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Open The Grand Hotel!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DoingforYou, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. 1. No Cursing.
    2. this is a romantic RP Don't just find ur love straight away.
    3. No Fakemon

    Zekred Pyroar is the man who said to himself " Lets Build a Hotel." He hired 30,000 hundred builders to work on it. After 5 Year of building it finnaly was built. The Son of Zekred, Chase Pyroar has invited you to his Grand hotel for a Month and 3 Weeks. So Enjoy!
  2. Name:Spok
    Personality: protective,Friendly,Really like fights

    "so.......... this is the grand hotel?" he said looking the Hotel looking impressed "wow with sure this hotel Took a long time to be built" he said entering on the hotel
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  3. "Hello." Said the Marril " No need to pay." "Your room is 643." "Enjoy!"
  4. Name: Aura
    Gender: Female
    Species: Bayleef
    Moveset: Aromatherapy,Heal pulse, Razor leaf and majical leaf
    Likes: Being friendly, being honest, Castelia cones and berries
    Dislikes: Lying, Pokemon that destroy her berries wet pecha cereal and mean pokemon
    Personality: Friendly, Hotheaded, Skeptical, Protective and Calm
    Bio: She is a rich pokemon that almost gives a tip to anyone

    "Wow.. They really put hard work here" she said as she entered the hotel looking at surroundings "I should give them money for spending 5 years building this"
  5. "Welcome" Said the Marril as he was on his Rotom Computer. "No need to pay" Marril swipped the Key down the desk into Aura's hands.
    Here are my characters:
    Name: Dan
    Gender: Male
    Species: Umbreon
    Moveset: Dark Pulse, Last Resort, Guard Swap, Hyper Beam
    Likes: Peacha Berries, Grass-Types, Eeveelutions.
    Dislikes: Normal-Types, Tamato Berries.
    Personality: Friendly, Cute, Stubborn.
    Bio: His yellow stripes glance brightly when the sun is out.

    Name: Haley
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Moveset: Psychic, Last Resort, Future Sight, Zen Headbutt
    Likes: Dark-Types, Eeveelutions, Clothing.
    Dislikes: Fairy-Types, Tamato Berries.
    Personality: Mean, Honest, Lazy.
    Bio: She never takes her black stripy jacket off, but when she's alone she takes them off.
  6. Aura gladly takes the key and gives the marril 450 then goes to her room "That person at the counter sure looks nice.."
  7. Haley entered the hotel and put the Money down and snatched the key off the Marril. Haley pushed Aura out the way. " Out the way, Loser."

    Dan entered the hotel, "Welcome" Said the Marril " No Need to pay! " Dan took the keys to his room, Dan saw Aura " Hey, are you okay?"
  8. Spok picked the key and walked to the his room direction, he saw Aura dropped and said "hey are ya okay? " he asked looking at Aura with one face of worried
  9. Name: Foxy
    Gender: Female
    Species: Braixen
    Moveset: Scratch, Fire Spin, Ember, Flamethrower
    Likes: Exploring, meeting new friends, Pecha Berry
    Dislikes: water types, Aspear Berry
    Personality: kind, loyal, brave, friendly
    Bio: Wears blue scarf, best friend is Hiro

    Name: Hiro
    Gender: Male
    Species: Umbreon
    Moveset: Tackle, ShadowBall, Tail Whip, Bite
    Likes: Exploring, inventing, traveling
    Dislikes: Bullies
    Personality: shy, sassy, careful
    Bio: wears blue hoodie, best friend is Foxy

    Foxy and Hiro entered into Hotel together. They took keys to their room and they went upstairs to find their room 457.
  10. "Yeah.. Im ok" Aura said "But i wonder if the pokemon who pushed me is okay?" She said
  11. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!" he said looking angry "okay okay calming down........ sorry for that but are you serious?" he said looking to Aura with one weird face
  12. Aura stood up and said "Do you think im serious? If not your wrong.." She said to the grovyle in a normal voice
  13. "urgh okay" he said walking to his room "I hope is this room......." he said entering in the room
  14. Aura goes upstairs to go to room 459 while walking she said "I really wonder if that pokemon is okay.."
  15. Foxy and Hiro went into their room and unpacked their bags.
    "Well I think I'm going to explore to explore for a bit." Hiro said
    "Okay, don't lost." Foxy said and laid on her bed
    Hiro waved to Foxy and went outside the room.
  16. Aura arrived at her room she plopped her bags beside the bed and went out to go explore "I wonder if there will be more pokemon here..."
  17. Hiro was walking in hall when he bumped into Bayleef
    "Oh sorry Miss." Hiro apologized to Bayleef
  18. "Its okay little umbreon" Aura said before going down stairs to explore more rooms of the hotel and saw the corner bakery "Hmm... I wonder if they have berries"

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