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Private/Closed : The Grand Festival! :

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ChungHa, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. [[ Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-grand-festival-discussion.16136/ ]]


    Emotion could be felt all throughout Sinnoh, as fleets of happiness, eagerness, anxiety, excitement, and all other types emitted from watchers at home, to spectators within the seats, to the actual performers. All kinds of Coordinators have gathered, here to share their talents and hard work, all for the grand prize of the large golden Ribbon Cup, and for the prestigious official title of Top Coordinator. No matter the long experiences one has had, anything could happen during this Grand Festival competition - there is nothing to do but try your absolute best, and show off your Pokémon to the best of your ability. Appeal. Fight. Win.


    The larger-than-life, beautifully designed dome sat erected on the edge of the shiny and peaceful Lake Valor amidst the Sinnoh Region. The time had finally come, the incredibly anticipated Grand Festival. It was the final challenge and final step of the year in the world of Pokemon Contests. Tons of Coordinators had awaited the first day of the Grand Festival, which was today. People piled into the large, golden, pink, and blue colored dome that held thousands of spectators, while even more tuned in at home. As people took seats, eagerly awaiting the start of the giant competition, the participating Coordinators sat in the large waiting room backstage. Many rushed to get dressed, some brushed and tended to their Pokemon, and others simply sat watching the multiple television screens set up that streamed everything happening on the main stage. '

    As everyone was seated, lights went completely out as music began starting up. Roars of applause came from the crowd as they waited for the next coming actions. Suddenly a single spot light shined on to the center of the stage, revealing a slender woman standing gracefully, head bowed down. She adorned long, curly blonde hair accessorized with a headband that held a large ribbon to the side. She wore a flowing white and yellow dress that stopped just below her calves. The crowd cheered as the familiar face rose up, and immediately waving her arms and began speaking into a microphone.

    "HELLLLLLOOO EVERYBODY!!!" She called out, the large circularly placed crowd responded with shouts of excitement. "ARE YOU ALL READY FOR DAY ONE OF THE ANNUAL SINNOH GRAND FESTIVAL!? I HOPE YOU ARE, BECAUSE IT STARTS TODAY!"

    As the lady announced, the light went back up brightly in the dome, multiple colored fire works going off in the spacey air above the layered audience.

    "You know me! I'm Lisa, your Grand Festival hostess! Please welcome our Judges!"

    She went on to introduce the four judges that had made their way on to the large stage platform, and then after applause, sat down in their designated chairs, with each of their digital scorers in front of them. Lisa went on to talk to the audience.

    "Here at the Grand Festival, each Coordinator will go on to perform in our first round, the Appeals! All of our contestants will have a chance to use their Pokemon's talent and hard work to showcase the best abilities that they have, all for you guys and for the ability to advance on to Round 2, the second Appeal Rounds! And then, if they manage to still earn enough points to advance forward, they come to the 3rd and final stage, the Battle Rounds! There they will gracefully battle it out with the remaining Coordinators to earn the prestigious Ribbon Cup and become Sinnoh Top Coordinator of this year's Contest Season!" She explained.

    The crowd was hyped up listening to Lisa give the run-down of the Festival, and couldnt wait to get started. There were endless amounts of beautiful and amazing abilities that they were yet to see, and the majority of them had favorites they had been keeping up with this year, and were ready to root them on. Some audience members even wore dedicated merchandise towards certain contestants.

    "Now," Lisa continued. "The first round is about to start! Each Coordinator will only be able to use one Pokemon to Appeal with, just like a regular Contest! And if they advance on, they will be able to use that same Pokemon during the Double Performances in Round 2 if they wish! But choose carefully, contestants, because any Pokemon used for the Appeal Rounds cannot be used for the Battle Rounds! Without further ado, let us begin! Now introducing..."

    After she finished explaining, Lisa introduced the first couple of Coordinators, who each gave a performance after another was finished. There were 4 that had performed, some doing great while others weren't quite as nice as the crowd and judges expected. The Festival kicked off to a great start, however. The crowd and televised watchers were having a great time spectating the plethora of creative performances they were watching. As the fourth Coordinator finished, Lisa took back to the stage to introduce the next one up.

    "Now, everyone please give it up as the next Coordinator to take the stage is......!"
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  2. June Wilson took a deep breath before taking the stage. Her heart was beating, steadily, with a thump, thump, thump. In her hand was the Pokemon she would use for this performance. The Pokemon that would get her to the next round.

    "Now, everyone please give it up as the next Coordinator to take the stage is June Wilson!"

    June walked across the stage with her head held high. The roar of the crowd was immense, and June gave a smile to all of this extra attention. She lifted her right arm up, that contained the Pokeball, snapped her wrist back, and release her Pokemon. "Take the Stage! Charles!" The seal, around the Pokeball did it's job, and in a flash of blue lighting bolts, that began to spread apart each of the four bolts headed into different directions. Charles, her hyperactive Pachirishu took the stage, on his left paw, and gave a little twirl for the audience.

    "Okay, Charles, let's win over the crowd with Sweet Kiss!" June shouted, lowering her raised hand to her side. Charles blew a kiss that appeared as a heart shaped bubble that was a solid pink. "Now, Discharge, and let's shock this crowd!" Charles gave a wink to the crowd, and was surronded in a blue electrifying aura. Then smaller rays of electricity broke out from around the Pachirisu and surrounded the Sweet Kiss, transferring the blue aura from Charles to the Sweet Kiss. The pink heart soon began to emit a light blue color before it burst, launching streaks of blue and pink across the stage before hitting the ground, and dissolving into sparkles that spread towards the crowd.

    Charles and June waited a second before the next part began. "Okay Charles, let's go with Electro Ball!" Charles formed a sphere of yellow cackling energy before tossing in into the air. It bounced off his tail, and Charles began to treat it like a paddleball, knocking it up and down with his tail. "And now give it a nice toss!" June said giving a warm smile. Charles smacked the orb high into the air, before jumping headfirst, after it. "Now Hyper Fang!" Charles' front teeth tripled in size as he crunched down on ball. It exploded with a flash of light, sending shimmers down from where the ball exploded. Charles fell straight down, and as he fell he waved towards the crowd. June took a step forward and caught the little rascal, ending their performance. Charles hopped out of June's arms and in sync, and the duo took their bow.
  3. Ashley's breath caught in her throat as she watched June's performance. Lukas, her Herdier, stood by her feet. For the Grand Festival, Ashley had chosen a light blue dress. It went down to the thirteen year-old's knees, with orange and blue flecks of glitter that shimmered with every movement she made. At the top, an orange crown looking shape made an arc that extended from where it wrapped around her body to just a few inches below her neck. The bodice had a large orange bow that tied around Ashley's waist. Her flame-colored hair was done up in her signature ponytail with a blue bow. Ashley looked back at Lukas. The Herdier knew the moves Fire Fang, Swift, Shadow Ball, and Aerial Ace. Ashley and Lukas had already worked out their performance, as presumably many other Coordinators had. She smiled nervously. "Alright, let's get you back into your Pokeball for now. We're next." And with that, Herdier was brought back into the Great Ball that it had been captured in initially.
  4. Mary looked on, impressed with the performance, before turning back focus to preparation for when it would be her turn to dazzle the crowd. June's performance showed that the competition was going to be fierce and she couldn't hold anything back; she had to bring her best if she was going to have a chance to win.
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  5. Lisa took back to the stage after June had walked off. Lisa was in awe of the cute and playful appeal from the Coordinator's Pachirisu.

    "How great of an appeal!" She spoke in her mic. The crowd broke into more applause in agreement.

    Lisa then held an arm up that slowly hushed the crowd. The four seated judges nodded as the young girl exited the stage, and began registering their scores on their digital stands before them.

    "While the judges tally up June's scores, join me in welcoming our next Coordinator! The next person to take the stage is....!"
  6. Ashley had just checked the Seal on Lukas's Pokeball when her name was called. She took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, put on a smile, and walked out onto the stage. The crowd roared with applause as she stepped into the spotlight. "Lukas! Center stage!" she called, throwing her Pokeball into the air with a bit of topspin. The Seal worked its magic, and a flurry of twinkling gold and silver stars surrounded the dog Pokemon as it landed gently on the stage.

    "Let's do this! Shadow Ball!" Ashley exclaimed. Lukas sent three balls of shadowy, murky, purple energy into the air. "Aerial Ace!" the Coordinator hollered. Lukas's paw glowed with a powder blue light as he jumped into the air. The Herdier slashed at the Shadow Balls, sending a shower of glittering bits of purple down as it landed.

    Not wasting a second, Ashley jumped to her next order. "Swift!" Lukas's tail was enveloped in white light as it spun around, adding yellow and white stars to the falling Shadow Ball fragments. They arranged themselves in a ring in front of Lukas. Ashley spun around out of pure enthusiasm and brought her fist down in a fist pump as she shouted the final direction, "Fire Fang!" Lukas jumped through the stars, his jaws open and ablaze, then snapped his mouth shut. The flames dispersed vertically, almost making it look like he had bit something tangible, and the stars flew out in all directions. Ashley ran to Lukas with a bounce in her step and took a bow.

    Meanwhile, another competitor stood backstage. He didn't wear anything other than his casual clothes for this event and leaned cooly against the wall, tossing his Gogoat Maya's Pokeball up and down. Aaron ignored the others' performances and went over his in his mind repeatedly as he waited for his turn.
  7. The crowd cheered loudly for Ashley and her Herdier. The strength of her displays made it hard to look away from her pokemon's sheer power.

    "What breath taking strength! Amazing job, Ashley!" Lisa called into her mic. She raised her hand again, signaling another round of applause. "Now let our judges do what they shall!"

    The judges once again began tallying down their scores. Lisa then leaped back to the stage.

    "Next up to perform is....!"
  8. Mary took a moment to collect herself before taking the stage. This was it. This was her moment. In her hand was the Pokemon she had chosen for her opening performance. Together they were going to give these people a show they’ll never forget

    "Now, everyone please give a warm welcome to our next competing Coordinator, it's Mary!"

    Mary walked to the center of the stage with a large smile. The immense roar of the crowd letting her know these people were ready for a show. She lifted her arm before throwing her Pokeball releasing her chosen partner. "Braixen it’s Showtime!" The seal around the Pokeball released a collection of glittering, minature fireballs that began to move in all directions. Braixen took to the stage, the fox pulling her trusty stick from her tail as it lit up before Braixen began to spin the fire stick around to dazzle the crowd. The show had only just begun.

    “Alright Braixen show this crowd our Contest Combo! Use Flamethrower and Psychic!” Mary instructed as Braixen aimed her burning stick in the air and released a stream of fire. Braixen’s eyes then began to glow as the fire stopped mid flight and remained frozen in place. “All right now let’s show the crowd your blazing bird special!” Mary instructed as Braixen then began to move her stick in certain patterns as the flame began to bend and change shape, the stream of fire taking the shape of a bird of fire. Braixen then began to turn its body causing the fire bird to move; her stick causing it to fly before performing a number of different tricks: spins, dives, turns and even a figure eight. Eventually Braixen guided the bird just above the center of the stage before making it explode into fiery sparks.

    “Time for the grand finale, Braixen use Flame Charge & Psychic in a combo!” Mary instructed as Braixen was soon covered from head to toe in flames. Braixen’s eyes began to glow again as the fox soon began to levitate in place. “Alright Braixen, take flight!” Mary said as Braixen used her psychic power to fly leaving behind a stream of fire due to the Flame Charge. The blazing fox flew around the arena and, much like the fire bird before it, Braixen began a series of ariel acrobatics and other eyes catching stunts. “Time for the finish, Braixen show the crowd your heart!” Mary said as Braixen landed on center stage and lifted her stick into the air. The fire around Braixen left its body and began taking shape in the air above. Braixen eventually formed a giant heart of fire above its head, holding it in place for a moment, before making it expand and then explode into a series of fiery sparks. Mary walked next to her partner as they both took a bow.
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  9. Once again, Lisa took the stage. She gave her commentary about how impressive and fiery Mary's performance was, not expecting to see such fiery talent. The audience responded in much agreement as it offered up a loud round of applause.

    She went on to introduce a couple more Coordinators who gave their performances one after the other, and then she mentioned how Round 1 was nearly over.

    "Alright! Next up to take the stage is....!"
  10. Platinum's stomach dropped as he heard his name called out from the main stage.

    "Next up to take the stage is Platinum Summers!"

    He was in the back with the other awaiting Coordinators, watching the large screens that showed the events of the main stage. This was all so crazy that he still wasn't sure if this were a dream or not. He had stressed only weeks before about the possibility of him missing the annual Grand Festival, but here was!

    Platinum walked towards the stage, adorning a white long-sleeved shirt and a golden vest, along with a same colored bow-tie. He also wore black pants, and his hair done into a short wavy side-swept style. As the large silk curtains opened up, he walked on to the large platform, waving to the thunderous crowd. He attempted to keep a comfortable smile on his face, albeit the jolts of nervousness within him.

    He held a single pokeball out in front of him, encased in a ball capsule with one seal place on the front. He whispered a little pep-talk to himself more than the Pokemon inside, trying his best to stay calm.

    And shortly after the cheesy pep-talk, he launched the pokeball outwards. It burst open, numerous streams of light and jet-like water twisting around each other gracefully, before landing center stage, forming into a long and slender Dragonair. Platinum was pleased with the entrance, and got his nerves in check before he decided to begin his performance. This was the Grand Festival, and he just had to pass this first round to move on and reach his goal.

    "Dragonair, let's start off with our combination of Water Pulse, and then Aurora Beam!" He called out enthusiastically.

    After calling out its name in its signature sirenous tone, Dragonair aimed upwards, releasing multiple circular pulses of water into the air, each of them in synchronization with each other. The dragon type then began to spin, emitting a dazzling array of light from its mouth as well, the beam of multiple colors spiraled upwards and shot through each of the water pulses, leaving a spherical hole in the center of each of them. The water also began reflecting the Aurora Beam's light hues, causing the rainbow-like colors to radiate brightly throughout the stadium and on to the walls, like an actual aurora display one would see in the nature sky.

    "Alright, now use Draco Meteor, followed up with Dragon Dance - its all you from there!" Platinum called out, raising an arm to his side.

    Aiming up once again, the Dragonair quickly charged up energy, before swiftly shooting out a powerful orb of orange and purple energy. It phased perfectly through the spherical openings of the Water Pulses, but caused each of them to disperse in a confetti-like manner as the Draco Meteor passes by. The meteor also seemed to glow a bit brighter as it traveled, thanks again to the water's reflective properties. After it had successfully dispersed all watery particles that had fallen around Dragonair, the meteor of energy began descending back downwards in a quick tempo.

    Just as the spherical attack began falling back to earth, Dragonair used Dragon Dance, a purple-ish blue aura forming around its serpentine body. Dragonair moved in eye-catching fashions, the aura upping its strength and speed, as well as showing off the dragon type's coat. Dragonair then executed a quick front flip, smashing its tail right in to the Draco Meteor. The impact of Dragonair's strengthened tail caused the orb of energy to disperse itself, shooting out a horizontal pulse of orange and purple energy all across the stage - causing the space around it to ripple as if it were a lake.

    As the particles settled, both Platinum and Dragonair bowed for the audience and judges.
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  11. After Platinum had left the stage, Lisa walked back on, as per usual.

    "Another breath-taking display of beauty and strength!" She commented, the crowd roaring.

    The judges did their thing, and Lisa began announcing the next performer.

    "Are you guys ready for the next Coordinators? Round 1 is almost coming to a close, so lend a welcoming applause for our next contestant.....!"
  12. "Our next Coordinator is Jonathan Toms!"

    Jonathan took a deep breath before entering the stage. He was excited! But also nervous. He gave one moment to have a pep talk with his Pokemon, Torch. "Whatever happens out there... have fun and believe in yourself..." Jonathan whispered silently.

    As Jonathan entered the stage, the crowd went wild. Jonathan smiled and waved untill the audience went silent, than he began. "Alright Torch! Show them how you shine!" Jonathan said as he sent his Delphox out. The crowd cheered and cheered. Its seal let out red particles.

    "Now Torch, use a fire spin!" Jonathan exclamed. The fiery fox set its stick on fire, than twirled and twirled making it look like Delphox was dancing in a fiery wonderland. "Now, rise it in the air with psychic!" He called out again. Torch rose the flaming circle in the air with psychic. "Now finsh the recipe off with shadow ball!" Jonathan pointed towards the flaming circle. And, as ordered, The Delphox used shadow ball on the levitating circle, making it explode in violet particles.

    Jonathan waited untill the crowd fell silent again, than continued.

    "Torch! Throw your flaming stick into the air and jump up and use shadow ball on it!" Jonathan said to Torch. The Delphox threw her stick in the air and jumped up, reaching the top of the stage, and used shadow ball. The stick came intact with the ghostly, purpurish fume and turned into fireworks emitting blue particles, which was floating slowly to the ground around the stage. "Now use Psychic to slow yourself down and use Attract!" Jonathan called out, one last time...

    Torch use Psychic to balance and levitate itself, than used attract. It looked like a cute little fox was singing and dancing under fireworks. Causing the Audience to say "Awwwe!"

    As Torch landed perfectly on the ground and stood next to Jonathan, they both took a bow.
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  13. As Jonathan exited the stage, Lisa walked back on, as per usual.

    "Great job!" She commented, the crowd roaring in amusement. "That is definitely one experienced Delphox!"

    The judges did their thing, and Lisa began announcing the next performer.

    "Everyone please welcome the next contestant! Taking the stage now is.....!"
  14. "Next up to take the stage is Jolene McGuire!"
    Jolene took a deep breath. "We can do this." she said to herself. Then she stepped onto the stage. "Alright, Splash! Time to shine!" Jolene called out enthusiastically. The seal on the Pokeball released a multitude of blue bubbles. "Vaporeon!" Splash cried, and immediately struck a pose. "Let's start with Rain Dance!" Jolene called. Rain started to fall on stage. Jolene pulled out an umbrella, then continued. "Now use Tail Whip!" Splash's Tail Whip caused the water droplets to scatter in a beautiful array. "Aqua Ring!" Jolene called out. The move scattered more water droplets, flinging them in the direction the attack was going. "Now Aurora Beam at the sky!" The rain was replaced suddenly by gently falling snow. Splash struck another pose, then the two took a bow.
  15. "Let's give it up for Aaron!"

    Aaron walked nonchalantly out onto the stage. "Maya, let's do this!" he called out Maya the Gogoat, whose seal sent a bunch of leaves flying through the air as the quadruped Pokemon entered the stage. "Energy Ball!" Maya shot three spheres of shining green energy into the air. "Now Wild Charge!" Aaron shouted. Maya became cloaked in bright yellow electricity and jumped upwards, attacking the Energy Balls and causing them to explode in the air. Electricity crackled around as sparks fell to the ground around Maya's hooves.

    "Seed Bomb!" Aaron ordered. Maya created the explosive seed and kicked it into the air. "Follow up with Razor Leaf!" Maya sent a blizzard of sharp-edged leaves at the Seed Bomb while it was still suspended in flight. This detonated it. The mortar seed's blast looked like an explosion straight out of an action movie, just scaled down quite a bit. A few members of the crowd gasped at it.

    "Energy Ball once more!" Aaron yelled. Maya shot more of the glowing globes up into the air, about seven. "And now, the final move! Seed Bomb!" Maya flung two Seed Bombs upwards, causing the grenades to collide with the Energy Balls and create a detonation that resembled green fireworks. Maya jumped to Aaron's side and the duo took a bow.
  16. Lisa took back to the stage as Jolene finished up and exited. A small maintenance crew joined her and began sweeping up cleaning off the snow on the stage so that it would not render any of the coming acts.

    "How creative and smart to use such aquatic moves! Nicely done!" She called into the mic. The crowd gave a large applause.

    The hostess went on to announce the performances of only a few more Coordinators, before the last one finally finished up their act. Once Lisa returned to the stage, she spoke with eagerness and enthusiasm. It was time.

    "And that folks, was our last performance of the preliminaries - Round 1!!!"

    The crowd roared once more with excitement and gratitude towards the Coordinators that had all spent the last couple of hours showing off their numerous displays. The walls of the building were almost to a shaking point amongst all of the murmurs of all the ecstatic spectators, who couldn't wait to hear the results to each performer, and to see what few of them made it to Round 2.

    "Without further ado, allow us to give to you, the audience and televised watchers, our Grand Festival Round 2 Advancees!" Lisa called, her voice booming through the microphone.

    She elegantly threw an arm up, motioning to the giant jumbo screen that was being lowered from the ceiling. As the screen made it to the center of the dome, all 4 Judges gathered beneath it on their platform. Lisa chimed in once again once everyone was in place.

    "As you guys know, only 64 of the Coordinators who performed today will advance to the next round, which will be held tomorrow! Please direct your attention to the jumbo-screen as we reveal who those talented trainers are!!"

    Immediately, faces on digital cards began to appear on the screen one after another. So far the first 10 or so were strangers who had all basically received perfect scores, but then, familiar faces started to appear.
    After the top 10 advancing cards were revealed to be strangers, the next face to appear was Platinum Summers! And then only a couple more stranger's faces appeared before Mary's face popped up next! Finally appearing after a couple other faces, was June, and immediately behind was Ashley, following up with Jonathan, and then Jolene! The rest of the 64 were unfamiliar faces.

    The audience gave up a loud applause as they saw some of their favorites advance on.

    "Congratulations our passing Coordinators! Here are your performance results! You will all be told your scores - 80 being the highest amount of points you can get!" Lisa called.

    The judges then began announcing each of the contestants scores and feedback. They went in order down the line from highest to lowest. She then went on to give out the scores as they appeared next to the trainer's faces on the jumbo screen.


    @Platinum_ - Your score was 71! Almost a perfect score!

    Judge #1: I love the language/motion of your entire post/performance! You described it in a nice amount of words: not run-on, but also not too short and basic. I do, however, think that he could have added more depth to your act in certain areas.

    Judge #2: Absolutely stunning appeals, both of them! You were able to do a lot with only 2 technical combinations - admirable indeed! Have high expectations for Platinum going forward!

    Judge #3: If I could rate you even higher than I did, I would have! Nice job. I'd say your first combination was one of the best combinations in the Festival so far! Your second combo of Draco Meteor and Dragon Dance was another one well done. Dragon plus Dragon makes a very very good pair. I like the style of that way.

    Judge #4: Long story short, nicely done. Great fluent language, nice command over your Pokemon's moveset.


    @Sarah316 - Your score was 65!Not bad at all!

    Judge #1: Okay, this was a pretty badass and unique combo. I would have, however, appreciated a bit more description of the bird's stunts, even just one or two. I think even a detailed in-depth description of one stunt could have been breathtaking. I gave a lower score only because it seems so similar to the last, despite being a separate combo, and I would have wanted more description of the "eye catching stunts." I can't just visualize "stunts" easily, that's too much work on my part, and in the process of trying to come up with my own mental image, I get distracted from the rest of the writing. I did love the fiery heart, though!

    Judge #2: I really loved the combination and tricks of those attacks. That was also not lacking anything towards me! Not too bad. The only thing is that you used one same move, which I personally don't like repeated moves in appeal rounds. In battles, that is fine with me though.

    Judge #3: Great use of your Pokemon's overall ability to interact with her moves! It helps show her off greatly. However maybe a bit more creative language to help amplify your performance?

    Judge #4: I admire the elegant showcase, however some of it didseem a bit forced.


    @Ry_Burst - Your score was 58! Nice!

    Judge #1: I felt like it could have used a bit more creative language, such as metaphor and simile or even describing the colors a little more vividly. While I think your second appeal could've also used some more vivid language, I think this combination was much more original (as opposed to blowing up a previous move with another, which I don't have a problem with, I just like this one better because it's I expect it less). I also liked the part where he bounces it with his tail; that expressed his cuteness and was pretty original ♥

    Judge #2: Very good combination. I kinda enjoyed the display, but Sweet Kiss isn't my personal type of my move. Second combination was amazing, but the description couldnt help me see all of its effect.

    Judge #3: Very Cute! Very nicely executed! Pachirisu happens to be one of my personal favorite pokemon, but that is not why I scored you high. You were given the rating you got because you served justice to Charles' looks and hyperactive abilities!

    Judge #4: Cute. Nicely done, performed with near-perfection.


    @AspenTR33 - Your score was a 57!

    Judge #1: I have to admit, the Arial Ace caught me off guard, in a good way. It definitely wasn't something I was expecting from a Herdier. I don't like to nitpick at language, but I felt like there were many better/more creative ways to describe an obliterated mass of shadowy energy other than as "bits of purple."
    One thing I especially liked about your second combo was that it incorporated the last combo, too, although I felt that it could have been described in a more synthesized way (it felt a bit forced). I mean, Swift felt like it was just kind of there, like it's only purpose was to mix with the fragments of shadow and didn't serve much of a function besides that.

    Judge #2: I really loved the idea of the first combination of those moves. A little lack, but a very good one! I REALLY loved the idea of your second combination as well. Fire + Stars equal a good move for a performance.

    Judge #3: Wasn't expecting that flying type move from Herdier at all! It was pleasant and nicely executed. The Fire fang showed great amounts of strength - I liked it!

    Judge #4: No Comment.


    @Sun and Moon - Your score was a 53!

    Judge #1: I like the bit where your Pokemon danced in a firey wonderland, but the rest of the description sounded a bit weak; I couldn't visualize it all too well. Also seemed a bit rushed; also, they could have described the Attract move better. What did the singing sound like? Was the dancing fast/slow/graceful/etc.?

    Judge #2: I did enjoy it, but sometimes some Coordinators cannot pull off more than 2 attacks per combination. Though I understand why you needed to use Psychic, I feel it couldve been done in a more efficient way. But you did great. It was a amazing performance. Period.

    Judge #3: Beautiful!

    Judge #4: I see what you were trying to get at, and it was good! Nicely done.


    @Excalibur Queen - Your score was a 39!

    Judge #1: This one leaves a lot to be desired in terms of language and description. I mean, anyone can pretty much visualize "rain falling," but it could be written more descriptively. Your phone appeal was better, but still not as vivid as some of the others. One phrase that especially bugs me is "Splash struck a pose," which tells me nothing, really. I do like the touch of snow, though.

    Judge #2:
    Good watery combination. However, lack of description.
    Nice idea, I haven't seen that much. However, again, lack of description.

    Judge #3: No Comment

    Judge #4: No Comment


    After the judges had finished giving the results to every passing contestant, the crowd gave out a celebratory applaus, once again seemingly shaking the dome arena.

    Lisa smiled brightly at the camera and audience, snapping her fingers.

    "And that's it, folks! Your 64 passing Coordinators are set and final! Congratulations contestants! See you all back here tomorrow for Round 2, the Double Appeals! Appeal. Fight. Win!"
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  17. Platinum was stunned. As he stood backstage amidst the other contestants, his large Dragonair was there with him, its slender body gently wrapped around its trainer. The advancing contestants were announced and each given feedback, and the fact that he was deemed in 11th place out of 64 blew his mind. He jumped for joy, squeezing his dragon type partner - who was equally excited.

    Some of the other advancers celebrated with them -- thanking their Pokemon or exploding into dance with them. However, the young blonde teen felt a bit sad himself as he saw some of the other Coordinators who hadn't made it left. This was still all so surreal for him, considering he was so unsure about his performance.

    He looked around, and saw a handful of the familiar people that he did see perform, and was still a little unnerved, because all of them were so good. Fortunately, he already had an act planned out for the Double Appeals, but he wasn't sure if it would be enough or not.

    Platinum headed back to the dressing rooms, changing out of his formal attire and in to his casual clothes, feeling much more relaxed. He could hear the large audience leaving the building with the thousands of heavy footsteps that could be heard through the walls. He then pulled out his "contest case", examining the 5 Ribbons kept inside that allowed his eligibility into this Grand Festival. He hoped that he had it in him to make it far tomorrow.
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  18. Jonathan headed back to the training fields not so far from the festival, he was happy, but also nervous for round two. He already had chosen his two next pokemon for round two. But he doesnt know if Noivern can pull moves off delphox can. "I picked Nightwing due to its speed, but it doesnt have that great of a moveset..." Jonathan thought to himself as he sat on a bench at the training fields.
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  19. Mary smiled, more than proud of they way she and her partner performed. Though she knew she and her team would have to step up their game for Round 2. The competition would only get tougher from here on out.
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  20. Jonathan's mind lit up at the idea of what he was going to do for round 2, something that no other pokemon did before. "Alright! Torch, Nightwing!" Jonathan smiled. "I got an idea that no other pokemon did before! I call it, 'Over the Wonderous Rainbow!' Its were the combination of Sunny Day and Rain Dance form to make a rainbow, then, Nightwing flys Torch to about the same level as the rainbow, than Torch backflips over the rainbow and lands gracefully!" Jonathan said to his Pokemon. "Will also add some special effects but for now, LETS PRACTICE THIS PART!" Jonathan started practicing his idea with his Pokemon.
  21. June's heart had slowed down to a steady beat. She had made it, after all of her hard work, she was moving on to Round 2. She closed her eyes and thought about her score. 58 was a solid score, but the real test was about to become. She needed to accel in this next round, not only to proceed, but also to gain some extra attention. She walked off the stage, and into the dressing rooms to change into her street clothes, still thinking about strategy.
  22. The night was then settled, all of the advancing Coordinators heading off to their assigned apartment rooms, which gave off a beautiful window view of the Sinnoh scenery, and the audience all went home. The following night was quiet, but that didnt mean the buzz about the Grand Festival was forgotten. Some Coordinators stayed up late practicing combos, and some spectators couldn't find the will to sleep after witnessing all of those beautiful appeals. Even the judges were quite excited for the next day.

    And then it was so. The sun rose radiantly through the Sinnoh horizon, dawning on the large Festival Hall. Lake Valor looked gorgeous as its serene watery blanket twinkled from the sun rays. Inside the large dome, workers began running amuck in their tasks of getting everything together and in place for Round 2. The audience count would be even higher than the day before, and spirits would be uncontainable - for both the crowd and contestants. The day's afternoon was spent in preparing. Whether it were the Coordinators putting in last minute training, or the Grand Festival crew configuring the large stage with the needed environments for different types of Pokemon - including a large elevating glass pool for any water-types being implemented below the stage. Finally, it was time.

    It was only a couple of hours before the evening when people started filing in to the Festival Hall once again. Murmurs of excitement spread around the dome like an infectious, happy, virus. After long whiles of waiting, music began playing, and again, the lights all went out - only a spotlight shining center stage on Lisa, this time in a similar dress from Day 1, but this time it was a blazing maroon red. The crowd burst into shouts and hollers.

    "WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE!!! Are you all ready for the SECOND DAY of the Grand Festival!? Today will be the Double Appeal Rounds!!!" Lisa called, her voice echoing in the dome.

    Some Coordinators in the back tensed up at the announcement - one never really could over the fact of performing against such a large number of competitors, and in front of such a large number of people. Everyone's game had to be upped, period. Eagerness and excitement filled the air of the gigantic Hall once again as Lisa continued speaking.

    "Due to this being Round 2 of the Festival, each contestant will have to dazzle us and the judges with not one, but TWO Pokemon this time around! Another requirement for this round, is that in order to be one of the 20 Coordinators that advance on to the third and final round - the Battle Stage - they have to get a minimum of 50 points!! So, trainers, do your best and give it your all! Are you guys in the stands at home ready for Day 2 to begin!?"

    The crowd went nuts. They couldn't contain their excitement anymore, and Lisa's words only hyped them up more for what will be some of the best appeals in all of the Sinnoh region. Today was going to be filled with countless amounts of beauty, strength, intelligence, freshness, uniqueness, and toughness. The finals were just around the corner, and no one had any patience to wait anymore!

    "Alllllllrighty!! Lets get this started then!!!"

    Lisa went on to introduce the first couple of acts to take the stage, who showed off stunning appeals that almost no one had ever seen before. The round had just started, and the competition was already so tough that some contestants just gave up and quit on the spot before even going out to perform. Some of the other Coordinators who waited in the back, though, attempted to gather their nerves in order to avoid becoming too intimidated. After a performance had ended, Lisa returned in front of the audience.

    "What stunning appeals! Round 2 is kicking off to a great start! Lets all give it up for our next contestant! Taking the stage now is.....!"
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  23. "What stunning appeals! Round 2 is kicking off to a great start! Let's all give it up for our next contestant! Taking the stage now is June Wilson!"

    June took the stage wearing her pink dress and in her hands were two pokeballs containing her Pokemon for this performance.

    In a spray of pink sparks, both Alice and Charles took the stage, with Alice standing to June’s left and Charles on her right. “Okay, Alice, if you would please, Magical Leaf,” June said curtly. Alice took a step forward and raised her left hand. From that hand she fired hundreds of sharp leaves, that glowed with a purple light. The sharp leaves, which had turned from weapons to forms of beauty, flew across the stage, as Alice controlled them with her raised hand. “And now, Charles hitch and ride and use Discharge.” June added nodding at Charles. As the Magical Leaves made another round, they flew closer to the ground, with a spot, more dense then the others. Charles leapt into the air and landed on that single spot and raised his hands in the air in triumph as Alice still flew the leaves around the room. And then the Electric type’s body sizzled with a teal blue electricity and began to flow throughout each leaf. The electricity formed a snout, along with horns along in the front of the leaves. The electricity formed other dragon like features giving the leaves life. The dragon popped and sizzled as it flew through the stadium, with great majesty. Charles waved at the crowd as he pretended to steer the dragon, despite Alice was still in control of the leaves themselves.

    “It's a ferocious dragon, that we must defeat. Alice are you ready?” June asked theatrically. Alice gave a nod and stepped to face the dragon. She made it do a loop in the air, and Charles gave a growl that sounded more cute then ferocious. “Okay Alice, Poison Jab!” As the dragon charged forward, Alice charged her right hand and it was charged with a deep purple energy. She punched at the dragon, as it flew up last minute, as it was giving up a game of chicken. The spot where Alice had punched it soon grew dark, with the leaves wilting, dying and falling off. The air soon became filled with these dying leaves as the poison spread, deteriorating the dragon. Soon as the dragon was almost gone, whittled into nothing, Charles hopped off the beats, with his arms to his sides like an experienced skydiver. He flew through the air, until Alice caught the small Pokémon in her arms.

    “Now for the grand finale to our little show folks,” June said spreading her arms. Alice gave a nod and tossed Charles into the air. “Electro Ball! And Energy Ball!” June commanded. Both Pokemon charged a ball of energy, each with one of their corresponding type. Then the orbs of energy were fired at one another, with Alice’s Energy Ball headed straight up, while Charles’ Electro Ball went straight down. They combined in a large explosion that dissolved the remaining leaves that were still floating lightly towards the ground. Small sparkles filled the sky as Charles landed in front of Alice with his arms raised. “Thank you. It's been an amazing performance, thank you, all of you,” June said, as June and her Pokémon, took their bows, ending their performance.
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  24. As June exited the stage, Platinum heard his name boom through the microphone.

    "Taking the stage once again is...Platinum!"

    He was ready this time...or he wasn't. For some reason he couldn't get the worry thoughts to go away, but this time he did have much more confidence. Now that he had two Pokemon to work with, he hoped these combinations would come through a lot better, besides quite the odd paring element wise. It would all be up to the judges soon.

    Stepping back on to the large stage he had been on the day before, he wore his formal attire once again, and fire shone through his golden gaze. Tossing two pokeballs on to the stage, they both burst open in nice synchronization, their ball capsule seals going to work.

    Purple flames, and snowflakes emitted in a furious storm pattern, swirling round and round two sections of the stage. The two elements then clashed, and after obliterating eachother, they revealed a Dragonair and Glaceon, posing heroically and enthusiastically at the audience amidst all of the chilly and flaming whispers.

    "Great entrance, you two! Lets start this off right! Dragonair - Psybeam! Glaceon - Blizzard!" Platinum called, outstretching his arm in a pointing action.

    The ice type Eeveelution leaped gracefully on to the long and slender back of Dragonite, and then the two of them both opened their mouths, the attacks' power surging within them. Finally, the two Pokemon released their moves - the psychic and ice moves gracefully, but powerfully, catapulting forwards. Dragonair began to rotate as the two continued streaming their attacks - the pink, yellow, blue, and purple colored energy beam and continuous snow balls fusing together and hurling towards the ends of the stage. As the two moves met, the psychic move had formed the snow into intricately designed snowflakes, the psychic abilities allowing the snowflakes to give off pink hues and levitate as a border around the stage.

    The numerous shining snowflakes then began to levitate higher and dance around eachother, decorating the arena's floor and sky with the elegant psychic-ice fusion.

    "Okay, now Dragonair use Water Pulse, Glaceon use Shadow Ball - finish it up with Iron Tail on them both!"

    Both Glaceon and Dragonair then aimed up at the snowflakes, the ice type releasing the dark purple orb into the sky, and Dragonair releasing the burst of water. However, Water Pulse this time was in a more circular shape - mimicking the form of the Shadow Ball. The two orbs soared robustly into the air, meanwhile Glaceon hopped on to its large dragon partner once more. Dragonair pushed upwards with its strength while Glaceon gave the biggest leap it could, before coming eye to eye with both the Water Pulse and Shadow ball in mid air. Immediately the Pokemon's tail glowed brightly before it executed two somersaults, smashing its steel plated tail into both attacks, each gaining a similarly brightened aura. Both spherical attacks smashed into all of the floating, shining pink snowflakes - each of them disseminating into white and pink glitters, scattering to the ground around Dragonair and disappearing.

    Glaceon then landed directly in the opening that Dragonair's wrapped tail left while it posed. Platinum continued.

    "Nicely done you two!" He smiled at them. "Now Glaceon, Ice Beam rail, and then Magic Coat!"

    The Glaceon then barked its name before leaping forwards. It aimed before it, and began to twist while managing to stay on its front paw. The ice type move began releasing, the cyan beam swirling forwards, and beginning to build a spiraling rail upwards towards the ceiling. After it was completed, it seemed to resemble a thin, dancing willow tree. Glaceon then activated Magic Coat, gaining a bright vermillion aura with energized hues emitting from its blue coat. It charged at the rail it had just made, and began skating on it upwards, following up its path while spinning and leaping occasionally, as a figure skater would do. The ice reflected the radiant pink aura Glaceon adorned, causing its body to shine even more. The Eeveelution then reached the air, soaring gracefully as if it had unseeable wings.

    "Lets finish this up with Draco Meteor, and then Blizzard with Iron Tail once more!" Platinum called out. This was the final sha-bang.

    Dragonair gathered all of the energy it could before launching out the fiery meteor straight at the air-suspended Glaceon. As the meteor jetted towards it, Glaceon then released the furry of snow, aiming directly at the Draco Meteor. Instead of coming to impact the dragon move, the Blizzard actually circulated the sphere. Spinning quickly around the meteor in swift motions, the combination almost resembled a type of celestial planet. Finally, Glaceon came down upon the attack with an Iron Tail, dispersing all of the energy, sending snow and dragon flame essence particles descending through the air.

    Glaceon came down as well, but as it fell back to the ground, it landed gently on its front left paw on Dragonair's tail, balancing itself in a handstand with keen body motions.

    Platinum waved to the audience and took a bow, quietly giving off a sigh of relief, hoping the crowd and judges would approve.
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  25. As Platinum walked off the stage, Mary heard her name called next.

    “Please welcome to the stage our next contest for Round 2! Give a warm welcome to Mary!

    Mary came out wearing a bright white dress with golden dance shoes, holding the Pokeballs containing her choices for her performance.

    “Braixen, Sylveon take center stage!” Mary called out as both Pokeballs released a series of shooting stars before her Braixen and Sylveon emerged, standing on each side of Mary. “Alright Braixen use Flamethrower!” Mary said as Braixen pulled her stick from its tail, igniting it, and holding it straight in the air releasing a single stream of fire to the sky. “Now Sylveon use Swift!” Mary said as Sylveon fired a series of energy stars that flew through the stream of fire, igniting as they passed and becoming shooting fire stars. The stars flew through the air, leaving a flame trail in their path, but the show had only gotten started.

    “Now Braixen use Psychic!” Mary called out as Braixen ceased the flamethrower and her eyes glowed as the stars froze in midair. Braixen began a series of gestures and guided the stars in different. A couple dozen she had form a series of giant rings and held in place, and another dozen began an air show, flying like a flock of birds in V-formation before passing through the rings, carefully not having them crash into each other. Mary smiled, everything was working out great, but it was time for the finale.

    “Now Sylveon use Dazzling Gleam, shoot them down!” Mary called out as Sylveon began to produce a series of bright rays of light and aimed them at the burning stars. One by one, each star was blasted and the impact between the burning star and the Dazzling Gleam created a spectacular explosion, leaving behind fiery sparkles. Eventually Sylveon shot down all the stars leaving behind creating a spectacular fireworks show. Both Braixen and Sylveon joined Mary at each side at center stage and the three took a bow, concluding their performance.
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  26. As Mary walked off the stage Jolene heard her name called next.

    "Please welcome to the Stage our next contestant for Round 2! Give a warm welcome to Jolene McGuire!"

    Jolene came out in a sky blue dress shirt with black dress pants and black dress shoes. In her hands were the Pokeballs of the two Pokemon she had chosen. "Splash, Flare time to shine!" she called out as the two Pokemon emerged. Splash, her Vaporeon, once again emerged with her seal once again releasing a multitude of blue bubbles. Flare, her Ninetales, emerged with her seal releasing a large amount of blue fire. "Splash, Aqua Ring." Jolene called. A ring of spinning water appeared around Splash. "Flare use Psychic on Splash's Aqua Ring." A red glow surrounded the water as it rose higher and higher. Then the water took the form of a dragon under Flare's command. The water dragon did an impressive series of aerial maneuvers such as loops, dives, and writing Jolene's name in the sky before taking the form of the outline of a heart. "Splash, Aurora Beam on the heart." Jolene called out. Splash's Aurora Beam froze the heart, which still hovered in midair thanks to Psychic.
    "Flare, drop the heart and leap through it, and use Tail Slap on the heart." Jolene called out. With precise timing and movement Flare jumped through the now falling heart and used Tail Slap on it. The icy heart outline shattered. The shards of ice glittered in the sunlight as they fell. Flare stuck the landing then she and Splash spun in a circle, then faced the crowd, with Splash on Jolene's left, and Flare on Jolene's right. Then all three took a bow.
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  27. As Jolene exited the stage, Jonathan heard his name next.

    Jonathan took a deep breath. "Okay, step your game up team!" He encouraged his team as he entered the stage. The crowd was blazing with excitement.

    "Alright! Nightwing, get in the spotlight!" Jonathan called out as the seal of Nightwing's Pokeball emitted a cloud full of Grey Smoke, a couple seconds later a bright blue light was emitting inside the cloud. Than up came Nightwing. Jonathan smiled as he called out his next Pokemon. "Torch, come support Nightwing!" The seal on Torch's Pokeball did the same as last round, it was emitting tiny red particles in all directions.

    Jonathan took another deep breath before getting started.
    "Torch, start out with a fire spin!" Jonathan exclaimed. And a flaming circle orbited around delphox in a smooth pace. "Nightwing! Fly!" Jonathan hollered. Nightwing flew in a fast pace, and he circled the sky. "Now Torch! Psychic on the fire circle's and make them trail Nightwing!" The flaming circles started to float, and soon they started trailing the Noivern. The sight resembled a shooting star soaring in the sky. Nightwing did a loop-de-loop and started flying really fast to the ground. Than Nightwing stopped a split second before hitting the ground, and the flaming circles flew right past. And when the circles collided into the ground, it bursted into the ground, firing red particles arcoss the arena.

    The crowd was amazed. Jonathan waited untill the crowd fell silent again, than continued.

    "Torch! Ride on Nightwings back!" Jonathan smiled, he knew this part, he forgotten to use it the last time he had a show like this. And he resulted in a loss.

    Torch got on Nightwings back. Than Nightwing started to fly. Faster and Faster than last part. "Now! Flame Charge Torch!" Jonathan called out. Torch used Flame Charge while riding. And soon the fiery aura shaped into a Phoenix.
    Nightwing did some twists, turns, and a loop-de-loop for a while.

    "Nightwing! Draco Meteor!" Jonathan shouted, soon, Meteors were soaring in the sky with the Pokemon. "Torch, Use Mystical Fire on the Meteors and shape them into Phoenix's!" Jonathan pointed to the Meteors and soon, they looked like flaming Pheonix's soaring with Nightwing and Torch.

    "Ooooh!" The crowd was amazed. They never seen anything like this.

    Soon Nightwing flew extremly fast that the Pheonix dissaspered. Than Torch jumped off and anded gracefully.

    Jonathan continued on to the final part. "Torch get back on Nightwing!" Torch climbed back on the Noivern. Than it started to fly up in a more slow pace than usual. Jonathan let Torch get a tiny four second break, than continued. "Rainy Day, Torch!" Jonathan called out to Torch. She used rainy day and it rained over the stage. "Nightwing! Sunny Day!" Jonathan hollered again. Soon it started to rain and shine light on the arena. A couple moments later it formed a rainbow...

    "Get ready!" Jonathan warned to Torch. "Over the Wonderous Rainbow!" Jonathan shouted. Torch did a backflip over the rainbow and landed gracefully, its fur was covered in rainbow particles.

    As Nightwing flew to the ground, they all took a bow.
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  28. Finally, a couple more Coordinators had given their appeals. Round 2 was coming to a close, the audience just as tired as some of the contestants. After the last final participants had shown their displays, Lisa took back to the stage one last time for that day.

    "And thats it for Round 2, folks! Amazing job Coordinators, thank you for all of those dazzling moves and showcases of your Pokemon! Everyone please give it up for each and every contestant as our judges do their thing and tally up the scores!"

    As Lisa finished speaking, the audience all around the large dome gave up their clap offering. This second day was better than the first, and everyone had definitely been surprised at some of the appeals. As the judges finished scoring, all 4 of them made their way on to center-stage beside Lisa. The gigantic jumbo screen then lowered in the center as well, 20 digital blank spaces being shown spread across it.

    "As you guys know, in order to advance on to the finals - Round 3, the participants had to gain a minimum of 50 points, and had to stand out more than the others! Our judges did score a bit more critically this time, so only the hardest working 18 contestants out of the 64 will advance! As you may also know, the highest amount of points the contestants could get this time was 160! Here are your results!!!"

    The first 5 faces to turn around were the highest scoring Coordinators of Round 2, but they were all strangers. However the 6th face to turn around was Platinum! And then directly after him was June! Immediately after June's face appeared, so did Jonathans! After, was then Mary! More faces went on, filling the jumbo screen with the remaining 18 faces.


    @Platinum_ - Your score was a 135!

    Judge #1: The comfortable teamwork these two have is especially visible here! Though I feel like a factor was missing concerning Water Pulse and Shadow Ball... though I can't figure it out quite yet. I like your adjectives! I love your combo involving the celestial planet comparison.

    Judge #2: I know see what Judge #3 meant when he commented on your Round 1 appeal. Yours was one of the best appeals this round! I was inspired, honestly :D

    Judge #3: Nicely done once again!

    Judge #4: Wonderful! Nice expression, language, and a unique moveset that worked together great, especially since you made a pair that could be so dangerous together (Ice + Dragon) look so good!


    @Ry_Burst - Your score was 120!

    Judge #1: I think I love everything about your first combo's move choice. The dragon was a unique and awesome touch. If I had to suggest anything, I would say to describe something in a bit more detail. Like, did it have a tail? Scales? Claws? I like the expression of the dying leaves. And Charles, is course, being as cute as ever ;)

    Judge #2: Great! Utilizing cuteness and extreme displays awesomely! Very impressed.

    Judge #3: If I had to rate this performance in one word, I'd say fabulous! Nice appeal, nice idea! Though the final combination had little description, it was very good.

    Judge #4: Impressive! Couldve used a bit more detail, but I love the visual! I was able to see it pretty clearly for the most part.


    @Sun and Moon - Your score was 117!

    Judge #1: I like the detail you gave to each movement; I could follow each pretty well, but I thought it could use some more... vivid adjectives. Some of your combos could use much more colorful language and detail. Also, I'm having trouble visualizing Torch's move. Did she backflip from Nightwing onto the stage, or...?

    Judge #2: I loved it!

    Judge #3: That performance is something I'll remember! That's amazing! First, the fly combo, then phoenixes, and then ending with a rainbow. That is a chain I'd like not just as appeal, but battle rounds too.

    Judge #4: Great!


    @Sarah316 - Your score was 115!

    Judge #1: I like the aesthetic of the shooting stars, but I felt that the writing would have benefited greatly from some colorful adjectives sprinkled in there. Maybe you could incorporate the Pokémon themselves into the performance too, instead of only their moves.
    Better with the adjectives, but I might've enjoyed a bit more description here, too.

    Judge #2: Eye-catching appeals! I love the shooting stars, but maybe adding in Braixen itself may have helped? Although the moves are great and a huge part of Contests, instead of solely having Braixen stand there while the moves do all the work, maybe you could've have it be a bit more involved? Either way, your performance turned out great.

    Judge #3: Your performance was amazing in your moves. Seems like you payed attention to what I mentioned in Round 1, things like Flames + Stars attracting my attention. However you did have a lack of description here and there.

    Judge #4: I like it all! Not bad, not bad :)


    | @Excalibur Queen & @AspenTR33 – Unfortunately you guys did not advance, Excalibur with just 49 points, and Aspen not participating :( However you both did amazing, outstanding jobs up to this point! Thank you so much for participating, and I hope you join the Grand Festival next time, for there is the possibility that victory could be in your grasps next time! |


    The audience gave a major thunderous applause as they cheered and hollered in joy of some of their favorites advancing on. The judges lined up with Lisa as they formed a circle, facing every direction of the crowd. Lisa's voice then went booming enthusiastically into the mic one again.

    "Congratulations Coordinators!! We hope to see you pumped and ready for the Battle Round tomorrow, our Grand Festival Finale!!! Thank you judges, and thank you audience! We will see you all back here, tomorrow!"

    The crowd gave one final round of cheer before the lights became dim as the audience filed out of the large Hall, heading out in to the late evening to sleep well for tomorrow. The Judges & Lisa congratulated each competitor one last time before heading out as well.

    Everyone was ecstatic, whether it were all the watchers at home discussing the Festival or placing bets, to the in-person watchers who shuffled home, to the Coordinators themselves dressing down and heading back to their designated dormitories. The Finale was just around the corner, and the Top Coordinator title and Ribbon Cup could go home to anybody!
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  29. Mary watched in the back, nervous anticipation growing, before she was the ninth face revealed. They made it to the next round!

    "We did it!" Mary cried, giving her Braixen and Sylveon a big hug, they worked so hard and now they are one step closer to their dream. This was the greatest day in Mary's life!
  30. Platinum jumped for joy -- quite literally. He released both Dragonair and Glaceon so that he could drown them in thanks. He couldn't believe it, he was in! He hadn't expected to get this far, as it was only a hope that swelled in the pit of his stomach - but he actually managed to, and this was real life.

    Giving a sigh of relief, Platinum stroked his two Pokemon's heads as he changed back in to his street-wear, heading back to the apartment that the contestants were assigned to stay at for the duration of the Grand Festival.

    He plopped on to his bed once he reached his dorm, practically cuddling two more pokeballs that were in his hands. They were the two he was going to use for the Battle Rounds, and possibly / hopefully, the ones that would help him win that Ribbon Cup.
  31. They had done it. That was the trust thought that had entered June's mind. After their hard work they had made it, her heart was still a fluttering mess as she walked back to her dressing room to change. Charles and Alice had done their parts, and to that, she owed a lot. Of course now, she would need Susie and Juliet to wow the crowd in the next portion.

    As she walked along with her Pokémon whom she had let out of their pokeballs, after she had changed. Alice seemed a bit tired, while Charles happily squeaked, as still as hyper active at ever. However, both Juliet, and Susie had straight faces that matched June's. Sure, they had made it to the next round of the competition, but that was solely because of Charles and Alice.

    Under most circumstances, Alice would participate in the Battling round instead of Juliet, but June had made a last minute switch, to try out their secret dragon strategy that they had pulled off, with much applause from the audience, that showed June how well it worked. However, there was much more to come.

    They walked along deeper into the forest to adjust and review, not to mention practice their upcoming strategies. After a while, spending the remaining of the daylight hours doing so, they humble headed off to June's dorm.

    With ruffled hair, and a sleepy face, June collapsed on her bed, while her Pokemon fell asleep behind her. They were all quiet and asleep, even the normally hyperactive Charles, who lay cudddled in June's arms like a stuffed animal of sorts.
  32. The next day, the sun rose proudly above Lake Valor, its rays emitting upon the lake, covering the body of water's surface in a blanket of gleaming sparkles. People piled one after another into the large Contest Hall dome, eager for the final day of the Grand Festival. Today was it, the finale; 16 remaining contestants, 1 winner will emerge - all in one day. Televised watchers tuned their TV's in early to get final comments, opinions, and insights from the judges, competitors, and local Pokemon enthusiasts and fan-club associates, all of who came together today to see this year's Top Coordinator be crowned.

    Everyone finally settled in their places at noon - the judges all settled in their seats, the spectators forming the large crowd, and the remaining 16 Coordinators back stage. Triumphant music began to play as the lights began to flick multiple colors, Lisa rising up from the ground on to the stage as if she were debuting in a concert. The crowd cheered and shouted for long moments until she finally held up a shushing arm. Once it was quiet, the blonde hostess, now in an even more extravagant and flashy dress, flashed her familiar and warming smile while speaking excitedly into the microphone.

    "WELLLLLCOMEEEE EVERYONE!!! To the THIRD and FINAL day of the annual Sinnoh Grand Festival!! Only 16 remain, but today the single winner will be decided! I hope you are as excited as I am, because Round 3 begins momentarily! As you all know, Round 3 is the battle portion of the Festival. Each of our Coordinators will duke it out against eachother with two of their Pokemon with grace, beauty, strength, and amazing mobility all in while on a timer, in order to advance even higher -- up to the finals! ARE YOU READY!?"

    The crowd went nuts. The final round was the most entertaining, mind-blowing, and intense part of the Grand Festival, and everyone couldn't wait any longer.

    "Well ready or not, the Battle Rounds commence now! Please direct your eyes to our jumbo-screen to find out who will be battling eachother - all decided at random!"

    As everyone looked towards the large screen, 16 faces appeared in a straight line, and then began to randomly swirl around eachother before coming to a stop, revealing a bracket containing who would be battling who for the first round of matches. The first few were strangers, but then it showed Mary's picture connected to Jonathan's, signaling that they would be battling, and then Platinum's connected to June's.

    "Everyone get ready, because it all starts now!"

    The first bunch of battles then began. Each contestant carried two Pokemon different than the ones they used for both Appeal Rounds, and a timer of 5 minutes appeared on the gigantic screen. Their two pictures were inside of a round yellow point-gauge, and everytime one of them lost points, some of the yellow (that indicated points) would disappear depending on what the judges decided was necessary. The battling was amazing and eye-catching. The Pokemon battled with more coordination than strength, which is basically what the entire Grand Festival was all about; no matter how hard someone's Pokemon hit, they still ultimately lost if their opponent caused them to look bad and sloppy throughout the match while at the same time making their Pokemon look great.

    After the first couple battles were out of the way, Lisa began announcing the next match up.

    "Alright Alright Alrightyyyyy~ Our next match is.... June vs Platinum! Everyone please welcome them!"
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  33. June strutted across the stage, as her heart began to flutter inside her chest. This was it, time for the battle portion. In each hand, held one of her Pokémon for this round, while the ball was safely snugged within their respective ball cases.

    "Take the stage! Susie and Juliet!" She pressed the two Pokeballs together, while hitting the buttons simultaneously. They burst with an array of pink hearts that waltzed around June, before fading away. In front of June was her two Pokemon for this round, Juliet the Bunery and Susie the Glameow. The two normal types stood gracefully, with on all fours, and Juliet resting on the soles of her feet.
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  34. Platinum stood on the large stage, wearing a white and gold-outline tailcoat, the back parting down into two pointy ends. Underneath the tailcoat he wore white pants, and his hair stayed within the side-swept style he had the first couple of days of the Festival.

    Hefound his two hands slightly shaking as he gripped the two capsule-concealed pokeballs he was about to use. This could be it - the road to the semi-finals, or the end of it all. Now he stood on stage, facing his opponent, one in particular he was worried about due to her obvious talent. This battle, he would have to give everything he got.

    "Alright, Spotlight, you two!" He called, throwing the two round contraptions up towards the lights.

    As the dome lights shone down, the pokeballs opened up, releasing teal light rays themselves, spiraling downwards, forming into a heroically and gracefully standing Gallade and Togekiss. They each chirped out their names, signaling to their Trainer that they were ready.

    Platinum looked towards the large screen off to the side, and the 5 minute mark began counting down. It was time to get busy; he didn't want to waste a second.

    "Ok guys, Togekiss, Aura Sphere! Gallade, Psycho Cut!"

    The two Pokemon quickly went to work, Togekiss building up power before it, blue energy spiraling into spherical form, and shot it out towards the Buneary and Glameow. Gallade spun and thrusted both of its sword-like forearms out, releasing three sharp pink energized slices that formed and spun quickly around the Aura Sphere in a synchronized manner. The combined attacks hurled straight towards their opponents.
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  35. June's mind went blank as the two attacks came rushing towards her Pokemon. Platinum had done better then her in every single round before this. Maybe overall he was the better coordinator. No, she couldn't just lie down and accept that kind of thinking. She had worked too hard for this. He may be a tough competitor, but she believed in herself, and she New she had a chance. But first she had to get out of this mess. Then an idea wiggled it's way into her head. A combination they had practiced, just the previous night.

    "Okay Juliet, I need an Ice Beam! Susie, Aerial Ace!" June comanded, forgetting about her paralysis that had occurred just a second ago. The large Rabbit like Pokemon opened her mouth, and a spherical pale blue orb appeared in her mouth. Jagged spikes shot out of the orb and began to cross each other as the beam flew towards the sphere. The icy attacks collided into the sphere, freezing it with spiderwebs of ice, while smaller recoil of the beam bounced off to freeze the blades connecting the entire blast together.

    Susie, who had be stretching, this entire time, was in a postition, with her hind legs straight and her forepaws laying upon the dirt. As soon as the Aura Sphere and Psycho Cut, were frozen solid, she launched herself forward, from her stretching position. In a spiral of white light, she was encased in energy as she flew gracefully towards the sphere. She hit the orb, in it's center, shattering it and spreading small pieces of ice across the battlefield, that looked a lot like small sparkles. However, her attack, did not stop there. Only losing a small amount of momentum, Susie continued her headlong charge, heading straight towards Platinum's Gallade.
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  36. "Oh snap, Togekiss, help 'em out!" Platinum called quickly as he saw the Lopunny work with its partner to take out the Psychic-Fighting combo, and was now heading straight towards Gallade. He hadn't expected such a strong flying type move from a Pokemon such as Glameow.

    However, just as the Togekiss was quick to stretch its wings and swiftly sailed towards the unexpecting Gallade, Platinum's fighting type was hit by the Ariel Ace. Gallade was knocked back, but was able to quickly jump to its feet again. Togekiss finally came and landed - using Dazzling Gleam as it faced Glameow. The Jubilee Pokemon also became coated in blinding light, sparkles emitting quite ferociously outwards from it. Hopefully the attack would be able to distract and fuddle the cat-like Pokemon enough to keep it from taking action in these next couple of moments.

    "Quick Gallade, head for Lopunny! Magical Leaf" The teen boy called as the Dazzling Gleam continued to glow.

    And with that, the Gallade took a rapid front flip on to Togekiss's back, using it as an extra boost to leap high into the air for a good eye's view. Gallade thrusted both arms outwards as it began to spin once more, releasing an array of multi-colored leaves. The plethora of shining yellow and purple leaves began rotating into sharp rounds, almost like shurikens as they sliced through the air honing in on the Lopunny. Platinum thought about Gallade's already keen eyes, and the move's ability to almost always hit its target; and hoped his calculations would work out.
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  37. Immediately, Susie responded by leaping in the air, to avoid the attack. The gleaming ray ran into the dirt, and for the agile cat like Pokemon. That left Juliet all alone.

    "Bounce!" June shouted quickly. Juliet did a backflip launching herself into the air. As expected the leaves made a u-turn, quickly switching position and charging up at the airborne bunny. "Okay, Dizzy Punch," June comanded. Juliet did a twirl and faced the leaves with her legs up. Then with her ears glowing with a white light, Juliet proceded to smack away the leaves like one smacks away pesky bugs on a hot summer day. However, there was too many leaves and a few scored a mark against Juliet as she tumbled towards the ground.

    Then Susie began to take the initiative and rushed towards the falling rabbit Pokemon. "Susie, Protect!" As the Glameow ran, she was surrounded by a pale pinkish barrier. Juliet did a twirl with her front paw to land on the barrier to use it to launch back up. "High Jump Kick!" June yelled loudly. The Lopunny extended her leg, that began to glow with a soft orange light. Then the rabbit began to spin as she flew towards Platinum's Gallade, much like a missle.
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  38. Platinum tried to look as calm and collected as possible, but the fact of just how well-coordinated June's Pokemon were had been proven once again. He was relieved that the Magical Leaf had hit, but this battle was far from over, as the attack most likely had barely cost any points on June's behalf.

    He watched how the Lopunny had reacted swiftly, quickly regaining its posture and returning with a High Jump Kick - he had to think fast, due to Gallade still being suspended mid-air. As Togekiss ended its Dazzling Gleam, an idea shot in to Platinum's head.

    "Ok Gallade, spin move out of there and follow up with Close Combat, and Togekiss you use Sky Attack!"

    The two Pokemon called out in understanding; Gallade gracefully stretching out its body diagonally, spinning directly beside Juliet, barely avoiding the attack. Its bladed arms and legs then gained a bright red aura as it zoomed downwards towards Susie, before bellowing out multiple quick combative attacks - consisting of slices, spin-kicks, and punches, careful to only show its best sides to the audience and judges. Meanwhile both of Togekiss' wings became outlined in bright light, and it took flight. It soared through the air straight to the Lopunny, hoping to slam into it from behind while it was distracted with the High Jump Kick.
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  39. "Ice Beam!" Was the command that escaped June's mouth as Gallade dodged the attack. It was an immediate reaction, that mentally, June was scolding herself for. However Juliet made the move regardless. She opened her mouth and froze the ground, complete with and ice slide, which she landed on. She slid down the icy surface, and lifted her leg to avoid the damage she would have taken from crashing, narrowly avoiding Togekiss' attack. The rabbit landed safely on the ground, touching the dirt with her front paws,and standing up. She then gave a bow.

    "Use your tail to dodge!" June shouted, beginning to flow the energy of the battle. Susie leaned back on her springlike tail, and bounced back and forth, narrowly dodging every hit, with quick jumps, flip, and rolls. Well that's what it looked like was going on in the crowd and for June. However, Gallade's attacks, were still datalink damage as they slightly scrapped against the feline's skin, delivering a sliver of damage. Over and over again. "Shadow Claw!" June added, mixing up the scuffle, a bit. Susie's forepaws were encased in a deep purple aura, forming sharp claws made of energy, around her own. Susie leaned back on her tail, once again, to spring forward. However, the difference was that now a counterattack was in order. With Gallade's final kick, Susie caught Gallade's leg, with her paw. "And now, our Aerial Ace spectacular!" June shouted raising her arms in the air. By reversing Gallade's power, Susie launched herself into the air, by bouncing off Gallade's attack, and spiraling into the air. Then streaks of white formed around the Glameow, as she rocketed off towards Togekiss.

    "Okay Juliet, give Susie a boost, with Blizzard!" Juliet, pressed her arms forward, firing an array of snowflakes flurrying towards Susie. The freezing cold wind, hit the rear end of Susie's Aerial Ace, propelling her further towards Togekiss. As small parts of the Blizzard hit the streaks, they scattered and sent an array of snowflakes into the air.
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  40. Platinum was amazed. The combination attack that was just displayed before him was beautiful, and he knew that it would cost him some major damage if it hit. The blonde looked to the large screen, noticing the time was coming to a quick closing. Snapping his head back forwards, he knew it was time to step up his game.

    "Quick, Togekiss turn around! Continue using Sky Attack, but now add in Safe Guard! Gallade help out as well with Shock Wave!"

    The young Coordinator had taken quite some time prior to the Grand Festival working on this combo, and moments like these were hopefully when it would be most effective. All he could do now is hope that it would be executed well.

    Togekiss chirped enthusiastically, before soaring a bit higher in the air and immediately whipping around. It began then shooting downwards towards the Glameow, but also began spinning rapidly, a dazzling teal-green and bright white light emitting from the flying-type's body. Gallade had then took stance, electricity rapidly building around the center of its chest. After storing up enough power, Gallade hastily released the beam of electricity, it heading precisely for the flying Togekiss. Once it hit Togekiss, it hadn't became paralyzed, thanks to the Safe Guard. Instead, the electricity took a ribbon-like form, surging around Togekiss in a dancing fashion - giving a great compliment to the teal aura.

    "Now Togekiss!" Platinum called.

    The Jubilee Pokemon then surged downwards even faster, its large wings and body covered in the teal-lighting mix, leaving behind a trail of green electricity in the sky behind it. Finally, Susie and Togekiss slammed into eachother mid-air. The attacks collided, causing a chain of spiraling fireworks amidst the smoke. It took a little bit for the sky to clear from the misty after-effects, but soon enough Platinum saw Togekiss coming to a tumble to the ground, but managing to regain a standing on both feet. Platinum noticed the slight winces in his Pokemon's eyes.

    "Amazing job! Youre doing great, please hold up for just a couple more minutes!" He comforted. Gallade suddenly leaped beside Togekiss once more, who also seemed tired, but ready for battle. "Lets come to a close with another one of our combos, guys! Lets see Floral Beam!"

    The two Pokemon were ready to execute another one of the combinations they had worked at on several occasions. Togekiss closed its eyes, opening its mouth in a circular shape, building up a white light before it. Then quickly and all at once, Togekiss released the power, revealing a Hyper Beam barreling straight towards Susie and Juliet. Gallade spun once more and thrusted its arms outwards with great momentum, shooting out Magical Leaf again. The sharp, shining rainbow leaves joined the Hyper Beam, whirling swiftly around and around the bright attack. The Hyper Beam's light managed to cause its decorating leaves to glow even brighter as they spun quickly.
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