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Private/Closed The Great Snowburg Love Festival! {RP}

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by CuteBoi.exe, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    To RP here, please post a character bio here, and have it be accepted:

    Cosmos took a look at the village he just arrived in, and wiped his tired sleep-deprived eye with his paw. "This better be worth it..." He muttered to himself and sighed. He was not himself when he was tired, which he rarely was. He used one of his feelers to hold the handle but he couldn't really drag it through the snow. He stopped, and clamped down on the handle with his mouth, but it didn't really move either. He eventually got the suitcase on the road, sighing.

    He had traveled from far down south, where the weather was always hot and sweaty, so he liked the way the cold nipped at his fur. He didn't like the fact that he was very sleep deprived and had no clue where his hotel was. He looked like a total wreck. He sighed again, and went off into town. Luckily, there wasn't that many people out to see him, it was the late evening, the day before the festival.
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  2. Sam was out on the town. He loved the decorations that were put out every year for the festival. They looked great against the snow and bricks of the buildings. Lantruns ran on a string from building to building. Pokemon from all over loved the feel of the place after all was said and done.

    Sam was out and about. He waited for the perfect time to look at the lights. It just after the sun had set. He had almost ran into a small blue sylveon. They looked a little cold and probably could use some help. He walked over. "Hey my name is Sam. You must be new here. Do you need some help finding anything?"
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  3. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    It took Cosmos a few seconds to realize that Sam was talking to him and not someone else. He turned to face Sam, and let go of his small pink suitcase. "Oh uh... hi!" Cosmos tried to muster strength to talk. "My name's Sam... wait!" He sighed, that wasn't his name! "I'm sorry, I'm really tired. I'm Cosmos. It took all day to get here. Do you know how to get to Cozy Cabins Inn, in town?" Cosmos internally face-palmed himself for acting so stupid, but he was really tired.
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  4. "Of course it is not that far from here. Here let me help you with that." Sam picked up the suitcase and balanced it on his back. As he walked it barely moved. "I will take you there. Just walk with me and we will get you there in no time." Sam thought the little blue ribbon pokemon was very cute. He hoped the guy was into him as well. "So other then the festival what brings you here?"
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  5. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    "Thank you very much." Cosmos followed alongside Sam. "I'd say the usual gimmicky fall in love stuff, but to be honest, it's just really hot and boring where I'm from..." Cosmos sighed. "I thought the festival would be a good break from life, ya' know? Do you live here, or are you also here for the festival?" Cosmos finally noticed all the decorations around town and looked at them in awe. He wondered how long it must take to set up the festival.
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  6. "I have been here for a couple of years now. It has aways been a great place. My parents met here when they were younger. So I have preety much grown up here. Mom and dad always take a trip back here every year or so. They always have the decorations up a week early. It looks great at night. The lights always give off this romantic glow." Sam walked up to a large building that had blue frosted glass. It was more rustic even with the large glass windows in front. "Here we are. If you like I can help you with your bag to your room. I don't mind."
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  7. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    "Yeah, the lights are pretty. Reminds me of my older brother, an Umbreon." Cosmos said. "Oh thank you! It's pretty heavy, its a lot all in one bag. Just wait, I've still got to check in." Cosmos walked inside the inn, which as the name implied, was really cozy. The lobby was a small rustic wood interior with a warm glowing fireplace. There was a counter with an Ampharos standing behind it. Cosmos walked up to him.

    "Aah, hello young lady!" The Ampharos spoke in a English west country accent. Cosmos was too tired to correct him. "Room for two, I see?"
    "No, just one. I already booked. Name's cosmos."
    "Ok, I'll be just one second-" The Ampharos fiddled with something on a computer. "Here you go. Room card, breakfast is at 7:00. Your room is 305."
    "Thanks!" Cosmos responded, and took the room card with one of his feelers.

    Cosmos turned back to Sam. "Okay, 305. There's no elevator of course, so we have to go up three flights of stairs..." Cosmos sighed. "Thanks again, Sam. I'm so jetlagged...." Cosmos pointed with one paw for Sam to go up the stairs.
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  8. Tempest had just gotten to Snowburg- after flying across the sea, he was a bit shaken and his head hurt quite a bit. Of course, it wasn't like he wasn't used to the calming aura of the sea, but flying over it for a few hours had him quite nonchalant. He took a minute to clear his mind- closing his eyes and placing the tip of his tail on his temple. After clearing the blank pit his mind had become after his boring flight session, he looked around. Beautiful decorations lined the stone walls, and the cobblestone path was coated with a thin layer of snow. Lanterns that were hung around gave it an almost home-like feel, despite the fact that Tempest never lived anywhere close to Snowburg at any point in time. Was it always this way, so petite and familiar? Probably so, but it clearly was dolled up for the event.

    Tempest took his time looking around- he was a night owl naturally, his species working in accordance with the moon. He knew where he would be staying, a 'Crestfall Inn and Tavern', from what he had seen while booking. However, a bit of a look around wouldn't hurt. He floated around, luggage in tote via his tail, looking around. Only a few seemed to dwell this late at night, he had seen a Sylveon and Espeon from what it looked like, but they had already left, so he didn't really pay that much attention. A few buildings caught his eye, all of them, in generally, very rustic and simple, nothing like you would see anywhere else. "Stunning." He found himself muttering, stopping to adjust his scarf. Folding it around his neck and allowing a single piece to dangle kept him warm enough in the cold of night. He then re-adjusted his grip on his luggage, before heading off in another direction. Tempest noted a few decorations he hadn't before- the shrubbery had bells strung on them with what seemed to be pink and red string, Tempest expected no less of a Valentine's centered festival. A large row of empty stands lined one of the streets, which would clearly be where people from Snowburg would sell event-related items. After he felt like he satisfied his need for a look, Tempest decided to head to the hotel where he would be staying.

    The Crestfall Inn and Tavern looked rather nice, or at least that's what pictures from the travel booking agency and the up-front look told him. He lightly shook his head, opening the door and politely stopping with his things. He was a bit big for the inn- nothing he couldn't handle, of course. Being a 12, almost 13 foot serpentine, he had becoming used to tight fits. The room he entered was lit up with a pinkish yellow, artificial light, which gave beautiful contrast to the purple, pink, orange, and red decorations that were strewn about. It reminded him of a sunset, in reality. He moved to the counter, in which sat a almost sleep-deprived looking, Kabuki-Trimmed Furfrou. "How may I help you, sir?" The Furfrou spoke, in a shaky and toned voice that matched her first appearance.

    "Hi. I know it must be a rough night, sorry about barging in so late." He began, lightly chuckling at himself. The Furfrou pushed up the glasses on her face, laughing lightly in response. "It's no problem- it's always busy when it comes time for the Festival. Thanks for the concern, though." The Furfrou smiled, typing lightly on a laptop. "Name, if I may?" The Dragonair then straightened himself, clearing his voice. "Tempest. I made my booking in advance." The Furfrou nodded, typing some more, before turning.

    "Got it. Your room 113. You're lucky you don't have to do a long trip up the stairs." The Furfrou ran a paw under her ear, lifting it before turning to a drawer. "Here's your key. Have a good time here, m'dude." The Furfrou said, oddly monotone-like for a positive phrase. She had pawed the key out of the drawer, extending that paw so that Tempest could take it. "You enjoy your time too." Tempest said, taking the key and lightly waving to the Furfrou before tugging his luggage upstairs.
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  9. "305 has a nice view of the frozen lake. It looks spectacular during the day. The sun shines right on thw snow and frozen water. It just sparkles. I love the view from up high." Sam walked alongside of Cosmos. He really did not want their conversation to end. He really did enjoy his time with the other guy.
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  10. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    "That must be very beautiful." Cosmos responded. He also seemed to enjoy the conversation, even though he was cranky and really tired. "I wonder what the town looks like at night during the festival. I heard the stalls stay open late." The two finally reached the third floor after quite a few steps. "Sheesh, that's some stairs..." Cosmos muttered, out of breath. "My rooms right here." They stopped in front of a wooden door with the golden numbers, 305 on it. Cosmos swiped the card with a feeler, and pushed the door open with his paws and stepped inside. "You can just put the bags there or something." Cosmos said and pointed his paw, before collapsing face down on the one queen sized bed.
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  11. Aisa was very busy that night. Her job at the restaurant, the Ice Cube Café, was normally busy, but with the Festival coming up tons of people were flooding into town. So the Glaceon was super busy serving the customers, and it had been a long night. She took a minute to step outside and cool off, since it was kept a cozy temperature inside and the kitchen was hot and she didn’t like hot temperatures for long periods of time. She sat outside the restaurant, looking at the stalls and the lights. She began to sing softly to herself.

    Oh, holy night, the stars are brightly shining... till he appear, and a da da da da...”
    (I forgot the lyrics lol)

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  12. Sam sat the bags on the dresser. He looked over at the the guy he helped find his way. He really would like to see him again. Well there is always the festival tomorrow. Sam walked down the three flights of stairs and walked past the reception desk.

    Sam took his time walking home. It was beautiful night. The moon was high the sky. The decorations made the place feel festive, yet just like home to him. He loved the way the town just came to life before his eyes.
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  13. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    Cosmos eventually got up out of bed and realized Sam left. Cosmos enjoyed the conversation with Sam and felt a tad bit lonely without him there. He shook it off and started to unpack. He didn't really have much. He didn't wear scarves or anything because of his feelers. Really, it was just a phone and a laptop, food (which he ate on the way there) and other small personal belongings. Once he did that, he turned off all the lights and flopped on the bed. Cosmos fell asleep almost instantly from the long day of travelling. He was looking forward to the festival.
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  14. Eros absolutely couldn’t stand the cold, and at this time of year, the Snowburg Love Festival was nearly the only thing that got him outside. His village was only a short travel away from Snowburg, and with nothing else better to do, Eros made it a habit to attend. That, and because a certain friend of his would practically blow a a gasket if he stayed inside all winter.

    “Honestly, Eros,” the Servine had said. “A little cold shouldn’t keep you shut up at home all winter, the loneliness is sure to kill you one of these days!” The snakelike Pokémon was being sarcastic, but Eros always agreed to go with her anyway. It seemed to make her happy, and he always enjoyed the festivities enough to warrant going.

    Now, the pair of Pokémon entered Snowburg after their travels, and Lacy the Servine tugged eagerly at the Hakamo-o’s scarf, leading him through the town. “We absolutely have to make a stop at the Ice Cube Café! I’m practically a regular there!” Eros rolled his eyes at this, she had only been to the shop a few times before; but he said said nothing as she pushed him inside the Café.

    Lacy wasted no time getting in line, and began tapping her foot impatiently. “Ugh. This is ridiculous! We are on a schedule for goodness’ sake!” She switched her tail haughtily. Eros took his spot in line beside her, and waited quietly. He didn’t mind the line, since it meant less time in the cold.
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  15. As the two new customers walked in, Aisa followed them. She needed to get back to work. She trotted back to the kitchen, where the Flareon who was the head chef was waiting.

    “Aisa, hurry up, we need these meals out there quickly.”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    Aisa walked over and got the trays balanced on her back. She trotted over to the swinging doors in and out of the kitchen, and pushed them with her head. They swung open and she trotted over to the table she was supposed to deliver the meals to. She dropped them off with a smile, then walked up to the front counter to help seat people at their tables. After one or two or three trips, the Servine and Hakamo-o were next in line for a table.

    “Right this way!”

    She smiled and walked towards a table that was set up for two.
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  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alef felt the bitter cold nipping at his fur. He hated it. He hated it so much. He was not used to this sort of weather, and he was a Grass-type, meaning that the cold was harsher to him. He shivered as he walked through the street. He wished that he knew the streets better. Of course, that was impossible due to the fact this was the first time he was there. At least he had a scarf, hat, and winter boots. It didn't help much, but the cold was held off of the areas that had these pieces of clothing. He padded in the streets, hoping that he would soon find is a hotel.
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  17. Colin shivered lightly as he walked toward the town of Snowburg, he put his hands on the ends of is cloak and held them to make sure it stayed wrapped around his body. "Thank you for the recommendation, sis." He muttered to himself before he looked up and smiled at the decorations on the houses, he had heard that this place was a lot more special at this time of the year as the town was known to help many people find their other half. Although he wasn't too bothered about finding one so soon, his sisters insisted he go out there and at least try.

    Colin laughed faintly at the nostalgia before he checked the time. "Huh, it's later than I thought... damn timezones..." he said to himself before he looked around to try and find a cafe to warm up, one place that caught his interest was a place known as the 'Ice Cube Café' an ironic name for a place about warming people up; perhaps the founder liked ironic names or was an Ice Type... or both.

    "Here we go." Colin whispered to himself before he put is bag over his shoulder and began to step into the cafe. The second the door opened, he was quickly met with a blast of warm air, of course he closed it quickly as to make sure as little cold air entered as possible.
  18. -Ice Cube Café- @RenzFlintrock

    Eros and Lacy followed the Glaceon to their table, and took their seats. The Servine took no time in ordering:

    “The usual!” Eros chuckled apologetically at that, their poor server likely didn’t know what her usual was.

    “Erm- “ the Hakamo-o leaned over to the Glaceon and whispered. “I think what she means is a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and whipped cream on the side. I’ll have the same thing, please.” Eros sighed, this wasn’t uncommon. Lacy had a tendency to order vague items like the “off-menu special”, or “the usual” everywhere they went.
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alef saw a building. It was named The Ice Cube Cafe. He never liked cafes due to how busy they were, however, he would make an exception for a few minutes of warmth and a chance to get some hot chocolate. The freezing Leafeon smiled at the idea and entered, the warmth of the building renewing his energy. He shook the snow from his yellow pelt and entered the line, hoping to also get some institutions to his hotel.

    Ravoni stood in the line of The Ice Cube Cafe, watching for any Pokemon that she could take advantage of. This was just her way of living. She was a pretty Pokemon, to her at least, and she always had a way with words. She had a feeling that she could easily manipulate some Pokemon here. The shiny Meowstic smiled at this thought.
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  20. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    Cosmos was asleep for a bit, but woke up and couldn't manage to go back to sleep. He felt... lonely? He turned on the lights and realized it wasn't really late at all. It was only around 9:00pm. How did he fall asleep? He decided to go back out into town. He had some energy now. The only place that was open this late was the Ice Cube Cafe.

    After making it down the stairs again and out the door, he looked at his phone, just a normal phone with a blue and pink cover, for directions. He liked having feelers to hold things while walking. Anyways, he made it to the cafe and it was pretty packed for this late. He opened the door and stood inside to wait to be served.

    (sorry I got RP fomo lol)
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  21. Aisa looked confused at first, trying to decide whether she meant what everyone usually ordered or HER (the Servine’s) usual. She nodded and walked to the back with the order. While they were getting it poured out she trotted back to the counter and seated a few more people, including a Gallade, a Leafeon, a Meowstic and a Sylveon. She told them as she seated them at their respective tables that she would be with them in a moment. She rushed back to the kitchen and got the hot cocoa orders for the Servine and Hakamo-o, and then headed to the Gallade.

    “Sorry for the delay, how may I help you this evening?”
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  22. Colin smiled and nodded at the Glaceon before he moved to one of the empty tables and sighed with slight exhaustion, as he walked, he lightly shook of whatever tiny bits of snow landed on his cloak before he sat down. After he patiently waited for a few minutes, he smiled and turned his head to the Glaceon. "Hi there, think you can hit me up with just a plain hot chocolate please? No marshmallows, thanks." He requested with a smile before he looked around. "You've certainly got your paws full." He joked lightly to try and reassure the Glaceon about the work she had to deal with.
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  23. “Yes, I do... I’ll be right back with that Hot Chocolate.”

    She said with a smile. Aisa trotted back to the kitchen, gave the order, then hurried back out. She stopped at the table where the Sylveon was, and smiled.

    “Good evening. How may I help you?”
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  24. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    Cosmos looked around at the cozy interior and waited to be served until Asia appeared. "Good evening," Cosmos responded. "Can I just have a small english breakfast tea (I'm going to assume that exists in the Pokemon World) with milk, and a tea cake (What? I had to!), please?" Cosmos never had hot chocolate but didn't want to try it now, so he just had tea.
  25. “Coming right up.”

    Aisa walked back to the kitchen and dropped off the order. She also brought back the Hot Cocoa for the Gallade. Then she headed over to the table with the Leafeon.

    “Hi, sorry for the delay. What can I get for you?”
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  26. Eros happily helped himself to his hot chocolate. As Lacy had promised, it was delicious, and the service was incredibly fast as well. But the Servine seemed a bit...distracted.

    “So,” she looked at the Hakamo-o across the table, a sly smile creeping across her face. “Do you think you’re going to find a date at the festival this year?”

    Eros nearly choked on his hot chocolate. “W-What?” He coughed. “I...I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. Why do you want to know?”

    “Oh, Eros.” She shook her head, and sighed. “I’ve let you get away with going alone for far too long. It’s called the Love Festival, honey. Meeting someone is part of the holiday!”

    “I’m just fine with being alone...” He added, softly.

    “You’re going to at least make an attempt.” She insisted. “Even if nothing comes of it, it won’t hurt you to approach a ‘mon or two. Introduce yourself, make a good impression.” She took a sip of hot chocolate. “I have plans of my own, anyway. I can’t have you glued to my side the whole time.” Eros couldn’t argue with that. He resigned himself to try to wait it out. If luck was on his side, she’d forget about this whole thing by morning.
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Umm, uh," Alaf studdered, "I-I guess I will go with the hot chocolate. If that isn't any trouble! A-also could I please have some marshmallows with it as well, again if it isn't and trouble." He looked down at his paws, remembering why he hated these types of places. He was never good at communicating with other Pokemon face to face. He was much better with digital communication, without hearing a voice. He had tons of friends! He just never met them for real before and they only know each other through websites. When he could use a computer.
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  28. Aisa smiled.

    “That’ll be no problem at all. We make the cocoa in large batches. And it’s pretty easy to sprinkle the marshmallows.”

    She trotted off to the kitchen, dropped off the order, brought the Sylveon’s order, and then headed over to the Meowstic. By this time she was panting slightly. There were a lot of orders to keep up on.

    “Good evening. What can I get for you?”
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  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ravoni looked at Aisa and gave her an athouratoric look. "I would like a blueberry muffin, warmed but not hot, some hot cocoa with marshmallows, whip cream, and sprinkles. Don't forget the sprinkles. That is all," she ordered in her snobby voice, folding her napkin over her lap giving the impression of one that came from the higher class. She enjoyed making herself seem more important than others, it made her feel powerful. The prissy Meowstic glanced back at her table and picked up her magazine again.
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  30. The air of importance worked on Aisa. She did her best to remember the complex order and dashed off to the back again. She dropped off the order, picked up the Leafeon’s drink and brought it to him.

    “Here you go! Marshmallow Hot Chocolate!”
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  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Thank you," Alaf said, "Um, hey before you go, can you please give me directions to Snowbush Inn? I'm kinda lost. If you are busy, you don't have to answer me!" He looked down at his paws again. He hoped that the busy Glaceon could help him a little before she went back to work. The shy Leafeon shifted his paws as he glanced at the hot chocolate.
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  32. "Thanks!" Colin said with a smile as he decided to be nice and leave a little tip on the table for the Glaceon to collect. He picked up his mug of hot chocolate, blew on it lightly and began to take a sip from it. "Sweet Arceus, that's so much better." He whispered to himself before he took a slightly bigger sip.
  33. Aisa smiled.

    “Sure! It’s just down the road and to the left. There should be a sign in case you get lost. It’s about a block down.”

    She went back to the kitchen to get the order for the Meowstic. She dropped it off, hoping the chefs hadn’t messed up in any way and that the Meowstic wouldnt yell at her.
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  34. Eve strolled into the cafe, taking in the glorious scents. She didn't feel like talking to anyone at the moment, so she simply went up to the counter and waited for her turn.
    She adjusted her small blue scarf, snow falling onto the floor when she moved it.
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  35. Aisa took the opportunity to move away from the Meowstic and went to the counter. There she found an Eevee.

    “Right this way, please.”

    She walked over to one of the few empty tables, and motioned for the Eevee to take it. She hurried away to the back for a moment, then came back out with a pouch on. She walked over to the Gallade’s table to check on him, then continued to visit the tables and make sure nobody needed anything and collecting money for the meals if the people were done.
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  36. qlovers

    qlovers Previously pæstella

    Strolling down the town of Snowburg, Phoenix looked around, shivering slightly. Being a fire-type, she wasn't really used to cold weather, especially snow. Jeez, well this is great, she thought, but after a second, she beamed brightly, realising that things could be worse. She paced confidently inside the café and went up to the counter to wait in line behind the Eevee.
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  37. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    "Ainsley, we're not having this conversation." A Flareon spoke monotonously, sitting across a table from a Leafeon in the Ice Cube Cafe. They'd already been served and were taking their time, just enjoying the warmth before heading back out to their hotel.

    "I'm just saying, Pepper. You're so shut off from everyone, and now is the perfect time to get yourself out there!" The Leafeon, Ainsley, spoke softly, promptly taking a sip from his tea.

    "No." The Flareon, Pepper, answered firmly. "We're here for you, not me. I'm just the walking space heater for your chilly little leaf buns. Kay? Kay. Moving on."

    Ainsley chuckled a bit at the way Pepper worded his thoughts, but sighed in resignation. "Alright, we'll see how it goes tomorrow, when the festival begins. You never know." With that, Ainsley looked around the cafe, seeing how many more customers had entered since they'd gotten there. He could feel the casual happiness floating around from everyone, and suddenly honed in on a jab of worry. He followed it to a Sylveon, struggling to pay his bill. He felt bad for the guy.

    "I'll be right back." He told Pepper, then padded his way to the Sylveon, a prominent limp in his steps. "Hey there. I suppose you're new, right? Need some help?" Pepper rolled his eyes from where he sat. 'That boy is just way too nice for his own good.' He thought with a sigh.
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  38. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    Cosmos turned to the Leafeon with a slight red tinge on his white cheeks. "I uh... forgot my wallet in my room." He scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed gesture. "I reeeally need to buy a bag or something" He muttered to himself.
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  39. Aisa looped around to the front desk to get the Braixen and bring them to a table. Most of the people were leaving, or preparing to leave at this point, and Aisa was glad. She was getting super tired, and wished she could go back to her house and sleep. It was about 9:30 now, so they would stop serving now. The restaurant closed at 10:00, and hopefully she would be home by 10:30. She had been collecting money in her pouch from all the different people leaving, and she visited some of the last few remaining to get their payments. In between trips she went back to the Eevee.

    “Hi, may I take your order?”
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  40. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Ainsley smiled at the flustered pokemon. "Hey, no worries. It happens. Here, I've got it this time around." He pulled out some change, including a nice tip for the ever busy Glaceon taking all the orders on her own. He sat it down on the table gently. "Name's Ainsley. You here for the festival tomorrow too?"

    Pepper sat at the table, bored, twirling his straw around his mug with one hand and resting his head on the other. 'This is stupid, why am I even here?' He thought, regretting his life choices that lead him to this point. His mood was starting to spiral again.
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