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The Great Eevee Escape

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eeveechu151, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. (Open to submissions.)
    Eevee was scared. The scary people had taken it away from home and had hurt it when it didn't do what the bad people wanted. It wanted to leave, but it couldn't. Now the bad people were putting weird liquid inside it. It wanted to leave. "Stand still, now. It'll just hurt for a second." Eevee couldn't stop them. It saw something. The liquid was made of Evolution Stones, but they put a collar with Everstones on Eevee. It felt weird. Like it was evolving, but it couldn't. It was scared.
    (It's up to you to decide how Eevee escapes with the fluid. Good luck!)
  2. When the people with the Normal-type left, it gave the fox-like Pokemon a chance to escape. There was a small hole in the cave that the Eevee had been placed in after they had put the stuff inside of it. The hole was just big enough for the tiny Pokemon to get through. Through the hole was a forest filled with trees, brushes, and lots of other things. It would be a perfect place to escape to, to hide from the mean humans with and be a normal, wild Eevee.
  3. Eevee was brought into a different room filled with Pokemon, and placed in a box. A Cay-g, as they called it. Suddenly, Eevee shook in fear as another Pokemon was brought into the room. It was a Squrtle. The Pokemon was struggling. "No! Don't fight them! They hurt you if yo-" ZAP! The tiny turtle Pokemon was shocked by the human invention. They called it a Taz-a. Eevee didn`t know much, but it knew Brother Jolteon could hurt Brother Vaporeon more than he could hurt him. Eevee saw a Pokemon across the room, but could only make out a star.
    (BTW Thunder-, what type of Pokemon is Star? A Vulpix, I'm guessing? And can you envolve her in this scene?)
  4. (Sure thing. I don't recall puting Star into this RP though. Huh. Oh well. What sort of Pokemon do you want her to become? I don't want it to be one you won't like.)

    The Water-type Pokemon was then taken to one of the other cages and thrown in. One of the humans said something about doing experiments on the turtle. Said experiments would begin shortly. A form moved in the place the Eevee had seen the star. Inside, was a small Fire-type Pokemon.

    After a little bit, the odd feeling of evloving came again for the Eevee. This time however, she WAS evloving. Into what, she didn't know as of yet.
  5. (Oh wait... Doh. I thought you were talking about a different Pokemon.)
    Suddenly, Eevee BURST into a Jolteon, and SMASHED through the cay-g. "Come on, i'm ready to... fight?" Eevee had a strange sensation, an urge to battle. "What? Troops, take down Ex-V9."
  6. (I didn't see this until now, oops! Can I still join?)
    Lying, unconscious, in another cage was a small Pokémon slumped in a heap on the floor. She seemed to be asleep, or at least that's what they hoped. In fact, they hadn't seen her move in at least a whole day. How long had she been there, anyway? What kind of tests were being done on her? All these questions swirled around them as they watched her unmoving shape.
  7. (It's okay. No worries!

    I think you'd have to ask Eevee on that one, Eon.)

    The other shadowy Pokemon glanced over at the un-moving shape. Was the Pokemon there okay? Alive even? There was no telling. Not until she moved, if she did. He hoped that the other did. He didn't want to see anyone be killed by these cruel humans and their Pokemon. Maybe if he called out he'd get a reply? It was worth a shot.

    "Hey? Are you okay?"
  8. (Ok, until then I hope you guys don't mind that I'm here. I'm sure I can join, but better to be sure.)
    The Pokémon didn't move. She didn't think the voice was talking to her. No one ever did, so would that voice? But... No! No one has ever noticed you before, except for those wretches, so why would they? Because they're being tested, just like me. Maybe... NO, they won't! They haven't, and they never will! You should know that by now. She tried to drag herself further into the shadows of her cage, knowing that if anyone else saw her they'd be horrified, but squealed with pain and fell back into a heap on the floor of the cage, shivering.
  9. (I'm sure you can as well, though just in case and all that.)

    The Pokemon's ears perked up at the cry of pain the other Pokemon had gave. She was hurt, that was easy to tell now. Maybe that was why she wasn't moving to begin with. She would be in pain if she did. What had happened to her? What sort of things had the humans done to her?

    (Also, I'd say to space out what you typed a bit. Make it easier to read. Like this:

    No!No one has ever noticed you befored, except for these wretches, so would they?

    Because they're being tested, just like me. Maybe...

    NO, they won't! They haven't, and they never will! You should know that by now.

    Though, you can do it however you wish. This way just makes it a bit easier to read. Sorry about that Eon.)
  10. (Oh, and, um, quick warning, I may sometimes write really long mini-paragraphs. ;) :p)

    The little shadow, still shivering, turned her head just enough to see around her. Her eyes grew huge with a mixture of shock and terror and her fur stood up. There were other cages around her, each with different Pokémon in them. They put me back here alone because I am hideous. She thought. The others would kill me themselves if they saw me, and they want to keep me for more experiments. That's why I'm back here alone. Then another thought occurred to her: Which of these Pokémon was the one who called to me?
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  11. (That's okay. ^^.)

    The Pokemon waved a paw, trying to let her know who had called out. As he saw her looking around, it was only right to do so. And there were lots of Pokemon in cages around them too. So, he understood that she would looking around, wondering who had called out. Though, he saw the shock and terror in her eyes. What was wrong? It wasn't like he was going to hurt her, it wasn't like he could anyway, beining in his cage and all.
  12. (It's an unintentional habit sort of thing: I don't mean to, but it happens. It makes me think I might be a good writer, but I'm not original enough to think of a story. Life sometimes, right?)

    She relaxed slightly when she saw one of the Pokémon wave to her. He must be the one who called to me. I wish I could wave or say something back... She smiled at him, her muzzle only just visible in the light that entered her cage.
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  13. (Yes, exactly. It does make you a good writer. Take it from another writer herself. XD.)

    At least she knew who called out now. The Pokemon moved a bit closer to the bars of the cage, trying to get a better look at the Pokemon that was in the shadows. What one was she? He was a Pikachu, only different than normal one. Fur wise and typing. Was whatever this Pokemon was, different than normal ones of her kind as well? He also wondered why she hadn't spoken back. Maybe she couldn't... Maybe she was just scared to. There was really no telling.
  14. (I can write a universe-load of fan fiction, but when it comes to originality? 0% here.)

    She shied away a bit, only her brown fore paws and black nose visible in the light. She wanted to meet the Pikachu, but what if he was scared of her? Besides, she was too weak to move much at all. Even if she had wanted to, she couldn't've shown her full appearance.

    (BTW I just saw where you suggested I spaced out my text. I'll keep that in mind next time, thanks for pointing it out. If it's easier to read then I'd be glad to fix it.)
  15. (Oh god, yes. I understand. I'm a fanfiction writer myself, though I have come up with things that are my own, and not part of a fandom. Not a lot though..)

    The mouse blinked when he saw her brown paws and a black nose. So, she was some sort of four-legged Pokemon from the look of it. What Pokemon had a black nose and brown paws? A Vulpix, right? Maybe that was what she was. Though, he'd see when she was ready. He wasn't going to bother her to push her to show herself. She'd do so when she was ready. If she ever was. He couldn't blame her for it either, not after what the humans had done.

    (It's alright. You can write however you want to. It just makes it a bit easier to read, and not like a wall of text, and it spaces out that someone else is talking, or thinking in this case? Both? Well, you get the idea.)
  16. (I've had a couple of ideas, but they're either too boring or narrow or cliche. It's kinda hard to find original things to write about, unless some people who can just think of new stuff like that all the time. I envy them.)

    Suddenly, something ripped through her entire body: pain and exhaustion. She collapsed on the floor of her cage, cutting off any noise she had been hearing.
    Oh, those stupid humans! I was going to try to make friends with that Pikachu, but now-
    How many times do I have to tell you? No one will ever be friends with you! You said it yourself: you're hideous. Why would anyone want to be your friend?
    You don't know anything about them! Maybe they're different, and more excepting of differences than you.

    The only downside to being unconscious was an could still hear that voice in her head...
  17. (I understand. I really do.)

    The Pikachu winced when he heard the thud the other Pokemon had made as she fell onto the ground of the cage. It sounded rather painful. The mouse perked his ears, as he had pinned them back to the loud sound the cage had made, and listened for movement. Other Pokemon had turned around to see what had made the loud noise in the cage that was beside and behind them. When no movement came, the Pikachu grew worried for the other. What had the humans done to her?
  18. (OOC: Yes, you can join. I like to have up to eight people on my RPs)
    ZAP! In the next room, sounds of a battle were heard. Soon, a worn-out Jolteon was struggling against five men and two Graveler. "LET ME GO!" Suddenly, it changed into an Umbreon, and bit all of them. "Take down Ex-V9 at all costs!" Eevee knew it had to act. Suddenly, It realized how it could change forms. Emotions! Eevee knew sister Espeon would be useful now, so she calmed herself down, and changed to Espeon. Psychic! Soon, all of the cages in tthe room flew open. Then Eevee remembered the Squrtle and, changing to Jolteon again, chased after it.
  19. (Makes sense. I mainly like one-on-one RPs. It's easier to reply, and people don't get left behind.)

    The Pikachu turned towards the sounds that were coming in from the back. What in the world was going on back there? When the cage door flew open, the electric mouse quickly ran out of it. He looked back at where he saw the other Pokemon. He couldn't just leave her here. He quickly went to the back cage where he saw the Pokemon from before, and quickly tried to get her out. They needed to go before the humans came due to all the chaos that was going on with Pokemon running around, trying to save their friends, family, or just escape.
  20. Eevee found the Squrtle unconscious and took it back to the main room. "Hang on, you'll be oka- oh no." Eevee was cornered by the men, and realized they had big green G's on their shirts. "Surrender." said one of the men. Eevee wasn't sure what the word meant, but it was something she didn't want to do. Dashing through, he spied a Pikachu trying to get to get to a cage. "Wait, have I seen you before?"
  21. (Hooray! I generally like RPs with 2-4 people, not too big or small.)
    The Pokémon, unable to help move herself, let herself be dragged from the cage.
    What will this Pikachu think when he sees what I am? I may look like an Eevee, but my tails- what if he's scared and doesn't know what to do with me? He may carry me out of here, but what then? What if he leaves me? I'll surely die or be brought back in here.
  22. (That's true.)

    The Pikachu made his way over to where the other Pokémon was. Once he was close enough, he saw that the other was an Eevee. Though, there seemed to be something different about her though. It appeared that she had more than one tail, almost like a Vulpix did or a Ninetales. The Electric-type didn't really care in all honestly. She was a Pokémon just like him, and she needed help and to be set free as well. Tail aglow with Iron Tail, he swung it around, hitting the lock on the cage, trying to get it open so the fox Pokémon could get out.

    "Don't worry, I'll have you out soon!" he told her. I hope anyway...

    Once he got her out, he headed off towards one of the exits in the building, glancing back to see if she was following or not.
  23. (I should draw this multi-tailed Eevee I am using for this.)

    The Eevee hybrid, unable to follow (she's still unconscious), simply lay in the cage, unmoving except for her sides as she breathed in and out. I hope he realizes I can't move right now... It's the humans' fault I'm like this...
  24. Eevee looked at the other Eevee, pondering.
  25. (Eevee chu? Can I join?)

    An Umbreon burst from the cages.

    "Finally free!" he cackled crazily as he tackled the imprisoners.

    His eyes glowed as he sapped more power from the guards.

    He saw an Eevee looking hybrid with more tails then usual, and he saw that she wasn't moving.

    He quickly fended off some more gaurds and grabbed her with his muzzle and shot a large ShadowBall at the illegal breeding center door as it busted open and warm twilight air flowed into the room.

    He carried her some distance away, still holding on gently with his mouth on the scruff of her neck, like a dog would to a puppy.

    Once he though he was a safe distance away he jumped into a tree and curled up around the hybrid and fell asleep in an abandoned HootHoot nest...
  26. The Eevee-esque creature stirred slightly, slowly lifting her head and blinking her eyes as she looked around. She immediately realized she wasn't in the lab anymore and felt a mixture of joy, shock, and fear- was she safe, or had someone else kidnapped her?
  27. The awoke to the feeling of something nudging his fore paw.

    He sat up groggily, the little Eevee sitting in his lap as he leaned against the tree and yawned.

    "Ohh... Your awake... I got a it worried there..." He said sleepily.

    He noticed blood on his paw.

    Then noticed the corresponding spot on her head.

    He gently licked clean the matted area of fur...
  28. The little Eevee hardly noticed at first- she was still only semiconscious due to the medications still at work inside her. She eventually realized another being was beside her- an Umbreon, at least from what she could see. Was he in there, too? She wondered. Did he save me? Are we safe now?
  29. "Oh she must still be on the x-formula"he thought out loud as he curled back up around her trying to keep her warm, since it was quite chilly in the morning air.

    The cut was still bleeding a little bit so every now and then he would lick it to stop it from matting her fur.
  30. She snuggled up against him while the formula slowly wore off. After nearly an hour, when the effects had fully worn off, she looked up to see her new companion with bright, shining eyes. "Hello." She greeted him.
  31. He felt her nestle deeper into her fur he smiled as he held her a bit closer.

    ~A hour later...~

    He woke up to the bright eyes of the Eevee. As she Greated him, tail swishing.

    He sat up again. "Oh, your awake..." He said softly as he wrapped his tail around her frail body scooping her up gently.

    "Don't worry, I won't bring you back there, I'm so sorry, I tried to stop them from doing it, but they beat me, and modified my DNA..." he said guiltily as he remembered trying to stop the gang members from giving her a large dose of Formula-X which could of turned her into a vegetable, or killed her.

    (I fluff/snugly moments like this in RPs and in Fancition)(@DarkMoon12 )
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  32. She smiled for a moment before her gaze turned questioning. "Wait, so you were in there, too? It's so horrible in there! I'm so glad we're out now." She said, shuddering as she thought about the place.
  33. "I'm so sorry..." he muttered under his breath...

    "Yes I think most of us got out though..." He said hopeful.

    He heard some voices.

    "Here...quick" he said as he gently grabbed her and pulled her in close to his stomach as he curled up around her, before glowing softly and becoming transparent like glass, obstructing the Eevee from veiw as the illegal breeders walked by with there nets.

    (@DarkMoon12 )
  34. The little Eevee, concerned, held her breath as they passed them. That's a cool trick! Can all Umbreon do that, or is it because of the tests? She wondered curiously as they waited for them to pass.
  35. The Umbreon let out his breath as the illusion faded...

    He grabbed at the small Eevee, almost dropping her when he uncurled himself.

    He managed to bring her back into the nest.

    He sighed relieved, hoping that he wouldn't have to use his Ability a lot, since it made him feel really tired.
  36. The Eevee panted in its hiding place. It and the Squrtle had barely gotten out of the fortress. Eevee saw some other Pokemon by a tree.
  37. Again he noticed her breathing become slower again,and not wanted to smother her, he sat up and had her sleep in his lap...

    He looked down at the other Pokemon skittishly...

    "What do you want!?" he yelled protectively.
  38. The Eevee ran back into the bushes, scared.
  39. He growled protectivley at the intruder...

    He didn't know what the pokemon wanted, but he was will into to get hurt to save her no matter what, just like the promise he had made her before the tests...
  40. Noticing how tired he was afterward, she silently prayed that he wouldn't have to do it again. If it made him so tired after just once, it could be dangerous if used multiple times in a short timeframe.

    She turned at the sound of his voice yelling at someone. She didn't see clearly what it was, but it seemed to be som sort of Pokémon that ran back into the bushes nearby.

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