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The Gen V 3D Console Battler

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. So, with every new generation of Pokemon games comes a 3D game for the home console of the time, allowing you to battle your Pokemon in UltraNice Shininess. I've played all four of them, and will be going over what they did right (and wrong) and how the Gen V battler can build on this. I'll be lumping the two Stadiums together seeing as Stadium 2 was the same (mostly) except bigger and better.
    Note: I haven't played Colosseum in a while, so I won't talk much about it and might have some incorrect 'facts'. I'll revise that section after replaying it.

    Stadium and Stadium 2 -

    Easily my favourite, these were the first Pokemon battling games that I ever got (possibly the first Pokemon games full stop - I can't remember if I got Snap before or after Stadium.) They have tonnes to do if you're a single player (Lots of cups and gym leaders, minigames, earl's academy etc.) and are of course fun in multiplayer. I like how, in these games, all the rental Pokemon are available from the start. You can devise battle strategies, try to wing it in the prime cup with legendaries or Quick Battle as Ash Lookalike. These games are just really fun. Also, the graphics are quite nice (for an N64 game, obviously.)
    Apart from battling, there are a few extra features that I really enjoy. Earl's Academy, while teaching newbies some basic strategies, also has an in-depth guide to each Pokemon, the sort you pay to get in an official guide. It also has a quiz that is fun and challenging, some fantastic remixes, really well updated Pokemon cries *coughWhydon'tyouhavethatinthemainseriescough* and of course those minigames. It may sound strange to someone who has never played Stadium and Stadium 2, but they were one of the best bits. They were insanely addictive and were really fun in multiplayer (the hitmontop one was my favourite :3).
    The Stadium games are solid. They don't try to do anything amazing, and are all the better for it.
    Best bits: Remixes, lots of battling options, cries, guide and minigames
    Worst bits: Not adventurous enough for some, rental Pokemon sometimes a bit eh

    Pokemon Colosseum -

    As I said before, please excuse me if I get facts wrong :>
    The story mode venture is a clever one. I never really liked the whole 'snag and purify' thing, but lots of people did and I'll admit it is clever. Although I may be wrong (please correct me if I am), I remember the battling options being not-to-extensive and the game being mainly focused on the story, which is bad if the main reason the game is being made is for battling on the big screen.
    I also remember (but again, may be wrong) that the graphics weren't too great and were pretty much the Stadium models reused.
    Best bits: Adventure, some battle animations were epic, new direction
    Worst bits: Not enough focus on battling, story too central in game

    Pokemon Battle Revolution -

    Ah, PBR. Remember this trailer? PBR was released only 6 months later. Unfortunately, it isn't half as good as this trailer. It was rushed out and as a result never really felt like a completed game. A lot of the character models are reused from the previous games, which is pretty lazy. Some of the attack animations look good, but don't make any of those awesome environment changes shown in that trailer.
    The game also suffers from being incredibly difficult and annoying if the player doesn't have any main series games to connect to it. There are very few rental Pokemon and the Colosseum system is linear and boring. It is also very easy and tedious if you have uploaded a half decent team. Also, the battle tracks aren't remixed versions from the games and aren't that good. Still, it has online mode and (finally) trainer customization.
    Still, they should have kept those awesome camera effects. Oh, and it shouldn't have that bloody annoying way of typing your name in.
    Best Bits: Trainer Customization, Online, Nice attack animations
    Worst Bits: Half-baked, lazy character models, eh music, boring and easy/difficult colosseums

    So, what would I like to see in BW's 3D battler? It is rumoured that it will have a story mode as well as a battle mode, and I'm quite pleased about that. A story mode, perhaps a prequel in Unova, set a few years before BW would be awesome. I'd just like to see an awesome story mode, great character models (not recycled - more like in PokePark Wii), lots of battling options and some cool extra features (like the minigames in the stadiums and the camera in pre-release PBR.)
    Seeing as they are putting a huge amount of effort in this gen I can't see the Gen V console battler being half-baked like PBR was. I hope this holds true. So, what do you think? Comment below!
  2. I really hope they bring back the ability to rent Pokémon, rather than having to use premade teams like in PBR. If there's going to be 649 Pokémon, we should really be allowed to have our pick of the litter.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing Gym Leader Castle brought back, but it would be crazy to battle forty gym leaders consecutively. I guess they could split it up by region, though.
  3. A good adventure mode would be great, but maybe something not so focused on Double battling or purifying. Hopefully with the graphical enhancements presented in Pokepark Wii (they wre there) we can get some better locations for battling, and hopefully the same guy who did the music for BW will do this game's track too, something a bit edgy and not entirely orchestrated would be nice.

    Anyway, With the time they've had between PBR and this game, I'd say we should get a pretty good game. Now, I know Pokepark Wii was released between then, but I could still see some more graphical improvement. I've said it before, but I also think that we could still get a better character customization than what we had in PBR. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but you either had to be pasty white, almost orangey tan, or black. Again, no offense intended, but we could use a color bar for this. We can also use this for other clothing accesories too. A hight customizer would be nice too, and more choices in clothing (such as being able to be tall and wear a short sleeve shirt) would be nice too, as well as a way to put shirts on top of another. Plus, we really, REALLY need to be able to lose the hat. No character of mine, save one or two, wears a hat. We also need more hairstyles too, other than just one set, such as thick hair, short hair, spiky hair, etc etc. Also, it would be cool if they could make premade character models based on the main characters of the past games.

    As far as additional extras, I would like it if they could make a combination of PBR and Colloseum, making it where you can have an adventure in an RPG format, or you could play in colloseums. Plus, some Pokemon could follow you around, or ride on the player's shoulder. Not only that, but I would like it if we could customize them a little (like a star on their cheek, spiky hair, etc.), and be able to have little scenes with them (a friendship scene in other words.). Not only that, but we could also bring some HM's into the game to allow to surf and dive, etc etc.

    I could see an in dept Online playing field too. I mean, with millions of players all over the world, something could always be different. I could also see where you could spectate on a battle. As far as communications go, We don't need to send messages back and forth by typing them, that would be time consuming. Either they could give us a special mic function that will let us talk, or they could just make pre made messages to send.

    Speaking of messages, a player's and Pokemon's actions should also be able to send a message. What I mean is I wish they would make small changes to they way Pokemon could move. If they are naughty, make them grin evily. If they are jolly, have them smile alot and spin around or something. Same thing could be applied to Trainers as well. We could make it to where the trainers get hot headed when they are losing or make a determined face. Basically we need something to make a fantasy world just a little more realistic.

    But anyway, as far as location goes, I would like an archipelago region, or a night lit city, something colorful. And of course I would also like to see some geographical changes with the match, maybe not so much that the terrain changes all together, but something noticeable such as Rain Dance making it clowdy, TailWind making the wind blow (which also affects the character), etc, would be nice.

    Finally, transportation. Wes and Michael, as well as the other handheld characters, have have a form of two wheeled trasportation, so that could also be nice. Of course, this could also be customizable, but I would also like it if you could actually pilot the motorcycle or scooter.

    Again, these are just thoughts, but even though I don't expect to see everything on my list available, I hope to see tons of improvement.
  4. SJ


    I've got a feeling we'll be heading back to Orre; the more evil of the twins did escape at the end of XD, and I sujspect he had more mischief in mind. Orre is suspected to be part of the NA continent anyway, I can't see they won't use that to expand the region as a whole, 5th gen criiters being a given. Given that it'll likely be set after, we might see an expansion on the ability to catch wild pokémon that XD brought, becoming more like main series games. This was one of the most wanted features before and they must know it by now. To include that must mean routes, and so actually driving Wes' Bike O' Awesome, or whatever you get in the next one, becomes a real possibility.

    If you want proper battling on Colosseum, head to Mt. Battle
    A lot of the battle themes from PBR were remixes, but from Colosseum, rather than main series. And yes, the text thing was stupid. Just cos we are all familiar with mobile text entry doesn't mean we like it! Thank Arceus they have qwerty entry now!
    Easy? Before the credits, yes. You actually have to think in the Stargazer field once you get past the first few sets!
    I heard that the epicness of PBR was removed due to the US ratings system, as having actual physical contact and ground-gauges like that was 'too realistic' and would knock the game up a rating, to a 7+ or whatever. Just what I read.

    I can't see them getting rid of the trainer customisation options now we have them, but an upgrade is in order. I'd also like to see weather be continuous, rather than just at the start of the round, that would help the immersion. I think the ways it's done in the main series and even console games is a hang on from when the GB couldn't handle a constant effect on top of the battle, and could really use a look at. Given that BW keep an icon on the bottom screen during battles to tell you what weather is in effect, it would be stupid not to represent this in the most logical way on the Wii.
  5. That's annoying. Still, they had no excuse to leave out that awesome camera or fainting without going through the 'ow I've been hurt' or going to another cutscene.
  6. SJ


    Yeah, smacks of laziness. Given the massive amounts of negative feedback they must have got over these issues, they must have come up with something good. Another shoddy job could kill home console versions else. Not literally, but their main audience wouldn't be buying them. Much.
  7. Well, since technically they were trying to aim for an older audience with BW, maybe they can bring some of that realism to the field this time. Besides that, I can bet that even those kids they were trying to protect from realism would've loved to see it. I also bet those same kids play shooter games that their parents got them -_-

    But anyway, I don't see why they couldn't do it, I mean, they show violence in the anime, so they should be able to do the same in the games. Plus it's ot like they would show any blood or gore, so it shouldn't matter that much.
  8. SJ


    True, on all counts. Unfortunately Saturday morning cartoons don't fall under the same scrutiny as video games. Likely because it's a perennial 'hot topic'; while the violence in video games debate rages on, people forget that watching violence on tv causing children to act more violently was scientifically proven in the 50's (thank you Iplayer, I would have missed that gem else!). Not saying that Pokémon in any form causes violent behaviour, but Nintendo would like to keep their image squeaky clean thank you very much.

    Oops, this thread just got deep... And onto a tired old topic.

    I've been thinking on this, and I'd like to see my critters move about a bit. A Hyper Beam can be coming, and they still sit there like a lemon! Another reminder of the series' roots, I suppose.
  9. ^ Yeah, I'd also like to see the Pokemon dodge the attack rather than the attacking Pokemon just doing nothing and the game saying "The attack missed!".
  10. SJ


    YES! "The attack missed!"

    No, he didn't even try!
    #10 SJ, Feb 2, 2011
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  11. Well if anything, hopefully we'll be getting a trailer of it soon. I just looked at the release dates of RS, Coloseum, DP, and PBR, and judging by that we should see a trailer before the end of the year, at least that's what I think. Since Coloseum was released exactly one year after Ruby and Sapphire, I would speculate that PBR 2 should be around September or October, in Japan anyway.

    But yes, if the pokemon evade, I would like to see some actual evasive movement, if not a reaction from the Pokemon that says "Holy crap that was close!"
  12. SJ


    Yep, dynamic movement in combat is the biggy, and where it really lacks compared to the anime; most battles there are interesting, but I think the title battle in the 3rd movie was the one that made me ask why the console games weren't pushing themselves.

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