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Ask to Join The Grand Finale (Reboot)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. @LunarSilvally @FrostCrispz

    Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-grand-finale-reboot-discussion.19571/#post-637110

    Kaleb dashed through the forest. He was trying to warn the others, but he lost track of where the IP base was. There were people after them.

    “Damnit,” he said. “Where is it?” He sent out Salamence and hopped on his back, flying around above the forest. He saw the base and dove towards it. He jumped off Salamence and landed on the roof. He got to the floor and dashed in. “We’re under attack!” he yelled, trying to find Halt, Jason, JC, and Killian.
  2. Halt was in his usual spot, his, well, hallway. He took up most of the space in about half of the base, full of different tools and inventions the others would love to get their hands on. To his left, on the couch was Lucario. "So..." Halt said attempting some conversation. "Something on your mind?" Lucario seemed to ask just by looking his way. "I kinda miss the action of living life the way we used to. Now the best thrill I ever get is the odd trainer battle when we stop by town." Halt replied, taking a seat next to Lucario. He then turned to his plasma tv screen before the two and called out, "Hey Z! What's going on around here?" In hopes of some tournament happening. The Porygon-Z popped onto the screen and opened a video camera pointing outside, just to show a guy on a Salamence. "Kaleb?"
  3. Jason saw Kaleb enter the IP base. “Attack?” he said. He looked around, finding that Killian was right behind him. “Get ready,” he said. Killian nodded and ran to the front door. His jaw dropped at what he saw.

    There were dozens of soldiers aiming guns at him. “Hoenn,” he muttered, knowing what region they were from by the patches on their uniforms. He stuffed his left hand into his pocket, gripping the button he was carrying. He pressed it.

    Jason heard the alarm and ran outside. He sent out his Golisopod, who attacked the soldiers. Kaleb saw what was going on. “Halt!” he yelled out. “Hostiles outside!” He ran back out and unsheathed his sword, charging at the soldiers and swinging his weapon frantically.
  4. Halt watched as his crew ran outside like maniacs. Pressing a button on his chair, an intercom opened up to the building and outside the building. He then spoke in a calm, yet very strict and slightly scary tone.
    "Stop where you all are. If you value anything in your life, and you know who I am, you probably know what will happen if you make one more move, on either sides. The only option you have is to turn around. You have the count of 10."
    As soon as Halt released the button, Z activated a beeping timer which echoed around both the inside and outside of the building. In fact, Halt had planned that one day someone would do something like this, so lets just say he was prepared. There are electrical spheres hidden around the base, and if Z ever activated them, everything around the base would be shocked so bad it would override their ability to move. Turns the whole army into a bunch of sitting ducks.
  5. She was back at home picking berries for mom and the Pokemon but she had suddenly stopped to a sudden feeling in her chest as she looked up at the sky hair up in a pony tail with face visable. "-What's this feeling I have? Something doesn't suit me right here-"she thought as a sudden wind was blown leaving her bang from her right eye showing her blind eye for the moment as her glasses settled on her face. She made her way back inside as Blue her shiny Umbreon and partner followed behind her with a small basket in her mouth holding a few berries she can actually hold. She made her way towards the tv before turning it on as the news appeared first as she noticed a Salamance suddenly appear on the screen. "-That's Kaleb's Salamance, if he appearing right now then something must be wrong-"she thought. She clinched her hand into a fist as she couldn't leave at the moment since she was taking care of a sick Swellow. "-I can't leave this Swellow unattended, not in this condition-" she thought again before walking outside once grabbing two Luxury balls from her stash before throwing them up as two of her Pokemon appeared out, Gem her Flygon and Wolfa her Dusk Lycanroc. "Girls I need you to go ahead without me and find Kaleb and give him this note and find out the situation to what's going on alright? Just help him out anyway you can because I have a bad feeling?"she said. "Flygon!" "Lycanroc!".

    Gem had took off with Wolfa on her back in search of Kaleb to be able to give the note to him about how she can't be with him right now as she was tending to a sick Swellow who had gotten hurt but would go and find him once the Swellow was healed and better. She made her way back inside as she sat on her couch before looking at the photo on her small table of her and Shadow. "-I have to contact Shadow....I need his help right now...-"she thought again before feeling a nudge from Blue as she looked at her. "Umbre?" "Don't worry Blue I know you want to help out Kaleb but you know I can't leave this Swellow here unattended"she said gently petting her before watching her tv screen again wanting desperately to help. "-Be careful guys-" she thought.
  6. "Noivern, hurry we need to go," Isaac encouraged. She growled enthusiastically and lowered her back so he could climb on. He had just heard reports of a Salamence with a trainer on it's back. 'He needs our help.' Isaac thought to himself. Noivern took off at supersonic speed; she was pushing herself to fly as fast as she could to protect Salamence as well. He gripped his spear ready to land, and attack. He grabbed hold of the tuft of fur on Noivern's neck and sat up slightly. In no time, he saw the forest beneath the clouds.

    Swooping in, Isaac ordered Noivern to attack, "Flamethrower, now! Make so they cannot escape," he said grimly. She blasted a column of flame directed at the army. 'Nobody will survive this time.' He thought to himself.
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  7. Kaleb heard the alarm and dashed back into the base, followed by Jason. Killian, however, stayed where he was. Jason returned Golisopod.

    “They’re in for a bad time out there,” Kaleb said to Jason.

    “Wait...” Jason said. “Where’s Killian?” He looked around, noting that Killian was nowhere in sight.

    “What do you mean ‘where’s Killian’,” Killian said, suddenly right behind them. Jason jumped. “When did you get in here?”

    “I’m a ninja!” he said. Golisopod stood in front of the door, keeping the soldiers outside long enough for Halt to activate the trap.
  8. Gem flew above air with Wolfa on her back as she was looking down at the situation down below. Gem and Wolfa saw many soldiers trying to get into a base also seeing a Golisopod blocking the entrance for a long while. Gem and flew down fast with Wolfa holding on to her tight. Wolfa had jumped off Gem's back once they were close to the ground before using Stone Edge to knock most of the soldiers up and then down making a clear path to get through as Gem landed right next to her using Dragon rush from the ones trying to attack them. "Flygon!" "Lycanroc!" They both cried to get the others inside their attention as Gem used Earthquake to knock more down before grabbing Wolfa with her claw like hands as she lifted her up above ground slightly just high enough to not be reached as she eyed that Golisopod at the door giving some sort of signal to it.-

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