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The good days of classic gaming

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Zapdos145, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Where to start with this well first off I've made my return to the internet. But theres been a real problem among gaming nowadays. It seems game stores are phasing out anything to do with classic gaming each day. Heck Gamestop has a very small section of used N64 and Playstation Games and have stopped taking the aformentioned games in for trade-in.
    There is a plus to all of this a small company called Gametech which, recently won a lawsuit against Nintend, since their Nintendo Clone the Neofami did not use any propritory componnts from the NES/Famicom. I will include my first impressions of this magnificent Nintendo clone. So far I've only have had one game that I haven't got to work which was Tag Team Wrestling but I'm believing it's just a dirty cart (took awhile to get Dragon Warrior to work and it acted very similar to Tag Team Wrestling before it was cleaned). Super Mario Bros.1-3 work perfectly. Both Zeldas work great.(I have to say I had my doubts with all the naysayers telling me Zelda didn't work.) Well it does and I have started up my old Zelda quest. Anyhow if you want a compact system that can play NES games Neo Fami is the way to go. I believe Neo-Fami plays close to 98.5% of all NES games. (which is 1% more than a regular NES2 can play). Yes this system has no trouble playing some Tengen cartridges unlike the top loading NES 2 had. The only support problems the Neo Fami has is it's not compatible with Game Genie or the Alladin Deck Enhancer.(both Camerica Products mind you.) But it plays all Camerica games. (Generation Nex doesn't NES2 doesn't, Regular NES does). So it is definitly worth $30.00 including shipping.
    The console includes 2 newly designed controllers(look like SNES controllers) a/v hookup cables(no more RF switch even though I prefer hooking up RF switches together which makes hooking multiples sytems up easier). The system as mentioned is very compact, coming inat just a bit over 1 and 1/2 NES Cartridge lengths. I have to say if you are having trouble with your NES a Neofami maybe what you need. It has made me recently purchase old NES games. (Recently I purchased Dragon Warrior II, Friday the 13th and Dragon Spirit). Now as with all Nintendo on a chip it isn't perfect but 98.5% compatibility makes it one of the best.
    The disapointing thing is Messiah's Generation Nex. 60 bucks for a 50% compatible machine (they claim 95.7% but it's closer to 50). Now the Generation NEX looks very similar to the original NES 1. It also plays Famicom games. That and it has wireless controller support. But its controllers are horrible and don't seem to have that nintendo feel to them. But the NEX is a descent NES clone.
    The NES frontloader by Nintendo is the only Nintendo system with 100% compatibility and probably is the best bet for an NES player permanantly palce your Game Genie in the deck and you need not worry about pin problems. It's the ebst way to preserve the pins on an NES. Also for Famicom support you can dig into an original Super Mario Bros cart or Gyromite Cart for the 60 pin adapter.
    The NES2 Top Loader has about a 97.5% compatability and was an offcial Nintendo product. The only things that don't work are Game Genie Camerica games and half of the Tengen games. Most unliscenced games don't work for some reason.
    The Famicom2 is the only system that can play all Famicom games and NES games and is a collectible if you happen to find one consider yourself luckey.

    I hope Nintendo takes note that classic gaming is in demand so it would be great if they released the whole NES lineup for download on the Revolution I would be entirely happy. But I believe a re-release of the NES would be even better.

    Classic Gaming forever
    Modern Gaming to much on graphics.
    Give me Blaster Master. :)

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