her of the forest.

    Species: Grotle
    Nickname: Yiggy
    Ability: Overgrow
    Gender: Male
    History: Given to her by Joey’s father who is from Sinnoh

    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Marina
    Ability: Anticipation
    Gender: Female

    Species: Roggenrolla
    Nickname: Pietro
    Ability: Sturdy
    Gender: Male

    Species: Whirlipede
    Nickname: Alyssa
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Gender: Female


    Name: Amira Whitman
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standing 5’9, she is pretty tall for a woman, athletic, and considered very beautiful. She has long wavy, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a neon green t-shirt under her gray zipped hoodie, navy shorts, and neon green sneakers.
    Personality: Despite her appearance, she rarely speaks and is pretty shy outside of Pokémon battling which she enjoys. Her entire demeanor changes upon being challenged.
    Pokémon: A Haxorus named Priscilla, a Mienshao named Miko, and a Reuniclus named Elam
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  12. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Amity Victore
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Geosenge Town
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’ 10”
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Hair: Golden blonde, worn in a shoulder length bob.
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Clothing: She wears a black jacket with golden buttons over a white, button up blouse, a thigh length, navy blue miniskirt, a pair of black and white sneakers, and a black, leather flat cap. She also needs corrective eyeglasses, though she wears contact lenses when she is active on her journey, for fear of breaking her glasses. When staying in a town or city, she switches to a pair of red, rectangular framed glasses.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Build: Average
    Personality: Amity is an aggressive girl, used to victory and hard on herself in defeat. She tries her best to be a good trainer to her Pokemon, and most often she is, but at times she can forget in her aim for strength.
    Skills: Her greatest talent in Pokemon training is cultivating offensive power. All of her Pokemon are at their best in terms of their attacking ability, with their other skills being used to back up their power. While her strategies are often straightforward, she tends to get by on raw power, and is good at thinking on her feet besides. She speaks fluent Kalosian and Unovan, but has a noticeable Kalos accent.
    Past: Born in Geosenge Town in Kalos, Amiry lived out her young life in and around her hometown, only to have the life she knew cut short when her mother received an enormous job opportunity in Unova, and she was forced to move to Unova with her family. Because Amiry had not been able to take a Pokemon journey before they had to move, her parents arranged for her to receive a Starter Pokemon from one of Unova's Pokemon professors upon their arrival in Mistralton. The family then traveled to Castelia, where they parted ways as her parents and brother traveling to their new home in Nimbasa City, and Amity traveled to Nacrene in order to learn the origins of a fossil she had discovered on a school trip many years prior.
    Family: Mother, Father, Younger brother.
    Love Relationships?: None

    Species: Snivy
    Nickname: Sarah
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Contrary
    Special Features: None
    History: Amiry’s starter, acquired upon her arrival in Unova. Sarah has so far not been particularly trusting or easy for Amiry to train, but becomes noticably stronger when opponents attempt to weaken her.

    Species: Mankey
    Nickname: Peter
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Special Features: None
    History: Peter was given to Amity by her parents when she was young as a newly hatched Mankey. Of her team, Peter is the closest to Amity, being with her since before her journey, and having been with her through her formative years. Peter considers Amity and the team his troop for all intents and purposes.

    Species: Tyrunt
    Nickname: Talia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Strong Jaw
    Special Features: None
    History: Talia was originally received as a fossil early into Amity’s first journey, but has only just been revived at the Nacrene museum.
    Name: Herbert Jacobs
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Herbert is about 5' 09" tall, fairly average in appearance, with short black hair and brown eyes. He most often wears a random t-shirt and a pair of khaki cargo pants.
    Personality: Herbert is somewhat shy and not prone to much of interest, but is a talented battler and trainer.
    Pokémon if any: Servine named Slips, Tyrogue named Lee, and a Graveller named Mark.
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  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It is with great pleasure that I report that El and Stel have approved our use of Kyurem! ^_^

    Now that all of the bios have been posted, it would seem that our only remaining tasks are to finalize what the museum exhibit that starts the hunt is, what the keys look like, and what the bloody hell the treasure is to make it worth seeking in the first place. The relic at the museum will, for all intents and purposes, most likely be a slab with ancient carvings on it either as pictographs or written as some kind of runes (like Shiny's n00b speak :'D) excavated either from the Relic Passage or Clay Tunnel. The keys can either be "key" shaped objects like house keys or Keyblades, or some sort of puzzle pieces that we have to put together like the Millennium Puzzle. Carmen seemed to like the Keyblade idea if only jokingly (maybe). Really, a key can be anything so long as it opens an otherwise inaccessible passage.

    As for the treasure itself, one idea I came up with is that the people who set this whole thing up thousands of years ago were massive trolls and the treasure is in fact the experience gained, the trials and obstacles overcome, the memories made, and the bonds formed during the journey. Or we can decide on something physical and material instead of some philosophical nonsense. XD

    EDIT 11/6

    Just throwing this out for @Carmen Lopez, @Tailon, @Shocari, and @Shiny Eevee. This edit is pretty much all of the finishing touches we've talked about the last couple of days.

    The RP starts on the exhibit's opening day so archeological enthusiasts, the media, the townsfolk, and of course any trainer who's looking to challenge Lenora are all showing up at the museum. Lenora or one of the curators will give a presentation about how this slab was found in the Relic Passage while Clay was expanding the underground tunnels and how archeologists think it has to do with the two founders of Unova or something to that extent.

    The exhibit will be a rough map of the Unova region with the key locations marked off but it's incomplete so vital information is missing, information we need to search for ourselves. The rooms with the keys are separate from the rest of the areas which is why they've never been found, especially in Celestial Tower. So we have to travel around the region trying to find the clues to access these rooms. Now we don't need any keys to get in or anything, we just need to solve a puzzle within the facility itself. The ruining of the chambers in Relic Castle is a bit of a setback for us too so we'll have to find a way around that as well. So I'm thinking after we decide we're searching for the treasure, we go to the Relic Passage where to artifact was first excavated to see if we can find other clues there. Relic Passage connects into the basement of Relic Castle so... yeah.

    We'll also probably have to traverse Castelia Sewers and Clay Tunnel for similar reasons since by looking at a map of Unova both areas serve as a link to three of the five locations. Seaside Cave serves a similar function being the path between the Abyssal Ruins and Giant Chasm.

    And that's that. We can decide key and treasure details when the time comes. I'll get to work right away on the first post so expect to see it up by next week or so. Also, if there are any other locations around the Unova Region you want us to explore, just drop a line here or in chat. And if you wanted to write any one shots about your character, now is the time:\=|:

    Let the hunt begin! >:D
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    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
  14. Name: Elizabeth "Lisa" Wickfold
    Gender : Female
    Hometown: Driftveil City
    Weight:180 lbs
    Height: 5'6"
    Hair:Black,Thick ,Wavy and in a half ponytail. Also it comes down to the middle of her back.
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothes: A purple short sleeve shirt with a black vest over it, a blue jean skinny jean and black boots
    Identifying Marks: freckles on her face and shoulders
    Personalty: A hardworking, sociable,and lively girl who love fashion, horror movies and photography
    Skills : Photography, Attention to detail,and Self-defense
    Past: When Lisa was 12,her parents took her to the Desert Resort for vacation. The Ancient structures sparked Lisa's curiosity and Imminently starts taking photos.
    Family :Shawn Wickfold(Father)
    Catrina Wickford(Mother)
    Jason Wickfold (Little Brother)
    Love Relationship: None
    : Dewott
    Name: Reese
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Past: Starter received from Prof Juniper

    Species : Sandslash
    Name : Raoul
    Gender: Male
    Ability : Sandveil
    Past: Raoul was given to Lisa on her birthday as an egg.

    Species: Gligar
    Name : Remila
    Gender: Female
    Ability : Hyper Cutter
    Past :Caught on Route 11

    Name: Joel Charrington
    Appearance: Joel has blonde hair and orange eyes. He's 6"0 and lanky. He's mostly wears jeans and t-shirts.
    Personalty: He's a excitable,fun loving, and honest guy who loves rock music and fantasy novels
    Pokemon: Logan The Quilava, Erica the Deeriling and Emmy The Espeon
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  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Even though our hunt has nothing to do with Johto or the Unown, this song works out too well with our plot for me not to put it here.

    Also, welcome to the team Cloveria! ^_^
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  16. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    @cloveria1215, @Kyubeon, @Shocari, @Tailon

    While I was working on my post (read: thinking about it not actually writing <.>) I came up with an idea that will effectively bring everyone together and set them on their path. The way things are at the moment Shiro will be engaging Lenora for battle first with Lisa arriving in while he's in the midst of fighting. Seeing as Joule has already taken the liberty of engaging Peter, Zoey's timing of entering the Gym for her Badge will either be when Shiro is finishing up or when Lisa is fighting depending on Tailon and Shiny. Whether or not Kelvin accompanies Zoey or not is up to Shiny. Also, according to the bios Grace is also on somewhat of a Badge quest of her own so her coming for Lenora is up to Sho.

    Meanwhile, our NPCs will be taking pictures of the mural and emailing their history professor about what Lenora talked about. This professor has an ancient text of somesort relating to the treasure and has been doing his/her own research on the subject. While Lenora is battling our characters, the professor shoots her an email about his/her own hypothesis on the mural. (S)He mistakenly believes that these four landmarks shown on the map house their own specific treasures based on the looting and items found in Relic Castle. Lenora passes that information to us.

    If all five of us are present in the Gym, we decide then to go seek it out for funsies. If not everyone is present, she'll encourage us to talk to the students to hear what they have to say. Grace being the archeology buff that she is would see a large group of people discussing things in front of the mural and come over to participate in the conversation. Kelvin would see the large mass of people and decide to interview them for his story. After that, all five of us will be together, have the information we need, and decide to go seek the treasure for funsies! :D

    Specific details are based on you guys of course and your character's individual personality. I was just going off of what I read in the bios. If you agree, like the post. If you have something you want to add or want to suggest a change, leave a comment and we can discuss it in chat when I stop being so busy.
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  17. I pretty much completely agree. At this point, Grace already has Lenora's badge(I think Grace has 3 or 4 badges right now, need to check), but she would DEFINITELY go up and talk to people talking about archaeology.

    Overall, this sounds like a good plan and I like it. ^^
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  18. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Me likey~ if Tai's okay with it, Kelvin will most likely accompany Zoey as she battles Lenora and, well, it -is- his job to interview people, even common passerbys |D He'll probably also try asking Lenora about the artifact anyways, so expect an entourage of questions from him during her explaining session~ ♥
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  19. I love this idea. Maybe seeing a gym battle before hand will calm Lisa down or Make her want to more pictures. Either way, great idea :).
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  20. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Adding to what Shiny said, Lenora could fangasm over the email and Kelvin could ask her the questions that get her to explain it to everyone. She would then direct everyone to the student NPCs at which point Grace gets involved. I like it! 8)
  21. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    @Shiny Lyni and @Shocari I've been coming up with a ton of ideas for this RP so hopefully you're still interested. I ran my thoughts by @Tailon and @cloveria1215 in chat tonight and they seem to like what I've got so far. I'll just puke up the chat log for you to read over and let me know your thoughts.

    [20:32]P_M Anyhow! Good news! We're almost done in Nacrene. I think all that is left is for our group to get better acquainted over lunch while making a brief plan of action
    [20:33] P_M Does anyone think their character will need to do anything significant in Pinwheel Forest or can we just gloss over that?
    [20:33] Tailon Guhhh
    [20:35] Cloveria Hmm
    [20:35] Tailon Don't think so
    [20:37] Cloveria Lisa doesn't need to do anything in Pinwheel Forest
    [20:40] P_M Good deal! Skip the nonsense, just call it training, aaaaand on to Castelia!
    [20:41] P_M Since all three of us are the ones who battled Lenora, I'd imagine we'd all want to challenge Burgh as well while we're in the area?
    [20:44] Cloveria Sounds good
    [20:45] Tailon Yup
    [20:47] P_M Nice. I've already decided that an interesting character flaw of Shiro's is that he always loses the first match against a Gym Leader but I won't dawdle in Castelia for a rematch. Regardless, our group does some information gathering on the Relic Passage since that is where the Mural was found so it seems like the logical place to start right?
    [20:48] P_M We go into Castelia Sewers, take that to the Passage and what do we find? Nothing at all. Archeologists have already searched the area after the Mural's discovery for any new clues
    [20:49] P_M However, we find the secret entrance to Relic Castle's basement since that can be accessed from the Passage in B2W2.
    [20:52] P_M We do a bit of exploring in there, find ancient writing in the same language that was written on the Mural so we know we're going the right way. We discover an underground labyrinth that we have to find our way through to lead to Volcarona's Chamber. I figured every good treasure has to have traps and/or puzzles to solve to get to, otherwise they'd have already been found.
    [20:52] P_M If you can think of any other traps/puzzles for us to get through, let me know.
    [20:53] Cloveria Blocks puzzles
    [20:53] Cloveria lol just kidding
    [20:55] P_M So! It takes all five of us to defeat Volcarona since it's really strong and when we do we investigate the sun panel in its chamber. Behind the panel is a stairwell that leads to a room on fire. Put out the fire and sitting on a podium is the key. Queue Zelda item get theme
    [20:55] P_M Da dada daaa!
    [20:56] Cloveria Here you go

    [20:56] P_M We leave the Relic Castle, pretty worn out but luckily we meet a caravan in the Desert Resort who help us out and on to Nimbasa!
    [20:57] P_M Anything we need to do in the Desert Resort/Route 4 while we're in the area?
    [20:59] Tailon Don't think so
    [20:59] Tailon I never really finalized Amity's team
    [21:00] Cloveria Maybe exploring the desert little bit
    [21:00] Tailon If I can I'd like her to work her way towards Latias
    [21:01] P_M I thought lower tier Legendaries were still banned unless Stel approved it
    [21:02] P_M Doesn't mean we can't still work on Amity's sub-plot of working towards Latias
    [21:02] Tailon Yes if it comes up I'd pester him about it
    [21:02] Tailon And it would be hella gorram late into the RP
    [21:03] P_M Yeah considering Latias is in the Dream Yard.
    [21:03] P_M But we can figure that out when the time comes
    [21:05] P_M So in Nimbasa fite gem git bage, I know Shiny wanted to do the Ferris Wheel so we'll just have some fun in the amusement park. I want Shiro to catch Zorua so at some point we'll have to go to Lostlorn Forest. If we decide to seek the key in Abyssal Ruins as our second one then we'll be going in that direction anyway
    [21:11] Tailon At one point in the night at the amusement park the sun will come up inexplicably and a deer will kick a bear in the face
    [21:35] Cloveria Lisa already has the Nimbasa gym badge.
    [21:41] Cloveria So, she just cheer everyone else on
    [21:53] P_M So yeah, that's pretty much as far as I've planned out simply because at that point we have a choice to make: go to Abyssal Ruins or go to the towers in the west then swing back east to Undella Town

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