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The Grand Chase

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Well. I've been lurking in the Pokecharms chatroom, and heard from some people about a free game called Grand Chase and this is the Site http://grandchase.ntreev.net/

    The game is basically a sidescrolling Online RPG. It works the same way like gunbound, that means you open or join a room, wait for some people and the fun begins!

    You can choose between PVP and PVE (vs Players, vs Monsters).
    The PvE game has a complete world map many dungeons. There is a storyline, but it isnt a good one though D:
    You can lvl up by doing pvp and pve btw.

    When you start the game you can choose between one of 3 characters, each one resembling a class.
    Later on you can unlock more characters.
    At first you have a Swordgirl, an archer and a mage.
    later you can unlock a spellknight,druid,thief/assassin,dancer and 2 more characters are announced and will be included soon!

    the game doesnt cost any money, and is based on the same system like gunbound or trickster. You dont have to buy, but if you want some special items, or faster job changes you can use real money to buy the stuff, but mostly it isnt worth it and needed either.

    If you begin the game and have some questions just post them here or read in this wiki about stuff http://grandchase.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Chase_Wiki .
    It helped me a lot when I was learning.

    This game is very addicting and fun, and the free thing is the best thing about it for me D:

    When you start the game, and are asked about who referred you please insert my ingame name : Fumanshu . That way you get some items that you would only get for real money, and I get some other nice stuff. A win/win situation like they say :>

    Now for the people that already play: What class do you play, what joblvl do you have? At what times do you play :O?

    For me, Im playing for about 3 days now, and I have a lvl 24 Elesis right now, thats the swordgirl. Right now Im struggling at the 2nd Jobquest which is a pain to do, and now after ~35 Castle runs Im taking a break to write this Thread thingie.
    Im looking forward to the Ninja/Druid/Fighter Class, but I would rather see the 2nd Swordman strong after putting so much time into it~
    Im playing all the time, when I have the time so add me, my ingame name is Fumanshu , and I always try to help. even at lower lvl Dungeons!
  2. really? you have a grand chase account?
    i got a lvl 25 elesis and lvl13 arme and lire. all three of them have their jobs change missions. :D

    my in-game name is esguepot. let's battle one time. pvp. :D

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