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Ask to Join The Great Star Empire: Space Rp Sign ups

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Devowa, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. It had been ten years since the war over the Nexus Crystals known as "The Fourth Galactic War" took place and yet to this very day, the Galaxy was still trying to get back on its feet after all the death and poverty that it caused. Now the once Great Star Empire has broken up into three mini empires, each with their own side of the Galaxy to rule, but they are far from minding their own business, they are constantly breathing down each other's necks making sure the others don't get any ideas, a ten year stand off one might say. But now things are changing, while the empire is weak, smaller civilizations have been expanding right under their noses, to the point in which they could become quite a threat to the weakened empires, some are even joining forces, particularly in sector three of the Galaxy. That sector is where your story begins.

    Link to RP https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-great-star-empire-space-rp.20087/

    I welcome you to the RP. This will be a space age themed RP with some Star Wars like elements but taking place in an entirely new Galaxy. Do note though that the people of this world unlike Star Wars do not have things like hyper drive and the force but make up for that with more futuristic weapons, ships and in general just have higher tech like the Nexus Crystals gates which basically functions like a worm hole which they use instead of hyper drives. Anyway, back to it, your story takes place in sector three of spiral arm two, or as pretty much everyone who lives there calls it Saros. It is a large sector of stars and planets that have managed to stay out of most political issues other than the war of course. You are one of the many inhabitants and or visitors of the most populated star system in Saros aka Theistea and it's four round friends. Whether or not you are going to be a hero, trying to save this falling apart world or just be someone that is trying to live their lives is up to you, but I will tell you that this is more of a life story than an epic quest, there is no true main objective. And now it is time for some rules.


    Note: This RP is a little more adult then normal, nothing too much but I would recommend you to be around 13+ for it.
    1. Read and follow the Pokecharms rules.

    2.Please remember some amount of grammar while writing.

    3.Do try to be nice to fellow RPers and no killing their character unless on the rare occasion both sides want the character to die. Like to get out of the RP for some reason.

    4.Don't go overboard with your character, they can have skills, they can have some type of powers but nothing crazy, and if you're worried that your character is a little too strong then add a weakness.

    5.Swearing is allowed but remember you are in different Galaxy I don't think they have many of our curse words, make up your own.

    6.Dating and love is allowed, just don't go too far and if you must get intense just skip over it and hint what happened.

    7.Blood and stuff can happen but same with 6 don't go overboard and start talking about how faces blew off after the explosion.

    8.You can add your own parts to the story just ask me first and if I am okay with it you can add it, it can be something like a home planet or a new species etc.

    9.You can be part of one of the groups, gangs, etc. Do try to make the group at least somewhat story important to your character though.

    10.Make sure not to post one liners, at least three sentences.

    11. You can make whatever species you want in this world humans included, just make sure it is at least somewhat believable and has at least a little backstory.

    Bio/Character sheet.

    (If any. Powers are special and only someone that is chosen or have eared it through some means can have them, you can also have more than one to a max of two)
    Group: (If any, and if so, it can be anything from a gang to one of the planets governments, and no you don't have to be the leader.)
    (Don't forget to add height and weight.)
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: (The planets of Theistea are Huirilia, an earth like planet, Ognuwei, a nature filled planet/tourist trap, Thudouter, a somewhat scummy planet, but also the largest being as close as you can be to a gas giant without being one, and last but not least Boria U9I0, the space station/artificial planet the size of most moons.
    Other: (You don't have to but you can also add your characters sexual orientation on here considering it is entirely possible that some of them could get together in this story.)

    Example. Note. This is not my character they will be revealed later once we get some more people.
    Note two. This is more of a joke example, please put more than this.

    Name: Fredrick Smith
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: Being oh so boring.
    Group: He wishes.
    Profession: Lawnmower.
    Backstory: Fredrick was pulled into the war at the age of 25 but at that point it was almost over, so he was sent back home with only some scratches and bruises from training, he then continued to live the boring life he was used to, little did they know that he had gotten a box of crushed Nexus crystals, (which is basically a portable portal/power source.) That someone had lost in the chaos of a false alarm attack, the box is worth a small fortune, if only he knew that.
    Personality: Do I really need to say.
    Appearance: He is 5 feet 9 inches, weights around a 190 pounds and is so boring looking.
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: He has lived most of his life Huirilia and will continue to for the rest of his life
    Other: Nothing
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  2. Name: Pegasus J.
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Newtype
    Powers: Newtypes have an extremely high degree of focus and spatial awareness, almost a sixth sense.
    Group: N/A
    Profession: Company president of Industrial Illusion
    Backstory: Pegasus was born into a wealthy family, who managed casinos in Theistea. While Pegasus was growing up, he develop his Newtype power which till the age of 14 was ineffective. At the age of 17 Pegasus met Cyndia, the daughter of one of his father's friends. The two fell in love and spent a lot of time together. They would often talk about their dreams, with Pegasus aspiring to be an artist who would travel around the world. They swore to spend their lives together. Shortly after Pegasus turned 20, Cyndia got sick and died also at the age of 20, causing Pegasus to fall into a state of depression. He soon heritage his father’s company Industrial Illusions after his death, when Pegasus turned 22. Pegasus soon developed Solid Vision holograms which during the War help crushed all his competition. When the war was over he found a merchant that had a crystal that caught his eye. Pegasus Persuaded the merchant to sell him to Crystal which,he later used on his Solid Vision.
    Personality: Pegasus is depicted as a well-mannered, yet overly dramatic man obsessed with cartoons, concealing the appearance of a ruthless businessman and gamer, yet man of his word.
    Appearance: He has blonde hair which is sectioned in two layers, with the layer furthest from his face tightly-bound in a ponytail, and he also wears crescent-shaped earrings. His usual outfit consists of a long violet sleeveless II2-designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with black sleeves from his shirt coming out from under. He has extra belts in pairs strapped around his upper arms and shins.
    8 m
    6.168 ft
    74.016 in
    188 cm
    143.3 lb
    65 kg
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: Pegasus was born and raised on Huirilia but,has decided to travel to the other planets.
    Other: Nothing
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  3. Sounds good, A little hard to read on the Solid Vision part, but other than that you're good to go, welcome to the RP.
  4. No problem.
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  5. Here is my Bio.
    Name: Wynd Cynara
    Age: 29
    Species: 3/4 Morticaran, 1/4 Arcrenian; Note that Wynd is unaware of his heritage and believes he is completely Morticaran.
    Powers: Morticarans have no powers, and don’t even look too different from humans, except for having pitch black eyes with no irises or pupils. They also have somewhat webbed fingers and are usually very pale due to living on an ice planet. He has some skin patterns, but they are barely noticable, and those who have noticed haven’t told him. This is because skin patterns are the mark of Arcrenians. Every different family had different patterns, and if only someone knew what they were, they could tell that he was the grandson of a great king of Arcren.
    Group: He is the last remaining Arcrenian in the universe, and is of direct descent from the Arcrenian crown, so technically, he would be heir to the Arcrenian Empire. However, the Arcrenians are dead. As for Morticarans, he is pretty normal, a simple farmer.
    Profession: Farmer
    Backstory: None. He hasn’t done much but farm up until this point.
    Personality: Wynd has a happy and go-lucky outward appearance, but his inside tells him that he is unsatisfied with life. He is pretty good at hiding this.
    Appearance: Basically a pale human with webbed fingers and toes, pitch black eyes, and royal Arcrenian black skin patterns. He is 5’6” and weighs 204 Lbs.
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: Wynd is on Ognuwei in an attempt to purchase new plants to farm.
    Other: The Arcrenian Empire was once one of the largest in the galaxy, but was destroyed when a rebellion broke out and the Kyt, a smaller, tribal group aided rebels to destroy the empire. The nearby Morticaran Republic ignored pleas for help from their allies and watched as the empire burned. This all happened significantly further away from this sector, and very few in Sector 03 actually know about this tragedy, including the other great empires. The Arcrenians were extremely well educated and produced lots of art and relics, which through trade have spread throughout the galaxy, not that anyone knows what they are.
  6. Sounds pretty good to me. Your in!
  7. I forgot to add Gender to the bios as well as mention that the Others: category can have your characters more "personal" things on if the RPer think they should. So yeah now those are there. Just so you guys that have already posted your bios know you don't have to do anything with them unless you chose to.
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  8. Alright guys the RP is up link in the description of the RP, sorry it took so long. Here is my Bio by the way... I know it is long.

    Starla, RedZone
    Etherain. (They are a recently destroyed race, thanks to the war, their empire was once the most powerful single race in the galaxy that was not part of the Galactic Empire. Peaceful and great, the world took a blow when they were destroyed. Records say they were large humanoids mammals with smooth faces that were without a nose, but weirdest of all is that somehow, they were born with cybernetic parts, commonly cybernetic joints, eyes and a helmet that is part of their head, but other than that and their pale gray skin with a few glowing and blinking parts they are as alive as anyone else.
    Etherains can see much farther than most species and can scan things with their cybernetic eyes, they are also slightly stronger than normal. Starla herself has gain the ability to make short lived temporal rifts that can cause a rewind in the motion of anyone to close, this is one of the most dangerous powers ever found.
    Blood Stars
    Profession: Strategist and leader of the Blood Star
    During the last year of the war the planet Aether, (home world of the Etherains,) was attacked by all three sides of the now broken Star Empire for their gigantic supply of Nexus Crystals, during that war Starla wanted to help and was eventually assigned to a military team known as team Blood moon, normally she would be too young to fight being only 17 at this point, but these were desperate times and Starla, they knew from previous stories, was very capable, her team on the other hand did not think so. They did not want a female member with the a body that fit their species idea of a model more than a fighter, but she changed that quickly, she may not be the greatest fighter but she was a master strategist and after managing to save the entire team’s lives with one of the said strategies they began give her a chance and eventually look to her for leadership. The day that all the Empires came at once though was a day no amount of strategy could save, on that day the empire of Etherain fell and Starla’s team was one of the last ones standing, but they were going to lose no matter how you looked at it. During the fight she was separated for the rest of her team that was currently under fire and was going to die, it was in that moment she went out into the gun fight and sacrificed everything to save her team and she did, every single member had been saved but she was too close to a nearby bomb while she was getting everyone out and was dying. By the time her team got her back home and to an emergency room all the doctor could say to her was there was nothing he could do, and she had a few days to live. Starla was determined though and decided to get experimental treatment, which she joked to her team. “Might as well considering it will be the last time it will ever be used.” The treatment was dangerous and involved the over consuming of one of the prime drinks of the Etherain but in its basic liquid form, Nexus Crystals, the basic version is more energy than drink and is not safe, but in this form is can regenerate things to their original state, things that normally could not be healed, but no one had lived through it up till now and it had to be done repeatedly. A few days later and she was still alive, still disabled but alive. While it was a great moment she had nowhere to go, home was destroyed, and she was not in great shape. Starla had lived but had still lost everything and was understandably enraged not to mention the liquid changed parts of her, she now found she had eating problems just to rub it in. She eventually left the solar system and her team followed to her surprise, they were loyal. At first, she had given up, not sure what was left for her and beside the face that she continued to over consume the Nexus liquid out of frustration, (which at this point had no affect on her beside being a little fattening,) she did not do much. Her team one day tired to give her some hope and told her there are other thing she can do, eventually she decided they were right and once she began to try again she found that a lot of people need work done, sometimes thing that required a large team and eventually she started a mercenary gang for it and she named them the Blood Stars in honor of the old team. For almost five years it has been running now and it has multiplied in size tenfold, the Blood Star name is known far and wide as one of the most feared but also best mercenaries in the galaxy. Starla had found a new job and it was not fighting but managing a small empire of businesses and less legal things she was now in charge of and she loved it. Although not many people know who she is, most people think the boss is some painfully average looking businessman of her species, only people that have special business with the Blood Stars get to meet her and they are almost always surprised.
    Starla is one of those people that can be very different depending on who is talking someone she does not know she is very serious with and can be a bit crabby unless you interest her. If you are an enemy she is quite the spitfire and in the words of her allies. “Good luck.” And if you are a friend she can be quirky but sweet and considerate and can be almost motherly. If you have known her for some time and have seen all of these it can be quite odd.
    Starla would be considered beautiful by almost everyone from her world and even some from other worlds. All of her cybernetic parts are painted red, (all of the Blood Stars have that but only her top members and herself have all the parts painted,) and have glowing blue details coming off of them that only she has and are very rare and beautiful, (they got brighter when she began to consume Nexus liquid,), for instance coming off of the sides of her helmet/head are a pair of symmetrical blue glowing blades that go down the sides of her head and stop where her temples would be if she was human, she has many thing like this. Her face like all her people have the weird things like being noses less but unlike her people hers is more rounded than normal and has slightly larger cheeks as well as glowing light blue eyes that look a bit like a mechanical version of space. Definitely her most notable feature is her body which has, “shaped up a bit” since the treatment and her change in appetite, this can be a bit surprising when someone first meets her considering her large she has become and the fact that she keeps it quiet, (her being so rich and having access to pretty much whatever she wants to eat can’t have helped,) but interestingly enough she holds it well and is still just as pretty as she was before just with a far larger stomach. Height: 6’341 feet. Weight: 407.5 lb.
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: Location: Boria U9I0. Her private ship was last seen docked at the space station with her on bored, she seems to be waiting for… Something?
    Other: Her over consumption of the strange liquid is what gave her the ability to make temporal rifts, Nexus crystals do have some control over time space, but how it gave her that power is unknow as well as how she even lived through it. Although it did save her it did not fix her completely she still can not walk around for long with out pain standing up for more than thirty minutes or so in a single day can cause immense pain, so need less to say she prefers to let the work be done by people she is in charge of and she is left to planning and ruling. Not sure if it will ever be used but she is heterosexual.
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bellamy Lightwood
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Krevnaka
    Powers: Increased strength, increased agility, tendrils, and regeneration (The use of the monk means that his blood makes him faster and stronger and he can heal very quickly) The tendrils come from two implants added to his back, they open and close to let the blood form Tendril, and close to stop blood loss.
    Weakness: if dust or dirt gets on his tendrils he has to filter it through his body and out of any cut (he would cut himself to do this) this is time consuming and can take a long time. Also he can't over work himself or he starts to run out of blood to pump around his body and this makes him weak and feeble.
    Group: None (yet)
    Profession: Bodyguard/Hitman for hire
    Backstory: Bellamy was born on Krevnaka and was instantly abandoned and adopted by the Monks of Blood. The monks taught him how Krevnakian blood could thicken and form tendrils outside the body that can attack or restrain an enemy (Similar to what the Venom Symbiote does, but its from his blood), he eventually left the monks and headed to Boris U9I0.
    Personality: Good-hearted and loyal. Can be mischievous sometimes, but is also smart. Very protective.
    Appearance: Humanoid, tall, muscular, brown hair, white eyes and covered in tattoos. He wears a black cloak, white shirt, leather trousers and leather boots.
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: He is on Boris U9I0 looking for work.
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  10. I like him and think you should join but I would like you to add a small weakness to him, he has a bit to many powers for no weakness. For instance my character has a good few powers, one of them being probably one of the strongest powers that the RP world can have but can't walk for long maker her in need of help from others most of the time, your guy is not as bad but I would still like it if you could add a little something to balance him. Thanks.
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  11. Name: Nano Flareweck
    Age: 24
    Gender: female
    Species: A minor underground-dweller race called Sanguinis. They look like human, the only difference is their stronger and slightly longer fangs, which sometimes visible when they open their mouth. Also, they're very pale and sensitive to sunlight. A healthy diet for sanguinis consist of meat, meat and meat. Due to their fangs and their not so popular race, sometime they're mistaken as vampire or other mythical blood drinker creatures. This phenomenon also lead some people to think that sanguinis actually explored the universe earlier than the other races, though considering the race's low technological development, this seems very unlikely.
    Powers: Due to their dark living environment, sanguinis can easily see in the dark, but can can easily blinded by intense light. Other than that they can significantly increase their physical strength, but their blood will be drained when they activate this ability.
    Group: Metaware Corporation
    Profession: Customer Servicer Officer
    Backstory: Nano was born in Zeres, sangunis' capital that is (claimed to be) the biggest underground city in the universe. Their civilization attracted the attention of some people and soon Zeres became a tourist spot. Little Nano earned some extra pocket money by becoming an amateur tour guide.

    She met one particular tourist that interest her, the old human carries various souvenir from lots of places. He proudly explained each item to the curious Nano and for a few minutes their role was reversed. Wooden sculpture, clamp's shell, spinning toy and many other things. All these miscellaneous items charmed her and made her understand how big the universe is.

    At age 19, Nano decided to go up onto the topsoil to live a new life. At first she just planned to explore the planet which she live, but then a series of events (consist of being chased by security guards or something) lead her to exploring the universe itself. She ended up settling down on Huirillia.
    Personality: Nano is the type to act before think. She can be a worrywart, even for strangers. Can easily feels loneliness, this is why she bought a white cat that she named Cupcake.
    Appearance: Nano is a girl of small stature. She consider her auburn hair too stiff and easily messed up, so she rubs some hair conditioner whenever she goes to works, she can't work if she looks like a heavy metal guitarist. Her skin is pale, although she's not as pale as another sanguinis, guess a few years living under the sun(or whatever star) can't erase the genetic effect of living inside the universe's basement for generations. For working, she wears a white shirt topped with black blazer with Metaware written on the back and her name written on the right chest, accompanied by a loose blue rimmed black skirt.
    Reason for being in Theistea and which planet you are on: She lives in Huirillia, renting an apartement and living with Cupcake.
    Other: She likes to drink, but can't stand more than a small amount of alcohol. She's collecting miscellaneous items from various planets and she especially like the bizzare ones, like this small dried bipedal imp floating among green liquid inside a cylinder glass, or this dried coconut-like fruit with a naturally carved face screaming in agony, or- allright, I'll stop. She's bisexual.
  12. Looks good, you're in!
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  13. Shadow_Pup

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    @Devowa could you give me some ideas for a weakness
  14. @Shadow_Pup for weakness. You can start by analyzing the power's cost, limit and effect. Is there something that must be done to activate the power? Is it unusable in certain condition? Or is it made the character weak to the opposite of the power?

    You can also ask some question about the power, it may give you another weakness ideas. Like, if the tendril use blood, would it be contaminated by germs if it used outside the body? What the effect when these dirty blood come back to the bloodstream? What hole the blood coming out from?

    Ayy, that's some idea from me. Hope it helps.
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I edited my bio
  16. Alright the weakness looks good you're in!
  17. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Can I know which two sides are in war (Great Empire and... ) so I can make mine bio because this is cool looking rp
  18. Sorry for the late reply. There was not really two sides, at first it was just a race between all the empires including the Great Star Empire for the powerful Nexus Crystals and who could unlock their secrets the fastest, but as it went on everything began to fall apart and it escalated into a full on galactic war free for all, during it several events caused the Star Empire to split up which was about half way through the war aka five years. If you wanted to make one of the small empires for your character/backstory than go ahead, as long as I approve it you are good to go.
    Hope this helped.
  19. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Well I thought that there were two sides so my character can be pilot on one of them,but no I dunno. I would like to know at least few strongest empires names or I just can imagine name for one

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