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The grand tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Black Wolf, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. As you are walking down the road a Delibird lands infront of you, pointing at its bag it hands you a note

    Greetings trainer

    I have heard many great things about you, this is why I would like you to join my tournament. Only the best of the best of the best are allowed to join.
    If you are interested to join write your name on this note, and the cöordinates for my private island will will be send to you.

    Until the day of the great tournament, trainer. ​

    As you decide to join, you write your name on the note and hand it to the Delibird.

    At that time on an island on in an unknow location, a man stands infront of a great machine.

    He inserts something in a diskdrive, then he turns to the computer screen, a lot of scribling appears on the screen.
    After the man presses the enter button, at the right side of the machine a egg bursts out of it, hatching on the spot, a small ball appears out of the egg, then a few minutes later a completly black Nidoking is standing at the spot of where the ball was.

    The man starts talking to the Nidoking,"You are my creation, You shall do my bidding and crush does who oppose you.". The Nidoking lets of a rour before dissolving into thin air.

    "Failed again, it looks that its not just the DNA of a strong pokémon i need but also that of pokémon raised by a strong trainer, it looks that it wasent such a bad idea to hold this tournament"

    This is my first RP, if the part above dident make any sence to you, this man has created a machine that lets him create perfect pokémon, he has organised a tournament to test his invetion, but the last attempt that failed he will use DNA of the pokémon of the competers.

    C&C is welcome, but PM me if you want to join
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