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The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You Add?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Teapot, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Say you had final say on the next Pokémon game. What would you add? What would you remove? What sweeping, massive changes would you make, if you could?

    This thread is not for speculating about what Game Freak might do next: we can probably guess. This is for the wild ideas, the things that we all know they wouldn't do but we'd like them to anyway.

    Me, I'd like to see the series taken into 3D: full, Stadium-style battles on the 3DS, and 3D trainer and environment models. Although this series is too reliant on sprites to change easily, we're seeing a certain shift in that direction already. I would find it interesting to see how far it could be taken.
  2. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    This isn't exactly a wild change, but it's one I think Pokemon definitely needs - Fewer trainers to battle. However, they have teams the same size as the players' at that point in the game and their Pokemon are more difficult to defeat. Maybe they could be available for a battle constantly.

    Grinding by defeating wild Pokemon needs to change, and integrating grinding into the player's journey more would definitely make it more fun.

    In terms of wild changes, I'd like to see a change in structure of the Pokemon league. A gym leader for every type, then the Pokemon League (i.e. a knock-out tournament like in the anime) and finally the Elite 4, optional endgame bosses, with very high levelled Pokemon, and finally the champion, with a full team of Lv.100 Pokemon. Overkill? Probably. But it would be amazing.
  3. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I've got two things, and one of them is simple:

    Bring back the Secret Bases! The Gen III kind. I loved those things to pieces...I'm still sad they were downgraded in Gen IV and lost completely in V. They weren't essential or anything...but they were fun |D

    And the other is a bit of a bigger change. I've always thought it'd be interesting to have routes in the sky. Like, the first time you use Fly to reach a certain area, instead of just instant transport, you go through a short little route in the sky (the routes wouldn't be numbered, I supposed.)

    In the sky-routes there'd be clouds, and if you chose to go through the clouds wild Pokemon would appear.

    It's a wildly impractical idea, and if there wasn't a way to opt-out of it it'd probably get very old very fast. Really I just want the Secret Bases back ;_;
  4. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I have maintained for a very long time that the next real step they need to take is having full on field battles as something akin to Tales of Symphonia. Being able to fully control your pokemon running around a battlefield and the ability to dodge? Yes please! This more than anything else is what I want to see in an upcoming Pokemon game.
  5. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I would love to see them have a full 3Dish game like PBR it would look awesome when battling. They could also turn the battle system into something like what's seen in the Pokepark game. Where you could be placed on a battle field and be able to move around the other trainers Pokemon and be able to dodge and have four moves you can use from A,B,X,Y.

    Would be epic.
  6. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I would bring back the Battle Frontier from Emerald. I liked the concept of the Palace and Arena, and I loved the Dome for some reason. I would like a feature on the Pokedex that breaks pokemon encounters into percentages like for example: Rattata 30%, Pidgey 30%, Caterpie 20%, Weedle 10% and Spearow 10%. Better designed maps most just seem to be window shaped apart from that wierd hexagon they have in Gen V. And I want Gen 3 secret bases. And I would like all trainer sprites to look different because I really don't think all lasses will wear the same outfit and have the same hair. Following on character customisation would be pretty nice especially when the default hero sprite is awful
  7. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I have to agree with Cody, I loved everything about secret bases in Emerald. This is why I was so excited when I heard they were returning in D/P, and so dissapointed when I found out they were in the Underground. Being able to make a cave home or treehouse in the overworld is so much better.

    I'd also love to see even more decorations, along with old-fashioned things like the Note Pads etc. Laying out a tune with those was so much fun |D
  8. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    If I were in Gamefreak and had final say...hmm.... Well, for one, I definately think it would be cool to have it all 3d, as mentioned before (even if it would put me out of business TTvTT).

    However, for something entirely new, I wouldn't mind it if they added some sort of pet feature to the game, like how they do Nintendogs. Of course, I do not want to stop every five minutes to feed a team of 6, especially if you have an Onix XD I mean like an interactive mode, I guess. Being able to throw a frisbee to them, or rub their bellies, I mean :p. Plus I think it would be cool if you could ride a Pokemon somewhere :3 This could also affect how Surf is viewed as well. But if they added interactivity, it'd be interesting to see how natures would be affected.

    Speaking of Surf, I would like it if they could either implement Fly to let the character fly over head, or make an HM move (I guess Glide?)to let you do so. I could see this being used to board a city that exists in the sky :3 or to chase Pokemon like Latios.

    As far as anything else, I'd like it if they added a custom feature to Pokemon themselves. Of course, I know this won't happen, as that would defeat the purpose of shiny Pokemon, but I would like it if you could dye the color of their bodies to something else, or if you could add a ruffle of hair. Also, I'd like to be able to add accessories to them, like a scarf. Really, I just want a personal touch~
  9. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I think there should be a HM move called Climb so you could get to the tops of buildings and walk up there and getting down is like on B/W's Victory Road because that would be awesome! You could get to buildings you normally couldn't get into through like,I don't know elevators on the roof?
  10. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I think this is brilliant. That is all :p.
  11. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    Simply allow any one Pokemon in your party to be out of it's Pokeball and travel with you.

    -would most likely have Seviper out always-

  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    Totally agree. I would adore an addition like this.

    Most everything I'd want to see has already been stated, but here we ago anyways:

    • Full 3D. 3D models, 3D environments. I'd take the series to the next level and finally say goodbye to sprites.
    • A deeper online experience. Put the Etralink online (and expand it to cover the entire region, including inside houses and caves), allow for 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 player battles, add online hub rooms and a tournament builder mode for at least up to 16 players, and allow spectators to join your battles and watch them happening live. But most of all, fix the bloody connectivity issues for B/W (whatever it'd take to do so).
    • No more random encounters. While half the fun is searching out the Pokemon you want to catch, the series really could benefit from doing away with random encounters and displaying the wild Pokemon on the overworld. Not only would it make the regions feel much more alive, but it'd help reduce pointless battles that get on everyone's nerves.
    • Being able to walk on diagonals! I've wanted this for ages. Pretty well every blasted RPG out of Japan for the past 10 years allows you to walk in all directions, so Pokemon should really implement that too. Thankfully it'd kinda be a given if/when the series went handheld 3D, otherwise it'd just be so, so very wrong.
    • Alternate routes without the level losses. Gold and Silver had a cool idea when they allowed players to choose their path after Ecruteak City, but it was implemented in a lazy way. What we need is the ability to choose alternate paths but not lose the challenge when doing so. Trainer and Gym leader levels should reflect the way you play and not be set in stone.
    • More Starter options. A friend of mine suggested the idea of the starter Pokemon having branch evolutions. You'd still have your typical level-up based evolution lines, but you'd also be able to evolve your starter with a stone or two to obtain a different final stage evolution. This could allow more flexibility in choices and different type combinations.
    • Secret Bases with a deeper purpose. I want Secret Bases back regardless, but it'd be nice if they acted as an additional Fly location and a rest stop to heal your Pokemon. Secret Bases matched with an online Entralink-like feature would also be pretty cool and would improve upon the concept of battling your buddy's Pokemon team in their base. Maybe even make 'em a bit like the GTS and allow players to put up trades in their base for friends to accept?

    Guess that's it from me for now.
  13. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I would make the next so that pokemon would follow you just like in heartgold and soulsilver
  14. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I would love to see the AR feature used for pokemon, like see them battling on your floor!
  15. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    There a few things I want in the 3rd installment of Gen V (if it ever happens)
    Firstly I definetly want Triple and Rotation battles in the Battle Subway (Or a Battle Frontier :)) )
    Secondly I would like a rematch facility to be implemented
    Thirdly make it easier to get Evolutionary Stones seriously I'm fed up of using Entralink to get certain people in my Black City and paying ridiculous fees for them
    Fourthly either more move tutors (Most likely going to happen anyway) or more TM's
    Fifthly I want my Pokemon to wear accessories while battling
    Sixthly I want prize from the musical it just seems pointless at the moment
    And lastly either national dex pokemon in Unova pre-Elite 4 or changes in locations of pokemon (some could be placed in better places)
  16. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    This is pretty simple, but I'd love to see the pokemon move in battle when they're using their move, like see a starter actually wave it's arm when it uses scratch and so on
  17. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    I would absolutely love to have Trainer and Pokemon upkeep stats, like hunger and stuff. As one can go to the bathroom in the woods, a bathroom stat wouldn't be necessary, though buying or growing food would be manageable. This would make the game similar to the upkeep of real animals and make it more similar to the anime's experience.
  18. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Implausible: What Would You A

    Well, I'd like to see the Pokedex function where it shows the size of a Pokemon relative to the player character again. Since Black and White's main characters are teenagers, it would be interesting to see the size comparison with characters that are roughly the height of most matured people.

    As for something completely new, an idea I'd been toying with is a second Ability, based on a Pokemon's characteristic. So far, characteristics are basically a rough reading on where a Pokemon excels the most in the IV department, and that wouldn't change, nor would Natures, but characteristics would also serve a secondary function in determining a Pokemon's other Ability.
    For example, a Pokemon that "Likes to run" would get Speed Boost, a Pokemon that "Loves to eat" would get Gluttony, a Pokemon, "Alert to sounds" would get some skill that slightly increases evasion, a Pokemon that "Hates to lose" would get Sturdy, a Pokemon that "Likes to thrash about" would get Skill Link, and so on (a Cinccino capable of both Technician and Skill Link: pretty hardcore).
    If a Pokemon already has the same Ability as what a characteristic would bestow, they would automatically get their other possible Ability (a Sawk that gets Sturdy through a "Hates to lose" characteristic would get Inner Focus as the secondary Ability), or their Dream World Ability (A Ninjask that "Likes to run," which would bestow Speed Boost as a secondary ability, which it already has as a primary ability, would automatically give it its Dream World ability, Infiltrator as the secondary ability.)

    Yeah, this might sound like a dumb idea, but I think it would add a whole new level of strategy, as well as several surprises during battle that a player has to adjust to. Besides, since characteristics are already an existing function within the games, it will still allow Pokemon from a previous generation to be transferred to the next.

    EDIT: Something else I wouldn't mind seeing is some function in the Battle Frontier/Subway, where all six of the player's Pokemon can be used at once. I just feel like I'm being held back with being limited to just three-four Pokemon, so being able to use my whole team would definitely be a welcome innovation.

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