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Ask to Join The Gods Whom Walk Amoung Us RP (CONTAINS VIOLENCE)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Feb 12, 2017.

    Here is the RP, @RavenFeathers, @Nebula-Newt, @Ice Devil. The link to the sign ups and disscusion is https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-gods-whom-walk-among-us.15558/

    A creature of shadow clamored up the stairs. "Master, master, I have news," it croaked in a decaying voice. A door at the top of the staircase swung open, and a tall man stepped out. He was wearing a black tight v-neck, with the bottom half stained in blood. With incredible speed, he sprung and gripped at the creatures neck. The creature had a head similar to wolf, but the agile body of a cat. However instead of fur, there was only shadows, that seemed endless.
    In a thick hispanic accent the man, whom legal name was Hector Ramirez, barked, "Tell me!"
    The creature struggled for breath, but pushed out the phrase, "The Gods." Hector released his grip and the creature fell to the ground. "What is this treason you speak of!" Hector exploded in a fit of anger and rage. Before the creature could react, Hector stomped down on the creatures tail.
    The thing of darkness yelped and stammered, "The Gods have broke past your hex. They are regaining their powers, but slowly." Hector raised his hand and the air got cold. "Please master, no." The creature begged. However it's attempt was futile, because as soon as the words were said, black claws, made of pure darkness, shot out from the walls, ripping the creature with silence and precision. Hector walked over the black stains that remained from the creature. He would have a servant clean it up later. He walked down the stairs, covering his rage with a business like face.

    He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cigar off the counter and gave it a light. He stuck it in his mouth and sucked in. He puffed out a puff of smoke and reached in his pocket to pull out a black cell phone. He dialed a number and spoke into the phone. "Yeah, he'll do it, it just took a bit of reasoning. My guy will pick him up and bring him over." Hector ended the call and snapped his fingers. "Albert, get Mr. Blunt from the room and take him home." He shouted at butler who was walking past. Albert nodded and hurried up the stairs. He knew from experience, what happens if you would disobey Hector.

    Hector dialed a new number, as soon as Albert entered the upstairs room. "Yeah, we gotta meet up. I've got some news for you." He hung up the phone and stuck it back in his pocket. He exited the house and got behind the wheel of his black Ford Challenger. He fired up the engine and entered the busy streets of New York Traffic.

    Ry Burst sat in the back of the room and continued to tinker with the watch on his wrist. He was stuck in the middle of math class, but didn't really care. He wasn't one for school, but was here mainly for his adoptive father Alex. He had owed a lot to Alex, who was a good man who had saved Ry's life. Alex insisted, that even if Ry wanted to be a mechanic, much like him, he should finish high school, and possibly get a college degree. Ry had agreed to the high school and was now in his senior year of it. College seemed too foreign, and Ry probably wasn't going to do it. Then again, Alex had the tendency to nudge Ry to make the right decision, no matter how much Ry hated doing it.

    The watch around his wrist was more of a pet project that Ry had been working on for the past few years. It could serve as a regular watch, but also could be a flashlight, with the same brightness as one of the more expensive flashlights, a small blade, alarm, map, timer, jammer, tool for hacking into computers, router, a way to access the internet and so much more. The small watch around his wrist could do more then most smartphones, and computers. At the moment he was adding something similar to a flash bang. It would fire a small pellet that would explode leaving the target temporarily blinded and confused. Ry had no reason to have this, but for the pure enjoyment of buliding it, and having it just in case.

    He glanced up at the watch. School would get out in about five minutes, and he would be free to get back to the garage, and either give Alex a hand or tinker. He didn't have a very active social life.
    Hector stepped out of the car and entered the small coffee shop. It wasn't well known and there was a reason for it. Hector was wearing his sunglasses and overcoat, but still people backed away when they saw him enter. He had a reputation around New York, in which seemed to follow him. He set his hand on the counter and said, "Give me a coffee, black."
    The man serving coffee asked in a shaky voice, "You sure want any sugar or creamer?"
    "Black," Hector said pushing his hand out forward revealing a skull tattoo on the back of his hand.
    The man gave a nod and pointed towards a door just left of them. Hector nodded and entered the room.

    Hector entered a room, full of men in black robes. "Lord Hades," they said bowing at him. Hector took his place in front of them and said, "My servants, the gods are rising, but are weak, we must extreminate them." A loud cheer erupted from the crowd. "Now let us begin."
    Ry walked down the block with his hands in pockets. School had let u a while ago, and he was heading home. Then two men, dressed in black suits, noticed Ry and crossed the street towards him. Seeing this, Ry kept his head down, and walked faster. The men increased their speed, until they were right on Ry's heels. The larger of the two grabbed Ry's shoulder and slung him effortlessly int an alleyway, out of the way of any pedestrians. Ry crashed into the ground, and the shorter man said in a somewhat deep voice, "Are you the one named Ry Burst?"
    "Yeah, what do you bastards want?" Ry asked in a harsh voice.

    The two men smiled at each other and the big one grabbed a metal pipe and the shorter one grabbed a wooden board. They simulatioslt swung in an arc towards Ry. Ry touched a button on his watch and a small pellet fired at their feet, which exploded. The two men stumbled back in confusion and Ry took the chance to grab the first thing he saw. Which just happened to be a small hunk of wood. The larger man recovered faster and charged at Ry swinging his pipe. Ry threw the hunk of wood, hitting the man in the crotch. The man fell over and the shorter man jumped over the body of his comrade and swung his piece of wood. It hit Ry square in the stomach, knocking him right on his ass.

    Ry looked and saw a small orange fox behind the dumpster. It climbed towards Ry and touched Ry's out stretched hand. The second the fox touched it, Ry felt full f an unknown power. A burning rage. His hand caught fire and he caught the short man's piece of wood with his flaming hand. The wood caught fire and the man dropped it in fear. Ry stood up and knocked the man out from under him with a swift kick. Ry jumped over him and punched the other man, who was beginning to stand up, right in the jaw, knocking him out. Ry rushed out of the alley and ran, with the adrenaline still in his blood.

    As Ry bounded around the corner, to get to Alex's garage, the fox from earlier jumped out from nowhere and said, "Lord Hephaestus." Ry stopped in his tracks and froze. "You are the mortal reincarnation of Hephaestus, god of fire." The fox said giving Ry a grin.
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  2. Ayden stood in an alley.He was told that he could make good money from this one guy for selling a stolen necklace.But,he'd never seen this guy.So,he was cautious.In his back pocket,a knife stood out.But,Ayden waited...and waited...and waited.When night came,the buyer met with Ayden.

    "You have the necklace?" The man had a very low voice.It was almost fimiliar.

    "Yeah,I have the necklace.But,do you have the money?" Ayden asked the man.He took out a wad of money.Ayden stood there,dumbfounded.It looked like about a hundred or two.Ayden reached out to take the money.As he put his rough hand the paper,the man smacked his hand.

    "Necklace,first," The man wagged his finger.Ayden rolled his eyes and gave him the necklace."Yes,yes.This is perfect..." The man muttered.

    "Alright.It's time to pay!" Ayden held out his hand.The man smirked and handed him the money.Ayden chuckled and walked off.

    "Wait," The man called,"They'll be after you.They'll hunt you for giving me this."Ayden looked very disturbed.

    "Who is after me?" Ayden questioned.He'd put his hand on the knife handle.

    "His minions.They're after all of you." The man yelled.Ayden pulled his knife and got closer to the man.

    "You're really crazy..." Ayden said.But,the man just started to laugh hysterically.Just as Ayden started to back away,a shadow came over the man and he disappeared.Ayden stood there scared and confused.Just as he started to run away,a voice spoke behind him.

    "You just met a shadow walker,"The voice spoke.Ayden turned around to see a small...dingo?Why would a dingo be here?"He's a minion of Hades'.He warned you about them," The dingo said.

    "And who are you?!" Ayden screamed.The dingo sighed.

    "I'm not important.But,you're special.Not everyone is the reincarnation of Apollo,you know?" The dingo bared his teeth.But,it kinda looked affectionate.
  3. Hector leaned back and smoking his cigar. Two men in black suits walked in. They had their shares of burn marks and bruises. "So what happened with the Hephaestus boy?" Hector asked in between puffs.
    "Well, he used his powers and beat of us. But we added the chip to his clothes." The shorter man said.
    Another taller man apeared in the room. He handed Hector the necklace and said, "The deed is done."
    Hector waved his hand, shooing away the Shadow Walker and the two men. When they left he pulled out his cell phone and made a call. "Yes, I have Apollo and Hephaestus being tracked Let's make some problems for them. Shall we?" Hector said, in a sick joyful way. He ended the call, leaned back and took a big puff from his cigar. They wouldn't know what hit em.
    Ry sat in bed, allowing exhaustion to pull him under. The fox had disappeared, as suddenly as it had appeared. Maybe it was all a trick. He gave a slight shrug and drifted off to sleep.
    A group of men gathered around the building. The sign just outside it said "Alex's garage," but none of the men could read it. They were completely illiterate, only able to speak a broken english. The block wasn't very busy, but to be sure they were disguised as army soilders. They stuck to the shadows, waiting in dark alleyways, rooftops, and buildings, all strategically placed to have an edge over their target. They were all armed to the teeth, much like Army soilders, making them seem more official. But the weapons they carried weren't only for show. Their job was to kill the residents who lived above of the garage. They loaded their weapons and gave a radio signal, beginning the raid.
    Ry woke up in a cold sweat. "You might wanna wake up. If you want to sleep in any longer, you might find a more permanent rest in hell." Said a voice. Ry looked to his left, and saw a small orange fox sitting on his bed table.
    "What the fuck!" Ry yelled in shock at the fox. The fox rolled his eyes and said, "You might wanna take a breath and get ready to fight for your life."
    He dropped a small pistol on Ry's bed. "It's all I could find on short notice."
    Then Ry heard wood cracking. Then a snap.
    "What the hell do you think you're doing!" Ry heard Alex shout. Then a single gunshot and a thump. And then footsteps.
    "Grab the damn gun, and I packed you a bag. We're going on a trip." The fox said cracking a grin. Ry grabbed the gun and the bag, which had been laid out beside him. Then he prepared for all hell to break loose.
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  4. Knock knock
    "We have a doorbell, you know."
    "And why would we ring it at this hour? That doesn't make much sense, now does it."
    "Who said it had to make sense."
    "Why the sharp tone, we simply wish for you to open the door."
    "It's four AM."
    "What difference does that make?"
    "Oh, let's see... I literally just got to sleep, it's nowhere near visiting hour, you even admitted it was late, and I don't even know who you are."
    "For your own safety, I still think you should open the door."
    "Not a chance. Come back later."
    "But what if we offered you–"
    "I'm not budging on this."
    "Well we—"
    "Come back later."
    Morgan trudged back into her room, stumbling and tripping on her own feet due to lack of sleep. She was still in her pajamas, and she was not about to open a door to anything other than her room at 4:00AM. Who even were those guys? Why were they at her door at midnight? What did they want? Frickin' solicitors, Morgan decided, flopping down onto her fluffy bedsheets and passing out cold. She hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks, and she had the worst feeling that this was going to be no exception.
    Morgan whipped her head around, surveying the immediate area. The immediate area in itself definitely wasn't somewhere she recognized. She stood in a forest of grey-barked cypress trees with silver leaves that rained down in graceful strokes, yet hurt as they struck against her skin. A waxing crescent moon shone bright in the deep blue sky, stars above her forming and reforming into every constellation imaginable. In the center of it all was the biggest stag Morgan had ever seen. The graceful creature possessed a pelt that Morgan couldn't tell wether was gold or silver and antlers large enough to scrape the heavens.
    Welcome, Artemis.
    The feminine voice radiated from the stag itself, despite the fact that A.) Stags can't talk, B.) The stag's mouth wasn't moving, and C.) Stags are male. It seemed that any and all logic had been tossed out a window.
    "Who's Artemis?" Morgan asked. That in itself was a stupid question, there wasn't anyone else there with her. But... perhaps the magic dream stag had mistaken her for someone else?
    You, you're Artemis: the mortal reincarnate of the goddess of the hunt.
    "I'm who?" Morgan asked. There was no way. She was just... herself. Not some Ancient Greek diety who lived by the light of the moon and had a pack of hunting dogs. True, she did just pull an all-nighter and Bear was technically 'her' dog, but that didn't count... did it?
    That's why I'm visiting you. The stag tipped its head, miraculously not taking out any trees with its antlers. You must learn of your potential and true self.
    Morgan wrung her hands behind her back "I'm happy with myself, but thanks. I don't need any magical, glowing deer invading my dreams."
    No, but you just discover your true potential before he destroys you.
    "Way to be cryptic," Morgan muttered under her breath.
    We have excellent hearing.
    Whoops. Correcting herself, she decided to give a different response that didn't reflect her current sleep deprived state. "So basically I have to discover my magical powers or something before I get destroyed by some ominous villain who's name can't be spoken?"
    You could put it that way.
    "Wait, you're saying that I get to go on an actual adventure to defeat this guy. Like with an actual adventuring party of people except they're actually gods. And we'll get to fight monsters and stuff. Holy crap, sounds like fun—"
    This won't be fun.
    "Sign me the frick up."
    The stag nodded. Good, then let us begin.
    Morgan awoke in her bed, sunlight filtering through the windows. Guess I overslept... again.
    Much to her surprise, however, was the stag who currently knelt in front of her, its gargantuan antlers somehow phasing through the ceiling as opposed to breaking it... and the walls... and everything else. This stag was, in fact, the same stag from her dream. It looked incredibly cramped and uncomfortable in all, and Morgan didn't blame it. She'd feel uncomfortable too if she had antlers that phased through the ceiling.
    Unfortunately, Morgan being Morgan, she had to say something about its presence.
    "...why are you in my house?"
    You've accepted my presence as your guardian.
    "Yes, but this is an apartment complex. We had enough trouble with the dogs, and I'm pretty sure there isn't a specific policy that involves being allowed to own one magical deer spirit per apartment."
    The deer frowned as best as a deer could, her expression clearly reading something along the lines of 'Are you entirely sure this is the right kid?' Fine then, let us begin. The deer disappeared in a flash of calming, metallic light.
    Let us begin outside.
  5. The men walked over the body of the man, who from their briefing was named Alex. Trying to stop people at their level was a futile action. Especially if that person as only a mortal. They stomped up the stairs to reach the bedroom of their real target.
    Ry was halfway outside the window when the door bust open. A man dressed in an Army Uniform, fired an array of bullets in Ry's direction. Ry fell outside the window landing on the metal staircase just outside it, barely missing the bullets.
    "Use the damn gun. It's not a normal gun!" The fox shouted, from beside Ry. Ry peaked up and fired a shot at the nearest guy. The bullet came out of the muzzle, cloaked in a pale orange energy. It hammered into the man's shoulder, casing him to loose his grip on his gun. It dropped to the floor, and the man shrieked. His arm dissolved, and the dissolution spread until the man was no more. His comrades took no notice of their teammates death. Instead they fired their bullets towards Ry. Ry jumped the stair case and hurried down. A few shots rang out, as Ry ran. He took a step and fell into a puddle, and began to sink.
    He struggled for breath, as he sank. Then he appeared, on the other side of town by an apartment complex.
    "What was that?" Ry asked struggling for breath.
    "That was quick trip, thanks to me. It wasn't a puddle, it was a portal." The fox said smiling, while Ry looked in shock at the sudden appearance of the fox.
  6. CLANK
    "Oh for fucks sake, Lenny, shut the hell up out there! Some of us are trying to sleep you know!" Jake bellowed through his bedroom wall at one of the clubs resident members, Lenny "Road Demon" Smithers. The story went that the guy once gutted another motorcyclist with a spork whilst they were both on their bikes. However badass the guy's nickname origin story was Jake didn't really care, what he cared about was getting some rest and the fact that people were still playing pool and drinking anything and everything they could even at this ungodly hour.

    With a sigh he turned in his bed, realising that those in the bar probably couldn't even hear him shouting over their own racket. Still the noise of motorbikes, rock and roll and manly laughter. had been his lullaby for almost 2 years now and he had adapted well to it. Once he apparently slept through the sound of a rival gang turning up and shooting out 3 of the clubhouses windows. The next day he had actually gone out with the others too smash up the offenders bikes with crowbars. Good times.

    His reminiscing was broken up by a single loud bang followed by a moment of silence. Then another bang, defiantly a gunshot. This time several more followed in quick succession broken up only by a loud shot, the distinctive roar of a shotgun. Jake's eyes widened as he realised what must be going on and sprang out of bed. A raid! "Shit.." He cursed, slinking along the floor and slipping on a Metallica t-shirt. As he fumbled along in the dark a thought struck him like a bolt of lightening. Where had the gunshots gone? The night had become as silent as a graveyard. An unfortunately accurate metaphor in this case.

    A pang of sadness was swiftly replaced by a burning fury as the boy realised what must have happened. They had lost, the Hounds Of War had finally been defeated. Well not quite. They still had one member still on the playing field. Jake reached down beneath his bed and fumbled around until his fingers close around the hilt of his favourite hunting knife. If he was going down he wanted to take one of those fuckers with him. He slowly, carefully, pried the door open just an inch and peered into the gloomy room outside. The copper-like smell of blood was what hit him first. It hung thick in the air like dust. He could just about make out the outline of several people laying flat on the ground and another four standing around, prodding the bodies of the fallen. Jake's teeth barred in a sort of snarl as he watched one of the men kick the corpse of somebody he likely knew very well. Again the pang of sadness. But grieving would have to wait, he could process his loss later.

    The men had been wearing biker jackets, confirming Jake's suspicions. Bastards. Gripping his knife more firmly he listened for the sound of approaching footsteps. From what little he could hear the assailants saying to one another it would seem they were searching for something. Or someone. Did they know he lived here? That could make this a little harder.

    One of the men was drawing close now, his footsteps heavy on the wooden floor boards. Jake timed his attack perfectly, waiting until the man had positioned himself perfectly before shoulder barging the door open, causing it to smash into his victim and send him flying. The man had dropped his weapon, a simple M1911 handgun, and was left groaning against the wall with his hands and feet pathetically trying to force him back up. That was at least until Jake's knife found itself lodged in his gullet. Blood spewed from the gruesome wound and the man's last gurgled words leaked from his mouth.

    The others had been alerted by the sudden commotion, a point that was driven home by several shots whizzing by his head and lodging themselves in the dry wall. His hand instinctively reached for the fallen pistol and upon getting a grip around it Jake turned on his heel and unloaded the entirety of its magazine into the guy who had just fired at him. The attacker went down in a spectacular blossom of blood. Two down, two to go. The only problem being that Jake was now out of ammo and the other two gang members were hiding just around the corner, temporarily taking cover from the last onslaught of lead.

    His eyes quickly zeroed in on a double barrelled shotgun that lay beside its owner, the owner of the bar, Steve Flintshaw. A good man for sure, he had taken the boy in when nobody else would. A good man that needed avenging. Darting across the room Jake slid on his knees behind the pool table so that he could grab the shotgun, dodging the short burst of gunfire aimed his way. Crouching behind it he locked eyes with Steve's lifeless ones, glassy in death. And with a deep breath he popped up and pulled the trigger twice. The first blast sent the man on the right straight to his grave, blowing his head practically clean off his body. The second pull did nothing. The weapon was empty. Both Jake and the final rival gang member looked at it in surprise for a second which was what ultimately allowed him to survive the fight. In the blink of an eye the boy hurled the empty firearm at his opponent, landing a clean hit that almost certainly broke the mans nose. This was followed up by him vaulting the pool table, grabbing a cue as he did so. The cue was brought round with a crazy amount of force into the final assailants head, snapping it in two before both ends were shoved clean into the mans stomach.

    As the last guy slumped to the ground Jake's bloodlust faded and he could really take in the mess around him. Not good. Not good at all. Bodies everywhere. The boy backed up towards the door, his head reeling as he desperately tried to get outside and breath in some fresh air. He burst into the nights air like he had been drowning before he got outside, gasping greedily at the cold air. How would he be able to explain that to the police? He was royally fucked, everybody he knew was dead and he had just killed four people. How do you come back from that? Not with the help of the law, that was for sure. He needed to get out of town and fast, just get as much distance as he could between this tragedy and himself. The grief was already welling up inside him by he let out a deep guttural growl and suppressed it. Not now, because if it was now there wouldn't be a later.

    A few minutes later he stood outside the door of his beloved club, fully dressed now, with a bag packed with essentials by his feet. After loading the luggage into the back of Steve's jeep Jake clambered up into the drivers seat. As he turned the ignition he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. Faintly glowing. Turning his head he found a fully sized grizzly bear sitting in the passenger seat, licking one of its huge paws. The creature glowed faintly, like it was an ember. The beast realised it was being watched and slowly turned its head to see the boy in the drivers seat, frozen with shock and with eyes as wide as saucers. The bear cleared its throat and in a distinct English accent said "Sup.".
    Jake screamed.
  7. Ry struggled to his feet and began to walk. Then a scream rang out through the night.
    "What the fuck was that?" Ry exclaimed, as the fox cracked a grin.
    "Oh that's just Ares being a dick." The fox said giving a laugh. "Come here, follow me," he said scurried off towards a building, that was off to the side.
    "What do you mean Ares?" Ry asked, as they drew near to a building with mulitple bikes parked outside. The fox gestured towards a running Jeep.
    "He's in there. And trust me, I hate this bastard more than the majority of the gods, but he's the closest one." The fox said. Ry opened the Jeep's backdoor to see a young man and a bear sitting in the front.
    Before Ry could say anything the fox jumped inside and said, "Hey Ares. It's me Hephaestus. Mind giving me and my reincarnation a ride. Hades is kinda pissed at the moment." In the direction of the bear currently sitting shotgun.
  8. As Jake sat there in shock the bear laughed, only stopping when an orange fox hopped up into the jeep with them. When the fox also spoke the boy was pretty sure that he must be dreaming. Some sort of horrific nightmare that was extremely vivid and made absolutely no sense. The bear turned to the fox and made a weird approximation of a smirk. "Get in you little weasel, looks like this is going to be a road trip. Jake do us a favour and get the car going, were getting out of here."

    Jake complied, still in a state of shock. He knew the old jeep pretty well, he had learned to drive in it last year and so had no problems handling such a heavy vehicle. He only snapped out of his daze when he saw another boy tentatively get into the car. His eyes narrowed suspiciously at him, a venomous glare that could make anybody uncomfortable. Trying his best not to look at the animals he turned around and accusingly asked "You, what the hell is going on here? Is this some kind of joke?!"
  9. The fox gave a laugh. "You're reincarnation is as stupid as you are Ares," he said to the bear.

    "I have no fucking idea. And I'm not in the mood. Within the last few hours, I've been beaten, shot at by demons, and watched the man who was more like a father then anyone else die." Ry snapped at the guy in the front seat.
    "Just go along with it. For all I know, is that I'm the reincarnation of the Greek God of fire." Ry leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.
    "Okay, boy the next stop is a while off south outside an apartment complex." Hephaestus said pointing ahead, "we got some work to do. But don't draw any attention to us. If Hades finds us, we're fucked."
  10. "Uh huh, yeah. 'Let us begin.' I'm calling BS."
    As soon as Morgan stepped out of the room the stag dispersed into a shimmering cloud, almost as if it had never been there at all. The ginger girl rubbed her temples. Great, now she was hallucinating. Just what she needed mid-afternoon. And she decided not to even get started on the promise of going on some sort of "magical adventure." She responded like a deranged six year old and she knew it. Then again, it's not like science had confirmed that dragons and monsters weren't real...
    There she was again. Off on a tangent. Some stupid imaginative tangent. Morgan hated herself for these starry-eyed imagination spells but where would she be without them? Probably in the same place, she thought, answering her own question that may or may not have been rethorical.
    The girl quickly slipped on something slightly more presentable and shuffled into the hallway, quickly whipping her head left and right to make sure her dad wasn't in the kitchen before brewing herself a tall glass of mocha. Usually he scolded her for using the machine, but Morgan didn't care. She'd barely gotten any sleep. She was sixteen years old. She could drink all the frickin' coffee she wanted. In fact, where was her dad? The coffee machine was pretty loud... it probably would've altered him to her "schemes." She took a sip of the somewhat bitter drip coffee, becoming reminded of her 4:00AM endeavors. "Wait a second... who..?"
    Her unfinished question was soon answered with a rap at the door.
    Knock knock
    "Would you care to let us in?"
    "I still don't know who you are, and stalking at four am? Kinda creepy."
    "As you wish then."
    The room felt silent save for the sound of footsteps. Leaving. Morgan breathed a sigh of relief, taking a sip of coffee to calm her nerves and alert her sens-
    In the adjacent room, the back door was blown off of its hinges by pairs of feet in fancy shoes: fancy shoes equipped for combat, that is. Five men clad in black suits and dark shades marched in, steel-toed shoes clopping across the hardwood floor. They drew their pistols, pulling their triggers in a simultaneous motion and shooting at targets out of Morgan's view. However, if the canine whines that split the air afterwards were any implication, Morgan was clearly screwed. Clasping a hand to her mouth, Morgan flailed her hand across the floor in search of a weapon. Her weapon, specifically. Where is it, where is it, where is it? She thought, frantically, running her hands through her hair and behind the shelf where it may have fallen. Her search was aborted, however, by a sound in the heavy silence.
    One of the family's Irish Setters trotted over, claws clicking on the floor. Morgan breathed a sigh of relief, but her pulse quickly began to speed up again at the realiziation that the men in black had also noticed the ecstatic canine. "Alright, time to go," Morgan muttered in a rush, grabbing the nearest rifle off of the wall (which was almost as large as her) and beckoning for her remaining dog to follow. She rushed up the stairs, thankful that she hadn't put on any socks and could therefore get a good grip on the steps. As quick as a hare, she leapt into her room and slammed the door shut, using the remainder of her strength to barricade the door with anything and everything even remotely large and heavy in the nearby vicinity. She leaned against her makeshift barrier, letting out a deep sigh and assessing her situation. She was stuck in her home, specifically her room, with an oversized rifle, a stack of dressers and a bed, a whimpering Irish Setter, and a gang of men wearing ominous shades on her tail. Yep. Her chances looked great right about now.
    The men banged on her door with their steel-tipped shoes and shot holes through her defenses with their lethal revolvers. The dog whined, laying down against the floor and playing dead in the best way he knew how. Morgan, unfortunately, knew that it wouldn't be play for much longer if she didn't do anything. If only she could find-
    She reached for the nearby crossbow that was smack-dab in the middle of her room. Unfortunately, she couldn't use the pistol one now. The circumstances were more... dire. Grabbing as many bolts as she could, stuffing them into a bag and loading the crossbow, Morgan crossed her fingers. This was stupid. She knew it was stupid.
    She scribbled a quick note, slipping the notebook paper into her dog's collar. Dumping out the enormous bag of dog food, she gave the Irish Setter a pat on the head. "If anything happens to me, please tell my family. If not... I'm not sure." Morgan knew he probably couldn't understand and there was a chance he would follow her out anyway, but it was worth a shot. Morgan glanced at the bolt in the crossbow, prepared to put her plan into action. Ready, aim...
    The bolt whizzed across the room, shattering the window into millions of pieces, some of them microscopic. The men at the door shouted, but Morgan ignored them, getting a running start and jumping out the window onto the glass-covered lawn. As soon as she recovered, she ran, dashing to the other side of the complex as quick as she possibly could, only for a familiar shining stag to appear again.
    Get ready for the car.
    Morgan frowned "Mhm, yeah. You were a real help."
    Just trust me. I'm a stag. My senses are better than yours. I can hear their vulgarity and smell their brainlessness from miles away. Then again, who wouldn't.
    "...I'm beginning to like you."
    Yet another door was knocked off its hinges, the makeshift barracade falling onto the floor in a mishappen heap. The five men stormed into the room, searching for the goddess reincarnate. However, the room was vacant bar for an empty rifle and a dog who looked up from its meal to face the intruders. The men looked at each other, then at the broken window, scowls on their faces.
    "The boss ain't gonna be happy."
  11. The dingo trotted away in the street.Cars and buses went by,but the animal wasn't harmed at all.Ayden stood there in shock,but the dingo shouted at him."C'mon,kid.We need to get to the others!" The dingo yelled.Ayden looked both ways and crossed the street.As they walked on the sidewalk,Ayden tried to let everything sink in.The dingo perked his up and started running at surprising speeds.

    "W-Wait for me!" Ayden stuttered.He tried to catch up,but he was too fast.While Ayden caught his breath,the dingo ran into a random alley.When Ayden got to the alley,the dingo sat there,looking at him.He approached the dingo,but was caught off guard by voices behind him.Ayden turned around and saw three big men who looked like they were in their 20s.They were dressed in fancy business suits,but had weapons.Ayden backed up.

    "You're coming with us,kid," One of them said.They got closer to Ayden and he fell over.The dingo grabbed the knife and put his paw on it.Ayden looked at the knife,his face fixed into a face of fright.The knife was somehow glowing.

    "I activated your weapon," The dingo said.Ayden quickly grabbed the knife,stood up,and slashed one of the guy's faces.He screamed in agony.But,the scream did not sound human.The cut on his face turned orange as it burned,smoke and all.

    "You little shit!I'm gonna kill you,even if the boss kills me!" The creature screamed.The other two advanced.But,Ayden turned around and ran away with the dingo behind him.But,as they ran farther into the alley,a gate appeared.

    "SPEED UP!" Yelled the dingo.Ayden didn't argue and ran faster.Without even noticing he ran through the gate.He looked behind him to see the remains of a gate.He looked at his arm,which was glowing red.They ran across the street.Cars honked and stopped.They got to another alley and his there.The guys seemed to be gone.

    Ayden gave an angry stare at the dingo."What the hell was that?!" Ayden screeched.The dingo stood there,giving Ayden a blank expression.

    "Well,those were Hades' minions of darkness.And when you ran through the gate,your arm heated up.I mean,it turned as hot as the sun since you're the reincarnate of Apollo.You have many powers like him,but not as strong." The dingo explained.Ayden stared at his hands.They were shaking and had an orange hue."Now," The dingo said,"Let's go find the other gods and my fellow spirits."The dingo walked off and Ayden followed behind.
  12. Levi breathed slowly as he lay on the roof to his house, staring at his hand as small arcs of electricity traveled up his fingers. He lightly smiled as thunder clouds rolled in, he always loved heavy rain. He pushed his glasses up and squinted. "Looks like there's gonna be a big storm tonight."
    He heard a small clicking sound and shot a look behind him. It was a bird, more specifically, an eagle. "Wow...what are you doing out here, in weather like this?" He smiled before letting his gaze fall back to the sky.
    "Naah, s'weather dont bother me." Levi's head shot back up as he heard another voice near by. He stood up looking down at his front yard, "Hello!" he screamed waiting for a response.
    "Ah yeah i'm here! You dont gotta scream jeez!" Levi flipped around and hesitantly looked at the eagle, thinking his mind was playing tricks on him. "Are you gonna say something or....." the eagle said with its head tilted.
    Levi was staring in disbelief as the eagle spoke. He instinctively slipped his glasses off and slid them in his pocket. "You just....uh....um..." he stammered.
    "I talk....man you take forever to catch on." The eagle stepped closer, tucking its wings in as it walked.
    Levi arched an eyebrow at the comment, "How are you talking? What do you want?"
    The eagle bowed its head as it spoke, "I am here to guide you."

    Levi was about to respond when a large man in a black suit calmly walked in his yard and stood there staring at him.
    "Yeah can I help you buddy?" Levi said with an agitated tone as he crossed his arms.
    The man didn't respond, he just stood there staring at Levi.
    Levi jumped off the roof landing on his balcony, impatience growing on his face. "Hey, what the hell do you want?!"
    Still, the man just stood there, a small grin spreading of his face.
    "Oh you think you're funny huh?" He mumbled before quickly running the down the stairs of his house swinging the front door open.
    "No wait, go back inside!" the eagle screamed landing next to Levi on the front porch.
    "What, wh- aghh!" he didn't have time to respond as the large man closed the gap between them and slammed into Levi.

    His world slowed down as his head smacked against the brick wall, the faint taste of blood on the back of his tongue being the only thing reminding him he was awake. The man stepped back and lstared at Levi as he slid down the wall, head falling forward. "Heh....easier than I thought."
    His grin faded as Levi's head snapped back up, eyes full of anger. Electricity arced up his before a bolt of lightning shot shot from his hand, effectively frying the man were he stood.
    Levi clumsily got to his feet before taking a moment to regain his composure.
    "You did very well, but we have to go." The eagle landed next to Levi, nodding its head.
    "Go where!? And you never explained what the hell is going on to begin with!"
    "Well, I was worried about telling you this but it appears you've already discovered some of your abilities.....your Zeus....." The eagle said plainly.
    A faint grin spread across Levi's face. "Yeah...hehe....what?"
    The eagle sighed and shot in the air, "Look ill explain later but there are more of those men coming. Follow me, the others should be ready by now!"
    Levi hesitantly chased the bird. "Wait where are we going?!?!" he yelled still completely confused but determined to get answers. He looked back in time to see three sleek black jeeps pull up in front of his house. Several men dressed the same as the other filed out of the car and entered his home. "Well...looks like I dont have to go home now...." he said quietly as he ran down the middle of the street.
  13. Hector leaned back, smoking his cigar. He skimmed his reports. Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis, and Zeus had all gotten out of the way. He had a group of soilders to snipe out Ares. They couldn't beat the god of war in hand to hand, even if he was still mortal. Best not to risk it.
    Ry was sitting in the car, when a shot rang out. The rear tire was popped and Hephaestus shouted, "Sniper! Get out of the damn car!" Ry nd Hephaestus jumped out of the car and ran into the nearest building, which happened to be the bar. 'What the fuck happened here?" Ry asked before throwing up in the sight.
    "Wimp," mumbled Hephaestus after seeing Ry do this.
  14. Levi continued down the middle of the street trying to make sense of everything. "So....your saying i'm the reincarnation of Zeus, your here to guide me to the other reincarnated gods, and someones trying to kill us, I get that right?
    The eagle was flying low just next to Levi, "That's pretty much the gist of it yeah...hey I sense two of them have grouped together not to far from here, come quickly!"
    "Hey wait up!" Levi yelled as the eagle dipped to the side. "One last thing...what do I call you?"
    The eagle slowed down thinking for a moment, "Huh...just call me Zeus I guess." it said before speeding off again.
    "I thought I was Zeus not you!" he continued to chase 'Zeus' until they reached a bar. "Wait...in there?" he asked quietly.
    "Yes, I can sense the others."
    Levi showed up just in time to see another guy throw up. "Guess he had to much to drink..."
    Zeus whispered, "Actually he's one of the other gods...."
  15. Hephaestus was the first to notice the eagle in the room. "Well hey dad," the fox said turning to face the new arrivals. "If your boy has a weak stomach then I recommend he don't look. There is a slight mess."
    Ry looked around the bloody room. Something bad had happened. He turned to see the new guy and the eagle. Before he could react, a man in a suit, with a sniper rifle over his shoulder. He swung t the nearst incarnate, which happened to be Ry. Ry collapsed on the floor. In a quick motion he aimed the gun on Ry's head.
  16. Levi's eyes widened as he realized what was happening. "No you...dont!" He let loose a bolt of electricity throwing the man against the wall.
    "Hello Hephaestus, I see you've made great progress." He paused and looked at Levi, "I....think I have."
    Levi kneeled down next to Ry and began to gently smack his face, "Hey buddy you with me? I'm a little confused but I understand im here to meet you.....come on."
  17. The man disappeared in a puff of smoke, and Ry shakily stood up. "Thanks," Ry muttered.
    Hephaestus smiled. "Ignore him. He's had a rough day. His name is Ry Burst. He's the Hephaestus reincarnation all right."
  18. A sniper?! Well that was a new experience. What Jake wouldn't do to get his hands on one of those...but for now he was running from it. Ares struggled to squeeze through the door but after a quick squeeze and some angry sounding grunts. "Oh dude come on....not on the carpet! Although I guess it's already ruined." Jake moaned upon seeing Ry hurl.

    "Oh so nice of you to finally join us pops, I see your human is still into the whole smite thy shit." Ares laughed upon the boy and eagle joining them in the bar and disintegrating the sniper who was foolish enough to enter the building and not keep his distance. Jake wasn't even going to question this mess any more, a talking eagle and lightening boy no longer even surprised him. He could play along with this for now...looks like daddy was home.

    "Yeah sorry about the mess fellas...if I was expecting visitors I would have cleaned up I swear." Jake smirked, walking over to the small pile of ash that had been their attacker and retrieving his weapon. It was a beautiful full black M11O model with only two shots missing from the magazine. His brow furrowed in confusion for a second. How did he know that? He had never seen this kind of gun in person before and he already knew every single function of the damn thing. Maybe he had watched a video on it a long time ago but that didn't explain why he knew how much was in the magazine.. just another oddity this day was throwing at him. After slinging the gun over his shoulder he turned to the odd assembly of entities and asked "So what's our next move? And please no more surprises."
  19. Hephaestus gave a grin. "Trust me, the surprises haven't ended yet." Ry shot him a look. "What the hell are you taking about?" He asked.

    Hephaestus jumped on Ry's head and cleared his throat loudly. "Good morning, folks, welcome to this bar, the decoration courtesy of Ares and his boy over there," Hephaestus paused to point to Jake. "Well reincarnates, here's the plan. Hades, or better known around here as Hector Ramirez, gang lord, of NYC, wants us and the other gods dead. A while ago we had to seal him away, due to him inheriting power from my dear old gramps, Kronos. So kids, you are the only hope for this world and the fat of the gods. The plan is to find the other reincarnates. Any questions?"
  20. Jake tentatively raised a hand. "Yeah I have a few. But sadly I dont feel as if I'm going to enjoy the answers. So lets just get this over with." He said in an almost bored voice, flicking the safety on and off the massive rifle he was carrying.
    "Thata boy Jake! I knew you'd come around!" Ares bellowed giving him a firm slap on the back with one of his ham sized paws, almost sending him sprawling. "So who are we picking up next Hephaestus? Please not Athena. Maybe Poseidon, he was always pretty cool. That is of course if he's surfaced yet."
  21. "Wow, your sense of humor hasn't really changed after all these years," Hephaestus said laughing. "I'd say we'd best stay here for a bit, unless someone can't stand the blood. We should keep a low profile, and the let the others find us."
  22. Ayden watched the sky as they continued to walk.He didn't feel scared,confused,or anything like that.He was just...surprised.This was big news,but it wasn't big to Ayden."So,"Ayden said,"Where are we heading?"The dingo stopped.He turned around and gave a sick look.

    "We're going to..."The dingo shivered,"Find Hephaestus and Ares.I can sense them.They're not far."They continued to walk for a while until they came across a bar.But,it looked familiar.He looked at the front of the bar.There was graffiti all over it.That's why it looked familiar.He vandalized it a few months back.They walked in to see a bear and a fox.But,he also saw a man who looked slightly older and a guy who looked like,"An emo bitch,"according to Ayden.

    "Yo,"Ayden said and he stood there,looking stupid.
  23. "Well hello, what's up Apollo?" Hephaestus asked the Dingo. He cracked a grin. Ry shrugged and sat down in the nearest, non bloody chair and began to tinker.
  24. "Eh,my reincarnate is a pain in the ass,"Apollo answered Hephaestus.Ayden looked at Apollo.Ayden looked like he was going to explode."Uh oh,"Apollo began to run away in the bar.Ayden was close after him.

    "Take it back,you son of a bitch!"Ayden screeched.Ayden looked stupid for sure.
  25. Ry looked over his watc to see the game of chase around the bar. "You understand, that any noise you make now, can either lead the cops to this place or even worse, Hades." Ry said.
    "I think Ry is right." Hephaestus said, trying to settle down the group.
  26. Levi sat in a chair gently zapping a cup with electricity. "Why arent you getting to know the others? You are an important god you know." Zeus question. Levi looked at the eagle with an eyebrow raised, "I dont know, am I being anti social? Ill fix it." He turned to the others and waited for a break in the chatter. "So...how are we gonna do this?"
  27. "Fuck knows." Jake grunted helpfully, his gaze following the idiot who had just entered his home whilst it looked like a warzone and decided to play tag. Seriously you'd think the kid didn't even see the corpses littered around like leaves in an Autumn wind. One of them had two separate parts of a pool cue skewering him even, not your everyday scene that. Looking at that particularly unlucky soul managed to get a dark grin out of Jake. what a kill.
  28. "Alright,alright,"Apollo stopped,"I'm sorry."Ayden stopped in his tracks...which was on a dead guy.Ayden stared at it for a few moments.He then stomped on his head and blood covered his shoes.Ayden smirked creepily.Apollo stared at him in shock."And I though Ares had problems."
  29. Meanwhile, not at the bar where everyone else is...

    "I've been patient, but I just get the sinking feeling you're wrong."
    It's coming.
    "No, it's probably not. You even said you heard their tire getting popped."
    I'm more experienced than you.
    "That's a fair point, but aren't there like... murderers on our tail?"
    Yes, which is why we should wait for the car.
    "The car's not coming. And look, now I'm getting wierd looks from padestrians. Probably because I'm talking to a magic deer who's hypocritical to their own advice."
    To them, you're talking to nothing.
    "How does that make it better exactly?"
    You said you were excited about some form of magical adventure. Well, magical adventures often consist of waiting as well.
    Morgan frowned at the deer, earning herself another confused glare from a passing woman. "I guess you're right, but this just kinda isn't what I expected. I assumed I would get straight into the action and you'd be my magical sprite guide of some sort."
    The deer/stag sighed, antlers shimmering. Please don't compare me to a fictional video game abstraction.
    "Why wouldn't you want to be compared to a fictional video game abstraction?"
    It's degrading. You could at least pick a real game.
    "Why would I want to?"
    The stag probably would've put a hand to its face in exhaustion, had it possessed the ability to do so. You've got a long way to go.
    Suddenly, Morgan froze. She looked left and right, tilting her head into the wind. "Is it... normal to find bears here?"
    You're the one who's lived here for sixteen years. Why are you asking me?
    Morgan didn't give the deer an answer, set on following the trail the nearby bear had left. Not a physical trail, mind you, but more of a mental one. It shone blood red across the nearby road, reeking of the sulphuric odor one might associate with gunpowder. Later, however, it intertwined with a new trail. This one was blazing orange, smelling of melting iron and burning coal. They grew stronger, eventually combining into one cloud of firey colour. Morgan continued chasing them; around buildings, past a wrecked and abandoned car with a gunshot tire (huh, I wonder how that happened), until she finally came across a certain bar. It was covered in graffiti and practically reeked of death, but this is where the trails stopped. In fact, two more trails lead here as well; one sky blue with the smell of ozone and the other, more recent, bright yellow one which had the distinct tang of spray paint and overpriced man perfume (or cologne, as anyone with dignity would call it). "So... this is the place," she muttered, right next to the graffiti-riddled wall that stood by the door. "Do I knock?"
    No, of course you don't knock. There's hardly even a door to knock on.
    Morgan gave a lighthearted smirk. "I was joking."
    The deer would've crossed its arms if it could. Well, I don't appreciate that. We have to be serious.
    "What do I call you, anyway?" Morgan asked as she slowly reached a hand towards the doorknob.
    For a second, the stag paused in thought. Artemis. Just call me Artemis.
    Morgan's hand retracted back to her side in order to point at the deer accusingly. "I thought I was Artemis... that's kind of a relief actually."
    You still are, but this makes it easier.
    Morgan was all about simplicity, so she didn't complain. "By the way... are you a boy or a girl?"
    With a broad smile on her face, the reincarnate of the goddess of the hunt opened the door. However, her expression quickly dissolved into a fearful one upon seeing the mess on the floor.
    "What the actual hell happened here?"
  30. "Apparently more god bullshit." Ry said towards the new arrival. He seemed unfazed by the sudden entrance. However Hephaestus noticed the new arrival and reacted. "Hey half sis. It's me Hephaestus. How's it going?" He asked Artemis. "Look your twin is here," he gestured over to Apollo and his reincarnate.
  31. "Apparently this Hades guy really wanted us out of the picture was what happened here lass. Although if this was his best effort I doubt we have anything to be scared of. So grab a non blood stained chair and make yourself at home." Jake sighed, also not surprised by a new arrival even if this one was the first female so that was at least new. Crossing across the room in a few quick strides he vaulted the bar and began rummaging behind it. After a few seconds he pulled out a selection of different pint glasses with various brand names on them. "Drinks anyone?"

    Ares was a lot more pleased than his human reincarnation to see Artemis and Morgan, trotting over to the girl and greeting her with a loud "Welcome my dear huntress!" before giving her the best smile it was possible for a bear to give. Nasty result, too many teeth. "I look forward to fighting by your side again, it'll be just like old times."
  32. "I'm more or less underage. Well legally" Ry said, "So I'll take a pass on that thank you." He looked around. "So does anyone have a weapon of some sort? We gonna need to see what we have." He pulled out a pistol, and placed it on the pool table, which was a black Desert Eagle.
    "Come on boys, line em up. We're out gunned and out numbered. Let's see what we got and see if we can give any upgrades. I mean hello, Hephaestus. God of metalworking. Remember Zeus, Hephaestus crafted most of your guys shit." Hephaestus said, giving a laugh.
  33. Levi raised his hand and lets small sparks crackle around it. "So I believe im the only one here with built in weapons?" He questioned looking around. "Also, are we really gonna attack this guy without preparation? This looks like its gonna lead to one hell of a fight so it wouldnt hurt to practice with one another."
  34. Jake's eyes focused on the desert eagle on the table, quickly taking in everything there was to know about the weapon. Clunky and much to big for Ry's hands but should he land a shot it would certainly hurt. As for arming this little group....well the club did have it's own weapon storage out back. There would be enough ammo stockpiled there to keep a small army going for a few days. "Just a minute, I'll go grab what I have." He told the group before disappearing out back through a door labelled "Staff only".

    A few short moments later he was back hauling two large black duffel bags which he dumped on the pool table. He smirked before unzipping the first bag to reveal it was full to the brim with different kinds of handgun and one or two shotguns. Magazines could be seen poking out of the side pockets in the bag as well as the dull gleam of shotgun shells. Jake picked out two of the handguns at random, giving each one a quick check before sliding them into his waist band. He then looked at Levi who had just spoken. "I dont have any fancy bullshit powers if that's what your asking. Must be nice to have a built in Taser though. Regardless what do you mean practice on one another? I would shoot you dead, there's no middle ground." This was all said in a thoughtful manner, Jake wasn't challenging the other boy, merely mulling over the situation out loud. With a sigh he looked at the group of kids and glowing spirit animals. Not exactly an army.

    "Look I could teach those of you who dont know how to shoot how to handle one of these bad boys but we need to know any secret aces anybody here may be hiding. So lets hear it, anybody else able to shoot lightening or something?" He turned to the new girl. "Howabout you? Just come in by the way, make yourself at home, everybody else did."
  35. Morgan honestly had nothing to say, instead inching around one of the larger pools of blood in order to avoid looking too much like she's just come out of a crime scene... though in this case that was true. She gave a quick nod to two of the boys, the one with more pistols than hands and the one who had just set a rather intimidating gun onto the table (that she definitely didn't want to try out...), and then scooted over to a barstool that hopefully wasn't bloodied in the corner. She was in no way squeamish, but she didn't want the authorities questioning her either. It was bad enough that she carried a crossbow strapped to her back and had broken a window before jumping through (earning her a rather nasty looking cut across the arm, she chose to ignore it as it didn't appear too terribly deep). She didn't need any blood—correction—any more blood staining her clothes. Morgan didn't care if she wasn't being polite at this point. She leaned on the bad, attempting to process what had just happened.
    Artemis, on the other hand, was more than happy to meet the other gods. She gave a smile to the bear who had greeted her... however a stag would attempt to smile, anyway. Oh, Ares, it's been too long. I'm glad we have finally met once agai- oh, Morgan, don't drink that. It's not what you think it is.
    "What do you mean, it's just-" Morgan turned around the now uncapped bottle to the ingredients, squinting through her glasses. Upon seeing the word "alchohol," she reluctantly set the bottle of what she thought was Root Beer back on the table. "Oh... what am I saying, we're at a bar. I don't know what I expected." She continued to glare at the inanimate object despite this, as if it was dictating what she could and couldn't do.
    Artemis turned back to the bear. Apologies, but I am glad we have met up once again. I'm sure we'll be able to best this threat together. By the way, where did you say Apollo was? She quickly answered her own question, seeing the vaguely glowing dingo. It's a good thing you made it too, baby brother. Try not to be too much of a liability. Artemis smirked, as if it was a joke they'd shared before.
    Morgan, meanwhile, had set her crossbow on the only slightly broken bar. Was it true that this Hephaestus boy could improve it? Probably, she assumed, seeing the one with the eagle was capable of becoming a living taser and there was no way the Ares one with the bear had gotten lessons on how to use every single revolver in his bag (or maybe he could, Morgan was in no position to judge). It would probably be more practical of her to grab one of the shotguns, but did she know how to use one? No. "Hey, uh, Hephaestus... person?" Yep. Excellent start. "What do you think you could do with this?"
  36. "Call me Ry," Ry said lifting up the crossbow. "With a standard crossbow, like this, we could, first off improve accuracy and output. Then of course add upgrades to it's function." He examined the crossbow throughly. He lifted up a pistol from the bag and quickly took it apart. He set the pieces of the table and pulled out a few tools from his bag. After a few minutes of tinkering, he had given it a through upgrade. Now the crossbow, had an extra trigger, along with two switched along the sides. "Now it has a multi fire mode, where you can fire multiple arrows, without having to reload them. Five at a time to be precise. This extra trigger, fires a small flash band, to give you time to escape from any problems that might occcur. And finally the switches. The first one fires an explosive bolt. And the other on is a grappling hook of sorts. It fires a bolt, which has a line, capable of zipping you across dangerous territory." He finished his explanation and set it back on the pool table.
  37. Ayden sat at a table close to the other reincarnates.He was spinning the knife that cut the Hades' minion.He finally got up and walked outside.He opened his bag and pulled out a can of spray paint.He began to vandalise the bar more than it was.He looked at the work that was done before and his work now.His work now was as good as before,but it was different.Before,it was all deep stuff from literature and stuff.He was really good in his english classes.He could write stories,poems,pretty much everything.But now,he didn't know why he decided to draw music notes.I mean,he was the reincarnate of Apollo,the god of music,art,and more.But,it didn't make ANY sense to him.
  38. Levi stared at Jake a moment before turning his attention to the empty bottles at the bar, he began zapping them as a form of target practice. Kids lucky I can control my temper...he'd be extra crispy right now if it wasn't for that.... he thought to himself as he took out the last bottle. He turned around with an over exaggerated grin on his face. "Well your clearly busy gearing so ill step outside." He quickly made his way to the door and moment it shut he completely thrashed a bike that was out there. "Well...better control than I had before hehe" he said staring down at the pile of dust. He turned to the boy spray painting walls who he hadn't seen was near him, "Uh....hi"
  39. Ayden was jump from Levi's voice from behind him.He would jump around and smile at Levi."Don't scare me like that..."Ayden said with a smile stuck to his face.He would go back to spray painting the wall.Sheesh,he thought,Why does he have to be out here with me!As he was finishing up a music note,he heard a sound nearby.Ayden walked over to wear it was,putting the spray paint in his bag.When he reached the source of the sound,he saw a familiar face.It was the guy who he sold the necklace to.Ayden pulled out his knife.

    "Woah,kid,"The guy said,backing up,"I'm here to warn you."Ayden put down the knife and raised an eyebrow."My buddy's are on there way,"The man gave a disturbing smirk,"But,I want them to have an easy fight."The man pulled out a sword.Ayden backed up.The man started to swing and when the man got a hit,he made a huge cut in Ayden's leg.He fell over and pulled up his pant leg.And when the man pointed his sword at Ayden,he didn't know what to do and he screamed.
  40. Levi jolted at the sound of a scream. "Im coming!" he yelled as he broke out into a sprint. He slammed into the side of Ayden's attack grabbing the mans neck as they fell. He quickly sent a jolt of electricity through the mans neck killing his brain. He stood up and dusted off before walking up to Ayden. "How bad is it?"

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