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Ask to Join The Grand Finale (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Mainly Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos, and Alola, where our characters currently are. Kanto has lost, with Unova soon behind it, and Johto is trying to keep the peace, but is ultimately failing.
  2. Hmm, alright then my character will be a member of the Sinnoh Army. She'll be leading a small team of Spec Ops operatives to Sabotage your crew in.....whatever it is you're trying to do...and maybe get Alola destroyed in the process.

    Your objective isn't very clear...
  3. Our objective is basically to survive. Or even stop the war from happening. But mainly the first option.

    Also, i will ask again. @Vapor, is the Mega Gallade authorized by an admin?
  4. @StormingCobra55 you might want to add a definite objective of some sort so that we actually know what we're doing. I don't really want to be wandering around the forest aimlessly for my next post, and heading towards anyone sounds like it'd be a battle.

    Though, If you want to push survival as your primary objective then I can work as the 'hunter'. Though, I'll probably need to make some more characters. 6 vs 1 doesn't sounds very fun ~3~
  5. Wait... so Voler just dies? Just like that?
  6. Sorry about that... He had no chance against his creator.
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  7. I've been away from this trilogy for a while let's just say Ron and Alexis will return to this rp but to SCRUNCH it up a bit one of them will sadly oof anyways here are the characters
    Name : Ron
    Age : 17
    Gender : Male
    Appearance : Tall and thin, Dark blue hair, brown eyes, wears a chain necklace, black jeans, White T-shirt and a red jacket
    Personality : Humorous, friendly but really tough, anyone that messes with his friends or him would be in trouble
    Starter : Gallade, Ferrothorn, Sharpedo, Mimikyu, Mudsdale and Galvantula
    Goal : End this D-Day
    Weapon : Sharp-Carved Longsword
    Other : He has a sad history leaving him alone with his cousin, he was adopted by a couple at an orphanage. People who ask him about family would most likely get an awkward silence for an answer.

    Name : Alexis
    Gender : Female
    Age : 16
    Appearance : Dark purple dyed hair, about an average teenage height, always wear a dark de-saturated blue jacket, she wears jeans most of the time but sometimes she wears coolclothes, she has a green cap for traveling and wears a bronze necklace. Her eyes are dark blue, she has pale white skin and she is also an athlete.
    Personality : She's shy and quiet with strangers but she can be a good friend she always care for others, mostly PKMNs, she is really aware of her surroundings and she is very tough in battles, she would risk her life to save anyone who is related to her.
    Goals : To bring peace to every region.
    Weapon : Silver Rapier
    Pokemon :
    Gardevoir (Shiny) (Female)(Ability : Synchronize) : Kiki
    Manectric (Male) (Ability :Lightning Rod) : Sparky
    Crawdaunt (Male) (Ability : Shell Armor) : Claunch
    Breloom (Female) (Ability : Effect Spore) : Fisty
    Altaria (Female) (Ability : Cloud Nine) : Cloudy
    Camerupt (Male) (Ability : Magma Armor) : Sahara
  8. “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn is the song Voler sang. Was that it?
  9. Where did everybody go? There hasnt been a post on any of our RPs or discussion threads since Sunday and its starting to concern me.
  10. I'm still kinda deciding whens the best time to introduce Kit (again) since from what I've saw, its gone on for quite awhile.
  11. Oh? I could post if you want. I kinda left Esmeralda in a position where it'd be easy for you guys to notice her but no one did.
  12. Still waiting for a perfect time to make an appearance for Ron and Alexis as well
  13. Oh, last I checked Glaceon was pretty busy this week. He might not really be on for a while.
  14. Im back, just very confuzzled. It always takes me a while to understand what goes on in you guys's battles, since you use all your pokemon at once and so vaguely. That is the one reason I quit the Forena region.


    Name: Luke Storm
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, 5”9, wears a black shirt and blue pants, brown eyes.
    Personality: Goofy, friendly, optimistic.
    Pokémon: Vikavolt, Trevenant, Talonflame, Rhyperior, Greninja (shiny), Sandslash (Alolan)
    Weapon(s): Staff
    Relationships: None
    Family members lost: Parents
    Goals: To find his brothers
    Other: PLOT TWIST!

    Jack will be arriving soon, followed by Anthony and Nicholas at some point. All of them have been used in one RP before this one, and one of them is going to bite the big one in the end. Jack and Anthony’s final cards are on my bio, while Nicholas’s bio is just the Sinnoh Academy one. His team will be the same, but Monferno, Cacnea, and Snorunt will have evolved (Snorunt into Froslass).
  16. I'm busy this week with the fair. I haven't had time to post anytime soon.

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