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The Glitch Topic

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by David Da Bomb, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. This topic is for the discussions of glitches in videogames. It doesn't matter whether you discovered something on your own or if it was something you heard from someone else. If you know something, spill the beans. Just let me start things off.

    In Wario Land 2, if you stand on a conveyor belt while holding an enemy, Wario will act as if he is on normal ground.

    In Donkey Kong 64, stand on a Banana-Port pad and hold B to charge up the shockwave attack. Press Z afterwards (make sure you're still holding the B button) and you'll Banana-Port without losing the charged up power.
  2. Carmen Lopez

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    I am still wondering if what happened in my Sapphire game was a glitch. After mixing records with my Emerald game, I was able to captue wild Seedot and Nuzleaf in my Sapphire game. That hasn't happen to anyone else to my knowledge.
  3. a wild seedot and nuzleaf, how is that a glitch? I catch wild seedots and nuzleafs in that one route all the time....

    hmmm, glitches, well, in Kingdom Hearts 2, a glitch occurs in which some bosses become invincible, i.e. their hp bars don't register damage anymore. This hasn't really happened to me personally but I've seen how catastrophic the results can be.
  4. when that HP thing happens,the boss must be finished with a final strike or reaction command,depends

    Well,back with the glitches,in Final Fantasy Tactics,when you battle Dycedarg, the mission objective says: "Defeat Dycedarg's elder brother" WTF?
  5. In Super Mario World, stand in front of a Vine/Rope/Fence when carrying something. Kick the item you're holding up into the air and climb up while holding B, you can carry the thing while climbing and the same time.
  6. Carmen Lopez

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    In Pokemon Sapphire?!??! Unless the same thing happened to you, I doubt that highly.
  7. Why and how can you doubt that?
    Seedot evolves into nuzleaf.. it is its next evolution..
  8. Carmen Lopez

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    I thought wild Seedot and Nuzleaf couldn't be caught in Sapphire. Whenever I use the Pokemon locater in my Sapphire Pokedex on these two Pokemon it says area unknown. Yet I saw wild Seedot and Nuzleaf in my Sapphire game. They are version exclusive to my knowledge; they are only available in Ruby and Emerald, not Sapphire.

    That why and how I doubt that.

    Nevermind. I give up. Who knows what happened. I'm not starting my Sapphire game over though.

    But back on topic. I vaguely remember fighting a boss in an old Mario game. And the boss flew away off the screen and I remember having to wait until time ran out because I couldn't do anything. I don't exactly know what happened as I was around 5 or 6 at the time. That may have been just hiccup and not a glitch.
  9. If it's Super Mario Bros. 3 you're talking about, the Koopa Kids are SUPPOSED to fly off screen when jump on top of one of them 3 times. And you're supposed to grab the wand that falls from the top of the screen afterwards.

    In world 5-3 of SMB 2, there's a jar that infinitely produces Bob-ombs. Make a Bob-omb blow it up and place a Mushroom block over were the jar stood. Walk away and then come back to see Bob-ombs come out of the Mushroom Block!
  10. Indeed. I just checked out my own Sapphire PokeDex. Seedot and its evolutions are not locatable in it. I've seen them, have yet to catch them, the "Area" tab says "Location Unknown," and my last save was at the Battle Tower.
  11. Carmen Lopez

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    I know what you're talking about, so I guess I mean the minibosses that come in the middle. Not the Koopa kids.
  12. Based on psypoke seedot is not in sapphire,so either that thing u said or some weird glitch.

    Anyway...since i can't believe it hasn't been said

    Missingno.The big glitch of Pokemon

    R/B/G-Cool as hell
    Y-??? i think about the same
    G/S/C-Can only be gotten with codes,don't believe its as cool either
    R/S/E-Can erase save file
    DP-a variant i guess can be gotten in team battles,weak

    And Mew Glitch,being able to manipulate pokemon r/b/g to your will! (as long as you know where to go)

    As for non-pokemon glitches....
    Sonic 2-Death Egg (i think) and hidden palace
    Starcraft-Valkyrie lockup,max unit number in certain custom maps
    Phantasy Star Online-Revive heals,killing resto's

    Any VGA computer game-Timer errors
  13. Oh sorry, I forgot Lotad was on Sapphire, not Seedot...hmm...ever consider the copy is possibly fake?
  14. Naa, Shuppet is supposed to be only in Sapphire, and I caught one in Ruby. Maybe your just lucky :O

    Gitches, gitches...ahh yes, Secret of Mana, you can get back into Potos Village (for those of you who don't know, you get banished from it in the begining of the game) by holding UP and tapping SELECT.

    Gotta' love glitches.
  15. Shuppet? Not in Ruby?

    I've encountered, like, six of those...

    Glitches... Well, there IS the Mario jump-through-wall glitch, the one where you phase through a brick corner if you jump at it right?

    Or, my favourite of all, every game that has the 'underworld' glitch- You get yourself stuck in a wall, fall below the level, and everything kind of repeats and looks liquified and such. You know it, I'm sure. Everything seems visually messed up? I love those. ^__^
  16. Carmen Lopez

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    I bought it from Wal-Mart or Target. And I don't think it's a fake. Nothing else weird like that has happened. Maybe my Emerald game messed with it somehow.
  17. The cloning glitch and the Pomeg Berry glitch from Emerald...

    And for some non-Pokémon ones:
    ~In Fire Emblem 7, you can hard or soft reset as an enemy steps on a mine and gain control of enemies for one turn
    ~Also in FE7, this isn't really a glitch so much as it is an editing error, but Florina's pegasus is called both Huey and Makar, and both "he" and "she..."
    ~In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, if you exploit the money glitch too much, the game will act like you have NO money.
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  18. whats that ???
  19. I'm sure we all know the missingno glitch, but has anyone noticed what else comes up when your looking for missingno on the edge of cinnibar or the seafoam islands? Keep in mid these are all in water.

    Level 150 Wartortle
    Level 150 charmeleon
    level 4 or 150 bellsprout
    (I can't remember what level) Prof. Oak1 ;D :D
    (Can't remember what level) Growlithe
  20. Shuppet is available on both versions, but on Ruby, he's much more rare and only appears in the graveyard....
  21. This is because the hex codes of your characters name decides the levels and pokemon that show up in your game.

    Some people are lucky enough to get 150 Mewtwos :o

    However,because of this pokemon like Mew cant be gotten with the missingno glitch,cause the hex code is not a used character in character names (without hacking).You can also find certain missingno's using the Mew Glitch
  22. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Pokemon over level 100 are weaker. Granted, getting a Mewtwo would be lucky, but not that lucky.
  23. Nope,they can get to be VERY powerful i've heard.However they revert to 100 i believe (stats included) if they pass 255 in level (or was it 200...)

    or at least this is what i've heard,i take most of this info based on a site that is actually all about missingno.I unfortunatly was scared of glitching my games in the days of red and blue :( (i'll probably emulate it one of these days....)
  24. It's 255, but that's if you Rare Candy it, I think...
  25. Carmen Lopez

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    I've heard rumors that if you leave a normal Pokemon egg inside the PC for a very, very long time it will turn into a Bad Egg. Is this true? Because I know I've probably left some eggs to rot in one of my GBA games.

    And there is also the Berry Glitch. When you play Ruby or Sapphire for more than a year, time is supposed to stop. Well time indeed stopped in my Ruby game but I've been playing Sapphire for just as long and it's still normal. Why is that?
  26. 1 is false,i've had eggs for a long time in pokemon diamond,only recently hatching.As for Firered i don't believe theres any decent way for the game to test for that (that and again i have eggs in there still).For R/S/E though i don't know,but i heavily doubt it.Bad egg is no more than a anti-bug programming,so the game won't crash because somehow you got a pokemon that doesn't make sense stat-wise

    2 i'd suppose is simply because its a glitch.It doesn't always happen,or maybe pokemon emerald issues the bug fix when you do the record mix? (isnt sapphire the one you did it with?).I'm certain firered and leafgreen can do it but not sure about emerald.
  27. Yeah. Supposedly, if you hack the game the Pokemon in your top slot will be turned into a Bad Egg. According to Glitch City, it can actually be sent into battle, but all it knows is Struggle.

    The bonus disc for preordering Pokemon Colosseum can also fix the Berry Glitch.
  28. It depends on how you hack the game.All that must be done to make a bad egg is have an invalid part in the pokemon,one that cannot be put in no matter how the game tries.This is most common in pokemon creation codes,since they make pokemon from scratch,all such a transformation code would do is take one stat and make it invalid.

    Also for the record,EVs cannot be made invalid (unless you do negatives perhaps).They will pass into diamond,but if the totals are pass 512 they wont enter battle revolution (because this is the max EVs a pokemon can have,and battle revolution checks total evs).For kicks i tested this myself.

    also since this is the glitch topic,a specific missingno to warn about is the advanced generation missingno,if you EVER encounter this missingno i'd say turn off the game immediatly,i've read that this missingno can erase your save file
  29. Here's a glitch and the exploit. It's called the Shiny Ditto Trick, and I know it worked back in Gold and Silver, although technically Red and Blue, too.

    Step 1: Catch Red Gyarados, or any other Shiny for that matter.
    Step 2: Make sure the only move said Shiny knows is Mimic. The Move Deleter helps.
    Step 3: Trade the Shiny to Red, Blue, or Yellow.
    Step 4: Find a wild Ditto.
    Step 5: Use Mimic on the Ditto. The Ditto will Transform into the Shiny, and it will only know Mimic. The Shiny will then Mimic Ditto's Transform and turn into a copy of itself. The Ditto will then Mimic the Shiny Mimicking it's own Transform, turning into a copy of the copy of the copy it made.
    Step 6: Catch the Ditto.
    Step 7: Trade Ditto to Gold, Silver, or Crystal.
    Step 8: SHINY DITTO!

    Back in GSC, a Pokemon's Shininess was derived from its stats. Shiny Dittos were highly valued, as they can breed with anything to produce more Shiny Pokemon since a hatched Pokemon inherits the stats of its parents. The Shiny Ditto Trick works because of a flaw in the programming of RBY that causes Ditto's stats to be permanently overwritten when it Transforms after Transforming. It probably works with trained Ditto, also, but it would most likely require a wild Shiny that knows Mimic.
  30. You can do that in FE8, as well. Differently, as there aren't any mines, but still control them. It's actually very very well known as the Enemy Control Glitch. There's a FAQ for it on Gamefaqs, actually. You should read it, and see if you can do it. I can't, personally. Did it once, got the items I wanted, and then Neimi died. (T-T)

    During the enemy's phase, if one attacks you, during the end sometime, I can't remember exactly when, soft or hard reset, and if you timed it right, you control them. I'm pretty sure the only places where it's less than impossible to do it are monster maps, though. You can make the monsters move to your main Lord, and put their items in the supply convoy.

    Read the FAQ, it explains it a million times better than I do.
  31. Uhh nope, never had a glitch happen to m-O WAIT.

    One time I was playing Super Mario 64 DS, and I was just about to go into the first Bowser world, when suddenly I hit a wall in the pit.
    And the weird part was, I kept falling until I lost a life. Weeeeeeeird.
  32. Actually, I think I've read that faq... It involves something with certain map tiles or something, and that map with all the Gorgon Eggs on it is a good map to try it on... I've never tried it though.

    And to stay on topic, there's the good ol' cloning glitch from GSC. There's also a glitch (a cheat, more like) in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life that basically lets you get 99 of any item... But similarly to the money glitch, if you abuse it by selling everything and getting to much money, the game will read it as you have no money.
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    [quote author=Gardevoir Master link=topic=2315.msg27142#msg27142 date=1183850720]
    The bonus disc for preordering Pokemon Colosseum can also fix the Berry Glitch.

    Various other things fix it too - I know for certain that if you've ever linked your Ruby or Sapphire to a download station in a shop, you'll have received the berry program fix. I remember specifically doing that when I was in the US to buy Colosseum... but I can't remember if I linked up just to receive the berry fix, or if I got a special Pokemon at the same time. Also if you've ever been to a Nintendo Event and received a download there, you'll have got the berry fix.

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