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Ask to Join The Grand Finale

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-grand-finale-discussion.18747/#post-577266

    Kaleb had been through a lot this past year. He almost died on many occasions, and had been split up from Jason, JC, Aura, and the others. He had no idea where any of them were, or how to get to them. He was lost in the middle of the forest.

    He sent out Charizard and got on his back. He flew up out of the forest, but all he saw were trees. He flew towards the direction he came from, but then decided not to. He didn’t know whether Aura knew what he took from the IP base before he ran off.

    He wanted to try to find somebody else he knew, but Voler wanted to kill Jasper, and Luke and Jeremy were both dead. He remembered that Aura had said Tes was dead, and he hadn’t seen Asriel since Froena, and Qin since the Second War. He hadn’t seen Quilla since Raka, and hadn’t seen Ace or Spade since the war. He had no idea where to find any of them, and Asher was completely out of the picture, along with Finna. He couldn’t trust Dimitrij enough, since he barely knew him, and he had no intentions of joining forces with... ugh, Zachariah. He hadn’t seen Isaac in ages, and there was nobody else.

    He flew back in the direction of the IP base. He flew for a while, and told himself not to turn back before he reached the base. He had been flying for a while before finally seeing the base in the distance. He flew towards it and hopped off Charizard before walking in the door.
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  2. She couldn't find a trace of Kaleb, Jason, or even Jasper as her hood was over her face. She didn't have that well of vision like she use to as she completely lost vision in her right eyes which she hides with her bang. Blue was also covered with a cape hiding herself. She let out Gem her Flygon as she got on her back as she took fliet. She kept looking around but found no trace of Kaleb,Jason or even Jasper anywhere. She sighed "Gem, Blue...I'm losing hope in finding them and I don't know if they are alive or not?" She looked down at the girls. "Umbre..." "Fly..." "I know girls but lets just keep looking we can't give up now!" She said more determined now as Gem kept looking around in fliet. Her hood was blown off a bit but put it back up as Blue sat close to her on Gem as all she had left was Blue and her Pokemon along with Kaleb, Jason, and Jasper the friends she had made after all these years.
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  3. Kaleb saw Gem. “Charizard, down there!” he commanded. Charizard flew down towards them and landed on the ground behind them. “JC!” Kaleb called out. “I’m so happy to see you! I haven’t seen anybody in days!”

    Meanwhile, Jason and Killian were back at the IP base.

    “Do you think they’re ever coming back?” Killian asked Jason. Kaleb and JC had both disappeared into the forest.

    “They wouldn’t just leave like this,” Jason replied. “Something bad must’ve happened... but what?”
  4. She heard her name being called and saw Kaleb has her hope had became luck as she pulled her hood down. "Kaleb! Is that really you?" she asked as Gem turned to look at Charizard and nudged him. "Flygon!" "Umbre!" "Sorry for asking the question but one of my eyes doesn't work any more like it use to and I thinking I was losing hope in finding you and the others well its thanks to Blue at least" she smiled gently as she petted Blue. "Umbreon!" Blue smiled as she nudged her hand. "I'm just glad you and Charizard are ok I was worried something bad happened to you? But knowing you it wouldn't be as easy for you to die just like that" she chuckled thinking about it.
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  5. Aura and Bone ride back on their tricked out ATVs, one more person with Bone. "Nearly home." Aura said to the group. Bone piped up from his ride. "I still don't like how that zombie blood looks on my blades." From behind him, Tiana spoke up. "Give it a rest. I was one of those." Bone chuckled. "Yea right." Soon the group made it to their base in the forest. Aura opened the door to find Killian and Jason in there. "What are you doing?" Aura yelled in question to the two. "You understand this is our home, as well as has many safety measures in place?"
  6. “Yeah, we’re waiting for Kaleb and JC to return,” Killian said. “We didn’t touch anything.” Jason nodded.

    Kaleb slipped the Mega Ring onto his wrist. “I left because of this,” he said. “Remember that wild Charizard with the aura? It dropped a mega stone when I defeated it. I grabbed the ring outside the base. Somebody must’ve dropped it there.”
  7. Kahl was on top of the IP base and saw all of them. He giggled, being creepy as usual. Voler and Jasper were walking around when they saw two familiar faces. Jasper ran towards the familiar faces and shouted. "Guys?!?! Is that you!?!?!?" While Voler walked behind, looking awkward. "Ummmm....." He said. Luckily, he had been able to fix his voice. Not so much with everything else. "Yeah.... Guys, I'm not into that whole killing Jasper thing..." He said. "Do not do it again...." He whispered in Jaspers ear. Kahl looked down and saw Voler and Jasper. He took a good look at Voler. "Is that... My creation?" He asked himself quietly.
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  8. Killian heard the giggle from Kahl. “Hold on,” he said to Aura. “There’s somebody up there. I heard them.” He sent out Scizor and Gliscor and commanded them to fly up towards Kahl and attack.

    Kaleb looked over and saw Voler and Jasper. “Great,” he said to Voler. “We need to find a way back to the IP base so we can meet up with Jason and Killian. The only problem is that we need to find a way in without triggering any traps or alarms.”
  9. She glanced to Kaleb though she couldn't see him any more with her right so she had to use her left to look at him."Sounds risky but risk is what we have to take but I think staying in fliet might help unless we want to stay low but what do you have in mind Kaleb?" She asked as Gem placed her head beside her close to her face and neck as she felt her gently pet her. "Umbre?" "I don't know Blue what do you think?" "Bre?" Blue looked around then tugged Kaleb's pants wanting to know what his idea was.
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  10. After the Kanto army has been destroyed, Dimitrij travelled to his family. Their last position was a vault in the middle of nowhere. The soldier approached the rusty vault hatch and almost abandoned his hope. He couldn't believe, how could someone live in here. But as the saying goes - "Don't judge the book by its cover" - Dimitrij has eventually opened the hatch and went inside. To the surprise, his family renewed the place to a safe and calm shelter for them and Pokémon. They even greeted him with a chocolate! Dimitrij told them about what's happening outside. His family accepted the rocket escape plan. Then he wore a lead apron in case of radiation, went to his rusty, but working car and headed to Riley's HQ. The rocket wasn't completed, so Dimitrij was going to help. After the long way through the devastated region, he saw Kahl, Voler and other people. He only knew Voler, so he advanced towards him. He tried to sneak without being detected by others.
  11. Kahl heard two pokemon heading towards him. He sent out Bronzong and Metagross to use Psychic and repeatedly smash the two together. "I feel something familiar..... Over there...." He said as he took a good look at the top of the IP base. "And someting else over there...." He said as he looked into some bushes. His eyes turned infa red as he looked around that spot. He knew someone was there so he walked closer towards the sound. "Ditto with JC. Risky." Jasper said. He heard a rustling of bushes. As he turned around, Voler had gone. "Voler?" Jasper asked himself.
  12. Phoenix trekked through the forest, bow around her back and many arrows attached to her Pokemon belt in a pouch.

    She didn't know what to do- her family had been brutally killed one by one, some of them right in front of her. Of course, she had tried to get revenge, but she had come too close to death and fled. Since then, her mind had been chipping away slowly. She sent out her Lucario, who she had a very strong relation to, like all of her Pokemon.

    Walking by the blue Pokemon, she gripped her long and sharp sword handle, even though it was sheathed. She could sense danger, and she could sense it nearby.
  13. Isaac walked around cautiously. Ever since his brother had fallen to a bandit, he needed to stay on edge so his life, and the life of his Pokemon, weren't taken. He then saw a girl walking through the forest ahead of him. She had a bow on her back as well as a nasty looking sword at here side. Isaac grabbed his spear from his back and hid behind a tree trying not to make any noise.
  14. Phoenix, being cautious, sent out her Talonflame, who was her most trusted Pokemon, along with her Gallade. She perched on Phoenix's shoulder. She stopped in her tracks, unsheathing her sword. "Talonflame, fly around and see if anyone has decided to follow us or approach us." She commanded the bird Pokemon. After she took off, Phoenix climbed up a tree to have a better look of the place. She was sure she saw a flash of movement behind a tree, but she wasn't absolutely sure. Soon Talonflame was screeching, flying back to Phoenix. She swooped down towards the tree Phoenix thought she had seen something- then swooping back to her shoulder, Phoenix ordered Talonflame to Flamethrower the tree, and whatever or whoever was behind it.
  15. “We just need to find Jason and Killian before Aura gets too angry at them for being at his IP base,” Kaleb said. Meanwhile, Scizor used Bug Buzz on the two Psychic Pokémon and broke himself and Gliscor free from the Psychic attack. “Aura, there’s somebody on the roof of the base,” Killian said. “Scizor and Gliscor are up there right now. He is hostile.”
  16. Isaac saw the Talonflame blasting a column of flames at his position. He rolled to the side spear in hand looking for the Pokemon's trainer. "Alright then, come on." he sent out his Dodrio. Dodrio darted it's heads around the forest looking high and low. Finally, they found the girl. She had her sword brandished and ready to slash anyone to bits. Dodrio squawked menacingly and looked straight at the trainer. "Good job, bud. Now use Tri-Attack!" Isaac commanded. It shot three beams of heat, electricity, and cold straight at the girl's position.
  17. Aura shrugged to the warning. "It's all thick steel walls around us. The only way in is the door." And underground entrance, but they don't know about that. He tossed his bag of supplies over his shoulder and onto the reception desk. "So, what brings you here?"

    Bone and Tiana entered after Aura, tossing their bags like Aura did. "How about we go practice some?" Bone asked Tiana before making his way down the hall towards their training room, previous an office area. Calling back, "Call if you need help." In return, "Call for help when she starts whopping your butt!" Aura sent back at him.
  18. Phoenix quickly jumped onto her Talonflame's back as she soared off of her shoulder. Just as she landed on her back, the tree she was standing in, the Tri-Attack hit the tree. Jumping off Talonflame's red back and onto the soft forest floor, she pointed at Isaac. "Talonflame, Wing Attack!" She commanded. Withdrawing Lucario, who had been standing to the side in case the attacker decided to escape, she sent out her Gallade instead. He had a Galladite in a bracelet around his hind leg, which could be hard to see. "Gallade, Focus Blast!" She called, the Pokemon immediately creating a powerful blue orb around his bladed hands.
  19. “We were waiting for Kaleb, JC, and Jasper to come back,” Jason said. “They all went missing a while back, and we had nowhere else to go.” Killian nodded.

    Meanwhile, Kaleb saw the Tri-Attack in the distance and recognized the trainer who ordered it as Isaac. “Guys, it’s Isaac!” he said to JC, Jasper, and Voler. He ran towards the battle only to almost get hit by a Wing Attack. “Whoa!” He sent out Charizard, who was easily his most powerful Pokémon due to the power of his Mega Evolution. He also sent out Aggron and Salamence to back them up. “Charizard, Flamethrower! Aggron, Metal Burst! Salamence, Dragon Rush!” The three Pokémon obeyed and each used the attacks. Kaleb wasn’t going to mega evolve Charizard unless he absolutely needed to.
  20. Isaac had no options.Nowhere to run, hide, or even a chance to dodge the next attacks. Bravely, Dodrio cradled Isaac in head sprouting necks and heads. Her body pressed against him to protect him from the attacks.The Focus Blast and Wing Attack connected against Dodrio's back and she collapsed fainting. Isaac desperately returned Dodrio to her ball and surrendered. "Okay, okay. You got me." Isaac said as he raised his hands in submission. He dropped his spear and looked around at the Pokemon and the trainer. "Wow, all this for me? You shouldn't have."
  21. Talonflame quickly dodged the Salamence's attack, getting blown back by the Metal Burst. Staying strong and acting as if it didn't hurt much, she then countered the Charizard's Flamethrower with a Fire Blast. She sent out her Hydreigon, who soared up with Talonflame to hold off the other Pokemon. Gallade jumped up swiftly into the trees to follow, readying another Focus Blast. She walked over to Isaac, who had surrendered. Pointing her sharp and shiny sword towards him, she demanded, "State your position."
  22. “Alright, guess we gotta do it,” Kaleb said, tapping his finger to his Mega Ring. Charizard instantly reacted, and a blue orb grew around his body. When it disappeared, a Mega Charizard X was there in its place. He dashed at Hydreigon with Dragon Rush, and Salamence used Dragon Pulse from the side. Aggron used Rock Slide on Talonflame, hoping to land the massive attack that could take it out in one hit.
  23. "I don't mean to hurt anyone. However, try and prod at me with that, and I'll be forced to show you how much it'll hurt when someone attacks me." he threatened. Isaac knew his spear would be a more elegant and graceful weapon able to block and dish out attacks if needed. He wasn't too worried about her swordsmanship. "Look we can just forget about this. How about you let me go and you get your life to keep in return. Sounds good, eh?" he offered.
  24. Phoenix narrowed her eyes at Isaac. "What makes you think I would give up so easily?" She asked. She pulled her sword back, though she didn't sheathe it. Meanwhile, up above Talonflame and Hydreigon were getting attacked. Her temper rising, and knowing her Pokemon could be in danger, she called, "Gallade, let's do this!" Touching her two fingers to her Mega Ring, Gallade mega evolved, a stronger and quicker Gallade standing jumping out of the tree, firing the Focus Blast at the Mega Charizard X. Talonflame got pummeled by large rocks, sending her crashing down. Rushing over to catch her in her arms, she turned and glared at Isaac. "Get out of here before I change my mind." Hydreigon dodged the Dragon Pulse and fired a Draco Meteor at the Salamence.
  25. Salamence dodged the Draco Meteor, simply outmaneuvering it before launching another Dragon Pulse. He flew towards Isaac. “Isaac, get on Salamence!” Kaleb called out. “He will fly you out of here!” Aggron lunged at Hydreigon with Metal Claw, and Charizard blasted it with Dragon Pulse before turning to Gallade and using Wing Attack.
  26. "If you insist." Isaac said to the girl. He picked up his spear and strapped it back onto his back and ran towards Kaleb and hugged him. "Kaleb, I missed you!" he exclaimed. Once Kaleb told him to hop on Salamence, he did so obediently. "Be careful, Kaleb. I'm not losing someone else. Don't worry, she won't be much of an opponent." he cautioned him.
  27. Images of her family dying flashed through her mind, making her anger level rise. "Come down here and fight me, if you have the guts!" She yelled to Kaleb. She returned her fainted Talonflame. Hydreigon got hit by the Dragon Pulse, but it didn't do much to him. He shot a Dragon Pulse at Aggron. Gallade used a powerful Close Combat at the Charizard, swiftly dodging the Wing Attack. "You're a fool if you think you are getting off easy." She spat at Kaleb.

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  28. Dimitrij was walking trough the region. His Pidgeot was flying above him, searching for more people. After long hours of exploring, he saw people in distance.
    Come back, Pidgeot! - Dimitrij whispered. Then, he hid in the forest and sneaked towards them. He recognized Isaac. Dimitrij remembered him as a good person but didn't knew him completely. The trainer eventually revealed himself and covered himself with a shield.
    I have good intentions, need some help? - he said.
  29. Kaleb ordered Salamence to fly off before unsheathing his sword and charging at Phoenix. He sliced towards her while Charizard used Dragon Rush, trying to hit her from behind. Aggron fought off Hydreigon and Kaleb sent out Drapion to take on Gallade. “Try hitting this!” he mocked at her, as he knew Drapion resisted one of Gallade’s types and was immune to the other.
  30. Phoenix stood her ground, holding her long and sharp at the ready. She wasn't going to be struck down so easily. Gallade had jumped out of the way of Drapion and went to face Aggron, while Hydreigon fired an Earth Power at Drapion instead. Phoenix saw Salamence charging at her with Dragon Rush, and quickly sent out her Staraptor to fend it off. She fed Talonflame a revive as well as a hyper potion to help Staraptor- she was evenly matching Kaleb again. "Try me!" She shouted, her sword ready to give a fatal blow to Kaleb.
  31. Kaleb ducked, and Charizard instead hit the ground with Dragon Rush, sending rocks flying all over the place. He sent out Pangoro to back up Aggron, while Drapion shot a Cross Poison at Staraptor. Torterra was sent out soon after, and he attacked Talonflame and Staraptor with Stone Edge. Kaleb swung his sword, hitting Phoenix’s sword, and he pushed her own sword back towards her neck. “How’s this?” he mocked. Aggron flung another Rock Slide at the Flying Types before charging at Gallade with Double-Edge. Pangoro backed him up with Bullet Punch, sending his fist flying at Gallade at an insane speed. Drapion jumped to avoid Earth Power before sending an Ice Fang straight towards Hydreigon.
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  32. Phoenix slammed her sword back, easily cutting Kaleb off from her. She knew her Pokemon were in danger- she wasn't worried about herself, but her Pokemon were another story. The images of her dead family flashed through her again, and she knew she couldn't lose her next most beloved things- her Pokemon. She quickly returned Staraptor and Talonflame, who were close to fainting, and summoned her Hydreigon, jumping onto it's back. Her mega Gallade jumped up onto it's back, too. Soon they were taking off into the sky at a relentless pace. Gallade shot a strong Focus Blast at the ground that was below them to send up smoke, hiding Phoenix, Gallade, and Hydreigon, who were heading towards safety quickly.
  33. Esmeralda hummed a lofty tune, perched on a particularly large and sturdy branch. One of her legs loosely hung in the air while the other was parallel to her resting spot. Her small moment of rest and relaxation was disrupted as a Hydreigon bolted past her, the jet stream from its flight knocking her from her perch. A small shriek escaped her lips, but true to her training she reacted. In a single fluid motion, she weaved her shawl around the nearest branch abruptly breaking her fall. This lasted for but a moment, as the branch subsequently snapped under her weight once again sending her into freefall. However, this time she was prepared. Gyrating her hips she planted a firm kick into the trunk of tree adding a horizontal vector to her fall, a few moments later she hit the ground rolling. As she rose to her feet she shot a glance towards the fleeing Hydreigon, taking note of the trainer settled onto its back.

    "The nerve of some people..." she huffed indignantly, giving her dress a dramatic flourish for flair.
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  34. Isaac clung to the dragon type's back as it flew around the forest. Isaac thought of when he and his Noivern would fly around Kalos when she first evolved from Noibat. Now, the only sights to be seen were a crumbled Lumiose Tower as well as their leveled home. The region had been devastated the last time Isaac had seen it.
  35. Kaleb had ordered Salamence to fly to the IP base. He followed the dragon type on his Charizard, who had reverted from his mega evolved state. He caught up with Isaac and Salamence. “I’ll lead the way from here,” he said. He signaled JC, Jasper, and Voler down below before going a little lower towards the ground. “Stay low!” he called out to Isaac.
  36. Phoenix ventured into her underground base, which was completely hidden. She punched the number into the padlock, entering the base quickly just before the door closed behind her. The tunnel was lit up with torches in holders that were jammed into the wall. She touched her hand to the second padlock to get into the main part of the base. The door closing behind her, she breathed in the scent of her base- her only home, now that hers was no longer. The whole of Hoenn had been completely crushed under the wrath of war. Her eyes flickered to the crystal colored spring water pool, which had a small waterfall flowing into it. She dipped her hand in, taking away the pain of a large cut she had got from the battle. The wound didn't disappear, but it healed a bit and took away the pain. She let her Pokemon out, healing them with some medical Pokemon items. Once they were all healed up, she returned them all but Gallade, who had now returned to normal. "I promise I'll keep you safe. I will die for you, if I have to." She whispered to him, stroking his head.
  37. Isaac ducked low and stuck close to Kaleb. "So, is everyone still around?" Isaac ventured. He hadn't seen any of his friends in ages. He'd been fighting to survive out in the wastes with only himself and his Pokemon. Isaac couldn't wait to see some familiar faces. Some of those he hadn't seen in a really long time.
  38. Kaleb hung his head. “Not everybody,” he said sadly. “Luke, Tes, and Jeremy are gone.” He looked ahead and saw the IP base. “We’re almost there,” he said. “Get ready to land.”

    Jason saw the duo on Charizard and Salamence out the window. “There they are,” he said. “Kaleb and... it looks like Isaac. JC and Jasper seem to be close behind them.”
  39. "Oh... I'm sorry." he said glumly. Isaac got ready to land along with Kaleb. He regretted asking that question. It seemed like Luke's disappearance had struck hard. When he saw the body of his own brother stiff and lifeless, he broke down. Isaac had a small cloud of guilt over his head. He shouldn't have asked such a dumb thing.
  40. Phoenix glanced at her sword in her sheathe, glistening in the new light in the cave. She sat down her room, examining her cut, which was turning a strange dark purple. Most of her injuries turned this color- she hadn't found out why until she was about 11. She had been hiding the secret from everyone, except her Pokemon. She didn't share anything to any human. She trusted her Pokemon, and her Pokemon only. She gripped her hand with the other, then took a white gauze and wrapped it around her injured hand.

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